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Part 26: Just Call Me Johnny Appleseed!

The game doesn't really tell us where to go now, but it's hard not to figure it out yourself.

Taking the train to any destination triggers a scene.

Music: Only Because It's Important, Does It Easily Break

Sure. What's up?
Nothing, really... I just, you know, I thought it would be nice to talk together every once in a while. Ever since we started on this journey, we haven't really had many chances to talk, you know? Just the two of us...
Yeah, now that you mention it. Back in Capo Bronco, we were together all the time...
...It sure has turned into a long journey, hasn't it?
Yeah. I'd never have dreamed I'd be going on a big adventure like this!
S-so, I was just kind of wondering... Have your, uh, feelings changed any? I mean, over all this time and everything...
Huh? My feelings? Well, I know I've seen a whole bunch ever since we left, so I feel like I've grown a bit inside... Is that what you mean?
N-no! Feelings, you know... I mean... Arrgh... I'm no good at this kind of talk... What I mean is, with all the people we've met... Have you found anyone who you, you know, like?
Of course! Avril, Greg, Chuck, Carol... I like everybody!

Music: Even a Dog Wouldn't Eat This

...Somehow I knew you'd say that. I'm talking about girls. You know, like a girlfriend? Is there anybody like that for you?
H-hey, what are you getting at?! Of course not!
Really? Hasn't there ever been one girl that made you go "whoa" or something?
No, I said! Leave me out of the dirty stuff, okay?
I'm not talking about anything dirty! But we're both that age, you know? So I figured, you know, you might have found someone out of all the people we've met. That's all!
...Well, yeah, I mean, I guess we're not just little kids anymore. But no, I haven't thought about it much. How about you, then, Rebecca? Is there a guy you like?
Huh? Me?! N-no! I, uh... ...Well, I mean...I guess...maybe...
Whoa, really?! Who is it? Chuck?
No! Besides, he likes Lucille!
Whoa, he does?! I had no idea...
...How dense can one person BE?

Catchin' a cold? You sneezed back at Lady Diana's mansion too, no?
Well, I don't *feel* like I have a cold... But I guess I'd better be careful just the same. This is no time to be getting sick, after all.

At HIS age?! Are you crazy?! He wouldn't even give me a second glance!

Do you have a cold too, Greg?
I might have caught Chuck's.
Hey, don't blame me! You won't catch cold if you keep yourself in good condition.
That doesn't sound too convincing, coming from you...

...Dean, don't make me hit you. Anyway, we're not talking about me here - we're talking about you! Let me put it this way. Which of us do you like best?
Huh? Who are you talking about?
Avril, Carol, and, um, me...

Why does she always insist on including Carol? She is twelve.

H-hey! That's not fair! How do you expect me to-
Don't even think about dodging the question! Who do you-
Wh-what was that?!

Music: A Spring Breeze Gone Mad Like a Tiger

Greg runs in from around the corner.

It came from out front! I'm goin' out for a look!
Right behind you!

The cars in back are gone, too!
Wh-what's that?!

...A golem!
A golem?!
We're going to crash into it...!
We'll have to jump! Run for it!

Yes, it looks like we've only suffered a few scratches.

They leaped from a speeding train which was traveling on elevated tracks. How did the only suffer minor scratches?

But what was that golem doing there, anyway?
I'd guess it's some Veruni tryin' to interfere with us. There's no way a human would have such a high-spec golem.
But still, just dropping it in the middle of the tracks like that...? I mean, how crazy can they-

Watch out!
Dean! That promise not to crush golems? I'm putting it on hold!
... ...Right now we don't have a choice! Just do whatever it takes to survive!

Boss: Standard Model
Music: Golem Crash!

Enemies with the Golem attribute take extra damage from electric attacks. The only electric attacks you have access to are a few combination attacks though, so it's not an easy weakness to take advantage of.

The Standard Model's basic physcial does about 900 damage, it also has Rolling Smash, a physical attack which deals about 1,500 damage. Like most bosses, it can also use Heavy Crush.

Eventually, it readies a shockwave. On its next turn, it will attack every adjacent HEX for a large amount of damage. If you move everyone out of its attack range before it gets a chance to release the shockwave, it will guard.

