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Part 32: TF System: Tower S

Before we continue to the next Diablo Pillar TF System Tower, I want to solve a few more Puzzle Boxes.

Puzzle Box #12
Music: How Long Will This Puzzle Box Continue

As you may be able to tell from the map, this puzzle can only be accessed with the help of Asgard, because it's in the area around Tower M, which is behind a large boulder.

The puzzle itself is pretty easy, as long as you don't fall into the trap of pushing the red block onto the red block to the immediate right.

For completing Puzzle Box 12, your reward is an Elder Record, which halves the MP Cost of all Original Commands. Very nice for Greg, since Hi-Blast costs over 80 MP.

The next puzzle box is hidden behind these stalactites, which Asgard makes short work of.

Puzzle Box #13

You have to be careful of where you stand during this puzzle, if a block falls on your head, you fail the puzzle.

For completing Puzzle Box 13, your reward is a Mist Cloak, which causes physical attacks to miss 50% of the time.

The next Puzzle Box is in an area behind a couple of boulders. The Sol Niger for Northeast Filgaia is over here too, but I can't purify it right now.

Puzzle Box #14

With this puzzle, you need to watch out for the tall red block. If you carelessly clear blocks, it will fall off the edge and you'll fail the puzzle.

For completing Puzzle Box 14, you get an Extra Reaction, an alternate costume for Rebecca!

Oh, what is this bullshit? It can't take too much time to recolor a few textures, I'm sure.

While wandering around the Twelbit area before going to Tower S, I ran across a strange treasure chest...

Black Box: Hey there! It's me, the Black Box! Havin' yourselves a good journey? Did you know I can talk to all the treasure chests in the world? Am I cool, or what? wanna know how many chests you've opened? All right, I'll tell you! There's 362 treasure chests in the world, and you've opened 183 of them. Be sure to come back here once you've got 'em all opened!

I've got quite a few chests left to collect, don't I? I haven't found many overworld chests and I haven't backtracked through any dungeons yet, so that's probably why I've opened so few chests. Once we've opened 361 chests, we can come back and open the Black Box.

Red-Cheeked Parrot: I see you've collected 18 medals. In appreciation, allow me to give you this sword, which no human is said to have been able to draw. Humans seem to appreciate it, but it does not serve much purpose to us...
Obtained Airgetlam!
Red-Cheeked Parrot: I'll have another reward for you once you've collected 25 medals.

The Airgetlam (sometimes translated as Argetlahm), is a legendary sword present in many of the Wild Arms games, most notably in Wild Arms 2. In Wild Arms 2, the Argetlahm is the legendary sword wielded by the Sword Magess Anastasia Valeria. Toward the beginning of the game, Ashley Winchester pulls the Argetlahm from the stone it was resting in, releasing the spirit of Lord Blazer which was sealed inside. The Airgetlam also appears in Wild Arms 3, translated as Airget-lamh, it is the name of Jet Enduro's ARM. Some speculate that the Guardian Blade from Wild Arms 1 is the Airgetlam, but it is never referred to as such in Wild Arms or in Alter Code F.

In Wild Arms 5, the Airgetlam is an awesome ARM Part for Avril, with a major drawback of a RES stat of -51.

In order to reach Tower S, we need to use Asgard to wade through the shallow river to the north of Provectas.

I want to take a moment to give an example of how awful the AI is in this game. While crossing this river, I ran into a battle. Asgard casted Slow Down on an empty HEX, walked into that HEX, and then used Hydro Pressure on an enemy that is immune to water damage. What the fuck, Asgard?

To reach the Tower, we have to cross through a cave.

The cave exits to a frozen area where Tower S is located.

Music: If We Act Like Scholars

The entrance room of Tower S is identical to the entrance of Tower M, but blue instead of red. There's even a scene that triggers when we try to go onward to the next room.

Still worried about him, huh? Veruni or not, he was like a father to you, after all...
Yes, I have to admit I am... I just thought that it wouldn't help either of us if I went with him. He may seem rather, uh, strange, but he's really a top-class scientist, and everyone respects him. After he found me, though, he changed completely. Now he's almost like a father besotted with his daughter...
I guess I can understand that. It looks like he's spent most of his life focused on his research, and never really had a chance to experience family.
I was really happy about it...nobody had ever treated me so well before. But on the other hand, I felt bad for holding the Professor back from his work. There were problems he should have been able to solve easily, that took him a long time to handle because he was always thinking about me... I studied as hard as I could so that I could help him, or at least not be a hindrance.
So that's why you know so much. You really pushed yourself, didn't you...
But, of course, there was no way I could catch up to the Professor. And the harder I tried, the more I felt like I was just getting in his way. But if anything, the Professor always tried to come down to my level and explain things to me... So I felt even worse about that, and tried to study even harder, but I still couldn't catch up...over and over. The only way I thought I could break that vicious cycle was to become independent from the Professor... So if anything, I think that incident was a good opportunity.

