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Part 13: It's a nice day for a white wedding.

Last time was the tragedy/mystery of Saint Centaur, as we were captured in Caging Tower for a bit while the entire town just suddenly vanished. Apparently monsters attacked, but there are no signs of bodies anywhere. The Guardians told us to protect the third seal, hidden somewhere at Port Timney.

...and it turns out I accidentally deleted the portion of video that showed the party moving from Saint Centaur to Port Timney. Here's all you missed:
Kaiser's reports gave the location of the third Elw Pyramid. The doorway to treasure was replaced with a Duplicator door. Fortunately, these ones are optional, and you can progress without the proper duplicators. Regardless, I opened up the doors and looted Potion Berry x5, and a Crest Graph.
The fourth Elw Pyramid had the exact same kind of door, and behind it was 5000 Gella, and a PS Memoirs Pen 2 which prevents Amnesia...if I remember correctly.
Port Timney is just a bit to the east of the fourth Elw Pyramid, however you have to go south to reach the penninsula first. To the east of Port Timney is a huge desert.

And here we are. Sorry for that...really not sure what happened to the files I had. Anyway, let's have a look around town.

Wilbur: How about giving me a hand? I'm trying publish my Monster Guide; it's my lifelong dream. You can help me quite simply... Use your magic spell "Analyze" against a monster and I'll put it in the Guide once you find the data. If you fight a devastating monster, one beyond your ability, tell me what happened and I will analyze the creature for you. Some people advise avoiding such monsters, but I'd rather learn about them. Will you tell me about the ones you've encountered thus far?
You can talk to this guy again and he'll open up the Monster Guide, which is just a collection of which enemies you have used Voyuer/Analyze on already. Bosses automatically get added to the Monster Guide, regardless of whether you used Voyuer or not. Unfortunately, you still can't see how much HP they have, but that's what guides are for! Wilbur also has a few noteworthy books here worth reading.

The Hundred Demon King posted:

The monster prison... A damned place where the truly perilous monsters are confined. There are monsters battling endlessly seeking ultimate supremacy. It's a world where the weak are destroyed and the strong run rampant. Within this realm, a titanic power was born. It's called Ragu O Ragula, the "Beast King", or as some call him, the "Hundred Demon King". Ragu O Ragula does not feel nor think; death and destruction are all it knows. It is a purely malevolent power. Beware of Ragu O Ragula... It's the mightiest of the monsters...
I've already defeated Ragu O Ragula in Wild ARMs 1, 5 and XF. I plan adding this game to that list as part of this LP.

A Mirage in the Sea of Sand posted:

Demon phantom, the bringer of misfortune, dwells in the northeast. In combat, he is quite predictable. At first chance, he spreads his misfortune to decrease your chance of success. Second chance, he spews noxious gas to 'poison' and spreads his horrible 'sickness'. Third chance, he weakens your mind by casting a spell called "Feeble Mind", to lower your magic defense. The next two chances, he performs the attack spell "Pressure", which envelops all his attackers. After those two attacks, he employs a special attack called "Exhaust", which erases all collected FP. With his seventh turn, he vanishes from battle like a mirage. You cannot defeat the phantom with attack power alone. You must challenge him many times to learn how to defeat him.
I'm sure this won't matter until much later on.

One of the doors in Wilbur's house is practically labeled "Treasure Room" which naturally you can't enter. But there's a mouse hole to it from the outside of the house that you can nab a Crest Graph from.

I picked up some new spells. First, I got rid of Gravitic Crush, and replaced it with Pressure Bubble, the water-elemental magic attack. Then I got Reflect Mirror Mirror, which sends back the first hostile spell back at the caster (then the buff goes away). Finally, I ended it with Heal Electrolytes, for some basic healing besides Slap Awake. Electrolytes! It's what party members crave!

I also picked up two more bullets, since I had the gella. Most bosses won't last long enough if I use Rinse and Repeat on Rudy and just blast away with cartridges, but the bullets will be helpful if worst comes to worst.

