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Part 8: Krysm got bored.

Right, so going back to Funeral March, the song way back when that was sung by Kaori Aso in the Japanese version, but Agetec had to remove her voice from the song when they localized the game. When you listen to this song, it feels really hollow and empty, especially if you're familiar with the original game.

Thanks Polsy for transliterating the lyrics, as I've been dying to know what they were so I could translate them and know what the song was about. However, Google Translate is pretty bad, so I couldn't get a good feel for the song, but I did some tinkering with it and I think I found a translation that's somewhat close to the original, and relatively fits the vocals too.

Original Japanese:                    | My version: 
meguri saru toki no kanashimi wo      | Now the time arrives to leave our sorrows far behind,
uke irete wa                          | We learn to accept the
sukoshi zutsu karete yuku sekai       | Fate the world endures, as piece by piece it fades away.
nageki no kotoba wa dare mo ieru kedo | I say no one should lament or they will fall into despair.
kotodama wa kawaite                   | But my words are dry and empty...
kaze ni kiete yuku                    | Just like the fading wind.
nokosareta monotachi ga hiroi ageru   | We must pick all that remains, though it is not much.
chiisana kibou no kakera              | All we have left is this mall piece of hope,
ima wa soredake                       | It's all we can hold close.
nigiri shimete iru                    | It's all we have left now.
ushinau koto de shika                 | Deep down we know that all we lost was
uke tsugu sube no nai                 | The past we never knew at all.
mi shiranu tsuyosa karami ai          | This strange power that brings us together,
toki wa tsuzuku                       | Our hearts can carry on.
I'm not going to go too deep in how I ended up choosing this, only that I looked at each line's individual translation (spacing it according to her pauses, not Polsy's lines), tried to figure out how it connects with the rest.

Oh...and I sang it too. If you listen to this, keep in mind that I am an amateur, not a professional. Also I'm singing a song in a language it was not meant to be sung in, and I'm a guy singing a song originally sung by a woman. I'm going to flat up say it's not the greatest thing in the world and my singing has a lot of flaws, but I don't think it's that bad.

I mostly just wanted to hear this song in English, and if no one else is going to do the job right, you might as well do it yourself.