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Part 34: TF System: Tower F

Time to finish up the Puzzle Box quest!

Puzzle Box #18
Music: How Long Will This Puzzle Box Continue

You need Asgard to reach this Puzzle Box.

For completing Puzzle Box 18, you get a Lightning Bomb, a good ARM part for Carol, but I prefer to use the Hob & Nob.

Puzzle Box #19

Once again, Asgard is required to reach this Puzzle Box.

Puzzle Box 19 was one of the two Puzzle Boxes to give me trouble in this game. You have to be careful with which blocks you clear, otherwise you'll end up isolating a single yellow or a single red.

For completing Puzzle Box 19, you get an Ancient Blade, a good ARM part for Avril, but I prefer to use the Airgetlam.

Getting to Puzzle Box 20 is a little bit more complicated. First we have to go to the area of the desert with Barbados' remains, and then use Lilka's Teleport Orb to teleport to any location.

It'll drop us off in an otherwise inaccessible island in Northeast Filgaia, where we can find the final Puzzle Box.

Puzzle Box #20

Puzzle Box 20 is probably the most difficult Puzzle Box, as one would expect. Some of the difficulty comes from needing to perform platforming without making any mistakes, which makes experimenting pretty difficult.

For completing Puzzle Box 20, you get a Lucky Bird, a badge which increases the chance that an item found after battle will be a rare one.

Now that we've completed every Puzzle Box, we can return to Meisis and claim our reward from Brad.

Rugged Train Worker: He was a man who loved puzzles with a passion...just couldn't get enough of them. They say practice makes perfect, and the puzzles he created were the product of careful practice: fun to explore, challenging to solve. ...But one day, he suffered a head injury in an accident, and that was the end of his puzzle-making days. So, using my beloved machinery and the power of an acquaintance who represents a race even older than the Veruni, I rebuilt the puzzles in three-dimensional space. Ah, but I'm sorry. I've babbled on for far too long. ...Thank you for solving all of my puzzles. I'll have good news for my friend the next time I visit him at the hospital. Here's a little something for you. Please, accept it.
Obtained EZ Missile!

The friend Brad is referring to is probably Billy, one of his old war buddies in Wild Arms 2. The acquaintance who represents a race older than the Veruni is Marivel, of course.

The EZ Missile was one of Brad's Heavy ARMs in Wild Arms 2. In Wild Arms 5, it's a very good ARM part for Carol, which I replace the Hob & Nob with.

Tower F is located in Northwest Filgaia, near Puzzle Box 15.

I wonder how much time we have left... Ah, well. Worrying about it won't get us anywhere. We've got to keep moving and disable the TF System as soon as we can!

Music: The Resurrected Left Arm That Brings Death

Tower F mixes things up a bit. The entrance room actually has three exits, two open doors located on the west and east walls, and a sealed door on the north wall.

The west door takes us to a springboard room. Halfway up, we can use the Detector to reveal a set of platforms that lead to another springboard, which springs us up to a couple of treasure chests containing a Wing Amulet and 2 Duplicators.

There's also a door halfway up this room, which takes us back into the entrance room.

The eastern door also would have brought us up here, but there are no treasures in that room.

When we shoot the blue object in the middle of the room, the floating objects spin around the other way, and the yellow pathways start vanishing and reappearing. Now we're tasked with shooting those blue pyramid things, which causes them to turn red. When we shoot all four, the northern exit opens.

Everyone proceeds toward the door, but Greg stops short.

Is something wrong, Greg?
Hm? Oh, nothin'. I was just thinkin' about Ted. No matter what I do, he won't come back, after all...
All: ...
All that you were askin' about meaning of my revenge... I still don't have an answer. I don't have a clue what I'm gonna do once I've taken care of Kartikeya. It makes me feel like I'm not goin' anywhere...
That can't be helped. Your time stopped on that day. Whether finishing your revenge will be enough to get it moving again, I don't know. But if you try to force it to move, you might end up breaking the clock hands instead.
Heh. I was wonderin' what I'd do if you told me to force it to move, but that way's easier on me. But there's one thing inside me that's changed... You, Dean.
Looking at you, sometimes I remember him, the way he died tryin' to protect Mary... You looked just like him when you protected my in Harmonde. When I think that Mary had to see the same thing... It musta been tough. But it's a small relief to think that Ted would probably have grown up to be just like you.

