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Part 7: Fuck Red Balloons

Alright, so last time we got a special party member, found Lolithia - a golem - and left said special party member, but don't worry, she'll be back.

At the load screen, there is the option of "Ex. File," which lets you view your current Ex. File Keys and what they unlock at any time. This was a tradition started with this game that carried on to Wild ARMs 4 and 5.

Right now, we only have one: the Ex. New Game. I'm not too sure what carries over, but I did a quick test. It looks like consumable items, personal skills (that's a few updates from now), gella and the party's levels carry over. Quite a bit actually. What doesn't get carried over is Cecilia's spells (due to Crest Graphs), Jack's Fast Draw experience, and I think Rudy's ARM and Cartridge upgrades. But you keep your levels so Cecilia could probably one-hit kill lots of enemies on her own with her lame staff. You're actually supposed to get this key much later on when you're supposed to get Emma, but I exploited this game a little bit and got her early. Regardless, back to our currently scheduled game in progress...

Dominique: You don't want to miss this opportunity. It should be very interesting and quite the educational experience.
The town music is changed for Adlehyde, which is nice. To the Northeast side of Adlehyde is the entrance to the festival area, the town itself has not changed, except people's words.

Ancient civilization had two different faces.
I'm not sure what this area-text means, but I think it might reference Adlehyde and Arctica. There's a book on their different behaviors towards ancient civilization in the library at the castle, but I'll be there later in the update. They really re-arranged things for the ACE.

: No, no, no... I'm too busy, I have to focus on my new project... ...Just kidding. Before I forget, I should pay you. Here is 1,000 gella. You don't need a receipt, do you?
Everything is inside this giant stone building. And there are no minigames. That was honestly my favorite part of the early portion of Wild ARMs, just screwing around in the festival. This is much more like a museum...and a lot more boring. So instead of wasting all of that money from working for Emma, it just kinda burns a hole in our pocket for now. Anyway, let's go look around.

It is said to have been used by the demons during the Great War. Studies are still under way, to try to understand how it works. Even though this artifact is old, it is a technological marvel, far more advanced than anything we could make today. Small parts are taken from the Dragon fossil to power the machines and appliances that are used for daily-life in Filgaia.
This is mostly their excuse for having Dragon Fossils in Wild ARMs 3-5. They don't actually appear in this game, oddly enough, since they are replaced by Alter Parts pretty much. Still, this is a constant reminder that Wild ARMs is never sure what time period it's in, since it's talking about machines and what seems like a pretty standard medieval world with the exception of those silly ARMs Meisters like Emma.

It is considered one of the most powerful weapons ever made, but it can only be wielded by those with a strong will. Currently there is no one who can handle the magnitude and complexity of this particular ARM.
I'd like to challenge that. Our boy Rudy could probably handle it.

This was possible through the use of tiles like these, which are called Mediums. A Medium was a link to the Guardians. He who possessed a Medium was blessed with the power of the Guardians. Unfortunately, these Mediums are broken and have lost any such abilities.
Another reference to Wild ARMs 3. I don't really recognize the symbols, but they were always too small for me to make out in the menu. Don't let them know Cecilia has a working one.

Much of its chest space is occupied by a fearfully powerful Plasma-Energy-Emission device. This war machine excelled at close-quarters combat, due to its heavily fortified armor as well as its destructive revolving arm.
I am so glad these Golems are offline and cannot do anything. Oh, King Justin right behind us looking at the Golem too.
: I am pleased to see such a turnout! There has been so much interest in this pet project of mine. Please, take your time. There is much to see in the exhibition halls. There is such beauty in these artifacts! And I don't mean their appearance. These fossils are not only examples of our ancestors' intelligence, but also their resourcefulness during the Great War.

The mysterious machine-made skeletons found in the ruins show many similarities to the structures of humans. But they are different in composition. It is unknown how and why the skeletons were made. It is a mystery.
Remember that skeleton by the way...

There are ARMs, which can only be wielded by uniting the weapon with the user's mind and will... There are also machines, devices which are made up of mechanical technologies and can be used by anyone. The fossil displayed here is a machine. Machines don't discriminate, and work for anyone, unlike ARMs. Most modern devices used throughout Filgaia today are made by copying the technology of these ancient artifacts. ARMs and machines are both products of lost technologies and have been the object of countless studies.
Again...WHAT modern devices?

