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Part 35: The Final Assignment

When we leave Tower F, we're greeted by a cutscene.

Cutscene: Tower O

Shards resembling glass fall from the sky.

The shards are falling from the sky and revealing a tower in their place.

When the tower is fully visible, it begins to draw energy from Filgaia.

It fires a beam into the sky, and...

A large structure lowers itself and floats above the tower.

Music: Pilgrim's Progress

Heh. Those kids really are something, aren't they? Get me a connection to them!
Crewman: Yes sir!

I know. That's the central TF System tower. With the energy from the other four towers cut off, it's lost its stealth capability.
So that's the last tower we need to take care of, right? And once that's done, the world will be saved! C'mon, everybody!
Wait, Dean! With the other towers disabled, we've got a little extra time. Use that time to prepare yourselves for attacking the tower. You can't afford to underestimate Volsung. Be careful, Dean!
Gotcha. We'll head back to Capo Bronco and make preparations, then. We'll make our assault tomorrow!
Roger! We'll help out as best we can! Let's shoot up some firewords tomorrow, huh, Dean?
Yeah - in celebration!


Music: Nothing is Better than the Usual Time

I thought I'd find you here.

Where it all started, huh...

...and here I am now.
As are Rebecca and I.

And that's the ARM you had when we met, is it not?
Yeah. I thought I could go anywhere in the world as long as I had it with me. You can use it as a weapon, you can use it to dig up golems... It can do anything! ...Though I sure wouldn't try anything crazy like that now.
No, I'm sure you would have found a way to succeed. Your strength of will - your refusal to give up - is a stronger weapon than any ARM. And besides, the ARMs I gave you can't be used for digging up golems. That shovel is in fact more versatile.
Heh heh... Yeah, good point. But without these I'd never have gotten anywhere. They're really easy to use - just as easy as this shovel I've had since I was a kid.
Hehe... Well, I did pour a lot of energy into making them, after all.
You did?! Wow, Avril... You can do anything, can't you?
In my capacity as leader, I was particularly well-versed in technology. ...As a matter of fact, it was I who developed the TF System, as well...
You...? Developed that...?
As the Ice Queen, I left behind a decidedly negative heritage. That's why it is my duty to see that the TF System is stopped.
But you made that in order to save the people of 12,000 years ago, right, Avril? Then take pride in that. The world's changed, and the TF System ended up not being needed. That's all.
So we've just got that one tower left, huh... Once we take care of that, I guess that'll be the end of our journey, won't it?
No... It will only be the beginning. Disabling the TF System is just to prevent the destruction of humanity, after all. But that's not your goal, is it? You want humans to become independent from the Veruni, and the two races to accept each other, do you not?
...Yeah, I guess you're right. Once the TF System is gone, we'll be able to get to work on our real goal.
I guess we'll all get pretty busy then. I wonder how often we'll be able to get together like this and just talk... I guess it probably won't be easy.
... I know it may not be appropriate under these circumstances...but do you think we could take some time today and "just talk"?
Well then, I guess I'll be going.
Huh? How come? Avril says she wants to talk, so let's all talk together!
Dean! How dense can you be?!
Hehe... I don't mind, Rebecca. In fact, I'd rather you stay as well. After all, we're friends, aren't we?
Y-yeah, I guess. Well then, talk away!
There are a lot of things I wanted to talk about. First-

-Well then, I guess I'll be heading back to the village. I want to see Mom and Dad too, after all.
Then I guess I'll get going, too.
Why the rush? Stay and talk with Avril some more.
Wha-?! R-Rebecca, what are you-
Nothing! See you later!

Rebecca leaves.


... She certainly is cute, isn't she? If I was a boy, I wouldn't be able to leave her alone.
Y-yeah? Heh heh...

Music: The Ice Queen ~I Loved Your Smile~

... ...Dean, do you remember the day we met?
Of course. How could I forget? A golem's arm fell down out of the sky, and when its hand opened up, there you were.
And you carried me out as the cliff began to crumble. Hehe... Quite an unusual encounter.
...I'd always been meaning to ask you about that tear you shed.

