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Part 15: A Day A Day.

Last time, we helped a crippled adventurer get his wife's bracelet back, destroyed a ghost ship, and got the one item that will completely trivialize this game. Oh, and we got a boat.

As awesome as Gatling Raid is, it does have a few problems. One, it reduces REA to only 25% the turn you use it. Two, ACC takes a -50 hit (which sucks because it's based on how many hits you pull off). But those two are pointless because Rudy almost always moves last anyways, and you NEED to use it with Lock-On anyway.
But the third issue is seen here. You can increase the ammo supply of any Cartridge by spending Alter Parts on it. Boosted Shell, Snipe Bullet and Solid Storm are the first-tier Cartridges, and only cost one to upgrade. In order to increase Gatling Raid, it costs two Alter Parts. So increasing the ammo for Gatling Raid is tricky. (Incidentally, this is why I never used it at first, because I thought it used all the bullets in the Gatling Raid cartridge, not the ARM itself.)
That said: Tech Constant of 18. WORTH IT.

Anyway, I did some thinking and decided at the moment, it was not worth investing Alter Parts into Gatling Raid, so I put it in the Cartridges so I could use them outside of boss battles when Jack was low on MP. So now Boosted Shell has 5 charges, and Snipe Bullet and Solid Storm have 4 charges each. I want to get those up to five before I start really boosting Gatling Raid. Don't have enough Gella to boost the ARMs enough yet.

We can now move across the ocean on the Sweet Candy, but the battles here are rough. With Migrant Level 4, each sea battle costs 3 ENC to cancel, and I only have 10. Not to mention the sea is a bigger place than the land, so I'm on the sea more. Second, the monsters here are annoying. Mostly, this Largon, which seems alright, except it's got pretty high HP (440) so he can survive some special moves when they aren't being boosted by Force abilities. Second, it's got two special moves.
First, is Magic Zone, which boosts the effect of all magical attacks by about 50%. Second, is that this guy uses Maelstrom, which is a magical move (boosted by Magic Zone) that hits the entire party.. Everyone took about 100-150 damage from it, when it wasn't boosted. Not enough to wipe out the party if I'm fast, but it's enough that it'll drain my VIT making the next battle even more difficult because I didn't have enough VIT to reach full HP again.
There are also a lot of new enemies I can encounter, that I also Voyeured, but this is really the only one that gave me lots of trouble.

Stumbled on Puzzle Box #2, another one-star box. This one gave a PS Memoirs Pen 2 as a reward...these generally tend to give really crappy rewards.

The crossing fate---this story begins from here.

Now with the Sweet Candy, we can return to Aldehyde. I'm linking to the Feeling Wind remix of Adlehyde's theme this time. It's a really beautiful peace, full of nostalgia, as all you can remember of home is but memories veiled in the mist of time. This song doesn't suit Adlehyde at all, which always feels like a busy city, but in the original game, Town was used for more cities than just Adlehyde.

I disassemble Mirror Mirror because I don't really need it. Got it for Phantom whom I promptly destroyed without mercy. Instead I get Life Drain Sparkle, which is a handy little spell to use when Cecilia (and only Cecilia, since it only heals her) is low on HP.

With Tom back, Emma's house is restored and no longer looks charred and damaged like the rest of the city, but she doesn't seem that happy about it.
: Look at my room. It's a mess... Before I was so busy with the excavation, but now I cannot even get my day started.
Now I feel sorry for her. She spent who knows how many months/years finding out where Lolithia's Coffin was, let alone finding the other two Golems that got stolen by the Demons. And then her house gets destroyed.
Although I hate to tell her that her room was this messy before.

To the Northwest of Adlehyde and South of Ruins of Memory is the Puzzle Box #5. Normally I'm not going to go out of my way to show these, but this one deserves it because the reward is awesome. PS FP Advance. This PS costs 8 points to equip (you get one point per level), but it gives that character a starting amount of FP equal to their level. Right now, it's not much, but Jack gets really powerful whenever he can use Accelerator and if I don't clear them out in the first round, they'll be gone by the second round. Rudy could use it too, but I really only need Lock-On for Gatling Raid, and that's reserved for bosses.