Hey there Lolithia! Glad to see you got in here...somehow...
Most of the Golem's output energy goes to its freezing capability; thus, its mobility is severely limited.
Well, judging from the Golems in Wild ARMs 5...they really are not that mobile anyway. This doesn't surprise me at all.

Anderson: He's my son. I bought him the balloon because he was begging me for one. ...And while I was paying for it, he must have took off somewhere. I have looked everywhere, but he is nowhere to be found... Please, if you see a boy with a red balloon, will you bring him back to me?

A sketch recreating the fossil shows a dish-like shape, and is referred to as the Mystery Disk among researchers. It is thought to be part of an aviation device, however, it bears no similarity to any other ancient technologies.
I haven't slightest clue what this is supposed to be. No, seriously, game wise or reference wise, I'm lost.

This might be evidence of Filgaian technology which allowed ancient humans to reach the Sea of Stars.
This one probably isn't a reference, just a meteorite.

Its shoulder holds an electromagnetic long-distance cannon as well as hidden gun ports. It's believed it was able to communicate with New moon, and it's cannon was an ultimate weapon that shot beams of lightning.
The more I read about these Golems, the more concerned I get. That sounds like some kind of super-powerful instant-Game-Over type of weapon. I'd hate to have to deal with that.

We call this type of mercury "Mythril." Its density is less than that of regular mercury. Current technology cannot duplicated it.
Mercury based blood? This makes more sense to me than some of the other alien bloods out there. At least it's a liquid.

Both are made of condensed energy, and were used by the ancient alchemists. Adlehyde's secret treasure, the Teardrop, can also be classified as an energy crystal. Most energy crystals now are only seen represented in records, much like the Kizim Fire.
Fans of the series will recognize these two. Kizim Fire also shows up in a few games, and I'd like to point out that my username was not derived from it. It's actually from "Chrysm" in Breath of Fire III, a game I had recently played when I came up with this username. Replace the Ch part with a very kool K, and you have the first part of my username. The other part comes from the fact that I really like phoenixes.

Oh, and there is one extra booth, with this guy in it. It doesn't give a close-up, but it's supposed to be one of those memory guys from Wild ARMs 3. Alright, enough poking around, time to go find Balloon Boy.

Tyrell: Sob...Sob... Father! Where are you?
Rudy and Jack talk to the kid, who accidentally lets go of his balloon.

My, what a lovely slightly cloudy sky, perfect weather for the festival.

The sudden change in weather stunned the people. A spectacle of spiral clouds, something no one had ever seen before.
Or...not... so we're getting a tornado?

OHHOLYSHIT! This actually comes out of nowhere. Before, it moved the camera more upward until you saw the hole in the sky. This time you literally see the sky shatter like glass shot by a gun.

But that was...

Rocks fall from the sky, and these skeleton things happen to break out of them upon landing. They look a lot like the skeleton on display in the ACE.

These Spartoi are pretty basic enemies and go down after a single Speed Fang/Snipe Bullet from Jack/Rudy. They have a minor basic attack, and can also cast Darkness, which is the Dark-elemental spell in the game. Enemies will cast the same spells as Cecilia can, and will get renamed too if you rename the spell. But I'll just rename spells as I get them. It's not too damaging, Rudy takes 19 damage from this, and he has poor RES. The Spartoi go down easily.

Oh wait, looks like Balloon Boy survives in this game. Actually, I don't even see any bodies lying around. This game shows a lot less destruction than the original, but it's still pretty terrifying. You don't get the little window to guide you like you did before, but Cecilia is at the gateway to the castle, like before. We can't rescue the townspeople early yet. Getting near her triggers an event battle.

FUUUUUU---- Trouble is a special battle condition. You start with only one party member, and it's like an ambush so the enemy gets first attack. These guys deal about 20 damage with Slash, but only 4 with Darkness. Still, if all four decide to do Slash, this is a Game Over right away. But Cecilia's evasion is pretty decent, so of the three that use Slash, only one connects.

Jack and Rudy rush in after the end of that round.
: First, let's take care of the monsters. Then we can talk all we want!!

