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Part 40: The Beginning of the End

Before I continue forward to take on Volsung, I need to apologize to Asgard.

I've been a bit too hard on Asgard, because I was mistaken on exactly how Golem Battles work. Watching the AI fight itself is still stupid and boring, but it's not as stupid as I thought.

U-DO Burger posted:

With the algorithm in this screenshot, Asgard will use Superluminal Fist (I think that's what it's called?) for turns 1-4, then use Ultimate Guard on turns 5-8 because there are no actions equipped for those turns. Then on turn 9 the algorithm resets and he'll start using the Fist again. If more than one action is equipped to a turn, Asgard will choose one of those actions, with preference given to the action that takes up a greater amount of space in that turn's column. For example, if Water takes up 1 space in the Turn 5 column, and Fire takes up 2 spaces, then Asgard will use Fire twice as often on Turn 5.

Enemies actually work on the same system as Asgard, as you can see below:

The Moon Medium has PS Observe, which makes it possible to see enemy tangrams.

And now, let's proceed to the top of Tower O.


Before you enter the crystal, the game informs you that you will be unable to return to Filgaia after entering this crystal, and warns you to save in a separate slot, just in case.

Music: Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus

Volsung... So you were here after all.
Turn off the TF System now! Nobody's going to follow you anymore!
So it would seem. My compliments on turning my Four Sentinels from me. I am most impressed. Though I had not placed much hope in them in the first place.
What, sour grapes now that your closest allies have been defeated? That sounds so stupid!
No, I only speak the truth. None have ever truly understood me. I have always lived alone. But it would take far too long to accomplish my goals on my own, so I used those who were convenient. Now, I have no further use for them. I need merely defend the TF System until it has destroyed Filgaia, and my desire will be fulfilled.
W-wait a minute... Destroy Filgaia...? You mean the Veruni, too?!
Indeed. I seek no less than the death of all things that live on this planet. As you desire, the wall between Veruni and humans will crumble as well. After all, everything will be destroyed equally, in a beautiful finale!
You see, your desire and mine are in fact connected. We both wish to see that wall destroyed, to see a world of equality created. Come, my friend, and join me in watching as the wall crumbles to dust! Hah hah hah hah hah!
Friend?! I'm no friend of yours! Our goals are completely different! I don't want to see everybody die! I saw just how hard the Veruni are trying to survive, and I want to help them too! I don't want to kill them! I'm nothing like you!
And just why do you expect to succeed where countless others have failed? That is quite some conceit you have.
Conceit or whatever, I don't care! I've decided I'm going to do it, so I'm going to do it! And I'm not going to stop until it's done!
So we cannot agree after all. A shame. If you will not listen to me, I will simply have to convince you by force!
Here he comes! Watch out!
Yeah... But I'll do it! I won't lose!

Boss: Volsung
Music: Volsung XERD_3113
Volsung XERD_3113 might just be my favorite battle theme in the game.

I was mistaken before when I said the game expects you to be level 70 for the ending, so I spent more levels to drop my team down to level 60. I also unequipped items like the Sheriff Star, Dual Cast, and The Omega, because they just make things too easy.

Volsung's basic attack, Gram-Zanber, is pretty harmless, even when he gets a Critical. Or maybe I'm just used to optional bosses that attack for 7000 damage at a time? He can also attack with Heavy Crush for 2000 damage, but it's not really a threat.

The real threat in this battle is Volsung's preparation attack, GZ Nemesis. He'll ready his sword, and then he'll attack with it on his next turn. He can target any HEX, adjacent or otherwise, so the best defense from this is either Invincible, or to simply keep everyone in separate HEXes.

Volsung tosses his sword into the air, and leaps after it.

He then plants his foot on the handle, and kicks it at the target. This seems like a really ineffective way to use a sword, but it does 10000 damage, so I guess I'm wrong.

After GZ Nemesis connects, the Gram-Zanber is left in the HEX his target was previously standing in. At this point, Volsung will focus on moving into the HEX which contains the Gram-Zanber, and will spend a turn picking it up.

Volsung is pretty easy to defeat, even when you aren't wearing all the ultimate equipment, so he goes down quickly.

We got rid of the top of the Veruni...! Now-
Wait, Dean. Look closely. Doesn't he seem to be acting strangely?


Carols moves toward Volsung for a closer look.

Carol, watch out!

A clone...? It's a fake Volsung!
What?! Then where's the real-
Damn! We've been tricked!

Many screens appear in the air around our party.

Music: Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus

You know, one screen would have been just fine, Volsung.


I have no more need for toys like the TF System. Observe!

That's...Laila Belle?!
...That bastard really is planning to get rid of everybody, human and Veruni alike.
I am the only one I can trust. It is my desire to destroy all. Fear the few moments remaining to you. Curse your arrogance. Despise your lack of power. Taste the equal destruction of all things! Heh heh heh... Hah hah hah hah hah!

The screens vanish.

