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Part 4: A girl at a convent

Last time we covered Jack's prologue, as he went into the Ruins of Memory and discovered an ancient Elw secret, and something about "Lolithea." Tonight, we tackle the last prologue.

Already you can note a translation difference. They are using Shaman instead of Innocent One. Honestly, Shaman is alright with me, I'm not going to make a big deal out of this one.
: … … … Are you calling me? Where am I? I do not know this place... But I feel connected to it...
Can you hear my thoughts? Guardian's shaman...
...Give me your name... Then the contract of old will be made once more...

: Who are you, who is calling me? And I'm... I'm not a shaman.

Fuck Up Count: 7. Yes, I know this game is an RPG and would take forever to replay...but is it so much to ask that the testers notice this? Come on, you're already adding ludicrous amounts of ellipses throughout the game, but having a line break like this just looks horrible.
Filgaia will be covered in darkness again... Shaman... Give me your name...
: … … … My name is …

And this is our last character we get to name.
Shaman Cecilia... Release my power from the sealed library....

Suddenly the lights start shifting around.
: Please wait!! Who are you!? What do you mean by the sealed library?!
Then things go completely white, and we get these over a white screen.
Guardian's Shaman, Cecilia....
Hey, Cecilia?!
You are so absentminded!

I'm glad to see Cecilia has adopted the Cold War tactics of Duck and Cover in case of an incoming catastrophe. The Abbey music is great, and is a little goofy but very light hearted. The Feeling Wind version even moreso, because of that awesome clarinet.
: You were daydreaming again? You're almost seventeen. You shouldn't daydream so much. You are so strange sometimes...
: I guess I am strange... But Holly, you're strange too. Why are you down on your hands and knees like that?
: Because I'm checking on you! And I'm not the one who's under the table!
: Oh, that's true...
: Right after the bell there was an earthquake. You really don't remember?
: … Yes, I crawled under the desk....
: Um, yeah.
: (...And, I heard someone's voice... Whose voice was it, calling me a shaman...)
: Hey, are you daydreaming again?! You don't have time for that. How soon until you return to Adlehyde? Time goes by so quickly. You're turning 17, right? You should start telling everyone goodbye.
: Goodbye? (If it was not a dream... whose voice was that? What was the voice trying to tell me? And, what is this "Sealed Library?") Thank you, Holly, It seems I don't have any time to waste.

In one swift motion Ceclia raises up her head and

: Oh Cecilia you're so absentminded! Are you OK?
That's right, she's under a table. After this we get the option to walk around, so let's talk to Holly again.
: I heard your head hit the table, and it was so loud! Is your head OK? Let me look at it... … Oh no, you've got a huge bump! I'm worried about you. You were already pretty strange... I hope it doesn't get worse! You didn't forget to see Sister Mary and Master Anje, did you? I know they are always busy, but you should go see them at some point.
Which of course is code to go around, talk to people and read all the books before doing that.

And no leaving beforehand, of course. The little monument thing above says:
Curan Abbey. A holy school where people respect manners, culture, belief, and honor.
That's right folks, we're at an Abbey, or a Convent, or whatever. This means only one thing. Cecilia is a nun! Or at least as close as you can get to being one in Filgaia.

Hoo boy, a Library. Lots of books to read, after we're done with her.
Trish: I'm irritated since it does not look good to have only the first volume of a series. Don't get me wrong, it has nothing to do with me caring about how this story ends... Well, anyway, if you find the next volume somewhere, would you mind bringing it back?
Obtained Event Item [Witch: Ep. 1]!
Another element from Wild ARMs 3, the side-story book you can read throughout the game. I'll devote an update to this at the very end when I have all the books found. The story really has nothing to do with other games in the series, and in my opinion is not as good as the story with Marivel in Wild ARMs 3. That story was actually decent and a rather cute. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Now we have lots of books to read!

Crest Graph posted:

A Crest Graph is a small square stone, which can be imbued with magical powers. There are four crest types. Crest sorcerers infuse a Crest Graph with a primary and secondary crest, and the two fuse to form a distinct spell. In this fashion, sorcerers can easily carry magic with them, for personal use. With all the possible combinations of crests, there are a total of 32 different kinds of magic spells available to crest sorcerers.