After circling around a boring staircase, we end up above the entrance room. We can't stand on these blocks, but we can freeze them with the Freeze Ray, creating a bridge.

Next we come to a room with three sealed doors, three blocks, and two pressure switches. It's currently impossible for us to hold down the northern switch, as it's isolated from all of the blocks.

Putting a block on the southern switch opens the door to the south. After climbing up a room with nothing but a pole, we come to another large room.

This room has an open door and a sealed door. On our way to the open door...

A boss fight already!

In this battle, we're up against two Sea Bishops. Their basic physical attack hurts for about 1500 damage, they can cause Disease and Poison, and they can cast Hydro Pressure for about 1500 damage.

They're not a big threat, unless you're dumb enough to let one onto the water ley point while you have characters on the fire ley point.

One way or another, they sure set up a lot of stuff for us. Why couldn't they use all that energy for something else?
Yeah. Power shouldn't be used for things like this. It ought to be used to help people!
Remember that well, Dean.

The next room has four blocks on a raised bit of floor. The idea is to move the blocks around so that all the eyes on the walls can see a block. You'll likely figure this out and block off all of the eyes, and then get confused when nothing happens.

And then you move the camera around and see that there are eyes above the blocks as well. All you have to do is line the blocks up underneath those eyes, and the puzzle is solved. (That chest has 2 Full Revives in it, by the way.)

Once you solve the puzzle, the room shakes and you hear a sound like shifting stone.

Now where did that sound come from...

The sealed door in the previous room is now open.

That door takes you to this room. The plaque reads:

*A land of red and a land of white lie separated by a vast river. A solitary tower rises from the riverbank of each land, facing the other. Only when a winter's breath freezes the river will a path between the lands be revealed.

The red gem and the white gem represent the red and white towers, and all the blue gems represent the vast river which separates the two.

Once we solve that puzzle, the water in the switch room freezes. On the way back down to that room, we get another scene.

What is it? I don't mind hearing it, even if it's something that would hurt me.
Well, you were talking about becoming independent from the Professor, right? But I was thinking...well, independence is when you're looking toward the future, right? But it sounds more like you're running from the past.
Huh...? What do you mean?
You're afraid of the Professor deciding he doesn't like you anymore, aren't you? You were saying you can't catch up to the Professor no matter how hard you study... Aren't you running from your fear that he'll just leave you behind?
I...well... ...
I think you're just worrying about it too much. I mean, it's amazing how much you know and all... ...but I don't think you need to try so hard. If the Professor's willing to take care of you, why not let him?
Let him take care of me...?
Yeah. There's nothin' wrong with livin' on your own - but as long as you're still a kid, take advantage of anybody who'll let you. Or else you won't know how to take care of anybody when you grow up. Right?
I guess wisdom really does come with age. I wish I had somebody to take care of me...
Ch-Chuck! That means something totally different when *you* say it!
Anyway, Greg's right, Carol. You really should just take it easy.
... Then, um... Dean, will you take care of me?
M-me?! told me I could be your little sister, right...? I was so happy when you said that to
W-well, uh, sure, fine with me!
Both of you, just relax, okay?
*Sigh* Another rival, huh...

Now that the water in this room is frozen, we can move two of the blocks to create a bridge for the third and press the switch, opening the northern door.

This room is a bit more complicated than the previous one. We need to somehow move these blocks around while making sure one of them stays on top of another.

I solved this by creating a bridge and using the Power Shot to move the higher one, but in hindsight, it probably would have worked better to just move the blocks around to give me enough room to pull the higher block into position.

Once we get the blocks into this position, the room shakes, and the final sealed door in the previous room opens up.

This door takes us to a room with a bunch of stone blocks and a pressure switch. Stone blocks are too heavy to drag around, so we have to use the Power Shot to move them. When we hit a stone block with the Power Shot, it keeps moving until an obstacle stops it.

We shoot the block directly to the south of Dean, which pushes it into the block to the far south. After that, we shoot the eastern block to the west, and then shoot the northern block to the south, pressing the switch.

This room also contains a Sol Niger, which we purify before moving on.

