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Part 25: It's a Cat-astrophe!

Last time, we visited Lady Diana in the Rygs Mansion, but ended up chased into the basement by Fereydoon. For some inexplicable reason, Persephone was hanging out in the basement, and she kicked Rebecca's teeth in before having a change of heart and choosing to delay our pursuers.

Today, we head through the Isolated Path, located beneath the Rygs Mansion.

Music: Your Unknown World

This dungeon introduces Fan Blocks. Fan Blocks cannot be moved, only rotated.

By rotating the fan and moving an ordinary block out of the way, we can use the fan to spin that little doohickey (doohickey is the technical term.) and open a door on the other side of the room. This room also contains a Duplicator chest with a Fish Badge.

This room has a sealed door on the left, and an open door across the gap in the floor. There are also two blocks and two pressure buttons on the other side of the gap. We can't get over there, though.

The Power Shot actually has another function which we've never had to use before.

It can push blocks around. By pushing both of these blocks by one space, we can open the door next to us and continue.

We continue through a few more rooms that consist entirely of rotating fans to spin doohickeys. Just re-read the bit where I encountered the first Fan Block a couple of times and you'll get the same experience as you would if I typed it all out.

This room clearly contains a boss, but if we drop straight down and hug the wall, we can open some chests before we activate the battle. The chests contain a Lucky Card, a Dragon Fossil, and a Leather Jacket.

Chuck's first alternate costume! Now that we have these, I start the boss fight.

Boss: Elbucky
Music: Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew!

The Nimble Dress he's carrying is one of Carol's alternate costumes. It can't be obtained anywhere else, so if you kill Elbucky without stealing it, it's gone forever.

Elbucky can deal 1000 damage and cause Misery status to a straight line of HEXes with the ability Meowserable.

It looks like this cat uses misery attacks. Being miserable all the time can really bring you down, so cure it right away with a Peppy Acorn!

Characters in a HEX affected by misery are turned into cats and can't do anything but move. Their DEF and RES are lowered, and their Personal Skills are all disabled as well. So, for example, a character with the Sword Medium can only move to an adjacent space when affected by misery.

"But what do cats have to do with misery?" you may ask. The answer is "nothing". In Japan, the misery status is called "helpless", which makes a bit more sense, since your character is turned into a helpless kitten. Helpless has always been called "misery" in the English Wild Arms games though, so they couldn't really change it.

Elbucky's regular attack normally deals about 1000 damage, but it does significantly more damage to cats. He also uses Crush for about 1000 damage to humans.

Elbucky is a cat though, so he's easily distracted.

For some reason I decided to get all of Carol's combination attacks during this fight. (I showed them all off too, so check out the video if you want to see them.)

Greg, shoot through the floating bits!
You got it. Sounds like a blast!

Carol and Greg's combination attack, Gungnir Effect, costs 25 FP and deals magic damage, with extra damage dealt to flying enemies.

Hmm... Chuck, maybe we can use your Pile Bunker!
Okay. I'll push through in the end, right?

Carol and Chuck's combination attack, Electric Claw, costs 50 FP and deals physical damage, with extra damage deal to Golem enemies.

Carol, can you send me a big one?
All right, ready anytime!

Carol and Rebecca's combination attack, Genocide Circus, has an awesome name. It also costs 50 FP, and deals physical damage to all enemies. Check out the boss video if you want to see an attack called "Genocide Circus".

I already have Dean's and Avril's, though I'm not sure if I got them during boss fights or ordinary battles. I don't show them off in this video, but I'll be making a compilation video with all of the combination attacks later on.

Music: Your Unknown World

Let's go!
I don't know about the soldiers, but I don't think Persephone will be changing her mind.
You sound pretty certain. How come?
Well, I guess it's more of a feeling... But she seemed geniunely concerned about Nightburn. When I thought about her, a Veruni, worrying about a human...well, she just didn't seem so nasty anymore.
Even so, that was awfully risky, challenging her to a duel like that.
Actually, I had this funny feeling, like there was no way I could lose. I knew that Persephone would go easy on me. And she did, after all.
You call that going easy on you?!
Yeah. There's no way I could beat her if she used her full strength... I knew that the moment I faced her.
Rebecca... Just do't go doing crazy stuff like that all the time, okay?
...Sorry, Dean.
N-no, it's okay, as long as you understand...
In any case, we've ended up with a bit of a debt to her, haven't we... Do you really think Nightburn's alive?
He is! I know it! I mean, yeah, he was a little different than I used to think he'd be... But the Nightburn who saved me - that was the Nightburn I've always looked up to! There's no way my hero could just die like that! He's got to be alive!
Persephone wants to believe that, too... You know I used to think the Veruni were all pretty mean... But I'm starting to see that a lot of them are actually quite sensible...

That would be the Nimble Dress we stole from Elbucky. It's very pink.

The Sol Niger is on the other side of that gap, but we can't cross it right now. We'll have to come back later.

I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to make it back outside...
I hope Lucille's okay...
Yeah. I wonder if they'll blame her for letting us in...
I hope not... I'd feel really bad about that. If they do, though, we'll definitely have to help her!
Exactly! Even if we can't get inside, let's at least go as far as the gates and see what's going on.
Aah... There's so much love in the air! You all are so lucky...
Is something the matter, Carol?
Well, just look at how much Chuck cares for Lucille... And back there, Persephone and Rebecca were talking about how they both-
Wh-what? What about me?! D-don't be ridiculous, Carol! You think too much, sometimes.
Huh? What are you guys talking about?
It's nothing! Never mind! This conversation is over, okay?! Carol, next time try to think a little before you speak! just said I think too much... I was just a little envious, that's all. I've never had a chance to feel love from anyone...