Basic Crest Sorcery posted:

The technique of constructing magic by combining 2 crests is known as "Crest Sorcery". These crests enable users to cast magic without performing a large ceremony. It is the modern style of magic dynamics.

Elemental Properties posted:

Elemental properties classify the energy flow and characteristics of attack-type magic as follows: Earth/Water/Fire/Wind/Ice/Thunder/Light/Darkness. Eight property classes. The relations of those classes are:
Earth <-> Wind
Water <-> Thunder
Fire <-> Ice
Light <-> Darkness
So when using Wind against Earth or Ice against Fire, expect better results. There is attack magic that is pure energy and doesn't belong to any class; these are known as non-elemental.
This information is 100% accurate, and is the foundation of the elemental system in this game. Now, this isn't always 100% true, but it's close enough that you can assume if you're about to enter a dungeon with lots of fire monsters, bring ice magic.

The Challenge of Magic posted:

Don't be afraid of failure! If you construct magic by mistake, you can just disassemble it. The thing you should fear is clinging to magic you constructed. Searching for new power depending on the battle and the situation is the best. Have style and try different magic.

Recommended Magic posted:

When you don't have that many Crest Graphs, make sure one of them is for HP restoring magic. When there is life, there is hope. You can find a way out of any difficulty by staying alive under any circumstances. There are many useful attack magic spells as well. We recommend learning fire magic. Fire-elemental magic is the most popular of destructive magic and will often prove effective. It is useful against most elemental-based creatures, except for light-elemental monsters and undead monsters.

De La Metalica posted:

This records how alchemy was practiced during the period of the Great War. Many ancient techniques are considered forbidden territory in today's world. For example, planting life into metal. If an unskilled sorcerer gained this book, the world's natural order could be overturned. For that reason, I sealed this book. If you would like to release the seal, obtain the key of knowledge. Then the essence of this magic book will be revealed...
De La Metalica, huh? Let's ask Trish about it.
Trish: I'm arranging books now. Hey, take a look at this Cecilia... The magic book "De La Metalica" was placed in children's literature... next to "Tragedy of Dolly." I feel more unhappy than angry... I wonder if other people feel strange when they see books placed in the wrong genre or not in alphabetical order?
Spoooky. Well, enough of this, let's go find this Sister Mary person.

: Yes, Sister Mary. Thank you very much for all your kindness. But, there is one thing that I would like to ask you about...
Cecilia told Sister Mary about the mysterious dream that she had...
: ...Sealed library... Guardians' shaman... I see, you had such a dream...
: Sister Mary, what should I do? A sealed library... The voice which called me the Guardians' shaman...
Uhh...yeah, she just mentioned that stuff...
: There is so much I don't understand. I'm so confused... Please guide me.
: It's easy to go wherever other people might direct you. But now you are an adult with much responsibility, and so you will have to behave like one. You will have to chart your own course, and then face whatever may happen along the way. For this reason, Cecilia, I will not give you any advice in regards to this revelation. But you will be fine, Cecilia. There is nothing that you cannot overcome; just remember all that you learned at Curan Abbey.
I'm willing to bet that she really does know. Anyway, next up is Master Anje.
...after we read the bookcase in Sister Mary's room.

Our World Filgaia posted:

More than 1000 years ago, Filgaia was torn apart by a battle with alien invaders from another world. All the inhabitants of Filgaia: Humans, Elw, and Guardians, won by banding together and using their combined might. But the price of victory came at a horrible cost. The world could not sustain itself without the support of the now powerless Guardians. It was certain that gradually Filgaia would became a dry, desolate wasteland... To date, no one has devised a way to stop the inevitable destruction of our world.

And of course stop for lunch. This guy functions as a free Inn.
Logan: You ate my chow mein with such gusto! I love it when people enjoy the food I made. Come back anytime you're hungry!
Which according to a few other students here, is quite often apparently. Anyway, talking to Logan again...
Logan: Uncle Logan's noodles are world famous! Whenever you're tired, come over and have some chow mein! Everything, like your HP, MP and VIT gauges are refilled instantly, and all negative status effects are removed! But my chow mein isn't the only way for you to recover. Whenever you level up from your battle experience, your whole body recovers. So keep leveling up, and it'll be just like eating Uncle Logan's chow mein!
I already mentioned this, but I enjoy Logan's explanation for it. Yes, it's cheesy when they explain mechanics as part of the universe, but I still think it's funny to a degree.