The next room has two pressure switches, but only one block. We can't reach that spring without using the nearby block as a stool, so I push it onto the switch closest to the spring.

The spring brings us to the top of the room, which has a second block. Pushing it off the edge causes it to land on the remaining switch, opening the door to the next room.

The next room is another stone block puzzle.

I move the eastern-most block to the north, and then to the west, leaving it next to the western-most block. After that, I push the south-west block onto the switch.

The next room is another staircase with puzzles we solved previously.

A Pethamenos awaits us at the top of the stairs.

As soon as the battle begins, Pethamenos uses his preparation attack, Candle in the Wind. (which he uses before I get a single turn.) This drops everyone's HP to 1.

After you recover from that, he's not a big threat. He never deals more than 1500 damage, so he's simple enough to deal with.

Music: Elvis PALB_3106 (: Appearance)

That sounded like-
Yes, that's definitely the Professor...
We're almost at the top of the tower...
So he's the one guarding it?
Yes, that seems likely.
Then he's one of the Four Sentinels...?
Even you didn't know that, huh.
No...I'd always assumed he was with the moderates, since he's on such good terms with the Baskars.
The Baskars seem to maintain a neutral position, so it isn't surprising they would associate with radicals as well.
But yeah, I'd've guessed he was a moderate too. I guess there's all types even within the radicals. If Volsung really did grab power in such a short time, there's bound to be some strain on the inside.
My dear Carol! Where aaaare yoooou?!
It's got him pretty bad this time, doesn't it...
So much the better. There's something I wanted to talk to him about. Okay, everybody, let's go anger him!
Huh?! But I don't like getting people mad...

We continue onward into the next room.

So it was him after all...
Come here, Carol. That's enough playing around, don't you think?
...First, I have a request to make.
And what might that be? I'll do anything for such a darling little girl!
Well... I'd like your permission to go out with Dean!
All: WHAT?!
Wh-wh-what?! N-no, I'll never permit that!

N-no, not me! Dean's over there!
Uh, yeah, that's me. Uh, hi...
Why, you...! I don't care WHO'S Dean! You're all at fault for not taking proper care of Carol! Time for your punishment!

Boss: Elvis
Music: Elvis PALB_3106 (: Battle)

Yeah, Elvis is weak to every element but water. Despite his high ATK and MAG stats, he's probably the easiest to defeat of the Four Sentinels.

His basic attack, Rapid Punch, deals about 2000 damage, but he can get a Critical with it, in which case it deals about 2700. He also has React Plus, which adds DP/EP Up status to a HEX.

He also has Hydro Pressure, which can be a serious problem if you let him on the water ley point or if you're on the fire ley point. Since he's weak to everything, you don't have to worry about staying on the fire ley point for Blast, like you did with the water ley point and Persephone. Of course, I'm stupid, so I used the fire ley point anyway.

Like Persephone, Elvis also has a powerful preparation attack. On his next turn after using Ready Yourselves! He'll attack an adjacent HEX with Variant Attack, for high damage. He'll defend if there are no targets in adjacent HEXes.

It's not actually very strong... It did manage to deal over 5000 damage to Dean later in the battle though, so I'm not really sure how it determines damage.

Elvis goes down pretty easily as long as you keep him from the water ley point and hit him with elemental attacks.

Music: Elvis PALB_3106 (: Appearance)

Very well, I can be reasonable. If you want to go out with Carol, fight me one-on-one!
Wait, Professor! I'll take care of my own love! I'll fight you!
Mmmmm... I'm afraid this is something I can't simply permit you... Very well, Carol. Fight me, for the right to go out with Dean! Surpass your father!
I will!
...This sure has turned into something big. Are you just going to let them go like that?
Well, what do you expect me to do? I can hardly interrupt them...
...Yeah, I guess.
Well then, Carol - let's fight!

The Duel With Elvis
Music: Elvis PALB_3106 (: Battle)

To prepare Carol for this battle, I equipped her with a Muse Amulet (reduces damage from water attacks), a Mist Cloak (avoids physical attacks 50% of the time.), an Ebony Shadow (increases EVA by 25 when moving between HEXes), and a Laurel Crown (doubles healing effects.)

As you can see, my main strategy here is avoiding Elvis' attacks, since he mostly attacks with Rapid Punch.

Elvis loses Variant Attack for this battle, but he gains Greased Towel, which puts him into Detonation for the next few turns.

I put Carol on the earth ley point and used Hi-Break and Break. When you get Elvis' HP down to 50%, you get some dialogue.

I never believed you had such potential...