You can blast a hole in these cracked crates to get a PS Moon Stone 2 (which reduces the chance of Poison afflicting) and a PS Defense Up 2, which simply raises the defenseive power of whomever it's on by ten percent per level. This can get very powerful later on if you can get ten levels on someone.
And of course, me being me, I loot all the barrels in town for Heal Berry x3 and 5 Gella. Yes, 5 whole Gella.

I also stay at the Inn to get Jack's MP back, and notice this Duplicator chest. I'm out of Duplicators, now, so I'll have to get it later. You can get duplicators from random chests after battle, so it's just a matter of patience. Also, some enemies drop them so if the RNG favors me (HA!) we'll see them sooner.

Hey, it's another guy we saw from the introduction!
: Yeah, you! Won't you listen to the story of a sad sailor?
: Yes || No
: Do you know of the Crystal Flower? It's something sailors use in ceremonies. For some ceremonies, it's a must... But to obtain the Crystal Flower, you must defeat the ghost that appears in the desert... Why did it have to be a ghost? I can't face a ghost... Ahhh, Drake's going to make fun of me. I've been so unlucky lately... Ever since I got that stupid stone statue... I'm such an idiot! Taking a statue like that just because it's rare and looks like a Guardian...
: The statue this weirdo is talking about... It couldn't be...
: It may be the last seal... If we can get the Crystal Flower that he is seeking, we may have a chance to get our hands on the seal...
In the desert huh? Well, let's head over there.

Felt like using the world map theme, since it's awesome and I dont' have many opportunities to play it often. Oh look, it's a palette swap already. They can cause helpless, which prevents the use of Force or Originals, meaning Fast Draw, Magic or Cartridges.

No Antlions, but we got Sandcrabs. Close enough? They mostly just attack and for some reason have Hydro Pressure.

There we go.

Phantom follows the EXACT procedure listed in the book at the professor's house, so it's a fairly easy battle. You also get different rewards depending on how fast you kill him.

Round one, Quick Step on Jack who uses Speed Fang every turn. Round two, Rinse & Repeat on Rudy on Snipe Bullet. Round three, Jack killed the Phantom. Pathetically easy, didn't even need to use Mirror Mirror or Bubble.. For defeating Phantom on the third turn, I get 1500 EXP, 1000 Gella, and 3 Potion Berries. Oh, and the Crystal Flower too. A lot easier than trying to hunt down some dungeon you can't see, and then running out of it quickly trying not to forget about the optional boss along the way.

Also, on the way back I come across...this...thing... They can sometimes cast Sleep.

Make your own road. There is no road on the sea.
Oh, don't worry, I didn't forget this. I stopped by the Magic Shop to get rid of Bubble (not needing it anymore, despite never using it in the first place) and got Devastate Little Boom instead. Little Boom (12 MP) is a non-elemental attack spell with a Tech Constant of 3, compared to the elemental 1.5. However, because it's non-elemental, it'll still do less than an elemental attack that hits a weakness. It's still powerful enough to be useful on a reliable basis, and I enjoy this spell. But why Little Boom instead of Big Boom? The Big Boom comes later in the game!

: Well, it doesn't matter! Please give it to me! To make a long story short, I neeeeeeeeed that! I will pay you 3,000 gella for the Crystal Flower. That's enough, isn't it?
: Sell it for 3000 gella. || I need some time to think about it.
3000 Gella? I know I can do better.
: Don't be cruel! Look at my face! Can't you see I must have it?! Please! Will you give to me for 3500 gella?
: Sell it for 3500 gella. || I still need time to think about it.
: Ughhhhhh! Are you satisfied? Now I'm begging you!! OK! I will give you 3750 gella!
: Sell it for 3750 gella. || Sorry, but I still don't know.
: Whoaaaaaaa! Pleeeeeaaaaase!! I will do anything for you! Anything! How about 3875 gella? That's one hell of a deal!!
: Give him the Crystal Flower for 3875 gella. || No, I need more time to think.
Trying to increase the price again won't make it go any higher. By now, I actually feel sorry for the old man.
Obtained 3875 Gella!
: OK!! Done deal! You saved my life! This crystal flower is proof of a wedding engagement.
: Why, then...
: No, no... I don't have a partner yet. I just happened to need this... There is more here than meets the eye. My name is Bartholomew. I sail a trade ship in the inland sea. I'm very happy to have met you.

