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Part 44: The End

Volsung falls to his knees, and the black mist around him dissipates.

Music: Only Because It's Important, Does It Easily Break

I feel sorry for you. You must've wanted to break down that wall too, but you ended up becoming the wall yourself.
I, the wall...?
Yeah. If you really had been trying to break down the wall, we could've worked together. To be honest, I might have ended up like you too... But there are two critical differences between us.
Two critical differences...? What are they?
One is that I've got companions - friends.

I see... Indeed, I saw no need for companions, only making use of those I found convenient. And I cannot truthfully deny that I turned away from reality when it did not proceed as I desired.
Volsung... ...There's one more thing I want to tell you. If you hadn't been here... If you hadn't become an obstacle, a clear target to aim for, I don't know if I could've broken the wall down. It's certainly thanks to the golems you set loose that humans and Veruni are united now. If you hadn't been around, even I don't know how things would've turned out.
Dean... You were able to destroy the wall because of me...?
Yeah. It's thanks to you I succeeded. In fact, I bet you would've done it yourself if you had as clear a goal to aim for.
...Thank you, Dean. Your words are a comfort to me. I have spent far too long tormented by conflicting feelings... At last the time has come to be freed from that torment. Dean... You have truly won.

Music: March winds

Asgard and Jotunheim are transported to Tower O, and our party dismounts.

How did everyone know to gather here?

Yes...all has ended. And now all will begin!
Your exploits have been broadcast around the globe. Now, if I could have an official statement from you as Johnny Appleseed?
Very well. As Johnny Appleseed, representative of the Veruni people... ...Human representative Dean Stark, would you please join me?
M-me?! Human representative?!
As if anyone else could qualify! Even Nightburn chose you as his successor!
Yeah. Go for it, human representative!
Human representative, Dean Stark. As Veruni representative, I hereby cede to you my authority as Johnny Appleseed. Lead the combined people of Filgaia as the vanguard of a new era! Now it's your turn, Dean.

Dean turns to face the crowd.

I, uh... I'm not really good at this kind of thing...

After all, it's easier to carry something with two people than one, right? So I think we ought to respect each other, and help each other out. And the first step to that is independence, and acceptance - humans and Veruni both! As the vanguard of the combined peoples of Filgaia, I hereby declare today Filgaia Independence Day!

Avril begins to look concerned.

Avril...what's wrong?
Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about how things will be getting busy now...
Yeah, we'll all have a lot cut out for us. Especially with Dean being as dense as always.
Hatred: How dare you destroy Volsung, my precious vessel!

Music: deep-seated grudge

Hatred: Today will be your day of doom!!

The spirits combine with Tower O...

...And it activates!

What's going on?! That thing that used Volsung, did it start up the TF System again?
No. It's merging with the TF System itself. By overloading the network of conduits reaching to the planet's core, it's planning to cause an explosion that will destroy Filgaia.
Destroy Filgaia?! We've to to stop it!
Yeah! Quick, let's get in there and-
No...there's no longer anything you can do. If you attempt to disable it, you will only hasten the explosion.
But there's got to be *something*, right? You're all calm, like you know everything's going to be fine.
Yes. You'll all be safe. That is why I'm here.
Wow, you sure sound confident! I knew I could count on you!
Don't worry, Dean. I will shut down the TF System.
Great. So what should we do?
The TF System is causing dimensional turbulence, just as it did 12,000 years ago. If you attempt to enter the tower now, you could be thrown into another dimension. So I will go alone.

Music: April showers

Don't be crazy, Avril! I can't let you do something that dangerous alone! I'll go with you!
Hehe... I knew you'd say that. But this truly is dangerous. Please leave this to me, Dean. Your responsibility is to lead the people of Filgaia, after all.
Who cares about that?! I can't let you go into danger by yourself!
Don't worry about me, Dean. We will see each other again. I promise you that.
I don't want a promise! I want you-
Please, Dean... Please let me go...

-! All right. But I'll go with you as far as the entrance - along with everybody here.
Very well. Then let's go.

They approach the door to the tower, and Avril turns to the rest of the group.

I will enter the tower now.