Light Come Forth! This is why I got Gorun Nova in advance. With everyone one-shotting the Spartoi, they go down fast. Even have Cecilia use Aqua Wisp for Assault Tide to get a free Water Gem.

: But there are still people out there! Please! Help me get them to the castle and safety!
: You... Who are you?
: We are closing the gate in five minutes. We need to gather everyone into the castle!!

Time runs outside of battles, as well as inside. But only when they are actually fighting. You can input commands and not worry. Of course, things like Force abilities and Special commands take up more time. Each battle probably eats up about 20 seconds. At Migrant Level 1, battles also take two ENC to cancel a battle, instead of the normal one. Combine that on top of high encounter rate, and a time limit and you've got a stressful situation. Although ACF might be lacking a bit on the sheer terror and destruction by seeing monsters roaming about and bodies everywhere, it definitely accomplishes making the situation stressful. Oh, and the music doesn't change for battles, which honestly is always a quick way for an RPG to say "This is a dramatic moment!" Oddly enough, it works and I'm surprised they don't do it more often.

There are six people to save throughout the city. But Balloon Dad won't go with you unless you grab Balloon Boy first. There's another person by the gate to the ACE, one near the gate leaving the city, and two people huddling behind the houses that you have to use a path that's a little hidden to reach.

New kind of chest, Bomb Traps can possibly deal damage to whoever opens it, and can possibly destroy the treasure (meaning you also lose any treasure from enemy drops). But high luck easily disables traps. If you really need the treasure, you can use a Duplicator instead, but we don't have any, and Duplicators are too useful for that. Oh, and the clock keeps ticking while you decide who opens the chest.

I make it back to the castle gate with a minute and thirty seconds to spare, only to waste more time in battles because Jack just leveled up and I could use Speed Fang again. What? I'm determined to grind it! Now it only costs 6, and I can use it 5 times instead of only 3!

I don't know if you just get booted to the castle if you don't make it in time, but dammit, this was close.

Anti-Fuckup Count: 1. For all the shit I'm giving them, this is something they did right. In the original game, he was Belselk, which is a typical Japanese R-L flip from Berserk. Although Belselk is a surprisingly decent name for a lizard demon like him, at least they got this one right.
: My preemptive strike worked all too well... There's no one left for me to kill. ...I suppose it's just as well. Those weak humans would have been no challenge for me anyway...
He points to one of his Spartoi exports.
: You! Deliver my message to the survivors, trembling inside their little castle. Tell them that if they fail to surrender the "Teardrop," I will demolish the castle inside and out.

One of the Spartoi come up to Berserk and tells him something. It mostly makes sci-fi robot-y noises.
: What? They're not operational? Fool!!
He then backhands the Spartoi and knocks it into a building.
: How dare you bring me a false alarm! Active Golems would be a force to be reckoned with. Hey. Wait a minute... This could get interesting... Golems were once the pride of Filgaia, it's only true defense. What if I could take control of them...
Oh shit.

: Have citizens of Adlehyde... successfully taken cover? Ah...Hgh...
Presumably he's coughing this entire time, but it doesn't really show it through the animations.
: May I speak to Cecilia? There is something I must tell her at once...
Unlike before where you had control over the party for this section, Cecilia just steps forward for this cutscene.
: Cecilia... It is a relief to know that you have survived during this time of chaos... … … … Listen very carefully, Cecilia... I'm afraid that the demons are after you. Do not surrender to them.
: After me? Why? What do they want?
A knight bursts in the room.
Gaf: Sire! Begging your pardon, Sire... The demons are tearing through the town. They demand that their request be heard!!
: ...Continue...
Gaf: Yes, Sire! The demons say they will leave us in peace, but we must surrender the "Teardrop!" What should we do?
: The "Teardrop?" (The "Teardrop" is not only a moment of my late mother, but also a... … … … However I cannot possibly jeopardize the many lives of those who have taken refuge here in the castle. … … … ) All right then... I will surrender the "Teardrop" to the demons personally.
: No! You must not do that! Cecilia... The "Teardrop" has been handed down through generations. It is the "Key" to unlocking all the secrets of the universe, including those of Filgaia. It can only be used by those who carry out the will of the Guardians: A shrine maiden!
I thought they were using the term Shaman?
: The "Key," which can change the fate of the world, must not fall into the hands of demons. At any cost!!
: Then we are left with no choice, but to witness useless bloodshed, sadness, and lives lost...
: Please understand, Cecilia. Sometimes a noble must make a difficult choice... Whatever happens next you are not to leave here... Not even one step!