: The device measures the Guardians' power flowing through Filgaia. It should be able to observe the whole planet if it works as planned. It not only supports my study about the Guardians... But it might solve the mystery of Filgaia's deterioration, and reverse the process.
: Reverse Filgaina's deterioration? If that happened, many lives would be saved. I will pray for the Layline device to help you in this. But, Master Anje, what do you mean by good timing?
: Well, it's related to the Teardrop that you possess. I heard Sister Mary say the Teardrop is a family heirloom that connects girls in Adlehyde's royal family to Guardians. I would like to observe the Layline device while you use the Teardrop to connect with a Guardian's mind. If you're successful in connecting, it might affect the Layline. If this device observes a reaction to the connection of you and a Guardian, it will confirm that my device works.
: But, Master Anje... I have never heard of anyone actually communicating with Guardians just by wielding the Teardrop. I don't think I can meet your expectations...
: Even if you fail, can you please try? I don't mind if it doesn't work, but if it does, I'd like to see if it affects the Layline.
: … … … I understand, Master Anje, I will give it a try...
To do this, we have to go into Items. In this game, the Teardrop is not a tool. The items menu is split into three categories. First is "Usable Item" which is stuff like Heal Berries and other things you use in battle or healing items. Next is "Event Item" which is the Teardrop, as well as the Witch book. Last is "Party Item" which has our Migrant Seals in it, for now.

Well, it's certainly having a reaction.
Shaman...Cecilia... Concentrate on the Teardrop...
In the sealed library... Release me from the book of Nelgal...
By your shaman's blood of royal descent... As one who inherits the Teardrop... Release me...

: (With the Teardrop, the voice is sent directly into my heart?)
At the sealed library, release me...
: (Who are you?! Please tell me... What can I do? What does the Teardrop do?)
: Cecilia...!? What happened, Cecilia?

: At first I thought you had started to daydream, and then I was worried when I realized you weren't. Maybe I shouldn't have asked you to do this.
: I'm OK... but it felt like with the help of the Teardrop, I was able to sense this mysterious voice...
: Teardrop...? The glow of the Teardrop causes the Layline observation machine to react. Perhaps the Teardrop you wear is tied to Layline origins. That voice you heard... ...might be a Guardian. This machine observes the Laylines... In other words, this device may be able to sense the power of the Guardians.. Anyway, it appears I was correct with my little experiment. Thank you for cooperating.
Obatained Party Item [Target Tool]
In Jack's dungeon I mentioned that you can hold down R2 and X to find noteworthy objects in a room. This item sometimes causes the yellow orbs to appear on them automatically as you walk by them, making it easier to know which objects are important and which are just generic background stuff. Oh, and Anje has another book to read too.

Belief of Guardians posted:

Though the Guardians have lost their power, it is rumored they once held Filgaia together and they still exist in this world. Never regard them as mere superstition. The Guardians' power is the essence of life, of Filgaia. This is the belief of those that praise the Guardians, and it is the belief taught here in Curan Abbey. Pray to the Guardians: Earth Dragon Grudiev, Water Turtle Schturdark, Fire Bird Moor Gault, and Wind Tiger Fengalon. Pray to them and always appreciate life.
These four Guardians are based on The Four Gods and I feel this explains why the nuns of this world use magic: it's because they worship elemental gods. Also, why do I keep calling these people nuns even though it's been established they are Crest Sorceresses? Because it amuses me, that's why. Anyway, from here I start poking through the various rooms reading books and talking to a few students. Most of them don't have important things to say, and mostly ramble about Crest Sorcery, though a few books cover the Teardrop.

Inherited Tears posted:

A small, shiny blue pyroxene that is passed down thru Adlehyde royalty. Shaped like a tear drop, it fits in the palm of one's hand. It's priceless. It blinks repeatedly, with a fixed rhythm, like that of a heart beating. The "Teardrop" is passed down, from generation to generation, through the females of the Adlehyde royal family.