This sure looks familiar... Their outfits are a bit different, though...

Thank you for everything, Dean. I know you may not want me to say this, but I've truly enjoyed my time with you, ever since we met.
Don't say things like that! You sound like you're not coming back! I can't let you go like that!
Hehe... I'm sorry. I guess that wasn't appropriate - not right after I promised I'd see you again.
Yeah, you promised! I take these things seriously, you know!
Yes. I know. And I do promise.
I'd like to say one last thing to Dean alone.

Something to say to me? What is it?
Dean... I've loved you ever since we met. And I always I'll come to see you again! So please...!

Avril turns and runs into the tower.


Dean begins to chase after her.

Let me go, Rebecca! I can't let her go alone with a face like that!
But that's not what Avril wants! Dean, please understand!
Not what she wants...?
I...I don't want to let her go, either... I've got a really bad feeling about this... But...if she doesn't want it, then... *Sob*
Avril... You'd better make it out safely. You promised-

Avril: No matter how often I live through it, even knowing that I'll meet Dean again, nothing is as painful as this moment... Farewell once again, Dean...

Avril: I can only imagine how hard it will be on you, and for that, I cannot apologize enough. But do not worry about me. You once told me that treasures are things that give you strength... I treasure the time I spent with you far above anything else.

Avril: ... I imagine that I will shed a tear yet again the next time I see your face. Even without my memories, there are things my body will never the warmth of being cradled in your arms. That warmth was more than enough to melt the heart of the Ice Queen. I know the people of Filgaia will find it just as comforting...

Avril: And so the end approaches.

I know you will take as good care of me as you always have...

There's a bright flash, and the screen fades to white.

(I wonder if that really was the last we'll see of Avril? So much sadness, you can't even cry...)

Music: May flowers

Beams of light pour out of the Tower for some unexplained reason.

These beams are seen across all of Filgaia, and the entire planet starts to glow.

A nice bit of detail, Filgaia has two moons. This was only important in Wild Arms 1, but as far as I can remember, Filgaia has two moons in every Wild Arms game.

C'mon, let's go find Avril! It ought to be safe now, right?!
-! Dean, behind you!

-! He's still-?! Crap, I can't-

There's a flash of light, and the spirits are vanquished.

...It's only proper that I finish what I started, after all. To the Ice Queen, quickly.
Yeah! C'mon, let's-
Dean, look! Somebody's coming out!

Does anyone else feel like Carol rarely does anything beyond pointing things out to the others?

Music: The Stars Shine Constant Like the Unwavering Flame

...Why did she change her clothes?

A-Avril?! Avril, are you okay?! You're not hurt or anything, are you?
... ...Are you Dean?
Huh? Avril...?
Answer me. Are you Dean?
Y-yeah... What's wrong with you, Avril?

A letter...?
It is a message from Avril.
...? What do you mean?
...Read it.

Music: The Ice Queen ~The Beating of a Heart Burning in Gold~

First, I must tell you that the person now standing in front of you is not quite the same as the Avril you know. As a result of the dimensional turbulence caused by the TF System, my consciousness will be thrown back 12,000 years in time, into the Avril - the Ice Queen - of that time. I suspect that the Ice Queen's consciousness will likewise take the place of my own in your time. If this letter finds its way into your hands, then this is most likely the case.

Perhaps from the shock of traversing 12,000 years of history, I will lose my memory for a short time after being thrown into the past. It is thus likely that the Avril standing in front of you has also lost her memory. In that sense, her condition is no different from the state I was in when we first met. There is a possibility that the memories of the Ice Queen may awaken again at some point in the future. I cannot deny the potential for those memories to take over her consciousness, just as they threatened to take over mine. But even should that happen, I am confident that you will be able to melt the ice in her heart.

Please, take the hand of the Avril standing in front of you. Everything will start from there. And please show Rebecca's diary to her as well; the memories of that journey are a treasure to me, and I am sure that treasure will bring her to open her heart to you.