We get moved to Cecilia's bedroom now.
: Ozma... He knows of a secret passage that leads into the town. He used to take me through the passage whenever I would cry from the boredom of being in the castle. We should hand over the "Teardrop." I believe that is my duty. Will you help me?
Rudy nods, Jack pauses, then speaks up.
: I have a pretty good idea who's behind this cowardly sneak attack. I will accompany you as far as needed to take down those demons... But I want nothing to do with the "Teardrop."
: …I understand...

Cecilia's bedroom has a Save Parrot, and lots of stuffed animals sitting around. Considering she was probably a little girl the last time she was here (the rest of the time at the Abbey), I'm not too surprised. She has a book in here we will read.

The Brightness of Life posted:

The "Teardrop" is the Adlehyde family treasure, and is known to hold one unique quality. If you focus your eyes on the Teardrop, you will notice blinking ligths at its core. The blinking rhythm is much like your own heartbeat. Because the Teardrop is said to be created by the Elw, it may have a connection with the world. Study is needed to verify the former statement, however, no one can deny the beauty and brightness of the Teardrop.
We now have to wander around the halls. There are only a few guards about, and they are standing in positions pre-set. Easy to avoid. But first I take the moment to wander off to the library for more books.

Awakened Machine posted:

ARMs have been uncovered all throughout Filgaia and still hold many mysteries. Modern anthropologists believe ARM is an acronym: Ancient Relics Machine
Literally, a machine constructed from ancient relics. Some say that ARM means something completely different. Perhaps, one day, a scientist's passion will solve this 1000 years old riddle.

The Surviving Royal Family posted:

There was a group called the "Council of Seven", which led the civilians to unite and survive the Great Demon War. Current nobility are the descendants of those who were elected by a public election. There used to be seven royal families. The committee also had seven members, but after a period of 1000 years, it has become two noble families. They are Adlehyde and Arctica, the only descendants of the Council of Seven. They are both influenced by the Elw's skills. Adlehyde worships the Guardians, and tends to coexist with nature. Arctica, on the other hand, emphasizes the preservation of the Elw's alchemy techniques for human restoration. They are two different families but both have the same goal: To bring peace back to Filgaia.
Arctica is long gone...Adlehyde is sure to follow.

A Virtue of the Royal Family posted:

First, protect the civilians. Second, always take initiative. And lastly, be
honest and trustworthy. The Royalty shall not be above civilians, but rather become a part of them and form a strong foundation. The royal family shall not exploit civilians, for they provide for us. We shall die before civilians.
With this book, I almost have to question King Justin's actions, but they still make sense. The Teardrop is apprently way more important than the entirety of Adlehyde.

Ancient Android Weapon posted:

According to legend, a massive weapon was created by men during the Great Demon War of 1000 years ago. They are the Golems. Most of the eight member force are said to lie dormant in ruins. The study of ancient history will progress once all eight Golems are discovered. I believe we must first understand ancient history before we encounter the Golems. We need to first know the magnitude of their power and what they did to the world.

This is the statue the guy from before was talking about. We can pull it out of the way, and drop safely below. Of course, such a fall would kill a normal person.

I have to get around that guard, and to do so we go into the audience room or whatever it's called.

To get around these two guards, just throw Hanpan from around the corner (so they don't see you) and it'll trigger this. Hanpan will run behind the throne, with the two guards following. Then Hanpan comes from the side door and rejoins.
: Ok, just as I calculated. Let's go now.