Owen: But, it might be better to go by land. Just don't go near the sand dune. I know you boys want an adventure, but you'd better listen to an old man.
I actually have to come back to this guy because I'm stupid and forgot to talk to him, learning the location of Rosetta Town. You can't go by land, because of mountains in the way, but the desert around Rosetta does have monsters that are a little bit more powerful than usual. Nothing we can't handle. There's another NPC in town we need to talk to. A guy hanging out with his dog on the beach.
Lionel: A rare blue stone drifted ashore... Could it be the key to the Giant's Cradle, which is northwest of here?
And now we can find the Giant's Cradle, where the Heartless Giant sleeps.

He knows the morning, when he should wake up.

Giant's Cradle is on the northern shore of the Inland Sea, so it's kinda out of the way...but we can't do much here. We have the Blue Virtue, but we need the Red Malice...not sure where we can find that, so let's go to Rosetta.

On the sea, sometimes you'll run into Super Grow Apples. They are like normal grow apples, except they are fucking fast (REA of 320, Jack has about 113 right now), so you pretty much need to be very high leveled to hit them, or use Accelerator. Jack is only Lv. 22 at the moment, which isn't good enough. But unlike regular Grow Apples, they give 10x the overkill damage back as EXP. And they still have only 1 in all stats (except REA).

The Town shapes its form from inhabitants heart.
Rosetta Town is a nice quiet little town. Nothing much seems to be going on here, so let's talk to a few NPCS.
Lora: Welcome to Rosetta, the best town in all of Filgaia. Rosetta's beautiful and sophisticated atmosphere will be a feast for your eyes.
Heather: The mayor is really smart. He united the townspeople by having us all bully the Elw. Some people feel sorry for the Elw, but the pain of one person is lesser than creating a town-wide bond.
Kimberly: The mayor's disease can't be cured, even by the Sister's magic. Is it an ordinary sickness? Or is the Elw cursing him?
So...the mayor is sick, and everyone is blaming the Elw who happens to live near town? Wait a second, there's an Elw in town? We need more answers, to the mayor! But first books.

The World of the Elw posted:

There is a place known in folklore as the "Last Paradise" and the "World of Elw". At the end of the Great 1000 Year War, the Elw faced a sharp decline in their powers, which meant slow but certain extinction. According to legend, the Elw gathered the last of their powers and skill and moved to small region of Filgaia into subspace. Then, the Elw slowly emigrated somehow, leaving Filgaia for this island in subspace. Eventually, all Elw disappeared from Filgaia. It is said, this World of Elw is still floating in subspace today and has remained as green and verdant as Filgaia of olden times.
Which explains why there's no more Elw anymore...except for this one everyone's talking about.

The Guardian Blade posted:

At the height of the Great War, with both sides taking staggering losses, and Elw forged a magic sword to tip the balance. This sword was called the Guardian Blade. It burned with the fire of life, and was said to be forged out of "living metal". Soon after the sword was completed, the demons were defeated. There are no official records left, but it is not hard to conclude that the sword was an important factor. The sword that guards and protects... The blade has become legend, and is still rumored to be in Filgaia today.
Rumors everyone...most of them false.

The Tombstone, Crow and Sealed Pillar posted:

Where the three big crows gather, big trouble is lying in wait. A cursed melody will awaken it. Challenge will visit the man who plays the tune while facing the ominous stone. Will you overcome the hardship? Or will you yield to it, and go to your death?
This totally doesn't sound creepy at all, and totally isn't a hint for a post-game hidden boss!