Carol's basic attack only deals about 700 damage, so it takes awhile, but I beat him eventually.

Dean's trying to help the whole world move forward, and I want to help him, too! Just like you have your beliefs - I have mine, too!
Waaaaaaaaah! Caaaarooool! How much have you managed to achieve on your own? I must see it, even through these tears! Waaah!

Music: I Still Have Something to Tell You

Yes, Professor. After leaving you, I experienced many things, and grew from all of them.
As much as I regret it, I suppose I must admit that that Dean of yours has helped you. Very well. I suppose it is my duty as a father to see you off... Waaaaaaaah!
Actually, about that... All I said about going out with Dean was made up.
Huh? Really? Why did you...?
I wanted you to graduate from me as well. You're a greater person than I... No, even greater than you yourself think. Didn't you make better progress on your research while we were separated?
W-well...I suppose I can't deny that. Though it was all done while searching for you, so I couldn't give it my full attention...
Were you really searching for me, Professor?
Wha-?! O-of course I was, Carol!
... Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm sorry, Carol! The moment I start studying something, I forget everything else!
No, there's nothing wrong with that. When I was around, you couldn't even do that.
*Sob* You win, Carol... You've really grown strong...much stronger than I ever saw you.
Dean freed me from my fear of people not liking me. Until then, I'd been afraid to speak my own opinion, always trying to find something to say that would make people happy. But Dean told me that I just needed courage.
Yes...I had thought so as well. But I was worried that telling you so would only have put more pressure on you.
I know how you cared about me...that's why I wanted to stay with you. But...Dean made me a promise. He promised me that nobody would hate me, that we'd always be together... That's what helped me gain courage.
...I see. I'd always focused on doing what I could to keep you from being lonely... But that only made you feel more lonely when we were separated. What's truly important are feelings that can be shared even when we're separated. That's what truly gives people courage.
Yes. Courage becomes determination, which leads to promises... That's what I learned from Dean.
...Then let me ask you once more. Is it your intention to leave me and go with them, Carol?
...Yes. That is my honest opinion.
Very well. Then as a father, I suppose it is my duty to see my daughter off on her new journey.
Thank you, Professor. I'm really grateful to you. You really were like a father to me, even though I'm human... I'll be returning to human society now... But Dean will break down the wall between the races soon, so once that happens, please teach me again. Promise me, okay?
Urgh... No, I told myself I wouldn't cry!

(This animated a lot faster in Photoshop...)

Music: Elvis PALB_3106 (: Appearance)

Aaah! Ow... I can't even watch, that looks so painful...
...That's better. Please, take care of Carol. Especially you, Dean.
Sure thing. She's our companion, after all!

Uh, yeah...
Well then, I suppose I'll return to my research. Even if you do break down the wall between the races, at the moment one must perish for the other to survive. There is one thing, however, that I wanted to confirm, Avril... I am led to believe that the six of you have the six original mediums... Are you their creator?
...Yes, I am. The six mediums we carry are indeed the original mediums that I created.
Huh?! *You* made them?! Wow... Avril, you're really amazing. I never guessed you'd made things like that.
Now, those original mediums... Could they be created in the present day as well?
Unfortunately, the necessary equipment is no longer available. I expect that it would take at least one hundred years to recreate that equipment, given the present level of technology.
What?! That's no better than what the Baskars said! Mmm... Then what can we do...
Come to think of it, when we were inside Avril's mind - didn't the Ice Queen give us a hint?
Now that you mention it... She did ask if we thought we could get Veruni and humans to trust and accept each other.
What?! That's it... Yes, that's it! I'd completely forgotten that aspect! I'd always assumed that humans would never accept the Veruni... But haven't Carol and I disproven that hypothesis right here?
Yes, exactly! And there's the captain of the Mayflower, and Lady Diana... We've come to understand a lot of Veruni.
...Then that's it! Mediums!

I don't understand what he's talking about...
That's a valuable hint you've given me! I'd better return immediately to my research to make use of it. But before that - Carol, I have one last request of you.
Of course, Professor. What is it?
Would you please call me your father? Just once?
...Sure, Dad. Thanks for everything. I'm going my own way now, but you'll always be my father.

Elvis is an inversion of Alvíss, a figure from Norse Mythology.

Alvíss was a dwarf who fell in love with Thor's daughter. Thor did not approve of their love and put Alvíss through a series of tests. In Wild Arms 5, Elvis is clearly not a dwarf, and similar to the story of Alvíss, Elvis' "daughter" Carol is put through a test to gain permission to date Dean.

We grab the elemental circuit and continue on our way.

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