This guy walks in. And I take offense to that! There is no way he's a dwarf! He doesn't have a beard!
: Hey, Drake, you have perfect timing. I am in good spirits today. Would you care to see my Crystal Flower?
: You pathetic loser, Bartholomew! So what if you've got a Crystal Flower? If you don't have a partner, you're not really engaged! How are you going to find a partner? You are not going to do anything illegal... Are you?
: Drake, you dimwit!! Are you blind?! What do you think she is?!

: Her? She's the one? Are things really that bad, Girl? I admit, Bartholomew, I'm surprised. She's beautiful, she carries herself well... Not what I'd expect from you at all! Besides, Bartholomew, isn't she just a little too old for you? A tad bit mature for your tastes? But, if you say so... So she is your bride-to-be, huh?
: ...Ah...what is going on...?
: Yes, we dream of having enough children to make a sports team. And believe me, we'll work hard at it!
: A basketball team of five? Maybe nine for a baseball team? How about eleven for a football team? All right! Let's get to the wedding ceremony! Your bride isn't getting any younger!! We will get you married tomorrow! Tomorrow, on your ship, you get married! No cold feet now, Bartholomew... You make us laugh. HAHAHAHA. Let's have some fun tomorrow, OK?
Drake and his two sailor buddies leave.
: Whoaaaaaaaaaa! I did it again... Whenever things are going my way, I have to open my big mouth!
: Not that I care... but how are you going to get out of this mess?
: Umm... thanks for the offer, Romeo, but we're in the middle of an important journey.
: There's no time to find another bride. I must outwit that nitwit! I must marry her--it's my destiny!
: Did you not understand me?! Destiny? No! You are not! I don't want you now, or ever.
: Miss, you're in a situation you just can't back out of. Come now, let me take you aboard my beautiful ship, the "Sweet Candy". We have plans to make...
Ye'd best start believin' in ghost stories, Miss Cecilia. Yer in one!

I'd like to pause this surprisingly dramatic moment to say this: Sweet Candy has got to be one of my favorite songs in this game. I don't think Azure has played the original version yet. Either way, the original version had lots of trumpets and seemed rather majestic, whereas this version is much calmer and laid back (better suited for Bartholomew) and ohmygod that violin! As I've said before, I consider the violin to be my primary musical instrument so do take my gushing of this song with a grain of salt. I just love listening to this song, and that whistling doesn't hurt either.
Anyway, back to the game.

: Us sailors follow traditions when we hold a ceremony. It's custom to have a wedding on the deck of the groom's ship. In my case, on the Sweet Candy. Don't look at me like that. I had no choice! It's not like I don't feel bad about it...
: If you knew that it was wrong...
: Hey! I know! Anyway... A 'disguise' wedding ceremony is set for tomorrow... I need you to learn about sailing and our customs by the end of the day... OK?
The scene cuts to black, and we see the party standing outside of Bartholomew' Quarters? I dunno the proper term.
: He is too selfish!! What is he thinking? We are on a journey, an important protect Mother's seal. Why are we involved in this? I don't understand it!
: Ah...calm down. Whatever happens we should just feel fortunate to be on this ship.
: This is a great chance for us. Give it up, Princess.
: ... ... ... By any chance... ...are you enjoying this situation?
: Well, you know the old saying, 'when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade'. You might enjoy it, since it's not real...
: We don't have much time until the fake wedding. Do you know the customs?