It goes down quickly when hit with lots of Sonic Visions and Lightning Fangs.

We destroyed it, didn't we... We destroyed a golem...
...All I can say is, it's not the golem's fault. Golems can be good or bad - it all depends on who's operating them.

So...where are we now?
It looks like we're not too far from Laila Belle.
Then let's stop in Laila Belle and prepare ourselves. We can start out again from there.

As they said, we're right next to Laila Belle, so I head there.

Music: Kartikeya ASGX_7135 (: Appearance)

-It's him!

Greg chases Kartikeya around the corner and readies his ARM.

Well, well. Look who's here.

Dean quickly moves between Greg and Kartikeya.

Greg, no! Not out in the open like this! What if a stray bullet were to hit somebody?!
Out of the way, Dean! There's no tellin' when I'll have another chance like this!
No! If someone innocent gets killed, then you'll be the one who everyone wants dead! Don't start a chain of revenge! Nobody wants that - you should know that better than anyone! Don't stoop to his level, Greg!
Bwah hah hah hah! How positively well-mannered you are! After all, you sure wouldn't want to be thought of like me, would you? Bwah hah hah hah hah! I told you, I'm not going anywhere. If you don't like it here, we can try somewhere else. Tell you what - I'll wait for you at that slum down south. If you want to run away with your tail between your legs, feel free! Bwah hah hah hah!

Kartikeya leaves now.

...You'll go to Mithysmere, won't you?
Of course. Time to take care of that bastard once and for all!

While we're here, Jane and Magdalen have new dialogue.

Up-and-Coming Businesslady: I tried to haggle with one just a little bit, and he suddenly burst out with "Humans sure have gotten cocky lately!" and went after me! Oh, there's no need for you all to apologize. The blue-haired Drifter body happened to be there and saved me. But even so, I can't really figure him out. He saved me even though it didn't make him a bit of money! And going up against a Veruni for something like that... I really don't understand his actions at all.
Middle-Aged Butler: Young mistress, you have my sincerest apologies for my failure. Had I been able to protect the mistress on my own, there would be no need for us to be indebted to that young Drifter, but... As it is, thanking the young man would be the right thing to do. I understand your reluctance, but I think you should write him a letter expressing your gratitude.

There's nothing else of interest here in Laila Belle, so it's time to leave.

Music: Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus

What is it, Fereydoon?
I have just received a repot on the golem that was used to test the new power generator...
Ah, the one I gave to Kartikeya? He seemed quite pleased with it.
According to the report, the golem destroyed an entire town. I am certain my liege is aware of Kartikeya's personality, but could this outcome not have been predicted?
Indeed. It is in fact for that very reason that I provided Kartikeya with such a toy. I consider it an eminently reasonable method of testing the golem's battle capabilities. Wouldn't you agree?
-?! With all due respect, I cannot agree with such meaningless slaughter, even of humans!
Is that so? You have always been faithful to me, Fereydoon, and I will respect your opinion. But once Johnny Appleseed is returned to us, the lives of humans will be as nothing. It is but a small difference. Especially now that Kartikeya has made contact with Johnny Appleseed.
What?! Then-
Yes. I expect that he will nullify your failure.
...! My apologies for that... I failed only because I was concerned for Lady Diana's welfare and did not wish to engage in battle nearby...
Heh heh heh... Do not concern yourself over such simple matters. After all, you have always served me most admirably. Besides, it will not be long before all coalesces into one - before all my desires are fulfilled. ...I've been waiting for you, Johnny Appleseed. It is time for you to return home...

In Mithysmere, people mostly just talk about a strange Veruni with a golem arm who's lurking in the back area of the village. There is one kid I want to talk to, though.

Future Golem Hunter: Man, there's no way I could've won with just one entry postcard...but there's no way I got the money to spend on that many stamps, either... Still, though...I wish I could get my hands on that Nightburn poster...

I missed some earlier dialogue with this kid when he initially describes the sweepstakes he entered, but it doesn't really matter. We'll be able to help this kid out later.

Kartikeya is waiting for us by those torches from the first time we came to Mithysmere.