Caaaaaroooool! I looooove yooooou!

Music: The Professor (Appearance)

It has been a considerable amount of time since I was separated from my dear Carol. She is undoubtedly growing lonely as well, so I thought I'd attempt to telepathically send my love to her.
Assistant Researcher: Professor... Surely you needn't dwell on that so much...
Lead Researcher: But I must admit, you have changed... None would imagine you were once at the forefront of the movement to reform Filgaia.
Indeed. Such is the power of love. After all, if we can resolve all our problems without interfering with the planet's well-being, what better solution could there be?
Assistant Researcher: I suppose that's also a result of meeting Carol?
Lead Researcher: You fool! If you mention that-
Carol!! Where have you gone, my sweet?! Caaaaaroooool!!
Lead Researcher: Um, if I may continue...?
Ah, yes, please. You were saying?
Assistant Researcher: To reiterate, then... Many among the Veruni have felt a sense of rejection in the years since our settlement on Filgaia. We have determined the source of this to be a poisonous compound in the atmosphere known as the VR factor. The compound was not present during the initial settlement, instead appearing some time later. But it has grown rapidly in concentration over recent years.
Lead Researcher: Life-forms native to Filgaia appear to be capable of neutralizing the substance, but our bodies are not. We thus consider it a safe conclusion that this VR factor is the primary cause of the various illnesses that have afflicted many of our kind living on Filgaia.
Assistant Researcher: However, we have determined that there is a method through which we can artificially neutralize the VR factor. The key in this neutralization process is-

Lead Researcher: Yes. As their name suggests, mediums serve to strengthen the spiritual link between their holders and Filgaia. This allows the holder of a medium to draw upon Filgaia's power.
And, as a side effect, the holder will also be able to neutralize the VR factor, I take it? But that doesn't address the problem of creating the mediums.
Lead Researcher: No, unfortunately. Our current technology is incapable of analyzing the workings of a medium in detail. At best, we can create blank mediums into which the functions of an existing medium can be copied.
But even then, we Veruni are incapable of activating such mediums. Unless you've made some kind of breakthrough?
Assistant Researcher: Regrettable, we have not. Humans, who are already connected to Filgaia, are the only ones capable of establishing the spiritual link required to activate a blank medium. Original mediums, on the other hand, require no such activation, and can be used by Veruni and human alike... However, we lack the technological capability to create new original mediums.
Then how long would it take to analyze an original medium and establish the infrastructure needed for mass production?
Lead Researcher: We would need to attain a technological level equivalent to that of 12,000 years ago, at least with respect to mediums. I cannot imagine we could accomplish that in less than a hundred years.
A hundred years?! When we've only got a few years of life left to us, at best?!
Assistant Researcher: Unfortunately, our research into mediums as a method of combating the VR factor does not seem likely to produce any further adances...
...Then are we fated to expire here...?
Lead Researcher: There is, however, one remaining prossibility, slight as it may be. We have resolved the mystery surrounding the creator of the original mediums.
Have you? And who might it be?

Lead Researcher: Judging from documents that reference the name "Lilithea", we are 90% certain that the creator was none other than the Ice Queen of 12,000 years ago.
What?! You mean SHE made them?!
Lead Researcher: Yes. She is the only one who would clearly have had the capability to create them at that time.
Assistant Researcher: There are a total of six original mediums. They are said to almost have minds of their own, often disappearing from their owners without a trace. Most of the mediums currently in use on Filgaia are simply copies of those six original mediums. One could say that the true owners of the originals are those chosen by the Ice Queen. We had one in our possession, but returned it to her upon her visit here.
To think *she* is responsible... Then perhaps I should have taken her when I saw her, after all... But then again, I was busy studying the mirror at the time... Hmm... As if things weren't already complicated enough...

The Isolated Path drops us off in the desert, and we head back to Twelbit to check on Lucille.

Hey-isn't that Fereydoon?!
Crap! Hide!
Master Fereydoon, I truly am sorry for my unacceptable behavior.

Music: You're So Close Yet So Far Away

It's true that humans are not allowed inside the premises... But we do endeavor to maintain an amicable relationship with humans here. You needed only to tell me that they were your friends, and I would have granted them permission to enter. Fortunately, Lady Diana seems to have found them to her liking as well. As long as you take care in the future, that will be more than sufficient.
Thank you, Master Fereydoon.
If there is any fault to be assigned, it is to me, for allowing Avril to escape. That is my only regret...
Master Fereydoon, anyone can make mistakes. No one can succeed at every attempt. Why not consider this a lesson learned, so that you might succeed in the future?
...Thank you, Lucille. Your words truly comfort me.
I am honored, Master Fereydoon. But please, take care of yourself.
...Thank you, Lucille. You were going shopping, were you not? Shall I accompany you?
M-Master Fereydoon?! I couldn't impose on-
It is no imposition. If anything, it is a pleasure to take time and walk together like this.

Let's go, Lucille.
Looks like things got settled pretty smoothly.
That is does. And we'd better leave it at that, unless you wanna stir up trouble all over again.
...Are you okay just letting her go, Chuck?
Yeah, Greg's right. We should just let her be. Besides, did you see how they looked? I'm not so brash as to try and get between them.
Are you sure you're okay with that?
...I've never seen her smile like that. I just wish I hadn't wasted so much time worrying about myself... If only I'd caught her feelings sooner. That's my only regret...

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