I like to think that Greg is relieved by this because Ted's early death means that there's one less Dean in the world.

Then there's no need to worry, Greg. Your time will start moving again.
Heh, thanks, Avril. I really appreciate the weight of your words at times like this.
Really? I hadn't noticed, myself. And besides, it seems to me like you've already found a possible meaning for your revenge, haven't you?
...Who knows? Even I won't know until I actually finish it up.

After a pole room, we come upon a staircase.

If we use the Detector, a a door appears on the western wall. On the other side are two chests with a Dragon Fossil and a Growth Egg, which increases EXP gained from monsters defeated by the wearer.

When we proceed to the top of the stairs, we're attacked by a boss.

This thing pretty much just flies around using Hydro Pressure and Sky Twister. It's no big deal.

Meanwhile, in Harmonde...

Perhaps I should return to Gounon once more, after where Ted and Mary rest... Greg...will you be there as well? ... Perhaps... Perhaps it won't be long before I can drink a good cup of Johnny again...

Exciting pole action!

I don't know whether I'd've been happier that way than I am now, but...
I have no doubt it would be happier to live in peace, not knowing anything.
Wow, Avril, you almost never make such strong statements. But yeah, I agree. The less you know, the more choices are open to you for how you want to live your life, after all.
How about you, Dean?
I agree too. It's probably happier not knowing some things. But if I had to choose, I'd go with what I've got now.
Really? You'd deliberately throw away a happy life?
No, not that. I just hate not knowing things. Before I started on this journey, I was so excited about getting to see a whole new world I could barely hold myself back. Sure, it hasn't always been easy... I've almost gotten myself killed plenty of times. But if the person I am now is the result of getting through all that, then I don't think I made the wrong choice.
I think I see what you mean. I don't dislike how I've turned out either.
I think I've expanded my horizons a lot since I started traveling with all of you.
Heh... I guess if you look at it that way, I'm not a total loss, either...

At first glance, this room contains four white crystals and a plaque.

If we use the Detector, the east and west walls vanish, revealing two more crystals.

The plaque reads:

*Six flowers sprout from the earth, gazing on the blossoms in the sky. Two flowers release their crimson petals to blow in the wind, while four grow tall, reflecting the azure sky above.

Well, it's clear that we have to turn two crystals red and turn the others blue, but this doesn't really tell us which ones.

If we return to the previous room and keep climbing the pole, we reach another room.

This room has four spinny doohickeys, two fans and a plaque. If we use the Detector, the walls vanish and reveal two more doohickeys.

*Two winds blow from these skies. The western wind caresses the southern lands, while the eastern wind soothes its own home. Flowers of the earth and sky still hidden in darkness await the day they will see these winds as well.

We need to point the western fan south, and the eastern fan east, then return to the crystal room.

You may notice the crystal placement matches the doohickey placement in the room above. We need to use the Fire Bullet on the crystals that correspond to the doohickeys we pointed the fans at, and then turn the other four blue. This opens up the door to the next room.

This room contains a single exit (aside from the one we entered through), two chests, a fan, and a plaque.

*You who seek a path forward, may the wind be at your back...

A pathway appears wherever we point the fan, allowing us to reach the chests and the exit. The chests contain a Point Stabilizer for Asgard and a Lucky Card.

Next we reach a room with four lit torches, four fans, a plaque, a Sol Niger, and a chest with a Gold Moon inside.

*Flames dance around the hall of the winds, following the flow of time as they await the day of judgment.

This is a simple enough puzzle. We just have to point the fans so they're blowing in a clockwise direction.

The next room contains a boss.

This guy just flies around and uses Hydro Pressure for about 1700 damage. Sometimes he'll do a physical for 1000 or he'll use Dark Isolate, but he mostly just uses Hydro Pressure.

Greg... It's time for you to recover your own time.
...Huh? You don't mean-
Let's go. Your moment of destiny is approaching.

Once again, we have to shoot at one of these pyramid things from the entrance room, which creates a path forward.

The next room has three torches, a fan, and a plaque.

*A morning wind from the east stirs the flame of hope, and a noon breeze from the south rouses the fire of love. After bidding a gusty farewell to the setting sun, the travelers shall find the wind at their backs.