Last time, you said it just sort of came out, that you didn't know why. But now that you've got most of your memory back, can you remember?
...Why do you worry yourself over it so much? It's just a tear, after all-
What do you mean, "just"? Tears don't "just sort of come out" for nothing! Besides, it looked like there was some sort of painful memory behind it. What happened, Avril?
If... Yes, if my sins can ever be forgiven, then perhaps I can tell you. But as the Ice Queen, I have done too much wrong. While I am repaying those wrongs, I cannot express my own feelings.
Well then, how long will that take?
I don't know... It might all end tomorrow, or it might continue forever...
Forever? Then are you going to keep on crying forever?
That would just be too sad, don't you think, Avril?
... ...I have no choice. I must repay my crimes. I cannot - no, I must not - run from that.
Then I'll do something about it! I'll do anything for you, Avril! Tell me what I have to do so you won't have to cry anymore!
*Sob* Dean, why... Why must you always be so kind...
S-sorry... Here I was trying not to make you cry, and-
It's all right. Will you do just one thing for me, then?
Sure, anything!

Just stand there, and let me hold you. That will give me the strength to overcome my tears.
O-okay... ... You can do it, Avril...
*Sob* Thank you, Dean...

As you, Dean, have filled the hole in my heart. I cannot express my feelings to you, so let me at least tell your memories, here in my heart. ...I love you, Dean...

Music: Even a Dog Wouldn't Eat This

Back in Capo Bronco, Rebecca is pacing in a frustrated manner.

...Arrgh! How come I have to be so stupid?! Rebecca, you idiot!
Wh-what's the matter, Rebecca?
*Sigh* Nothing more than self-hatred at a totally uncalled-for act of altruism.
But they sure are taking a while. I wonder what they're doing?
...Argh! That's it, I'm going to get them!
Oh, it looks like they just got back!

Music: Only Within My Heart

...Thank you, Rebecca.
Huh? Wh-what for?
You left early so that I'd have some time alone with Dean, didn't you?
...I guess I can't hide anything from you, can I?
Hehe, I guess not.
... Avril... Are you going to go somewhere? Somewhere far away?

-Oh. I won't bring it up again, then.
Thank you, Rebecca. I can't thank you enough...
S-stop that! We're best friends, aren't we?
-Yes, of course we are! Then let's go - to put an end to everything.

Yes, you did! ...Not that I'm any better. I just got back from saying goodbyes myself.
Huh? What are you talking about, Rebecca? You were right-
Aaaaaah! Chuck, over here, quick!
Huh? What's wrong, Carol?

Carol leads Chuck away from the others.

So are you both ready?
We sure are! I can take anything on!
Then all that's left is to go to the final battle.
Yeah - to put an end to everything! Let's go - to the central TF System tower!

Now that Tower O is available, nearly every sidequest is open to us. So let's take care of some of those real quick.

Music: When the Heart Ignites
We're going to be jumping around between a bunch of different locations, so rather than try to keep up with the music being played or just playing Capo Bronco's theme the entire time, here's a song I don't get to post often: the battle music.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress: When my Drifter husband visited me earlier, he left without the change of clothes I prepared for him. I'd like you to find my husband, wherever he's gone off to, and bring him his change of clothes. What do you think? Will you do it?
Strong-Willed Shopmistress: Thanks, guys. You don't know how tough it is having a dolt for a husband!
Obtained Fresh Laundry!

This is the last part of the Strong-Willed Shopmistress quest, and the only portion that isn't timed. Her husband is in Alcedonia.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: Well, look who's here! It's Dean! Doing well, I trust? ...Hmm? A package for me? What is it?
Handed over the Fresh Laundry!
Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: Ohh! I forgot to pack a change of clothes! How stupid! Thanks for bringing this all the way here! smells like my wife... Gwah hah hah hah!

We return to Capo Bronco for our reward.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress: Hey, Dean! Thanks so much for deliverin' those clothes to my husband! Hang on a second. I got somethin' I'd like to give you. Granted, it ain't much, but please accept this!
Obtained LVL Apple x2!
Strong-Willed Shopmistress: No matter how old he gets, that husband of mine always needs me lookin' after him! Hah hah hah hah!