Music: Kartikeya ASGX_7135 (: Appearance)

Let's do this, Kartikeya! I'll take care of you right here, right now!
Huh? Whatever are you talking about?
What?! You're the one who suggested comin' here!
Hmm? I don't recall suggesting anything of the sort. Bwah hah hah!
Grrr... Don't play games with me!
Don't worry - as it happens, I'm not here to play games. We'll have to save that for another time, I'm afraid. I'm here for the young lady with the silver hair - YOU!

Kartikeya's golem raises its arms, and knocks the party away from Avril.


I have nothing to say to you.
Don't make this harder than it has to be. Or don't you care what happens to the others?
And Kartikeya - behave yourself for a change! Must you always make a big production out of everything? Remember *why* I was assigned to watch you! What would you do if you missed and killed the Ice Queen by accident?!
Bwah hah hah hah! I know, I know... I just got a little carried away! Sheesh. Sue me.
*Sigh* So. Will you come with us? If you don't cause any trouble, we won't harm them.
... Very well. As long as you keep your word.
An excellent choice. Now, let's go.

Music: Pilgrim's Progress

What?! You're certain?!
Navigator: Yes, absolutely!
Navigator: What should we do?!
...If she's been taken, we'll just have to take her back! They've already managed to bring the TF System up to 20% power. If they take it any further, it'll be the end of all native life on Filgaia - including humans! We can't waste an instant! I'll go out myself if I have to! In the name of the Mayflower, we must take back Johnny Appleseed!
Crew: Yes, sir!
And! If the Ice Quuen, Avril Vent Fleur, has reawakened... Don't hesitate to kill her! Otherwise, she'll just kill us first!
Crew: Yes, sir!

Music: deep-seated grudge

We wake up in a dark cell.

Ow... Those bastards! Slamming us around like that... ...Huh? Where are we?
Oh, Dean, you're awake!
Ugh... Those idiots! Throwing us around like that... ...Where are we, anyway?
Heh heh heh. You both wake up at the same time, saying almost the exact same things...

Well, a cell inside their base, to be more precise.
... ...Huh? Where's Avril?
What? She's not here?
...No, she's not. It looks like she was with them all along.
What do you mean, she was this them...?
After they threw us in here, they led her away. They were treating her practically like royalty. They said Vol-someone was waiting for her.
What...? She can't be...
There's got to be some mistake! I can't believe she'd have...

Where are you taking us?!

Soldier: This is the end.

Soldier: Like I just said - the end. The end of your lives, I'm afraid.
The end of our lives...?!
There's no telling what they're planning. Watch out...
But I'm not ready to die yet...
Dammit! Not before I've had my revenge!
You lied!
Hey, that voice... Isn't that-

Music: Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus

Avril, Volsung, and his sentinels are on a balcony overlooking the room Dean and the others are in.

You promised to let them go if I remained here. What is the meaning of this?!
As promised, I'm letting them go. In a short time, humanity itself will perish, will it not? I'm simply giving them a head start on the path toward their inevitable fate.
That is not my desire. Stop this immediately.
...Your Majesty. How you have changed from the Ice Queen of days past... Avril Vent Fleur...the Ice Queen. Leader of the radical movement of 12,000 years ago, and the one who ruthlessly cut down the moderates... Wherever has she gone?
12,000 years ago? What are you talking about?
...So that's it. You must have lost your memory when you were abducted... Your Majesty... Theirs is an inconsequential race, unnecessary for our survival on this planet. If only you could recover your memory, you would surely see them for the mere insects they are. Surely you agree they should be spared such pain? Come, my Ice Queen. It is time for you to relax.

Yes, very good. So, shall we see how things unfold?
Avril! Where are you?!
Avril! If you can hear me, answer! It's us - your friends!
They speak but nonsense. Pay them no heed.
...I see.

Dean! Looks like we've got more important things to worry about! Here comes trouble!

Music: Dangerous Eyes

Don't let the EXP and gella values fool you, one glance at the Muspel's stats make it clear that this fight cannot be won.