What comes from the horizon?
We can walk around the ship now, talking to people to learn the customs of the wedding. I'm not really going to go over it since it's just for the wedding "quiz" and it's not really that important. In fact, a lot of the non-wedding stuff you can read in the books on the ship.

Leading Moon and Lost Moon posted:

Once night falls, the light over the sea fades. However, there are two shiny guides in the night sky: the "Old Moon" and "New Moon". In the darkness of the night, people can use a compass and compare direction, time, and position of the moon. But, there is one folklore tale... The Old Moon is a guiding moon that shines on the correct path... The New Moon is a lost moon and makes you lose your way, tempting you onto the reefs. Even today, superstitious sailors believe the Old Moon protects their voyages.
I dunno...if something in the sky is up there long enough to be considered a moon, you'd expect that mathematicians and astrologers would have figured out it's orbit around Filgaia enough that I'm sure the sailors could find some use for it. But it seems like a lot of lore about the New Moon isn't very favorable...

Inland Sea and Open Sea posted:

The inland sea, in the middle of the continent, has flourished as a path for traders since old times of its comparatively calm seas. It is easy to get lost, or devoured by vicious water monsters, in the open sea. There is only one channel, slightly east from the port town Timney, that connects the inland and open sea. The channel is known for its powerful current. Currently, not many ships venture there.
It's a bit hard to see now because I haven't uncovered most of the map, but most of Filgaia can be reached in the sea in the center of the world.

Inertia Cancelled posted:

Inertia cancelled is a command that allows you to select optional moves by canceling the counter attack or shot. Inertia cancelled consumes 25% FP. You activate it by pressing Circle when you are attacked. Use this if you need to change your action suddenly, such as to get health, magic, or change your attack options.
I believe I already covered this mechanic. It's useful if you have more than 25% FP, because then instead of using a basic counter attack, you can do something more powerful like a Accelerated Speed Fang, or use Cecilia to get some extra buffs in. Of course, this is only useful for Boss Battles, where Cecilia is too fragile to be attacked in the first place.

The Guardian that Ruled the Sea posted:

The Guardian's name is Lucadia. Deep purple scales cover its body... The embodiment of sea-going terror, it overwhelms anyone who faces it. The temple of Lucadia is called "The Shrine of the Dragon King", and is located at the bottom of the sea. It is told that a long time ago a priest was allowed to visit the temple and received a scale from Lucadia.
Lucadia was one of the few Guardians that appeared in Wild ARMs 5, and appears as a dragon with a woman attached to it's head, and I'm more used to that version of Lucadia, so don't mind if I accidentally call it a her.

Tom: That is unfortunate... I would, personally, never marry a girl that much younger than me. But, he's the Captain, and who am I to judge.
I didn't really mention it because I had to redo this section of the game and forgot to talk to some of the NPCs again, but Bartholomew is a bit of a perv. I know at least once NPC in the game mentions that he has an odd fascination for things small and cute (that's how the ship go it's name, Sweet Candy), young women in particular. However, he never really takes it that far, and always strikes me as more of a harmless perv as opposed to .

This is a fun song too. Sets the mood perfectly. Anyway, we start the wedding by talking to one of the sailors.

Huh, he's actually pretty short. Never noticed that.