He Who Laughs at Gella, Cries for it posted:

"Gella", has been around for a long time, and is the only currency used throughout the world. Gella coins are made of silver. It's believed that silver removes curses and that its shine wards off demons. Silver is also the symbol the purification. But how ironic! The true curse is people's desire to obtain more silver. Its shine serves only to attract, not repel! Beware of its lustrous shine. Do not allow yourself to be ensnared in evil dreams of amassing Gella.
Gimel Coins are also made of silver. And they can bring you back to life!

Seth: So my brother and I... Will punish the evil Elw back.
Richard: The Elw is cursing our daddy even though there is no reason. When the mayor is sick in bed, the government does not function. In order to stop these problems, we should deal a crushing blow to the Elw.
Yeah...leave the monster slaying to us kid. We'll take care of this. The mayor is a bit further back.

Harvey: Wanderer boy... Will you got to the Elw and end its curse?
Yeah yeah, go beat up monsters. Typical RPG hero stuff. The place we have to go is in a forest right next to the city. Not that far.

Nothing suspicious here...and only one crow..

When we get there (The Secret Garden), we're greeted Oh and Cecilia, I've heard the same thing said about dandelions.
: I have only seen a flower this wonderful in books at the Abbey...
: I never thought there were still places in Filgaia that could grow such a flower...

Oops, looks like we woke up some little girl from her nap...wait a second. Ears? She's the Elw? But she's too cute and harmless to be dangerous!
: Sorry to disturb you. But, I just had to admire this unusual flower.
: This is indeed a beautiful flower. Did you plant this?
: (Girl in the Flower Garden) Um... Do you like flowers?
: Of course. I love flowers. This is my first time seeing such a blossom.
: ... ... ...
I get the feeling she's going to break the ellipse count in this game.
: I am never sure how to handle this type of girl... Did I do something wrong?
: Jack, you're boisterous and insensitive. Of course you did something wrong!
: Would you like to be ground up as fertilizer? Because that would surely be a step toward revitalizing Filgaia.
The girl just pretty much ignores those two buffoons, and focuses on Cecilia and Rudy.
: ...I greatly appreciate your love for the flower... ...But... But I must advise you to leave here immediately... ...I do not believe you should be talking to agirl like me... ...I am... I am not like you... ...I am...
: You are an Elw, right? I've seen one like you before inside one of the ruins.
: Yes, although what we saw was the hologram of an Elw.
: Are you not afraid of the Elw then?
: The more we traveled, the more we encountered different types of beings. We have seen funny ones, irritating ones, weird ones, strong fighters, and pathological liars. We've seen a little bit of everything. So seeing an Elw who is a gardener would not surprise us one bit.
: Besides, we have encountered unique characters before.
: Right... You're downright benign compared to the monsters and demons we have seen.
I dunno, Zed's pretty harmless too.
: One question... I learned at the Abbey that the Elw were banished after the Great War 1,000 years ago. Seeing you here makes me wonder if there are any more Elw left in Filgaia.
: No... I'm the only one. I'm the only Elw left in Filgaia.
: You're the only one? How come?
: I am here to help rebuild the scarred planet... I found myself compelled to stay after everyone else fled.
She crouches down by the flowers...then we get interrupted.
Seth: Hey, where did you come from?

Oh great, those two brats.
Richard: Yeah, that's our property! Take it and we'll sue you!
: They look alike and think alike. Think they're evil twins?
Seth: She's not human! She's an Elw!! If you touch her, you'll get a disease!
The two storm up, but Rudy blocks their path.

Sorry kids, Rudy's built like a tank. His DEF score is too high for you do to anything to him. Jack walks up too.
: Jack?! They're just kids, Jack!
Seth: So you're a tough guy. What are you going to do? Listen, tough guys. Our dad is the Mayor of Rosetta!
Richard: Yeah! Put one finger on us, and we'll sue you for child abuse!
Dammit! This world has lawyers too?
Seth: You guys all deserve to be cursed anyway!
Richard: You guys need to be taught some manners!
And then those two run away...yeah.
: This is the next generation?
: Why did you stick up for me? My name is Mariel and... I don't know... I'm just lonely.