Cutscene: Johnny Appleseed

Chuck: There's no way we can beat these things...
Volsung: Heh heh heh... Hah hah hah hah hah! Wonderful, simply wonderful! And now, the coup de grace! The death of her alter ego's friends should easily shock the Ice Queen back to life.

Chuck: Yeah, but Dean... We don't have a chance...
Dean: I'm not giving up! You can do anything as long as you don't give up! And that includes beating you!
Volsung: Heh heh heh... The boy is certainly a live one. He is completely doomed, and yes still clings to these delusions of survival. I am curious as to what he will say when he gives in to the inevitable...
Avril: long as you don't give up...
Volsung: ...? What did you say? Is there a problem, Your Majesty? Or should I say, the fated leader of our people, Johnny Appleseed?

Music: The Ice Queen ~Playing the Harp of Eternity~

Avril: You can do long as you don't give up...
Volsung: I beg your pardon, Your Majesty...?
Avril: You can do long as you don't give up... You can do long as you done give up... You can do anything, as long as you don't give up...! -Dean!

Avril snaps out of her trance, and runs to the edge of the balcony.

Volsung: What do you think you're doing?!

Avril: Don't touch me!

Avril glows like she did back in Mirapulse, and Volsung is flung back into his seat.

Volsung: Uaaagh!

Avril: Dean!
Dean: Wha- A-Avril?!

Avril stands up and walks toward the Muspels.

Dean: Avril, are you crazy?! Look what they did to us! No human could beat them alone!
Avril: It's all right. It seems I'm not exactly human anyway. There's no need to worry, I'll be fine.
Rebecca: Stop it, Avril! You have to get out of there!
Avril: Thank you, Rebecca. For everything you've done for me. Now it's my turn - to stay here and return the favor!

Rebecca: Un...believable...
Carol: She's nothing at all like the Avril we knew before...she's really changed...
Avril: Dean. Take your friends and go. I'll handle things here.
Dean: No! Avril, this is crazy!
Volsung: Don't let the escape! Block the exits!

Music: A Spring Breeze Gone Mad Like a Tiger

Fereydoon: This is as far as you go.
Persephone: As you can see, there's no way out.
Dean: Well, I don't care! you're not taking Avril away!
Kartikeya: Oh, really? Well, shucks... I guess we'll just have to kill you then! Bwah hah hah hah hah!
Fereydoon: ...Very well. Prepare yourselves!
Greg: This doesn't look so good, Dean.
Dean: Dammit!

Dean blows the Call Whistle, and...

Dean: What the-?!

...That's not a monowheel.

Dean: Wow...

Dean: You want us to... You want us to get on?
Greg: Watch it... Keep your eyes open. This might be a trap.

Dean and the golem look into each other's eyes for awhile.

Dean: Right...I get it. C'mon everybody! Get onboard the golem! Quick!

Everyone boards the golem and it crashes through the wall.

Music: rebel assault

Dean: What is this place...? Where...are we?
Chuck: ...Hey! What the hell is that?!

Man's Voice: Hurry it up! ...Avril!
Persephone: Pirates?!
Kartikeya: Don't even think about it!

A Muspel comes up behind us and launches a fireball.

Music: Exciting Trigger

The man lands on our golem's shoulder, and...

...Deflects the fireball with his fist.

Man from the Pirate Ship: Just call me-

Volsung: Grrrrrrr... FEREYDOOOOON!

Music: rebel assault

Fereydoon jumps onto the Muspel, lowers his mask, and starts doing some crazy anime shit, jumping through the air and cutting through boulders and all sorts of crazy stuff that you can't really show with still images.

Johnny(?): Heh heh heh.
Fereydoon: I won't hold back! This is where it all ends!

Ferydoon draws his sword, extends it into a giant lightsaber, and charges forward with it pointed at Johnny.

Johnny opens his arms and grabs the blade.

Johnny(?): Watch it - you bastard!

Johnny headbutts Fereydoon and knocks him out.

Dean: Wow, that was cool... Both of them!

Johnny disappears in a flash of light. Afterwards, Kartikeya starts making some weird frustrated sounds and starts shooting at the screen.

Persephone: Master Volsung...
Volsung: Let it burn... Let it all burn... Destroy every one of them...until only one remains...

The Art of Wild Arms