There's another sidequest for us to finish up in Mithysmere.

Flower-Growing Girl: Oh, um... I kind of have another problem... Could you help me out again? Well, the trouble is, the soil here in Mithysmere isn't very fertile, so my flowers aren't doing very well... I planted all the seeds my mother gave me, but half of them withered away... So, I'd like you to get some more flower seeds and some better soil for me. I want to fill this place up with flowers!

No sweat!
We're a little busy, here.

Flower-Growing Girl: Oh, is it really all right? Thank you! For the soil, I'll send a letter to this penpal of mine who likes flowers... Could you go fetch it for me? Maybe you guys have already been there, huh? I heard it's a really small village... My penpal's raising all sorts of flowers over there! As for the seeds, I'd like something that would blook into nice, pink flowers...but I wonder if anyone raises those anywhere?

For the seeds, we need to speak with Mariel in Honeysday.

Flower-Tending Girl: There's a girl raising flowers all by herself in a dark city...and she's looking for flower seeds...? ... Hearing that makes me so happy... I had no idea there was a human out there who felt the same way I do... I'd certainly be happy to give her some of my flower seeds. Will this be enough?
Obtained Flower Seeds x4!
Flower-Tending Girl: I've always imagined how wonderful it would be if Filgaia was filled with flowers. I pray that these flowers bloom as brightly as they possibly can.

We can get soil from the Flower-Loving Girl in Capo Bronco.

Flower-Loving Girl: Dean, I've been waiting for you! In the last letter from my Mithysmere pen-pal, she said "please send some of your super-fertile soil!" Our Capo Bronco soil is really right, apparently. You plant flowers, and they're in full bloom in no time!
Obtained Potting Soil!
Flower-Loving Girl: Hey Dean, carry the soil carefully so it doesn't spill, okay? And can you tell the Mithysmere girl I said hi? And that I'll write her again soon?

Flower-Growing Girl: ...Ah! Hey, is that...
Handed over the Flower Seeds!
Handed over the Potting Soil!

Flower-Growing Girl: Wowww! So much soil...and so many seeds! Thanks so much! Now I can raise lots and lots of flowers again! Here, I'll give you this in exchange. I picked it up in Laila Belle, but there's nothing I can do with it, so go ahead, take it!
Obtained Tiny Flower!

The Tiny Flower is a badge that places the user into Detonation mode at the beginning of every battle.

While I was in Mithysmere, I spoke with Tim and synthesized a Punching Glove, the last A Rank badge. I could create a Sheriff Star right now, but I'm going to wait a bit longer.

The Punching Glove turns all critical attacks into Finest Arts, which are pretty much just extra-powerful attacks. They have special animations, so I've created a video to show them all off.

Video: Finest Arts

Corporate Peon: But now at least I have a single glimmer of hope to hang on to. When I went on a business trip to Mirapulse the other day, I happened to hear some good news from a waitress at a bar. Apparently, there exists a cursed - ahem, I mean a useful item that can make someone's personality do a complete 180! So, young Drifter. Listen to what I'm about to say, but...know that I'm just, you know, thinking out loud, to myself. Oh, oh... I wonder, doesn't anyone have a tool that I might use to change my boss's personality? If I could change my boss's personality, I would be able to wash my hands of this wicked work, and there would be so many more happy people in the world...

The Werewolf Fang we got from Jet awhile back just so happens to be the item he seeks.

Corporate Peon: That thing you've got... If you wouldn't mind, would you let me take a look at it? Ah, so it's true! You finally found the Werewolf Fang! They say that if you grind this into a powder and mix it into food, the personality of whoever eats it will turn around completely. Please, could you give it to me? I'm tired of a job that brings tears to other people's eyes!
Handed over the Werewolf Fang!
Corporate Peon: You will? You'll let me have it! I'm so relieved... This will help me wash my hands of this filthy business! Though it's a bit of a shame that I won't have any more chances to donate my life force at the Black Market... Ack, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It looks like I said a bit more than I should have...
Obtained Black Pass!
Corporate Peon: I'll give you this as proof of my promise to go legit. I wasn't able to use her goods for a very positive purpose, but surely someone with a heart like yours will be able to do something...