: Follow the Groom. || You move forward. || Move forward together.
You get this hint by talking to Bartholomew before hand, who says the custom is to let "The wife steer the ship, so she moves first in the wedding." Once again, they cheer for you taking the right choice (which I do for all of these), and they Drake jeers at you when you mess up.
: Bride, tell me your name and to whom you make your vow of eternal love.
: Cecilia and Drake || Cecilia and Dartholomew || Cecilia and Bartholomew
Huh, they didn't have Cecilia use a fake name this time.
: Groom and Bride, recite the total sum of your ages to praise the years you've lived.
: 47 || 52 || 57
Tom also provides this hint, depending on who you talk to him with. I just showed his conversation for one character.
: Raise your glasses together and praise your eternal partner.
: Raise the glass with left hand. || Raise the glass with right hand. || Do not raise your glass.
One of the sailors says you have to raise with your right hand to praise your partner, and asks that Cecilia does so despite it being hard to praise him.
: Sometimes the long life together is compared to a voyage... When you feel lost or unsure, what will be your guide?
: Two moons. || New moon. || Old moon.
In the book. I still think you could navigate using both given enough science!
: Bride, what is the name of the loving ship on which you two shall sail away together?
: Sweet Candy || Sweet Candice || Sweat Candy
You should know this one already.
: By the way, where are we in the ceremony?
: 6th Question. || 7th Question || 8th Question.
This comes out of nowhere (I think Tom hints they might have weird questions like this), especially since some of these really aren't questions, like the walking first and the raising of the glass. They didn't ask you a question, they just tested your knowledge, there is a difference!
: The proof of your marriage illuminates. What is the name of this gem?
: Crystal Flower || Crystal Bud || Crystal Rose
You should know this already...although I have to question the use of a crystal flower you get by fighting ghosts for a wedding. Also, I'm sure the use of Crystal Bud was complete accident since CLEARLY they didn't bother to look at the original translation.
Edit: Huh. Interesting.

Polsy posted:

And the 'crystal bud' answer is 'crystal nose' in Japanese, because nose is pronounced the same as flower, hooray puns.
: Be grateful to this gem, which is shaped in the form of a...
: Small flower || Freesia || Dandelion
This one comes out of nowhere. Dandelions were still seen as weeds, until Wild ARMs XF treated them like beautiful flowers. I stopped wanting to get rid of the dandelions in my lawn after playing that game.
: The ceremony will go on... Honestly, how many questions have you answered correctly?
: 7 questions || 8 questions || 9 questions
Also comes out of nowhere.
: Express your gratitude for this occasion by reciting the name of the Sea Guardian.
: Lucadia || Arcadia || Schturdark
: Now the end! To show your everlasting love, you may now kiss the Groom!!
: I guess I must keep up the 'disguise'... || What?! This is part of the 'disguise'? || This 'disguise' has gone too far!
Supposedly the first two will both work, but I think the second one suits Cecilia better.
: (Judging by the look on her face, she must think I'm a leper. Is she about to make a run for it?)
???: Stop it now!!

Noooooo! They took away the awesome trumpet intro for Zed's theme!
: A group of 'Peeping Toms'... Since when was Filgaia filled with shameless people?!
: I'm... I'm not shameless!! Who ever you are... you have no knowledge of etiquette. Who are you?!
: I'm Zed! Mother's seal... I'm here to break it!!
At this point, everyone except the party runs away to the other side of the ship where we can't see anyone.
: The seal?! Is that stranger a monster?! ...I don't believe it...

And suddenly Cecilia's hair is back to normal and she has her shoulders covered again. Yeaaaaah....
: I don't think so... I surely can feel the danger, but maybe he's just crazy...
: My time is coming! Finally, my debut fight!! The match is just right!

Natrually, we fight him. Zed is really easy, and mostly just uses Doom Bringer a lot, which is his basic melee attack. Sometimes he'll use "Raring to go" which makes him counter all attacks with Doom Bringer again. It actually hits for a decent amount of damage, but it's not much.

I won't even bother explaining how I kicked his ass, you know the drill by now. Boy didn't even last three full rounds. He gives 1200 EXP and 550 Gella

...should I start quoting Phoenix Wright for Zed now? That would work if I had played any of those games...
: Why do you line up like that? I'm the only one on my side! If I die, my death will be talked about all throughout the land. Every time you hear about it, I hope you have guilt. Your ways are disgusting... Even if you win, you cannot brag about it. I wouldn't even put it in my memoirs! This battle doesn't count. It's just a playful debut match. Our fate will bring us together again!