Ozma: However, I need to hear it from the princess herself. ...May I speak with her?
Oh right. Cecilia, get in front.
Ozma: Princess... What can I do for you?
: Ozma, will you do me a favor? I need to know the secret path to the castle town. I must go into town and hand over the Teardrop to prevent any more bloodshed...
Ozma:: ...Princess. Royalty should not act from emotions. A frantic action now may jeopardize our entire future. Do you understand the painful consequences of what you are about to do?
: Ozma... I am doing what I believe is right as the Princess of Adlehyde. Is that a good enough answer for you?
Ozma: ... ... ... Yes, I see. I will tell you all I know about the secret path. Once you proceed up the staircase of the audience chamber in the hall, you will see two horse statues. Check their pedestals. One will respond to this Shield Badge... Then you will see the old, secret path into town.
Obtained Event Item [Shield Badge]!
: ...Thank you, Ozma. I understand this was tough for you to do.
Ozma: Don't mention it. I am honored to be of any help... Please don't hesitate to ask me anything.
Sure, let me read the books in here.

Demon Star Hiades posted:

After many years of studies, humans and Elw have finally located the demon's home base. Their world is far away in a different dimension on a star named Hiades, or full name Saturn Hiades. Hiades breeds monsters and is in a constant state of war. The continuous battel caused the inevitable destruction of Hiades. After being banished from Hiades, the monsters wandered through dimensions until they eventually found Filgaia. The demons fought for a new home, while people of Filgaia fought to preserve their homeland, in the Great Demon War.
So the demons just want a new home? Can't we all be friends?

A Book of Kema posted:

This book contains the secret which one woman once was granted from up above. The creation of a super human... It involves the experiments of an ancient alchemist which shall never be replicated.
That book De La Metalica was talking about alchemical experiments that shouldn't be repeated, putting life into metal. This probably is a bit more than making Golems.
Oh, and talking to the survivors in the room will give us items. Namely, a Gimel Coin, Lucky Card, Potion Berry, Gella Card, Revive Fruit and Small Flower.

Throughout the castle there are four sections of wall with this sword on it. We have to use the Shield Badge on this specific one to open the secret passage...and what do they mean by "We hold up our badges?" There is only one Shield Badge being used here!
Fuck-Up Count: 10

We believe a light that is beyond the darkness.

Welcome to Under Adlehyde, the Obligatory Sewer Level. Alter Code: F, however, has the best sewer level ever. Why?
No. Random. Encounters.
Just run through here, solve the "puzzles" and run out. Easy as pie. Mmm...pie... Breaking the second group of boxes here gives us a Potion Berry. Mmm...Potion Berry...

The grates return, same as Wild ARMs 3. While under them, you can jump up and grab on. If you go to an edge, you can climb on top. The chest has Heal Berry x3.

There's a white gem under this box I blew up...odd. And why can't I reach that box across the water...odd. Let's ignore this and move on.

Here's the second chapter to the Witch series. As I mentioned before, I'll just read them all when I get them all. The last book is in the post-game anyway, so I'll devote an update to it. The other chest has 1000 Gella. Turning the wheel lowers the flood gate in the room with the first Grate, letting us move on. All that's left is another hallway with boxes to blow up, with a Heal Berry underneath, and then it's smooth sailing onward.

The sewer takes us here. Encounters are off for the area again. At the center of town awaits Berserk.

: Do you promise to leave the humans alone once I give you the "Teardrop?"
He laughs.
: Of course! I have better things to do than slaughter the helpless.
: ...As long as I can save everyone...
She hands over the Teardrop. Dammit, Peral Virginia Cecilia, can't you tell he's going to betray you?
: Finally! It always feels great to finish a job. And I will keep my word. I'll let you all live...for now at least.
What? He's keeping his word? A spartoi walks up to Berserk, whom turns to it to give orders
: We are withdrawing as soon as the gate is open. Don't forget the "Teardrop."
: Wait! I'm not through with you yet!
Dammit Jack, this was moving smoothly!
: What? Who is this?
: I'm not from this town.
: So... You are not part of that "agreement."
: You are the legendary invaders, right? Demons?
: Of course we are demons! Why? What difference does it make to you?
Jack draws his sword.
: Revenge! I've waited a long time to see this day.
: It pleases me to see such spirit in a human. Very well... Come and try to take your revenge!

No, he doesn't.

We get a different Transition for fighting Berserk, and we get some banter too.
: Don't worry. I will go easy on you... I don't want to finish this too quickly. Just try to keep up with me. I will teach you how to dance. Ha! Yes, Dance!

