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Part 24: Lady Diana

After backtracking through the Decrepit Path, I felt like relaxing and solving puzzles.

Puzzle Box #6
Music: How Long Will This Puzzle Box Continue

Yeah, I skipped Puzzle Box 5. It's in the Capo Bronco area, and I really didn't feel like going back through the Abandoned Path again. I'll get to it sooner or later.

Puzzle Box 6 is all about setting up chains. When you set it up right, you clear all of the blocks on the right at once, and all of the blocks on the left at once. The reward for this puzzle is Ambrosia x3. Ambrosia fully restores HP and MP, and it cures all negative HEX status.

Puzzle Box #7

Puzzle Box 7 is even more about chain clears than Puzzle Box 6. All the blocks in this puzzle are cleared at once. The reward for Puzzle Box 7 is Great Apple x3. Great Apples apply All Stats Up status to an adjacent HEX.

Puzzle Box #9

Puzzle Box 8 is also in the Capo Bronco area, so fuck that.

This puzzle takes awhile because it requires a lot of running back and forth while you set up blocks. And important thing to note with this puzzle is how easily you can trap yourself in the bottom, blocked off from the exit. The reward for Puzzle 9 is a Frog Badge, which protects the wearer from poison, disease, and misery.

Puzzle Box #10

Puzzle Box 10 is actually like two separate puzzles, since the blocks on the left never come into contact with the blocks on the right. The focus of both halves of this puzzle is to use blocks to create bridges to push other blocks across. The reward is a Fish Badge, which protects the wearer's HEX from poison, disease, and misery. The wearer also gains immunity from instant-death attacks.

Puzzle Box #11

At a glance, this puzzle looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. The reward is a Chick Badge, which reduces damage from all elements.

That's enough Puzzle Boxes for now, so it's time to go grab a Le Ciel Bleu.

Music: A Vast Plain, Under That Sky

The Le Ciel Bleu grows in the desert to the south of Twelbit.

Here's a nice little reference, the remains of a golem are buried in the sand.

This golem is Barbados, an optional boss from Wild Arms 1. In order to encounter Barbados, you had to wander around in the desert until the encounter triggered. The Barbados in Wild Arms 5 uses the design from Alter Code: F.

The Le Ciel Bleu grows at the Oasis in the southern-most area of the desert, and must be found with the Search System.

Now that we have it, we can head back to Twelbit and see Lady Diana.

Music: The City Where We'll Meet Someday

So there was one left after all... It looks like luck is with you. ...Follow me. I'll see what I can do.
All right!
We can't afford to mess up here. Please, Dean, be careful...

Lady Diana is the grandmother of Master Fereydoon, one of the highest-ranked Veruni.
Fereydoon...he's that guy we ran into back at the station near Honeysday, right?
Yes. He's a very strong, very kind person. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to be able to work near him. I'm not just saying that out of duty, either.
But what if he finds us here? Won't he recognize us?
Don't worry. Master Fereydoon is out until this evening. But it's true that what you're trying to do will make him your enemy... I can't help but regret betraying Master Fereydoon's trust in allowing you in here.
This Fereydoon of yours sounds like a pretty impressive guy. Don't worry - we're only here to ask about Johnny Appleseed, not to fight anybody or anything.
Yes. That's why I let you in. Promise me you won't cause trouble?
Gotcha. It's a promise.
Lady Diana's chamber is this way. Follow me.

I know, I know!
Why am I not convinced... Lady Diana, there are visitors to greet you.
Diana: Please, come in.

They all enter the room.

Good day, Lady Diana.

Music: I Still Have Something to Tell You

Not at all. It's a great honor to meet you, Lady Diana. Please accept this as a token of our gratitude.
Handed over the Le Ciel Bleu!
My, that certainly is pretty. I'm quite fond of this flower, you know. But I hadn't thought to see one in bloom so late in the season. It must have taken great effort to find it. Thank you.
Our only desire is that it bring you great pleasure, ma'am.
My, you're quite the gentleman, aren't you. But it would seem you have other reasons for visiting, do you not? Especially you... Your face says that you're bursting to ask me something.
M-me?! I...uh, well, I mean... I...I'm not good at this fancy talk...

Avril steps forward.