This girl will play for you songs you can hear at any "Field" and "Battle." Meaning the background songs for the world map, dungeon, towns, and all of the battle themes including boss themes, which this game does have quite a few of. Sadly, she doesn't give you the names of the songs, which in my opinion is a nice part that should be there, because it gives you a greater connection. Take "To The End of the Wilderness." For years I referred to it as "the Wild ARMs theme song" which feels like a literal description and little else. A name for the song creates thoughts, and can provide bountiful imagery that can enhance the song's connection to the listener.
But I digress, I'm getting WAY off topic. This girl will play songs for you as you hear them throughout the game. She also has an interesting statement when you just chat with her.

Suzanne: I don't have talent in terms of magic, though phys ed class the other day was fun...When I hit my partner with my scepter, I recovered an MP point. As the old saying goes, "Better to carry a cane than to fall down." When MP is about to run out, it might be a good idea to recover MP by using your scepter.
Not sure what that quote has to do with anything, but it explains the new mechanic. Cecilia's physical attacks a horrible, but she regains exactly 1 MP with every hit. Not very good, but if you have nothing else to do and other party members are just creaming the enemy, it gives her something to do. Oh, and Suzanne has a book too.

Crest Graph posted:

A Crest Graph is a small square stone, which can be imbued with magical powers. There are four crest types. Crest sorcerers infuse a Crest Graph with a primary and secondary crest, and the two fuse to form a distinct spell. In this fashion, sorcerers can easily carry magic with them, for personal use. With all the possible combinations of crests, there are a total of 32 different kinds of magic spells available to crest sorcerers.
Technically there are 16 types, and then Support and Attack type, which makes 32 spells for Cecilia to learn.

Peleira: I heard it is one of Curan Abbey's seven wonderful secrets.
Is it just me, or does it seem like every other school in Japanese fiction has Seven Wonders/Secrets about them?
Peleira: If memory severs me right, the story is... "Stand before the holy woman who guards the door, and raise the light of life. Then the way will be opened..." I threw a lamp at the holy woman statue, and it didn't show any reaction! Maybe with a different sort of light...
This is a magical school. I would expect casting a light-elemental spell could get some reaction. Oh, and new room, new book.

Old Silver Coin posted:

In ancient times, Gimel Coins were the currency of the Elw. The coins have retained remnants of their magical heritage. You can use them at any time to save your game to your memory card (PS2). If you are defeated during battle, your Gimel Coins also function as continues. However, your experience points for the next level up will be lost, and the number of continues you use is recorded. Make sure your use your Gimel Coins carefully.
Hearing the part about saving the game to the memory card (PS2) just ruined my immersion right there. The next room over has a Save Parrot, and another book to read as well, the last book in the Abbey.

Legendary Elw posted:

The very existence of the legendary Elw is all but forgotten to the sands of time. Elw are similar to humans in appearance, except they have long ears and are covered with fur. The only evidence we have of their existence comes from folklore and a few eyewitness accounts. Why did the Elw, who possessed such power, disappear from Filgaia? There are many theories, but the mystery remains unsolved. It seems the truth has died with the Elw.
This description gave me a silly image of a Sasquatch with bunny ears. I don't blame the localization on this one, since we already know what the Elw look like and the description is accurate, but the covered in fur part could be mistaken for their entire body, not just the ears.

To the west is a locked door, so it should be obvious what this influences. We use the teardrop here, and it shows us the door to the west glow a bit, and then click. No annoying statues to move around, which is good because I never got those statues to line up properly.

The door leads to a storage room, with a strange platform with the Teardrop symbol on it. Natrually we use the teardrop on that, which causes Cecilia to teleport!

Whenever you enter a dungeon (and there isn't an event right away), we get this cool little graphic which darkens the dungeon for a second, and display some text before running off the screen. If you can't read it, it says Open the old book, the legend will be reborn. You don't get enough time to read it, and the text is so small, so I'm really enjoying this chance to finally read this damn stuff.
Also, the music here is really nice. I disliked the original music, and this one makes it more mysterious and anxious. I think Michiko Naruke really did a great job improving the dungeon music throughout the game, honestly.

And once we go down the spiral stairs, already we get our first tool, the Tinder Staff. Already you can tell the tools will not be following the same progression as the original game, but it just so happens that the Bombs and Hanpan (remote object manipulator and chest opener) are stable tools in the series and are received relatively early. The door to the right of Cecilia is locked, and the plaque to the left says When candlesticks burn, the door will be opened.

But before I can even test it out, I run into a random battle. This is a Blue Book, a very easy enemy in the dungeon. I think they cast magic, but I never really notice because...