With the Black Pass in hand, we can now shop at the Black Market! That "donate my life force" thing he said was completely literal, by the way.

Red-Eyed Receptionist: The Pass allows its holder to trade their life force for rare items. The members of the Golem Hunters' Guild have collected these treasures at the risk of their own lives. obtain the Black Pass at your age is no small feat. ...Dean, was it? I shall remember your name.

Welcome to the Black Market, where you trade levels for items! I guess the idea is that Marivel is feeding on your blood in exchange for these goods? She is a Crimson Noble, after all.

The Black Market has all the Stat Apples, Duplicators, Lucky Cards, Gella Cards, great ARM Parts, rare badges, and two alternate costumes for each character.

I've promised to show you guys every alternate costume, and I'll stick to that promise, even though they cost 30 levels apiece, costing me a total of 360 levels. It's really not that bad once you've dropped someone to level 1, because they'll shoot up by 20 or so levels with a single battle in one of the optional dungeons.

We'll save all that for later though, I don't want to part with my hard-earned experience points just yet.

After this, we go to Twelbit and speak with Ashley.

Gentle Baker: You're the folks who helped the delivery girl get a new teleport orb, right? ...Oh, you're wondering how I know that? Well, she came to me all flustered, saying she messed up her teleport. I gave her some cornbread, and after that she started coming back to the store on the regular. She'd chat with me sometimes, and I'd occasionally ask her to deliver some bread, but lately she just hasn't been herself. So, if you get a chance, could you pass her this onion baguette for me? Try to do it when she isn't next to the bakery, if you could. I...I'm not sure how I would explain it to her, is all.
Wow, that looks yummy. I'd almost like to eat it myself!

No problem, we'll deliver it.
I'm afraid we don't have the time...

Gentle Baker: Really? Thanks! With everything that's going on in the world these days, I figure she's just at her wit's end dealing with it all... If you eat some nice bread and get a good night's sleep, I find that it helps most people get over their worries.
Obtained Onion Baquette!
Gentle Baker: Thanks in advance!

We wander around for awhile, and eventually encounter Lilka in Harmonde.

Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: What...? A me? From the baker? He thought I didn't look too good...? ...... ...
Handed over the Onion Baguette!
Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: Why won't he understand...?
...? You don't like the guy at the bakery?
Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: No, no! It's not that... ...Thanks for bringing me the bread. Could you tell the baker I said thanks, too? But this bread... It tastes a little salty...
Huh? Why don't you just thank him yourse- Rebecca?! What are you-
Dean! Girls aren't as simple-minded as you are! Come on, let's go.

We return to Ashley for our reward.

Gentle Baker: You delivered the bread, didn't you? I got a letter from her saying that it was tasty...that it made her feel better. I figured she'd come around if she had a good meal. That's just human nature!
Obtained Geo Amulet!
Gentle Baker: Thanks much. Here's a little something for your trouble. These are pretty useful for Drifters, right?

Not in the slightest, but thanks anyway, I guess?

Let's go clear out the sidequests in Harmonde. Shall we?

Donate Items

It doesn't feel necessary to type out all of her copy-pasted dialogue, so I'll just list what we give her and what we recieve.

10 Peppy Acorns gets us a Castle Wall badge.
3 Full Revives gets us 2 Blank Mediums.
2 Gold Suns gets us 6 LVL Apples and an Ambrosia. We have now donated all the supplies they need.

100,000 gella gets us a Cheerful Girl badge.

Now she wants 500,000 gella, which we do not have.

Narcissistic Hunter: ...I was born in Harmonde, you know. But when the town got into trouble, I was so afraid, I turned tail and ran off into the wilderness... And my dad... Man, he was absolutely fuming. He was all "You didn't even come home when your mother died! I have no son anymore!"... ...I'd really like to get back on good terms with my dad, but I doubt he'd even talk to me now...

The Shouting Man in Harmonde is his father.