My only regret is that I will not be able to watch as you lead the people of Filgaia to a new future. I will leave that to the Avril that has taken my place, just as Nightburn left his own position as representative of humans to you. Please do not worry about me. I will enter coldsleep after a time, and I will look forward to the day I will meet you again, 12,000 years in my future.

One last thing. You spoke of my tear upon our meeting as a tear of sadness. But that tear is not only from sadness; it is also from my happiness at being able to see you again. So please don't blame yourself for it.

With all my love,
Avril Vent Fleur

The screen fades back in, and Dean looks into Duo's camera.

Music: We'll Bloom in an Everlasting Tomorrow

There were lots of times along the way I lost hope at seeing the thick wall between humans and Veruni. But I never gave up - I resolved myself to destroy that wall, no matter what. And that resolve has taken me here. So please, listen to what I have to say - about Filgaia's future.

I always through that was strange, but both Veruni and humans had accepted that as the way things were.

That may be the easy way to deal with things, but it's no way to build a future! We've got to become stronger - strong enough to demolish any wall that separates us! Strong enough not to let go of the hand we've each taken today! Yeah... That's what independence is all about, after all! Independence isn't just deciding what to do for yourself, or even taking responsibility for your actions... It's about becoming strong enough to support others! Filgaia itself is still in danger, still weak. But it's our home - all of us. We won't give up on it! We'll live here - and we'll do it together! What we need is the love of an extended hand, the courage to take that hand - and the hope to put trust in that bond... That's where everything starts!

The screen fades to white...

Music: Only Because It's Important, Does It Easily Break

I thought I'd find you here.

Where it all started, huh...
...Hey, didn't we have this same conversation once before?
...Oh, yeah, now that you mention it. Right before we stormed the central TF System tower.
Yeah, that's it. We came up here and just talked... You, me, and-
So you were here, after all.

I didn't see you around, so I thought this was where I might find you. When I read your diary, Rebecca, it seemed that this place was central to your travels.
Yeah. That day I decided to leave the village, I came up here...and that's where everything started.
It's been a whole year since then, huh...
...Are you thinking about the Avril that returned to the past?
Yeah... In that letter, she said she was looking forward to meeting me again. She wasn't just making that up, was she?
Well, it's rather embarrassing that I can't give you a straight "no"... But I would say that's about 85% honest. I think her ideal would have been to stay with you and help you build a new Filgaia.
But she couldn't, could she? Stay, I mean. If she tried, she'd have disappeared or something, right?
Yes. She made all manner of preparations so that you would succeed in your efforts. She created the original mediums, and she herself stayed behind on Filgaia rather than departing into space, all to bring humans and Veruni together. If she were to remain in the present day, those events could not have occurred, which would have caused a time paradox. Had that been the case, both of us would have been erased from existence. She must have known what her future held, and resolved herself to following it, from the moment her memories returned.
You mean, ever since we fought the Ice Queen in her mind? So even then she already knew she'd have to go...
That's just terrible...
Perhaps...but I think it's also a source of happiness for her. After all, she will meet both of you again. She can relive such joyful times over and over...
Joyful times, huh... I hope they were. I really do...
...Say, I wonder where Volsung's gone off to. Ever since that all ended, he said he was going off on a journey to find himself again, and nobody knows where he's gone. I sure hope he's not planning to destroy the world again...but I guess we don't have to worry about that anymore.
Yeah... He's just a victim, after all. If it hadn't been for that thing that took over him, he'd've been doing the same thing we were. Then again, I only succeeded because he gave me a clear wall to break down. If not for him, I might have ended up the same way...
Yeah. He just got pushed down the wrong path...
And besides, he saved me in the end. If we'd met earlier, we might've become close friends.
...I wonder what would have happened if the four of us had met as children?

We'd probably be playing around together - not knowing about any of this stuff. I used to think I wanted to get out and know more about the world... But now - I don't know why, but I feel like not knowing stuff isn't so bad, either.
There's nothing better than living in peace, after all... Being happy, being yourself, not worrying about the world.
But everyone has their own way of thinking, and it's inevitable that those ways of thinking will sometimes clash. Even so, it's possible to strike a balance. Just like the bond between Filgaia and humans, the important thing is to accept one another. After all, rejection doesn't get anyone anywhere.
Volsung... I'm ready to accept you anytime.