Because saying retreat is cowardly. If putting Chuck Norris and Mr. T in a room together would cause the universe to implode due to the sheer badassness, I think putting Gilgamesh and Zed in a room together would cause the universe to implode due to sheer hamminess. Gilgamesh may be the poster child for the "Braggart Boss" trope, but Zed fits the bill just as well.
: ...Is that a new mental attack?
: Mother's seal... Somehow we must protect it, but I don't know what's going on here...
: For a fiendish creature, he didn't look very evil. I'm not even sure he was evil...
Rudy nods, then Drake and Bartholomew come running this way.
: There's something over here, too!!

...and promptly trip on each other. Those two are idiots.

...just listen to this song. I could comment on it, but I'd be drooling over the beautiful violin part too much to be vaguely coherent. This is Lady Harken's theme, drastically changed from the original game.
: Wait!
: I thought so... I don't have time to play with you now. It's too early for me to trouble with you.
: The other attack was... a decoy?!
: Maybe... If he was even aware of it!
I would believe this. I could totally imagine that Lady Harken tricked Zed into attacking. The boy is gullible as hell and would definitely fall right into her hands.

The game literally pulls a freeze frame and rotates around this. Presumably Jack was using Speed Fang right here...and she just blocked it single-handedly.
: His first blow was stopped!?
: How? Even with Jack's reaction speed?! No, it's not even... Her reaction speed is superior to Jack's?! It's a different form of Jack's... But it's definitely a 'Fast Draw'...
: I see... You know fast techniques, too... Fool! With such a dull sword, you cannot even cut my shadow!
: I knew a female who preached about swords... But, the person who did that is... Let me ask you... What can you cut with your sword?

Nice job breaking it hero. She cuts the statue into four nice little pieces.
: The Guardian statue! The seal?!
: For a short time, I too had a dream. But, you don't even have the right to dream... If you want to battle me, come to the land of snow, the Arctica territory. The Photosphere is where I live.
: ...Arctica territory! ...Photosphere? Lady Harken...who uses the high-speed sword...
...that's clearly a scythe, Jack... Anyway, camera focuses on the Guardian statue as a voice comes out of nowhere
Even I, the last seal, am broken. I will leave my heart to a shaman... Soon Mother awakens and this world will be covered in darkness. My heart will be with a shaman! Darkness, a strike tearing the world. Noua Shax's fang won't be broken!
Obtained Medium [Thunder Fang]!

: are right... Even if Mother awakes, it's not the end... My eyes will never look down... You taught me that... ...Noua Shax... ... ... … Let's head for the monsters' castle... To fight...we won't be broken... We'll never surrender to them!
Convenient timing too, now that we know their location. Photosphere appears on the map now.

: This is a reward from me. Please take it with you.
Obtained 5000 Gella! Also, a Mega Berry, Ambrosia and Nectar. Mega Berries heal a lot of HP, Ambrosia is effectively an Elixir, and Nectars restore VIT and lost HP due to being dead after battle.
: Well the wedding might have been a disaster, but the result was what I was looking for. Drake's face was great as he was running in fear! I doubt he'll be meddling in my business. By the way, you were looking for a certain Guardian's statue? ... ... ... Since you helped me... I would like to help you...
: We want to head for the land of snow... Arctica territory. To do so, we need a ride across the sea. Can we use your ship?
: ...It's a difficult thing to do. My ship is for trading... My schedule is booked with jobs. I'm an old-fashioned person... You're important to me, but I think a great deal of my job. There are some people who count on me.
: I guess it's asking too much of you. In the future, when the timing is right, we may need you.
: Don't be too pessimistic! Timney is not the only place to find a ship. Do you know the city of Milama, the one with water running through it? Well, near that city... There is a deserted wharf, after you go through Sand River. You able to find a ship.
: Thank you very much for your kindness. It is a great help to us.
: Yes, please take this with you! This is an additional reward since I troubled you.
Obtained Tool [Magic Staff]! This lets us talk to animals. A sleeping cat, a dog on a beach, a random monkey dancing in a cave...
: Good luck with your journey. Remember, you'll always be my amigos.