Shouting Man: No! No! Absolutely not! I'll never forgive him! I'll never accept that heartless bastard as my son again! As far as I'm concerned, my son died during his travels! This man here's just an impostor... A total stranger to me!
Your son... He wouldn't happen to be the Golem Hunter hanging around in front of the resaurant, would he? He said he wanted to make up with you. He seemed pretty sorry about the whole thing... Why don't you try forgiving him?
Shouting Man: What?! You're asking me to forgive him?! ...Hah! If he was really my son, he'd know what his mother's most cherished keepsake was! Go tell 'im that for me!

Narcissistic Hunter: Oh, hey, guys! How's my dad...? Still angry, huh...? ...Huh? What was my mom's most cherished keepsake? You think my dad will forgive me if I tell him that? ... ...... ...That old silk scarf, maybe...? She told me it was the first thing my dad ever gave her, many years ago. No matter how old and tattered it got, she always wore it proudly. They might have even buried it with her... That's got to be it.

When we return to the Shouting Man, we're given a prompt to input text. When we enter "silk scarf", he demands we ask the Narcissistic Hunter what his mother's favorite flower was.

Narcissistic Hunter: ...Huh? He wants to know what my mother's favorite flower was...? ... ...... ......... I can't do it... I just can't remember the name... I'm pretty sure it was this small, white flower, but... Hmm... I wonder if that lady with the green scarf would know... She used to talk with my mom a lot. Do you guys know her?

Stout Woman: Oh, you want to know what kind of flower the lady across the street liked? Hmm, let me see... I could have sworn I knew the name of it... Glow pop? Door stop? I can't remember. I just know it reminded me of winter, for some reason... She planted them all through her garden... When they bloomed every year, it was like a sheet of pure white. It was wonderful!

Narcissistic Hunter: So she says my mom's favorite flower reminded her of the winter...? ...Ahh! I just remembered it! It's the snowdrop! My mom had a garden full of them! That's got to me it!

We return to the Shouting Man, this time entering "snowdrop" into the text prompt. Next he asks for the name of the Narcissistic Hunter's mother's tastiest recipe.

Narcissistic Hunter: ...What? He wants me to tell him my mom's tastiest recipe? Come on! I haven't eaten it in years and suddenly he wants the name?! ... ...... ......... No... I just can't remember... I know! This might be a little like cheating, but could you guys go ask the people around town for me? My mom used to be a cook in the resaurant, I'm sure her best recipe was at the top of the maybe someone will remember it!

Seafood-Starved Fisherman: There wasn't any single "best dish" in the restaurant! Everything they served was perfect, the epitome of fine cuisine! Though if you ask me, their Tuna Salad topped everything else...

Grandad: Eh? The top dish on the restaurant? They had a shrimp painted up on the sign, not a dish!
Grandma: No, Grandad, they're asking what the tastiest dish in the restaurant is. Honestly!
Grandad: The tastiest dish...? Ohhhh, right, it was the Mixed something, or the Maxed something, or the Hexed something, I think.
Grandma: You were right the first time, you old coot! Whaddya mean, Hex? You think you can fight anyone at your age?

Girl Who Lost Her Sister: The tastiest dish in the restaurant? Ooh, I remember! Umm, it had a lot of shrimp in it! Oh, but I can't remember anything besides the shrimp...

Upward-Glancing Girl: The most popular item on the restaurant's menu? Hmm... Well, I used to eat there pretty often, but... ...I think it used some kind of marinade, but I forget the ingredients... I'm sorry.

Narcissistic Hunter: So it had "marinade", "mixed", and "shrimp" in it...? ...I think it's coming to me... ... ...... ......... Ahhhhhh! I got it! It was the Shrimp Marinade! My dad gave it that name years ago! Actually, he wanted to call it the "Mixed Shrimp Marinade Stir-Fry Special", but I remember my mom saying that names should be short and sweet...

We return to the Shouting Man and enter "Shrimp Marinade" when prompted.

Shouting Man: ...He's right. I've been such an idiot, running around in circles like this... And the worst part is, I knew the truth... How he went away and cried alone when he found out his mother died... The way he just stood there in front of her grave, gritting his teeth... How he must have felt when he returned to town... I knew about it all... ...Listen. Go back to my son and tell him I'm sorry, okay? I want to live with him again... My wife's waiting for him, too. Oh, and thanks for putting up with my stubbornness, okay? Here, I want you to have these.
Obtained Full Revive!
Obtained Blank Medium!