Kartikeya is the only actual villain this game has, isn't he?

Video: Credits
Music: Crystal Letter ~Ending Theme~

Through the credits, young versions of Dean, Rebecca, Volsung and Avril run to the left. They do different things eventually, but they're mostly just running.

At the end of the credits, we see Avril silently staring at a stasis pod.

And with that, the story is finished. It was pretty terrible, but the game was fun, so I'll forgive Media.Vision this time.

At this point, the game lets us save a clear game file. There's one more thing left to do.

Music: Ex. File

As we played the game, we fulfilled requirements to collect nine Ex. File Keys. The game doesn't offer any fanfare when you get keys, like other games in the series, it just silently unlocks stuff in the background.

The requirements for Ex. File Keys are:
1) Acquired a Sheriff Star
2) Cleared all puzzle boxes
3) Filled in 50% of the Monster Guide
4) Played for at least 24 hours
5) Viewed the ending
6) Won at least 200 battles
7) Broke six sealed crystals
8) Hit an enemy for 20,000+ damage
9) Opened the Black Box

There are six Ex. File Bonuses, which are each unlocked when you collect three specific keys. Which keys unlock which bonuses is illustrated by the grid on the right. To unlock the Voice Studio, for example, you need keys 1, 2, and 3. The Movie Studio requires keys 1, 4, and 7.

The Voice Studio, unlocked by keys 1, 2, and 3, is a sound test, but instead of putting something you want to listen to, like the game's fantastic music, you can listen to voice clips. The clips aren't labeled in any way aside from 'Dean - 310', so you can't even identify specific clips you want to listen to.

Turns to defeat Ragu O Ragla: 057
Fastest completion time: 059:33:06
Lowest completion level:
Dean - 069
Rebecca - 070
Avril - 068
Greg - 069
Carol - 069
Chuck - 069

View Ex. Stats is unlocked by keys 7, 8, and 9. It's kind of pointless, but I like this sort of thing. It's better than the Ex. Stats screens from previous games, which just show your party stats, rather than random trivia like how many turns it took you to defeat Ragu O Ragla. I especially like that the playthough number goes up to triple digits, as if someone would play a game this long at least 100 times.

The Movie Studio is unlocked by keys 1, 4, and 7. It lets you view the opening and the credits. Kind of nice, but YouTube makes it pointless.

The Character Guide is unlocked by keys 2, 5, and 8. It offers brief write-ups on each character and lets you view their model, in the armor they were wearing when you defeated Legio Volsung. There are also alternate write-ups for each character, accompanied by their Misery forms.

Dean Stark
The hero of the story! ...At least, in theory. The way Dean keeps going overboard and dragging Rebecca along with him doesn't seem all that heroic, but he does know how to make an impression when it counts. Three cheers for Filgaia's new vanguard!

Rebecca Streisand
Rebecca's emotional interactions with Dean are undoubtedly a central aspect of her character. Did it look like she was trying to kill him with that rock she threw at him back when they found Asgard's arm? Perhaps. But at heart, she's an extremely kind girl.

Avril Vent Fleur
Our queen starts off as a seeming simpleton, but ends up a tragic heroine. Her early lines don't show even a hint of royalty, but it's that differential that makes her all the more appealing. Just don't think too hard about what came first - the chicken or the egg...

Greg Russelburg
Moving away from a life of vengeance, Greg has set himself up as Dean's protector - and the future leader of all Filgaia! ...Or so he'd like to believe. In any case, there's no question Dean will continue to rely on his unending support.

Carol Anderson
Carol may be a bit of a klutz, but look at the bright side - she's smart, she's cute, she's polite and honest with everyone she meets, and her range in battle is second-to-none. Now if only we could so something about that voice...

Chuck Preston
Considering his looks, you'd think Chuck could have his way with the girls... But instead, all he manages to do is stimulate their maternal instincts. Is he lucky or is he cursed? Either way, he now has the important responsibility of rebuilding the Golem Hunters' Guild.