They don't last long enough. Fire destroys them in one hit, and barely takes any of Cecilia's MP. 6 out of 96 might sound a lot, but that's 16 uses, that recovers fully and increases when she level's up. You won't have Cecilia run out of MP often until later in the game. Oh, and I had no opportunity to change spells before this moment, so I can't rename spells yet. That'll be next update.

Red damage means elemental advantage. The poor thing never stood a chance, and didn't even get a turn.

The Flame Staff doesn't shoot out fireballs similarly to Pearl's Virginia's Tindercrests, it creates an entire fucking flamethrower! It's honestly a lot easier to just wave it past an unlit candle like this than to try to aim it just right. And a lot cooler. She'll keep sending out fire as long as I hold down the square button. Naturally, this opens the door.

Going down the stairs that Cecilia is blocking may seem like the way to go, but it's not because it's a dead-end for now. To the right is a treasure room with Heal Berry x2, and the left is the correct path further on.

For now, this doesn't make much sense, and has nothing to do with the puzzle in the room. The puzzle is actually lighting three candle sticks, each positioned in a semi-circle around the ledge there. Obviously this is the time to teach the player that yes, you can rotate the Flame Staff while shooting.

I actually came from the door on the lower floor, and used a ladder to climb up here. It may seem like lighting all five candlesticks is the way to move on, since the other door on the lower floor is locked, but it's not the correct answer to the puzzle, as lighting all five does nothing.

The torches in this room, and the hint, make it clear what I'm supposed to do to the torches in the previous room. Light the edges and the center, and move on.

I also meet the other new enemy of the dungeon, Pillbugs. These guys deal a bit more damage, generally appear in groups of 2, but still die to one Fire. They aren't weak against it though.

The puzzle here is the same as the previous room with this style, except there are five candlesticks to light, and you have to be quick or they will go out on their own. Also, their flame is blue, not orange, but that doesn't change much. This room is here to make sure you know that the Flame Staff acts like a fucking flamethrower. Yes, game, I know already and I love it.

Here, we have to use the Teardrop again on this statue. This lowers the barrier to the ladder on both sides, allowing us to do the same with the angle statue on the other side, which lowers one of the stones so we can walk up it to the doorway up ahead.

Also, we can't open this door, so we'll be back for it later.

This room also re-introduces the frustratingly slow wheel thingies from Wild ARMs 3. This controls the position of the sliding ladder around the room. To the left and right are chests with 300 Gella and a Gimel Coin respectively. The main path is straight ahead.

AND THERE ARE MORE FUCKING BOOKS. Well, this is a library after all. Let's get this over with. You'll notice that there's another sliding ladder, controlled by another wheel thingie. The center has a console you need to work with, and to the sides takes you to a locked door. Obviously the console holds the solution, but let's deal with these fucking books first.

Property and its Meaning posted:

The guiding principal of a Crest Sorcerer is to know the weakness of the enemy. For example, the creature Nelgal is charged with the power of fire. So, one who possesses water and ice is his nemesis. During battle, vulnerability is very important, especially for a Crest Sorcerer. Use the elements to affect the battle. One must know the enemy and their weakness. This is the first step toward victory over an opponent.

Lost Guardian posted:

The Guardian Lord who ruled all life. Lord of the four Guardians who ruled the basis of all creations. They were not bound to the past, the power to change... Guardians who fed courage, the courage to live in the present. The power to shield the mind... Guardians who fueled love, desire for the future. The belief that dreams do come true... Guardians who ruled hope, the light that once lived in everyone's heart... Courage, love and hope are lost in time, even their meanings have been long forgotten.

Book of Genesis posted:

This is the story of the Elw's sword. A blacksmith forged the sword from living metal. It was forged to open the world's future. As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. This is the blade that defends the stars and slays their assailants. This sword, was named " Guardian Blade". It is imbued with the power to save worlds.

Guardian Belief Heresies posted:

While condoning the belief in Guardians, as a symbol of power, is a Curan Doctrine rule, each sect follows different doctrines. While the Curans communed with nature, the sect advocated a more radical dogma. Their members were to avoid the eyes of all others. Somewhere in this world, but kept secret from others, the sect still performs their passed down, heretical ceremonies.