Narcissistic Hunter: My father's foriven everything...?! Oh, thank heavens...! Thank you so much, everyone! I'm going to devote everything I've got to rebuilding this town...and I'm gonna do it all with my dad at my side. I ran away from town twice over, and I know it'll take more than this to make up for it...but I swear I'll try my best. Oh, and one more thing. This is all that I have...but go ahead, take it. And thanks again for helping reunite us.
Obtained Might Guy!

That was a tedious quest, but the reward was worth the trouble. Aside from the donations, there's only one more thing left to do in Harmonde...

Over in the ruins of Clive's house, we can see a book poking out of the rubble.

*Read the book?


You're only given the option to read this book if your front party consists of Dean, Chuck, and Greg.

Hey, Dean, what do you make of that...?
Ah, yeah... Heh heh... You're curious about that one too, huh, Chuck? What do you think, Greg?
Well... I s'pose it can't hurt to dig into it. We're all men here.
Sounds good to me. In that case...!

Boss: Adult Mag x8
Music: Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew!

Adult Mags are an optional boss in several of the Wild Arms games, and you're always put up against a crazy number of them.

We're up against 8 of these things, and they're all level 82. My party is only at level 60 right now, so this is a difficult fight, but it can be won with proper strategy.

First, I put a Moon Medium on Dean, a Luck Medium on Chuck, and left the Sky Medium on Greg. Then I equipped Dean with speed-boosting badges, and put Dual Cast, Sacred Boy, Castle Wall, and Chick Badge on Greg. I also put speed-boosting badges on Chuck.

Chuck is using a Luck Medium for the sole purpose of the PS FP Advantage, which gives us 25 FP at the start of the battle. Since Chuck gets two turns before the Adult Mags go, I guard with Chuck for the FP boost (guarding provides more FP than any other action.), then I switch him out for Avril on his next turn.

Dean has a Moon Medium so he can use Replace to trade place with the occupants of the fire ley point.

From the fire ley point, I use Widespread and Hi-Blast with Greg every chance he gets. Thanks to Dual Cast, this causes him to hit every enemy HEX with two Hi-Blasts, dealing about 20,000 damage to each Adult Mag per turn. It just takes a few turns to clear them all out.

This is the best camera angle they give you for looking at the pages of the books.

For defeating the Adult Mags, we're given a Night Princess badge.

Now that we have the Might Guy, Night Princess, Nose Hero, Cheerful Girl, and Sacred Boy badges, we can do another sidequest.

First we have to go to Mirapulse.

Paladienne: When I was in Gounon, I heard about the Holy Root from this big guitar-playing man. When I mentioned my healing techniques, he told me how his people, the Baskars, used to work considerable magic with herbs. If he truly is one of the Baskars, he probably knows about the Holy Root.
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: The Paladienne told me the story. The Holy Root was artificially created by these people called the Baskars. She says it's an herb of incredible efficacy. I really want to search out the truth, but my companion's condition is such that I can't really leave her alone... I know you're already in the midst of an urgent mission, so I'm really sorry to ask this, but... Would you go in my stead to the Baskars, and acquire the root for me?
Hmmm... Yeah, we'll do it! You stay here and take good care of the lady swordsman, okay?
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: Great! I can't tell you how happy I am you've agreed to do it! I'm counting on you!
Swordswoman with a Ribbon: The Holy Root... If only I had it, my body might actually be able to recover... If that happened, and I could actually dream about the future again... *cough*...*cough*...

Guitar-Strumming Youth: But Filgaia was still a beautiful planet back then, teeming with life and blessed with the protection of the Guardians. Without the vibrant, abundant power of the Filgaia of the past, raising a Holy Root is frankly inconceivable.
What...? Are you saying it's totally impossible to create any?
Guitar-Strumming Youth: ...
Look, I can't back down on this just because you say it can't be done! There's got to be some kind of way!
Guitar-Strumming Youth: ... ...There's that Crystal Tear, isn't there? It might be possible with that in hand. We'd have to create the Ark Scepter...a divine article able to summon the power of the planet's Guardians. If we use the Crystal Tear to expand the power of the planet and summon the Guardians... We might be able to temporarily recreate the environment of 12,000 years ago, giving us the space to create at least one Holy Root. It won't be a very easy project, though. Are you sure you're interested?
...Absolutely. We can do anything as long as we don't give up!
Guitar-Strumming Youth: ...All right. First, go meet my companion in Mithysmere. He's a technological wizard who's got the power to build the Scepter. While you're doing that, I'll investigate exactly what it'll take to build that thing.

