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Part 43: Dancing to the Music of Chaos

Stop and make preparations.
Save the game.

Enter and face the final wall.

So I guess this is it, huh... Our final battle.
Dean? Is something wrong?
Listen, everyone. I've got a plan...


...What?! Dean, don't be crazy! That's way too dangerous!
There's no guarantee we'll be able to beat him in a fair fight. We've got to try everything we can! But if it doesn't work - then let's take him on together! I'll be counting on you!
...Very well. Let's do as Dean suggests.
Okay. We'll be ready!
Okay, then - let's go!

Cutscene: Attacking Volsung
This cutscene is mostly action, so I highly recommend watching it.

Volsung is on his throne, silently watching the elevator.

You can see the floor indication light slowly climb, and then the door opens...

Music: rebel assault

Despite this completely ridiculous turn of events, Volsung maintains his composure.

The small machines fire beams at Dean, but he skillfully dodges them.

As he drives around the room, dodging lasers, Dean shoots the machines out of the sky.

And then he drives up the wall (???) and shoots more machines out of the sky as he falls back to the ground.

Dean approaches Volsung, but another machine flies out from behind Volsung's throne and fires at Dean.

Dean is hit, and is thrown into the air.


Dean continues driving against Volsung's Gram-Zanber, but the friction causes the monowheel to burst into flame and then explode.

Dean and Volsung slowly stand.

Dean immediately aims and fires, but Volsung pushes his hand away to throw off his aim.

Dean and Volsung continue on, attacking and deflecting.

And then Dean pulls a Dark Link and stands on Volsung's sword. Realistically, Volsung moves his sword and throws off Dean's balance, forcing him to jump off.

Dean lands, and the rest of the party runs to join him.

Volsung: Heh heh heh... I've been waiting for you. Let the show begin.

Boss: Volsung Round 2
Music: Volsung XERD_3113

Volsung is more powerful than before, and he's accompanied by two Zone Violators.

Volsung is the same as in Tower O, but his attacks deal more damage. The Zone Violators cast Protect and Isolate, and will sometimes attack for about 1000 damage.

And interesting thing to note is that if GZ Nemesis hits a character with a Castle Wall equipped, the Gram-Zanber appears in a random HEX. In this case it landed on Volsung's HEX, so he immediately picked it up.

It is possible to isolate Volsung from the Gram-Zanber, especially during this battle, thanks to the shape of the battlefield. If you do this, Volsung just stands still and casts magic.

Volsung can also use Double Action in this battle, giving him two turns in a row.

He's more difficult than he was in Tower O, but he goes down easily enough.

How could I, with this vast, unrivaled power, fail before such insignificant creatures?! ...But...isn't this what I've been yearning for? At last, an opportunity for an end to this has appeared. How delightful is is to face an unknown future! Come! Let us dance to the music of chaos!

Delightful...truly delightful! Your strength is indeed as great as I had hoped. Yes, you will make excellent company for the coming festivities!
No! I'm not going to let things go your way! I'll protect Filgaia from you!
Ah, Dean... Your refusal to give up is truly admirable. Had we met sooner, I would have welcomed you into our ranks with open arms. But now, the time has come. Behold!

Music: I'll Never Lose Because I Don't Want to Lose

A golem rises from the floor behind Volsung.

Allow me to introduce my golem, Jotunheim. Its Darkness Tear is at last fully charged! It is time to unleash that energy on destroy Filgaia itself!

Volsung boards Jotunheim and exits the Black Box through the roof.

Volsung! Wait!
Dean! We've got to get out of here! The whole place is collapsing!
Dammit! Volsung!! C'mon, everybody! Let's get out of here - and stop him!

Despite the urgent end to the previous scene, you are under no pressure to quickly escape. Even still, it's best to use the Exodus Orb to jump to the first room of the dungeon, to avoid walking back through the whole place.

Cutscene: Jotunheim

Our party runs down the corridor Asgard escaped through when we first met him.

And the whole place explodes.

Jotunheim stands in the center of the explosion.

Music: Shining Eternity

Rebecca: Outside the loop? What are you talking about, Avril?
Avril: ...

Avril stands up and starts to walk toward Jotunheim.

Dean: Avril, stop!

Avril: If I can get to Jotunheim, I still have a chance to disable it!
Dean: You can't! Are you crazy?! You can't get any closer!
Avril: You need to let me go, Dean!
Dean: No! I'll never let you go! I promised to protect you, and that's what I'll do!

Suddenly, a massive object falls from the sky.

Asgard's here to save the day!!

Dean's bolt glows brightly within Asgard, and Dean shouts words of encouragement.

Dean: GET 'IM!!

Boss: Jotunheim
Music: The Wings of Fallen Gods

Here it is, the final golem battle: Asgard vs Jotunheim!

The game expects you to lose the battle with Jotunheim, but if you set Asgard up properly, it can be won.