Good day, ma'am. My name is Avril.
Good day to you too, Avril. That's quite a famous name you have.
Is is? Why, thank you. I'm honored. To tell the truth, we've been looking for a certain person, and we were hoping you might be able to tell us a bit about him...
Is that so? Is this person you're looking for someone I know?
Perhaps... Are you familiar with the name "Johnny Appleseed"?
Johnny? Why, yes, I am. He's calmed down a bit with age, though he used to be rather rough around the edges. But he's always had a strong sense of justice and dedication to doing right. Just like you, in fact.
Dean, was it? The human who said he was going to work toward independence from the Veruni...
Crap...she knows all about us!

This was already established, why are you surprised?

Oh...yeah, I guess if we were on TV, then... I never saw the broadcast, so it didn't really hit me, but...
But...but he was only on screen for a moment...
Yes, you reminded me of Johnny. He used to be just like you. He was quite hot-headed back in his youth. Though I guess that much hasn't changed, even now. He's been working hard to promote coexistence between Filgaia and humans, but lately the radicals seem to be getting the better of him... Hmm... If you're trying to lead humans toward independence, then perhaps it is best that you meet with him. Dean, if you want to meet Johnny Appleseed, go to the Locus Solus, I'm sure he'll welcome you.
Locus Solus? Where have I heard that before...
I suppose most humans wouldn't recognize it. The Locus Solus is like a second home to the Veruni, something of a holy place. You are aware that the Veruni settled on this planet many years ago, are you not? Well, the Locus Solus is the colony ship that carried us on our journey through the stars.
So how can we get there?
*knock knock*

Music: Fereydoon RYGS_5013 (: Appearance)
I somehow only just now realized that Fereydoon's ARM is named after the Rygs family.

Would you wait just a moment, Fereydoon?
Of course.
Fereydoon returned sooner than I'd expected. Quickly, hide yourselves! He's a fine boy, but he's got a strong sense of pride as a soldier. He doesn't quite understand the concept of bending rules...
Huh? Hide...?!


All right, Fereydoon. Come on in.
Thank you.

Thank you, Lucille.
Not at all, Master Fereydoon.

Lucille leaves the room at this point.

How is your condition, Lady Diana?
It's nice to see you, Fereydoon, but I wish you'd at least call me Grandma in private.
...As I have said before, Lady, that would not be proper for me as a soldier.
Heh heh. I know better than any your devotion to your duty... And your kindness in looking after this old woman. Thank you, Fereydoon. I'm actually doing quite well today.
It's a relief to hear that, given the seriousness of your condition. However, I would like to recommend that you return to the Locus Solus as soon as possible for examination and treatment.
I understand, Fereydoon, but I'd like to stay here as long as I can. When I think of how long our ancestors dreamed of returning to this land, I can't help but want to share in its fate.
I do understand your feelings, Lady Diana. But please think of those of us who must concern ourselves for your health... If I were to lose you, too, I...
...Fereydoon, you still blame yourself for their deaths, don't you?
...Very well. I can hardly turn down a request from my dear Fereydoon. I suppose I'll head for the Locus Solus, then. Perhaps that will make it possible for me to remain here on our homeland even longer in the future.
Thank you, Lady Diana.
But Fereydoon, please look after Volsung, will you? He has the potential to bridge the gap between Veruni and humans, after all.
... If you'll excuse me, Lady Diana, I will return again tomorrow-

Fereydoon turns to face the closet door.

Music: The Sweat of the Chase

Who's there?!
Crap! He found us!
Who are you?! How did you get in here?!

What?! Are the guards asleep at their posts?! Listen closely - Lady Diana is resting nearby, and I do not wish to disturb her. I'll arrest you for trespassing, but if you cooperate, I'll spare your lives. Resist, and-!
No way we're just gonna give up! We were THIS close to meeting Johnny Appleseed!
Johhny Appleseed?! ...You - Avril?!
You know Avril?!
What's going on? Johnny Appleseed... Then her memories have returned?!
Hmph! None of your business, kidnapper!
Kidnapper...? ...Wait. You're those humans I met at the station, aren't you? I've changed my mind. Hand her over. If you don't, I'll kill you all.

Fereydoon lowers his mask.

Are we gonna have to fight...?!

Dean! Cover your eyes!

Greg throws a flashbang at Fereydoon.


Avril Vent Fleur is among them! Don't let her escape!

Welcome to the Rygs Family Mansion! It says encounters are on, but there aren't actually any enemies here. We run through a hallway full of doors that cannot be opened, and end up in the entrance hall.

Guards are posted at both of the doors. If we try to get closer, they see us, and we're sent back to the entrance of the room.