The golem that the boy who dreamt of golems finally got his hands on. Thanks to the bolt that old man Tony installed, nothing can break the bond between Asgard and Dean!

Dean, as seen by Rebecca and Avril
At first glance he seems to be rather reckless, but after spending time with him, the girls have decided that...he really is reckless, after all. But since he has a knack for making the impossible possible, they view this recklessness as a positive trait.

Rebecca, as seen by Dean
It can be easy to lose sight of what's important when you're close to someone, and for Dean, Rebecca is a prime example. Her judgment, her assistance, her true feelings... Perhaps Dean will recognize them better once he grows a little more mature.

Avril, as seen by Dean
Dean had been attracted to Avril ever since he first laid eyes on her at Celestial Peak, but he doesn't have the same feelings for the "new" Avril that replaced her. The uneasy triangle between Dean, Rebecca and Avril will no doubt continue to exist.

Greg, as seen by Dean
They may have been at odds over golems when they first met, but since then, Dean has come to look upon Greg as something of a big brother. But for Greg, the pain of losing his family has made it hard for him to form a new one. And Dean, too, has lost Avril...

Carol, as seen by Dean
If Greg is a big brother to Dean, then Carol is a little sister. If she were to start studying under Tony, Dean would undoubtedly feel intense pressure to compete, but until that happens, she'll support Dean well.

Chuck, as seen by Dean
As Dean's first real buddy since starting on his journey, Chuck holds a special place in Dean's heart. His advice and his willingness to tell Dean that yes, you do have to give up sometimes, have been invaluable.

The Monster Guide is unlocked by keys 3, 6, and 9. It offers Analyze statistics for every monster you encountered through the game. It does not offer advanced information like Algorithms though, even if you analyzed them with a Moon Medium character while playing the game.

Ex. New Game is unlocked by keys 4, 5, and 6. It's very likely that you'll fulfill all of these requirements while playing, so this is sort of a free reward. Ex. New Game is Wild Arms 5's version of a New Game+.

Gella, Tents, Nectars, Apples, Dragon Fossils, the Black Pass, all battle items, all ARM Parts, all Armors, all badges except for the Monopoly Gourd, all Golem Parts, and all books carry over into an Ex. New Game. Character levels do not carry over, but stats increased by Apples do carry over.

For each new playthrough, the amount of EXP and gella gained from battles is increased. On a second playthrough, you get double EXP and gella, on a third playthrough you get triple, etc. The multiplier caps out at 10.

Legio Volsung's level scales to yours in an Ex. New Game. He can be level 70, level 90, or level 100 depending on the levels of your party.

There are also two very special rewards you unlock in an Ex. New Game, if you managed to collect all 9 Ex. File Keys. The first is Dean's ultimate armor, Nine Lives.

Music: Battle: Knight Blazer

Nine Lives has the best stat increases of all his different armors, and it gives him the appearance of Knight Blazer from Wild Arms 2.

When Dean is wearing Nine Lives, the standard battle theme, When the Heart Ignites, is replaced by Battle: Knight Blazer. Boss music plays normally.

The other reward you get for collecting all nine Ex. File Keys is an enhancement to your mediums. You may have noticed that in the above screenshot, Rebecca can use both Blast and Heal. A character with a medium equipped can now use the Original Commands and Force Commands of every other medium in the battle. Personal Skills are not shared, and you cannot access mediums equipped to characters in your rear guard.

This is pretty handy, but it also manages to further destroy any uniqueness the characters had in battle. Before you could swap mediums around and turn a character into whatever you needed at the time, but now you don't even have to swap around your mediums to do that.

Well, that's it. From reading this LP, you may have got the idea that Wild Arms 5 is a terrible game, but it really isn't. The story is pretty bad, but the gameplay itself is fantastic, and there were some cool moments here and there. It was ridiculous and anime as fuck, but I love the scene where you first meet Captain Bartholomew and he deflects a fireball with his fist. That was awesome, and I don't care who says otherwise.

But I digress. I had a lot of fun making this LP, and I hope you guys had fun reading it!

The Art of Wild Arms

Our final piece of artwork appears on the cover of the Japanese release of the game.