: Strange things have happened a lot lately. Is there a problem with the Guardian from the Elw shrine in the south, meow?
And now we know where the next Elw Shrine is, so we can return to Milama now. I stop by an ARMs Meister really quick to grab an ATK upgrade for Rudy now that I have the Gella. He gets a +46 bonus to Attack now. The upgrades increase exponentially in price, so this is probably the last upgrade for ATK Bonus, which is the most costly. For reference, each upgrade in bullets costs only 10% of the cost per level for ATK Bonus. Which makes sense, because extra bullets aren't very useful early on.

Mother: What we see with our own eyes... All the blood, all the tragedy... Everything is not a dream, but reality... How delightful...
Her tank fills with purple mist, while the Quarter Knights look on from below.
: How can I express my happiness that our Holy Mother will be awakening again? I suppose we should thank the humans... The life of a planet that is bundled and connected by drops of tears will thus pour into Mother. ... ... … May we be given love and unlimited power! Oh, Mother!!!

The metamorphosis is complete.
: ...Zeik... My dear Zeik... and children... You have done well... Releasing me from my confines... Awakening me from that horrifying spell...
: We, the Quarter Knights... We have been waiting patiently for you to awaken.
: How nice, Zeik... From now on, I won't burden you. It is my turn now to show my 'love' to everyone... ...Yes, to everyone and everything... Devastation, mayhem, and ruin... Annihilation, death, and destruction...
: Then, my Mother... Only then will we rule this world... Will we rule and unify Filgaia as our second Saturn Hiades!
: Rule? Unify? I am surprised you speak that way, Zeik. ... ... ... I have no such desire...I seek the glow that a dying human sheds... The last moments before his life ends... After I destroy Filgaia, I will move onto the next world and continue... This endless spiral...
: What?! An endless spiral???? It doesn't make sense...! I am confused, Mother... Are we not win a world to live in? To regain a lost home? Our lost home, Hiades? Hiades!
: Saturn Hiades is just another world I turned to dirt and dust... You were only just born then, so you couldn't realize what was going on. I am the absolute destroyer. It is who I am... It is what I do... Destroy, murder, and ruin... Annihilate, consume, and exterminate... It was I who destroyed Hiades...
: If it was you who destroyed our home... ... ... ... W-Well then... After Filgaia is destroyed, what will happen to us?!
: Oh, my dear Zeik... Do not anguish... I will take care of all those who survive. You will be the vessel of my next existence... Like all previous Quarter Knights, when a world is destroyed your role is finished... Then I, your Mother, shall bond with one of your lives. ...No greater joy exists...
Be careful what you wish for, Zeikfried...

Incoming message from the Guardians.
The Holy Mother is now free, released from the seal... And it's about to engulf Filgaia... This is the last time that... ...we will be heard... ...but all is not lost...
: The Guardians' voices were drowned out by something very big. It's as if they were being blocked...
: Finally it has awakened...
: But that doesn't mean they can just do whatever they want! We must find a ship going to Arctica. We must get through the Sand River and find the port town we were told about!!

Raypoint 5th
You know what happens next. This Elw Shrine is to the south of Port Timney, and takes us a bit to the Northeast of the Guardian Temple, near Milama. I only stop in town for the inn (because I keep exercising Burst Breaker), because I'm charging straight for the Sand River. Oh, and the doors leading to the treasure here are blocked with the sign of the Teardrop, so I can't claim them quite yet.

I run back to the Sand River, and use the Magic Staff on this monkey. Most of the time it just starts a normal conversation, but this triggers a cutscene. Where the chimp talks to you.
White Chimp: You can link my heart to the future by following my tracks. I will link it to the coming future...