Jotunheim's most threatening attack is Tear of Darkness, which deals about 18000 damage. It's not an instant kill, but you won't be able to handle it if you don't have high-level parts for Asgard.

Jotunheim is weak to water, so I set Asgard up to use Giga Crush on turns 1 and 2, guard on turns 3 and 4, use Hydro Pressure on 5 and 6, guard on turns 7 and 8, and use Recovery Program on turns 9-12.

The battle goes slowly like this, but it's pretty much impossible to lose if Asgard is set up in this way, since you're either attacking Jotunheim's weakness, guarding, or healing every turn. The four times I had to watch this battle to rerecord the final boss, Asgard didn't lose once.

After about 8 minutes of this, Jotunheim goes down, and the game doesn't acknowledge it in any significant way.

Cutscene: Asgard vs Jotunheim
This is the moment many of you have been waiting for. If you want to see a giant robot fight, watch this cutscene!

Asgard is punching at Jotunheim, but he can't break through its defenses.

Jotunheim knocks Asgard to the ground...

And then it climbs onto Asgard and starts punching him. Cheap bastard.

Jotunheim prepares to deal a powerful blow, and Asgard's eyes light up.

Suddenly, a fist shoots out of the ground and punches Jotunheim in the face!

Asgard is at last reunited with his missing arm.

Dean: Right hook! There! Go! Hit 'im with the left! Yeah! ...Huh?

Unfortunately, Jotunheim's barrier is still too powerful for Asgard to break.

Meanwhile, high above the battlefield...

Operator: Forward hatch, locks disengaged! Activating the catapult! Selecting launcher tube number three. Alignment confirmed! Opening the hatch... Done! Launch tube clear!

Operator: Acceleration ring to standard orientation... Confirmed! Launch preparations complete! She's ready captain!
Captain: All right! Let 'er rip!

A huge object is launched from the Mayflower, past Captain Bartholomew, who leaps onto it as it passes.

Dean: -Huh?!
Rebecca: Wh-what?

Music: Exciting Trigger

The Captain leaps off of the object, which is headed for Jotunheim and Asgard.

Captain: Hah! Asgard! Use this!

The object sheds its shell, and embeds itself into Jotunheim's barrier, shattering it.

Asgard wields his new ARM and begins firing at Jotunheim.

But Jotunheim has ARMs of his own!

Jotunheim fires a beam through Asgard's head.

Dean: Asgard!

Asgard falls to his knees and drops his ARM.

Jotunheim, finished with Asgard, approaches our party.

Asgard's not finished yet, though!

Asgard stands up and punches Jotunheim in the back.

Damn, Asgard is cool.

He didn't really think this through though, because the remains of Jotunheim's chest fall toward our party.

Volsung appears and disappears. I guess he's just reminding us that he's still in there?

Captain: Dean! You alive?

It's a good thing the Captain was here to keep Jotunheim's remains from crushing our party to death.

Dean: ...

Dean: All right!

Our party mounts Asgard's outstretched hand.

Captain: Well, then-

Captain: -it's time for this army of scrap metal to deal with me! Prepare to burn in hell!

Jotunheim's insides sure do look weird.

Heh heh heh... You've done well to make your way to me.

I am, and I am not. I am the spirits of those who tried and failed to destroy the wall between Veruni and humans. I am the hatred of those who acted for the benefit of all living on Filgaia - only to have those actions rejected, their own lives ended in loneliness and despair. I am one with Volsung, residing in his body, sharing his desire as he shares mine. I long for the destruction of Filgaia. You who would protect it are my enemies. And I shall be your doom! Prepare yourselves!

Legio Volsung
Music: Justice to Believe (ver. Ground Zero)

Here it is, the final wall, Legio Volsung!

Legio Volsung is the only boss in the game with a standard battlefield, as we see in random encounters. Legio Volsung does not move, he will always sit in the top-center HEX.

Legio Volsung's main attack is Ultimate Claw P, which hits every HEX for 1500 damage. He can also use Giga Crush in every element, and he casts Ley Change.

Eventually he'll use Phase Change, which changes the battle up a bit.

This is Legio Volsung's magic form. His stats change, and his elemental weaknesses change. He now attacks with Hi-Blast, and Ultimate Claw P is replaced with Ultimate Claw B, which is pretty much just a weaker version of Ultimate Claw P.

He also gains a two turn attack, Ruined Genesis.

Volsung screams at your party...

And his lower head fires a beam, hitting your entire party for about 3000 damage.

In the end, Legio Volsung isn't a terribly difficult boss. In a new game plus, he could be level 90 or level 100, depending on the level of your party. I've heard his level 100 form is actually pretty difficult, but I couldn't find a new game plus save within 20 hours of the battle with Legio Volsung, so I can't show that off.

At last, Volsung's terrible reign comes to an end.

The Art of Wild Arms

From the Development Material Collection.