These guys are awful at their job.

The solution to this problem is to fire a rocket at the chandelier, which causes it to crash to the floor.

Emergency Patrol Veruni: What was that?!

Now that they're distracted by the chandelier, we can sneak past. We can't reach the exit, but we can get to a side-room by jumping down from the top of the staircase.

This takes us through another empty hallway, and we end up in a room with no other exits. There's a book on a shelf in here titled "Rygs Family Tree"

*The fabled blood of the Rygs line... Its men carve open a path forward with the sword Gunners Heaven, and its women guard the underground path hidden deep beneath the mansion. ...The rest is just a bunch of names, numbers, and exploits...

Gunners Heaven is a name featured in all of the Wild Arms games, most often as the name of an arena.

Gunners Heaven, or Rapid Reload in Europe, was a game similar to Metal Slug, developed by Media.Vision for the PS1 before they made Wild Arms. Gunner's Heaven was critically acclaimed in Japan, but was never released in North America because Sony of America was putting their focus toward 3D games at the time.

Anyway, that bit about the underground path is a hint on how to continue.

If we stand here, the floor depresses a bit. Doing a stomp causes the floor to break apart, dropping us into the basement.

Welcome to the Isolated Path! Despite its name, this dungeon isn't hideously generic, like all the other path dungeons.

Music: Persephone IPCC_3927 (: Appearance)

The Veruni from the TV studio!
Persephone. You could at least remember my name. But I never thought I'd meet you here. No wonder things were so noisy upstairs. It looks like I picked a good day to visit Lady Diana.

Nobody ever explains why she's in the basement, and nobody seems to think it's weird. When I go to visit people, I don't normally hang out in their basement, but maybe that's just me.

You...! You almost killed Pastel with that "medicine" of yours!
Medicine...? Oh, that. You asked for something for a fever, didn't you? So I gave you what I had. Not that it matters, since you're all about to die anyway. But first, there's one thing I want to ask you...
It's about Nightburn...
Nightburn... Back at Mt. Chug-Chug, he-
I heard the story from Duo, but I don't believe it. He's stronger than any human I've ever seen. I can't believe he'd die so easily.
Um, I know it's probably difficult for you to believe, but with the way the mine collapsed, it wasn't really an issue of strength...
No! You must have seen it wrong! You must be mistaken... You have to be...
Persephone... Were you in lo-
Just so you know, I don't think Nightburn's dead either. He's not one to die so easily. Not the first human to get over the wall!
... What reason do you have to believe he's alive?
No reason!
But humans all over the world look up to him! He can't just die like that! I know Nightburn's alive!
...You really are a child, aren't you. Getting all worked up over nothing more than your imagination... I want proof. That's the only way I can hold out hope...
You think Dean's just a child? He happens to be Nightburn's chosen successor.
Nightburn's successor...? What do you mean?
Yeah. Nightburn's successor. And he's got proof!

...A picture of Nightburn?

She can somehow tell it's a picture of Nightburn just by looking at the back.

Oops, sorry - wrong one. Just a sec.

Nightburn's Class A license...
Yeah. And he told Dean that the real way forward isn't overcoming the wall - it's breaking it down entirely so that everyone can cross. Dean won't give up until he succeeds. Nightburn saw that, and that's why he left his license to Dean. And Dean WON'T give up until he breaks down that wall and tells Nightburn about it!
...Hmph. You really are children... I feel stupid for wasting my time like this.
Fine, we're children. And if adults give up so easily, then we'll just stay children!
I can't believe I'm listening to this... Enough - I'll throw you all to Fereydooon and let him deal with you!
If you think you're so superior, why don't you prove it in battle?
Dean, let me handle this alone. I know how she feels. I just don't want her to give up on her feelings just because she's grown up...
Look, just leave it to me! Come on, Persephone!
You little brat! I'll make you regret those words!

Music: Persephone IPCC_3927 (: Battle)

As usual, our attack has no effect, and hers does 10,000 damage. The battle music is nice, though.

Wh-what?! What are you-

...Tsk. Looks like we've been found.

Music: rebel assault

Rygs Mansion Guard: What? C'mon, let's check it out!
Crap, reinforcements?!
You hurry out - leave them to me!
H-huh? You're not going to turn us over or anything?
...Hurry! But if you hear anything about Nightburn - anything at all - tell me immediately!
...I will. I promise! Let's go, Dean!
Yeah, let's get outta here!

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