The chimp runs over to a part of the wall, spins and makes a tornado, which breaks apart part of the wall, letting us go further in.
: ... ... ... The monkey spoke to us as an equal!
: It seems it wants us to follow it... Shall we?
: But... That monkey... I feel like I met it somewhere...
: Jack, you have lots of friends that aren't human.
: Shut up! What are you trying to say?
I think the monkey is this monkey from the prologue:

Sand River is pretty straightforward with the occasional branching path for loot, like most dungeons in this game. We can now reach these two chests that taunted us before, they have an Alter Part and a Crest Graph.

This is the other enemy in the dungeon, Rock Baboon. They aren't too tough. They also have a chance to summon duplicates of themselves

Using the magic staff on the monkey again further down the dungeon has him tell us how to get past the puzzle you see to the left. If you don't follow the pattern, the square sinks and you have to start over. Before I tackle it, though, there's some chests with Wind Gem x5 and PS Blue Circlet 2, which helps prevent petrification.

When you clear it, the unused blocks fall down, and you can safely walk over it to backtrack if you want.

White Chimp: But the way still continues...Follow me! Don't lose your way...
It opens up another path, leading to a dead end, but has a spike we can bomb so that it lands in the sand river in the middle of another block puzzle.

Meanwhile, on the way back I manage to pull off a Fuck You RNG!! and got a PS Gaia Stop 2 as my reward, the Cave Taurus' rarest drop. Actually, I pull this off twice, on a Rock Baboon as well Also, another chest with a Revive Fruit.

Normally this one would be impossible, but the rock there allows me to go from Black to Red by cheating. It's not a square, so it still counts!

White Chimp: Though it's up to you what you grasp in ground zero... I will pray for your future to be bright.
Yeah, this dungeon's pretty short. But from the way he's talking, it sounds like the end of the world is right outside this cave. There's no such thing as the end of the world!

Nope, just lots of desert. Let's go back inside.

White Chimp: A dying wish is merely your will continuing into the future. You realize that, right? My master cherished the possibility of his life continuing on. The meaning of the future is to walk without fear of the past and convert wishes into being. It's possible if you have the will... That's my master's teaching. I now pass it to you.
He uses another tornado to open up a hole in the wall so we can get the last chests in the dungeon. You have to leave then return to get these: PS Ray Break 2 and 3000 Gella. Ray Break reduces Light-elemental damage.

: But where? Where did he go?
I dunno man...I dunno.

End of update status:
: Level 17 → 19
--ATK Bonus: 34 (Lv. 3) → 46 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 4 (Lv. 3)
--Hoarding 4 Alter Parts
: Level 17 → 19
--Speed Fang: Lv, 4 (? / 225)
--Strike Buddy: Lv 3 (? / 90)
--Obtained Burst Breaker: Lv 2 (? / 32)
: Level 17 → 19
--Returned Gravitic Crush
--Learned Bubble, but returned it later.
--Learned Little Boom
--Learned Mirror Mirror
--Learned Electrolytes.
--Obtained Thunder Fang
Gella: 9351
Migrant Seals: 4
Ex. File Keys: 2/25
Fuck-Ups: 14

Version Differences:
Maze of Death is completely gone!
They ruined Zed's theme!
They improved Lady Harken's theme!
I'm honestly not 100% sure what's up with the White Chimp, or why it's important.

Guardian Roll Call:

Naua Shax is the Thunder/Lightning Guardian, and appears in Wild ARMs 2 as well as these games. I...I think he looks like a giant buffalo or something, or maybe an ox. Either way, I am not fording any rivers with him.

His Material is Rage Hammer, and costs 50% FP like the other Elemental Materials. Obviously his element is Thudner, and I have to say this is one or the cooler looking Materials in the game.

Next Time:

Alright, I may be obsessed with phoenixes and violins...but I do not stash them right next to my pillow!