Berserk has really only one attack, Torment. It deals a lot of damage to one target. Rudy has too little HP to handle it. While Rudy's down, Cecilia spends this turn to use Quick Step on Jack, who starts pulling off Speed Fang after Speed Fang. Without Accelerator he's doing about 195, and with Accelerator he's doing 268.

Slap Awake revives Rudy, but doesn't give him much back. The revival HP is based around Luck. Rudy has Bad Luck for this battle, so he got 5% back. This is okay, Berserk likes to use Taunt, a lot. Taunt just wastes a turn.

Eat Boosted Shell, bitch. Does about 150 damage, and 183 with Lock-On. For the most part, Jack is stronger than Rudy, but Jack needs Quick Step to do it.
: I remember this power... I could not forget it, even after 1,000 years! It's exciting to know that we have the same strength. Show me what you can do with the ARM!!
You've been alive that long? What have you been doing all this time?

I finally pull a Voyuer on him. Note the hidden HP, and the unusually high EXP value. He Activates against Water damage, so I can't use Assault Tide here. Gorun Nova does a pathetic 28 damage. But Berserk spends his fourth turn using Torment on Jack, knocking him dead too, so Cecilia really spends half this battle reviving her allies. This is the second time the entire fight that Berserk actually attacks, the rest of the time is spent using Taunt.

: Have you lost all your aggressiveness? Have you lost your will to fight? You are just no match for me!!
At the end of the fifth turn, the battle ends automatically. You cannot win.

Note that unusually higher EXP value. For Round-based boss fights like these, you get EXP equal to the amount of damage you do against the boss, plus a base amount, which is 100 for this fight. I kicked this guy's ass. I'm also very lucky he didn't take out Cecilia, whom I'd have to waste a Revive Fruit to bring back. Those don't grow on trees.
: You're welcome.
Why do I fear your generosity more than your vengeance?

Just to remind you that you really had no chance to win this battle. Wild ARMs gets infamous for this sometimes, although most of it was really in the third game.
: And... It is a shame for me not to have any time to play with you humans. Bwahahahahaha! I don't care if it is revenge or not, just promise me that you will at least entertain me a little more next time! I think it is time for me to present you with a gift... See you later.
He teleports away in some random purple magical sphere...thingie.

Then a sudden ray of light comes down and destroys the ACE building, sucking the Golems into the sky as well.

They evidently didn't care for this Golem.

We return to King Justin after that cutscene. I honestly passed this song off as another cutscene background track, like Shock or Plight, but the Feeling Wind version is really good. You can feel the pain and sorrow, and then the harp comes in.
: Against your wishes, I have given the "Teardrop" to the demons...
: What's done is done... I cannot blame you for it. You did what you thought was best... But the problem still lies before us. The demons will misuse the "Teardrop." And we must stop them before...
: Please, do no more Father... It will only hurt me more... I will take full responsibility, and recover the "Teardrop." So please, just rest for now...
: No! Princess, you are not to leave the Castle! Our knights will recover the "Teardrop!"
The same knights you sent to watch over the princess to make sure she didn't escape to deliver the Teardrop to your enemies?
: I've already decided. I will go myself. We need to use the knights and the national treasury to rebuild Aldehyde.
National Treasury? HA! What a joke! Oh sorry, excuse me. Just read something funny.
: It would not be efficient to use knights to retrieve the "Teardrop." That is why I am going... It is my duty as a noble.
: Princess...
: Don't worry Johan... I will not be alone. I have a strong team with me. With their help, I'm sure I can return the "Teardrop" safely. Rudy... Jack... Please lend me your aid. So we can prevent the "Teardrop" from being misused by all the demons. This is for all of Filgaia.
: You got it, Princess.
: You will help then?
: I'm sure Rudy's with us too. I feel like I should be the one asking for help. I'm after the demons just as much as you are. But... I don't think you should come, Prinecss. This won't be a walk in the park.
: No?! But...
: I would not have teamed up with you if I knew you were the princess. I do not trust nobles! I never have... And I never will! I grew suspicious from the way people treat you at the castle. And you never seemed to want to reveal your true identity... This may all be fun and games to you, but for me it's deadly serious. Take your games somewhere else!
: Enough! Mind your tongue, wanderer!
You were just telling her to stay, now you're yelling at the perosn who wants her to stay?
: It's OK, Johan. Jack... I apologize for concealing my identity. I was afraid of creating any unwanted tension once I revealed my true self. Because it's always been that way... However, please know that my willingness to protect Filgaia is sincere. What can I do to convince you?
: Oh Cecilia... Our Filgaia...
He doesn't really show it, but I think we're supposed to assume he's coughing a lot and is literally about ready to die.