First we have to point the fan at the torch to the west. "A morning wind from the east."

Next we point it at the torch to the north. "A noon breeze from the south."

Third, we point the fan back at the west. "a gusty farewell to the setting sun."

Finally, we point the fan at the sealed door to the south. "the travelers shall find the wind at their backs."

After doing this, the door opens.

Music: Kartikeya ASGX_7135 (: Appearance)

Took you long enough! Now I can kill all I want!
Well, well. I do think I've seen you before. Bwah hah hah hah! Your timing is just perfect! I was afraid I'd never be able to settle things with you if humanity died first! Bwah hah hah hah hah!
Hmph. Your timing's just as good!
I still can't forgive you for killin' Ted and Mary. I doubt I'll ever be able to. But I've found myself all these companions - treasures I wouldn't give up for anything. And so I realized - sadness isn't the only thing left to me! And just as I realize that, you pop up! Now I just gotta get rid of you!
Bwah hah hah hah hah hah! You're great! You're the greatest! You humans are all going to die anyway. Happiness, treasures, they don't mean anything! But you won't have even that long to wait. I'll take care of you and your "treasures" all at once!

Boss: Kartikeya
Music: Kartikeya ASGX_7135 (: Battle)

Kartikeya's basic physical does about 1800 damage, and Sky Twister deals about 1900.

Like all the other Sentinels, Kartikeya has a preparation move. On the turn that follows Evil Grin, he'll use Lock-On.

It didn't really do much damage here, but Greg was defending at the time.

Also, during this battle I did an awesome save by moving Dean to Avril's HEX after Kartikeya used Evil Grin, and then using Jump to get out of his range.

What's wrong? You sure look like you're in pain. I bet you're feelin' scared for the first time. Hmm?
D-don't be crazy! I've only ever been frightened once - when I fought Volsung one-on-one. That's why I only take orders from him! Compared to him, you're just a baby! I bet you don't even have the courage to come at me alone!
Oh, don't I? Fight me - if YOU'VE got the courage!
You bastard! I'll send you to join your wife and kid! Get ready!

The Duel With Kartikeya

(Kartikeya actually has 22750 HP. I attacked him once before analyzing him.)

Kartikeya pulls no punches in his duel. Of all the Sentinels, Kartikeya is the only one who keeps his instant-death attack for the duel. This would make him a big threat, if it wasn't for one simple thing...

Greg can kill him in two hits with Hi-Blast from the earth ley point.

A joke, huh? This is no joke - this is all the strength I've got.
You, this strong? Not a chance in hell!

One more Hi-Blast later...

What are you talkin' about?
No normal human could ever be this strong! There's no way a human could stop me!
Heh. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is all natural. There's only one reason I'm stronger than you now.
So then...what the hell is it?!
Pretty simple - I never give up! That's given the enough strength to fight you, and more than enough to beat you!
WHAAAAT?! Quit messing around, you bastard! You are a dead man!!

Music: The Resurrected Left Arm That Brings Death

Hmph. Are you mad? Mad enough to kill me? I've spent years hatin' you far more than that! Die, Kartikeya!

Greg pulls the trigger, but nothing happens, he's out of ammo.

Greg puts his ARM away.

Grr...! You did that on purpose, didn't you?!
Well? I bet you really hate me now, don't you? I know better than anybody how that feels. So I'll let you go this time - so you can learn to hate me more! I'll leave off finishin' my revenge until then. Enjoy the extra little bit of life you've got!

Bwah hah hah hah! Bwah hah hah hah hah! I just had a good idea. I know how to make you regret this for the rest of your life.

The camera zooms in on Greg, and a gunshot is heard.

Bwah hah hah hah hah hah! How about that?! Now you'll never be able to accomplish your revenge! Take that, you bastard! Regret it for the rest of your life! Bwah hah hah...bwah hah hah hah hah!
Idiot. Like that would give me anything to regret. My revenge against you isn't a goal anymore, just a point to pass along the way.

Kartikeya lifelessly drops to the ground.

Kartikeya... You may have killed my wife and son, but you don't even deserve to be killed by me.

Kartikeya is an inversion of the Hindu God of the same name. The deity Kartikeya is a vanquisher of sin, while the Wild Arms 5 Kartikeya enjoys sinful activities.

We grab the elemental circuit and get out of here.

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