He really is crazy...
Laila Belle will be destroyed if we don't do something! C'mon, let's hurry!

Removing the Elemental Circuit gets us a non-elemental Giga Crush for Asgard, but we can't return to Tony to put it into his Algorithm, so it's worthless to us.

When we step into the crystal at the back of the room, we're automatically moved to Laila Belle, which is being ravaged by golems.

Music: Emergency Sign

I won't let golems be turned into destruction machines!! Golems weren't born to be used like this!

Golems weren't born, dumbass, they were created. Created to fight in wars, even.

Dammit! Why won't you understand?!
At this rate, the whole town's gonna be destroyed! Let's pull them outside and take care of 'em there!
Yeah... Dammit!

Our party heads outside, and the golems give chase.

We're up against two Karian Sentinels in this battle. They attack for about 2000 damage, and they can use Great Booster to add All Stats Up to a HEX. They're not really very dangerous at all.

Music: The Sweat of the Chase

Well, we managed to beat it... But this is horrible...
The way Volsung was talkin' about destroying Filgaia... I wouldn't be surprised if the whole world's in this kind of situation.
Then what can we do?! If we go and try to save one town, we'll be dooming the rest!
Oh - look! Other places are showing up on the monitor!

The monitor shows several towns being ravaged by Muspels.

Dammit! What can we do now?! I want to help everybody out - but there's no way we can get to all the towns in time!
Calm down, Dean. You're not going to give up, are you?
No, but...!
Don't worry. I know you'll find a way through this crisis. You've left footsteps across Filgaia. There will be others who will follow in them.
Hey - isn't that...?!

Carol draws our attention to the monitor.

Cutscene: Muspels in Honeysday

Suddenly, a thin object is embedded into a muspel's skull, deactivating it.

Music: Nightburn Acklund (: Appearance)

Nightburn leaps from Duo's side, landing on a Muspel.

Nightburn fires into the Muspel's neck, which deactivates it. (These golems are really fragile, aren't they?)

A Muspel rears its fist back, preparing to crush Nightburn with it.

But Nightburn leaps out of the way.

Duo: Nightburn!
Nightburn: Duo! Back off! You're not built for fighting. Just stay there and record this, my one last shot at making a difference. I'm sure those two will love it.
Persephone: Who do you mean, "those two"?

Persephone: I suppose the boy's one. But who's the other?
Nightburn: The other...heh. She can see for herself.
Persephone: Then don't act as if this is some kind of last stand. Not when a new age is about to begin.
Nightburn: Heh... It's too late for that. My body won't be able to-
Farmer: Nightburn!

Nightburn: Heh. Looks like you got some spirit. Reminds me of that kid.
Persephone: I'm with you too, Nightburn. Give me your orders... We'll do this together!
Nightburn: All right...let's do this!

The camera zooms out, and we see several Muspels approaching. really are the greatest. I'm not even close to you.

He killed and enslaved countless people. Why doesn't anyone remember this?! Nightburn is not a good person!

It's thanks to you that I'm here now. If you hadn't told me, I'd never have thought of breaking down the wall between the races... really are my hero! I'll pick up where you left off!

Music: Pilgrim's Progress

It's the Mayflower!
Dean, can you hear me? The Darkness Tear's energy level is getting incredibly high! It looks like Volsung's planning to hit Filgaia itself this time! If you don't stop him, the whole planet'll be destroyed!
What?! Where is he?!
He's on the bridge of the Locus Solus - what we call the Black Box. I'll teleport you there now!
Okay! We're ready when you are!

The group prepares to teleport, but a golem approaches.

Don't they ever quit?!

The golem prepares to attack.

Oops, I guess he heard me...

Hurry to the Black Box! I'll take care of the golems here!
...Thanks, Fereydoon!
You take care of Volsung, Chuck!

The screen fades to white as our party teleports to the Locus Solus, but we'll worry about that next time.

Okay, so Laila Belle and Honeysday are safe, thanks to Fereydooon, Persephone, and Nightburn, but what about all the other towns? You can't tell me the ordinary citizens living around Filgaia can defeat groups of Muspels, which my party didn't stand a chance against.

And what the hell is Volsung's plan, anyway? He started up the TF System so that he could...abandon it and send golems to attack all the cities across Filgaia, so that he could...proceed to fire the Darkness Tear at Filgaia? None of these things relate to each other, and why didn't he just shoot Filgaia the first time he powered up the Darkness Tear instead of using it to activate the TF System? Perhaps he activated the TF System so that we would defeat his sentinels, but why not just send them to Filgaia on some fool's errand, and then blast the planet while they're there? His entire plan makes no sense.

The Art of Wild Arms

The first image is from the Development Material book, and the second one is in both the Development Material book, and the English Art Book. I used the Art Book scan, since it's higher quality.

And that's every image from the Art Book included with the game. Since I've uploaded everything, I might as well upload the Table of Contents, and the Extra Picture, which is printed on the back of the last page.