Child with Grown-Up Eyes: A companion of mine deployed in Gounon teamed up with the Professor and found a way to create the Scepter. We'll need five rare badges: Nose Hero, Might Guy, Sacred Boy, Night Princess, and Cheerful Girl... Once we combine them together, we can unlock their latent power to create the Scepter, apparently. ...I realize collecting all five may prove difficult, but I know it's not impossible! Please, try your best to find them all.

The five badges he wants all have Wild Arms 2 characters printed on them. I'm not quite sure why he left out Speed Queen, though.

Child with Grown-Up Eyes: You've got the five badges we need to make the Ark Scepter! With those in hand, we can synthesize the Scepter any time you like. Are you ready?

Sure, let's do it!
Let me prepare myself a bit first.

Child with Grown-Up Eyes: All right. Here we go...!

The screen flashes white.

Obtained Ark Scepter!
Child with Grown-Up Eyes: Whew... Looks like our little operation was a success. This was the first time I've synthesized anything like this, so I wasn't completely confident in our chances. Someone's waiting for the Holy Root, no? Please take it to our research lab, the Memorial Sanctuary, as quickly as possible.

We get to keep the Nose Hero, Might Guy, Cheerful Girl, Sacred Boy, and Night Princess badges, by the way.

Guitar-Strumming Youth: Using the Ark Scepter as a channel, we will irradiate the Holy Root seedling with the power of the planet, enhanced and focused by the Crystal Tear! If all goes well, we should get enough to cure one person!
Really? Great! Good luck!
Guitar-Strumming Youth: You got it!

The screen flashes white.

A Holy Root emerged from the seedling!
Obtained Holy Root!

You did it! Wow, thanks for helping us out!
Guitar-Strumming Youth: Hah hah! It was nothing. ...I gotta admit, though, joining hands like this and pulling something off... It's not a bad feeling. To be honest, I was just bumming around, going through the motions with my job in Gounon... But working with you really got me fired up, somehow.
Really? Well, thanks. I think that's because you know how it feels when someone's in pain. I'm glad you went through all this to make the Holy Root for me. I really appreciate it, and so will the human whose life this will save!
Guitar-Strumming Youth: ...Ahh, knock it off, we're all friends here. You're getting me all embarrassed! Hurry up and deliver that Holy Root!

Paladienne: Quickly, give it to her!
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: That... that's the Holy Root! Thanks! Thanks so much!! Please, you've got to give it to her right away!
Swordswoman with a Ribbon: This...this is the Holy Root!
Gave the Holy Root to the swordswoman!
Swordswoman with a Ribbon: I don't know how, but I already feel more comfortable...
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: R...really?!
Swordswoman with a Ribbon: Yes. You know better than any that I wouldn't say that lightly... I can feel the difference... It feels more like a common cold than a debilitating disease, now.
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: Really...? That's...that's wonderful... ... Dean, thank you. Take this as a reward.
Obtained Shooting Nova!
What? Are you sure? A weapon this powerful?
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: Of course! She was fighting for her life... Now look at her face! She looks so strong! With strength like that, she could slay the king of the monsters in three seconds flat!
Swordswoman with a Ribbon: You shouldn't say things like that... He looks like he'd believe every word of it.
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: Yeah, well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit... But anyway, I guess this isn't the time to be cracking jokes. ... Dean, thank you so much. You'll always have our support.

The Shooting Nova is an excellent ARM Part for Chuck with no major drawbacks.

With that, we've completed just about all of the sidequests that consist entirely of going to a place and talking to a person, so the rest of the side stuff should be a bit more interesting.

The Art of Wild Arms