: I don't know what you are playing at, but my sword is not a toy. I will not.
: Hand me your sword right now!!
He hands it over.
: It is heavier than it looks. This sword is as heavy as its fate. Give me back the sword. It is obviously too heavy for you... You cannot possibly carry it.
She ignores him and draws the sword.

: Here is a request from Princess Cecilia Raynne Adlehyde to you, a true knight... Lend me your power, in the form of this sword, for Filgaia.
: Princess... You are truly determined. There is no turning back...

A guard runs up to the King, kneels down, then gets back up, shaking his head. King Justin has fallen.
: Being 17 years of age, she is no longer a child. She is now an adult. … … … We, the survivors, shall prepare a funeral for all who have died in this catastrophe, noble and citizen alike.

To be honest, I prefer the original Wild ARMs version of this song much more. It feels mostly the same, but you had several voices just oohing the theme (which I should add, is actually the Game Over theme, listen to The Silent You). For Alter Code F, this song was sung by Kaori Aso, and I cannot find a decent set of lyrics anywhere unfortunately. If anyone does find some, please let me know.
However... as part of the Localization process, they removed this part of the song. Instead of hearing her sing, you just hear the piano and all the other instrumental parts playing as if there should be something there, but there is nothing. It's hollow and empty, and I hate it.
Fuck-Up Count: 11. As much as I want to add one for every song they butchered like this, this one is for all three songs they removed the vocals for. I don't think anyone would have been upset if this was in Japanese. And after Wild ARMs 3 found a simply AMAZING vocalist to tackle the songs for that game, would it have been so hard to use her again? (The only justification I can think of is budget reasons, but it would have cost less to leave the Japanese vocals in.)

Zereth supplies a bit more information as to the root cause of the Fuck-Up.

Zereth posted:

Didn't Sony absolutely mandate that you dub everything on the PS2 for a while? So if they couldn't afford to dub things, their only option was to remove them or have Sony refuse to approve the game?

(Although some games got around this by declaring things "Sound effects" instead of "voice acting", I believe, mainly fighting games.)

Whew! And we're still not done! Thanks to Polsy for transliterating the song. You can toss it in Google Translate if you want... But it's not that great. Good for a general gist...and that's about it.

I'm not going to sync this with the music. There is no dialog, it's completely silent. Cecilia is wearing a traditional black dress with a veil for the funeral march...although to be honest I haven't the slightest clue where this tradition came from and what it's supposed to signify, because I have never seen it in real life.

As the funeral march proceeds through the charred town, this girl with a red ball (not Balloon, Azure) trips and drops it. Rudy hands it back, and the girl runs off. He clenches his fist in anger. The demons will pay.

Cecilia cannot hold back the tears, which become carried on the wind.

Jack walks away as the caskets carrying the civilians walk by. He seems completely stoic, oddly enough.

There won't be enough room in the mausoleum for all the caskets.

I'm going to end the update here. Yes, Azure went a bit further, but I've already got a ton of screenshots for this update, and this feels like a better stopping point.

End of update status:
: Level 8 → 12
--Hoarding 1 Alter Part.
: Level 9 → 12
--Speed Fang: Lv, 3 (24/75)
: Level 7 → 12
--Came back!
--Cut her hair.
Gella: 8042
Migrant Seals: 1
Ex. File Keys: 1/25
Fuck-Ups: 11

Version Differences:
The ACE has no minigames. I loved those minigames.
If there is a time-limit, it also runs during battles, but not while you're inputting commands.
The sewer has no enemies. Best. Sewer. Level. Ever.
Berserk is a round-delayed boss, you cannot win.
Funeral March was sung in Japanese, but removed in the localization.

Next Time:

Cecilia takes revenge.