World's Lifeline posted:

The Guardian's network of power is called the Layline of this world. It is the intersection of Earth's power. The Guardians have made great effor to tie their little remaining power together, amplifying it to maintain this world. The Layline is the life of our planet and if it is cut, it will critically damage all life on this planet.

Book of Destruction posted:

Behold the truth of the sword's power. It was a mighty force of the battlefield, carving its way through the hordes of evil. But, such power carries great responsibility... Its unstable energies, if not held in check, could destroy the world itself. The sword's uncontrolled power cut down both monsters and stars without distinction. In the end, it destroyed itself. Today the name "Guardian Blade" is synonymous with protection for all. We forget the danger its protection carries...

Abandoned World posted:

A world outside the Ring of Order represents a world without harmony; it will certainly face destruction. Before we face the coming end we, the Elw, abandon this world and leave it to its future doom. We exist within the lifeforce of this world, so when the world ends, so do we. Peer far into the distance, we shall be no more.

First Wanderer posted:

Neither monster's snarls nor duststorm's bite can take the wings from Wanderer flight! In Filgaia, adventurers are called "Wanderers". Some prefer to call them: "Dream Chasers", "Migrants", "Drifters" or "Mercs". They are like migrating birds, moving from one place to another. Nomads. Folklore and writings tell us that among the first wanderers was a character named Alan Smithee. Alan Smithee's legend is steeped in mystery. In fact, recent studies suggest that it is doubtful that such a character ever existed. It is also suggested that the name Alan Smithee is only a euphemism to describe the morals and values of the Wanderer Culture. Whether there was ever a real man named Alan Smithee, we will never know for a fact.
A quick note, I think Alan Smithee was mentioned in Wild ARMs 3, but I can't remember. Anyway, that's enough books for now. On to the console.

Here's a yellow dot to show what I mean, from the item that makes it naturally appear. I actually like this new passive tool, it's really handy.
'I'm the alpha and omega....
Past and future united...
The future is made by my edge...
Speak my name and remember the loathsome history..."

The Guardian Blade was mentioned in the previous game, but wasn't mentioned significantly. It actually wasn't until I read Azure's post that I realized it even mentioned it at all in the Sealed Library. This game really makes the Guardian Blade important, and it will be come very important later on in the game. Either way, it's the correct password for now, and the door on the other side of this circular wall opens up.


Infinite Sequence System posted:

The reason time has no end is that new time is constantly being created by a machine. Some people believe a Guardian rules time and call it the "Infinite Sequence System", or "Perpetual Engine". A person standing on the altar of time can control time as they please. What do people hope to accomplish by controlling time? Changing the past? Creating a new future? I do not know.

Guardians of Filgaia posted:

There are many Filgaia Guardian legends. Some Guardians exist only in folklore, but some are real. The Guardians ruled Filgaia. I do not know what they looked like, their powers, or even their names. Secret, mysterious Guardians... Curan doctrine tells us that those Guardians, not spoken of in the folklore of heretics, hold the keys to regenerating this planet.
And now for the last book...

: It seems to be about an old monster who was born from magic and consumes magical power... It's Nelgal.

Suddenly there is a flash of light, and the pages start turning on their own.

Book of Nelgal: No matter which one you are. Read this as a book written by dark forces. Everything is Nelgal's flesh and blood!

The screen explodes like it always does for a boss battle, and we see this fellow, with a new font. Coooool.
: You're the voice that's been calling me? No, I only feel sinister thoughts from you!
Nelgal: Hear the water whispering? Convince me of your power if you are the shaman.
: The whisper of water? ...Shaman?
Nelgal: ...if you would like to hear the voice, you should defeat me and see. The whisper of water is there!

First things first.

Then I use Fire on him, but it does no damage, because he resists fire elemental damage. He has one attack, Scoop Up which does around 6 damage. Doesn't sound like a lot, but Cecilia doesn't have very much HP.

When Cecilia gets above 50% FP, Nelgal will use Curtail Image to duplicate himself three times. We're screwed, because Cec doesn't have very good ATT.

Obtained Medium [Aqua Wisp]!
Cue the Deus Ex Machina!

We now get access to Cecilia's Force Menu, which is significantly larger than Rudy and Jacks, because they both only got one ability. As you can see, Cecilia's going to get quite a few. Material is summoning the Guardians to attack. Now that we have Aqua Wisp, we can do some nice damage to Nelgal.

Cue typical summoning cutscene. Actually, this game's summoning cutscenes are pretty short in comparison to some others. I can't skip them now, but I will be able to later on.

The damage is sweet. And with four enemies, the EXP multiplier increases fast, which combined with the Lucky Card gives Cecilia enough EXP to hit level 4.

Killing enemies with elemental Materials give Water Gems, and a Crest Graph drop from Nelgal. Sweeeeeeet.

The book keeps flipping pages, but instead of darkness, there is light.
Guardian's shaman, Cecilia...
I appreciate that you listened to my whisper...
Please release me...

And now Cecilia finds herself in the blank floating blue space again.
I'm the Guardian who rules water... ...Schturdark.
Long ago, I was captured and imprisoned in a book by Nelgal's magical power...
Shaman... I have longed for you to listen to my whisper.

: ...Shaman... Why do you call me a shaman!?
You are the one who understands our spirit and can change our spirit to power...
Our shaman, inheritor of the Teardrop...
After this long period of time, Fligaia, is about to be enveloped in darkness.
Shaman, can you hear it in your mind?
The sorrow of the sky and ocean...
The anger of earth and wind...

: … … … ...Yes, I can...I can hear... I can feel...the Teardrop... Connecting me to those voices...
Shaman unite us...
Use our power to fight the steel menace, which threatens all life on this world.
The battle for sky and earth is about to begin once more...
The gate to death "Lolithia" will be opened, a messenger of Armageddon will appear.

: This is a mission for a shaman... No! My mission as princess of Adlehyde awaits me...

We're pretty much taken straight out of the dungeon, and Sister Mary finds us in the garden. The song playing here, Princess Sorceress, is probably one of my favorites in the game.
: Sister Mary? Did you know?
: Yes, I knew. ...I know everything. I know that you are carrying something very heavy, too..
: ...Sister...
: I believe that you will have to face many trials if you are led by the Teardrop. … … … The women of the Adlehyde royal family are born shamans; those who can commune with the Guardians of this world. And, they are often faced with the hard and difficult path of destiny...
: ...Yes. But, even though, I'm...
: Yes, I know you are always trying to be strong. … … … No one can do your suffering for you, but friends can most definitely help to lighten the load. Cecilia... Find friends who can share the burden of your destiny. And perhaps you will reduce their burdens, as well....
: Friends... yes, you are right. But I am... ...a princess of Adlehyde. Even if I consider them my friends, will they do the same and consider me theirs? Please tell me, Sister. Is it even possible to find friends that would accept someone like me?
: Well, we will see. Friends are not something you make, but rather something you discover. Your mother was born in Adlehyde, and she was able to find wonderful friends at Curan Abbey.
She winks at Cecilia, and then the two start laughing.

: Have faith in yourself! Everyone else who knows you places their faith in you easily. You are a princess of Adlehyde, but first and foremost, you are your own person. There are many dictates and duties, but in the end you alone choose your life. Do you understand?
: Yes... I think I'm ready...

As Cecilia tries to leave, the other students are waiting for her.
: Everyone...
Peleira: I knew that you would have to return to Adlehyde's castle when you turned 17 years old... But I didn't know that was today!
: I'm sorry... I was being absentminded as usual...
Trish: Do you have to return so soon?
Cecilia just nods.
: Well, even though you weren't here long... I'm glad I got to know you. I'll miss you. We all will.

Everyone starts off by following, but eventually there comes a time when everyone must choose their own path. The path this girl has chosen, by answering the Guardian's call, will be fraught with danger. Will she find her way through?

End of update status:
: Level 1 → 4
--Learned Fire and Heal.
--Obtained Aqua Wisp.
Gella: 1756
Migrant Seals: 1
Fuck-Ups: 7

Version Differences:
There are no male students at the Abbey.
Master Anje is female, or at least it's more clear that she's female.
There is the Witch side story as an ongoing side-quest.
You cannot change crest graphs at the beginning.
The Guardian Blade is mentioned a lot more.
Cecilia gets Aqua Wisp during the Nelgal fight, not afterward.
Cecilia doesn't have Mystic. This is actually a pretty significant and annoying change, mostly because it makes Lucky Cards more difficult to use.

Next Time:

We sing Gilligan's Island and get 2/3's of a full party.