And then Mariel invites us in for tea.
: You sure love your flowers. I would be happy if I could grow flowers as beautiful as yours.
: There is more than just being beautiful... There is more to it...
: It's OK, Mariel. Take it easy.
: ... ... ... ...I'm sorry... ... ... ... I believe a flower which can grow from a wasteland is as strong as it is beautiful. ... ... ... I am... I am weak... That is why I always yearn for strength...
She kneels down to a low shelf to pull something out. It looks sharp.
: Be careful with that!

: My brother was a blacksmith... This is a broken piece of the sword my brother crafted. The only thing he left for me... This broken sword represents my brother's mistake... I want to become strong so that I can make amends for his mistake...
That metal doesn't look like anything normal...
: ... ... ... You are growing a flower in this wasteland. Only a strong person could accomplish that, right?
: But... I am... I am not strong... ... ... ... Those kids we just saw... Their father is afflicted with a serious illness. I... I was not able to tell anyone about the herb, which can cure his illness... If only... If only I were strong enough to tell someone.
: But you just did, Mariel.
: The herb known as Arnica, which is found in the southern woods, can certainly cure his illness! But, I never thought they would accept anything from me...
: Why don't we go with you tomorrow to pick the...
: Arnica.
: Right. Let's all go to pick the Arnica.
: We need to make sure that the people in town know that Mariel is not alone. You are not alone anymore, Mariel. All of us are with you.
: ...Thank you.
It then fades to black, and fades back in outside of Mariel's house. It's the dawn of a new day!
: The Elw left us with a mound in the southern woods. Some of the unique herbs still grow there in small quantities... Would you please accompany me there? soon as I loot all of your barrels and pick up PS Floral Arts! This is a really good PS which doubles the effects of the healing Berry items. Of course, I never use them so...yeah. There is also a Mega Berry in the house, along with a book.

The Magic of Moonlight posted:

Successful gardening is based on a passion for nurturing plants. It is advised to plant the same kind of seedlings side by side. Two seedlings will help each other to grow faster. Humans are also known to perform better with a companion by their side. Perhaps it is no coincidence.

The Two different worlds will be one on this pass.

Odd, this place uses the same music as the Elw Shrines...I wonder what's so special about it? Anyway, there's a stump up ahead with the herb we need. Man, if only picking herbs in Ivalice was as easy as picking herbs in Filgaia!

: The boy's father will recover with this.
Cue the terrible duo...
Seth: She has a hidden play area in the forest.
Richard: Let's make this ours! The old places are getting boring.
Mariel walks up to them and spreads her arms wide, as if to block them.
Seth: Move! Our daddy is the greatest man in town. You don't want to cross us.
: This is an important flower... Please, don't pick it...
Richard: I told you move, didn't I? Do you understand the word? Elw! Evil creatures! They only understand one thing!
They shove on Mariel, who stumbles backwards, caught by Cecilia and Jack. Rudy just walks forward and...

Smacks one of the boys right across the face.
Richard: Brother! He hit me! This can't be! The son of the mayor, slapped by a vagrant?
Seth: What did you do to my brother? I'm gonna tell my daddy!
: This herb is to fix that old man's illness. Mariel came to get it for him and this is how you thank her?
: Humans and Elw both live in Filgaia. They are not the same, but... Even though they weren't born here, if you have the mind to sympathize, I believe that we can live together. Even if we are fighting right now, someday it will... (...well, someday. I seek not to fight, but to end the fighting. At the end of my journey, if I choose to fight, there can be no future. )
Richard: Don't try to double-talk us! I heard that human history is all about war! The strong preying upon the weak!
Oh fuck, I thought this game didn't have any of this Darwinism evolution crap in it that the future games enjoy using.
Seth: You fight too! You punched my brother; that's fighting! Even though you're bigger and tougher, don't push your luck with us!
And then they scurry off again.
: It's all right now. You told me you will be strong, didn't you?
Mariel ignores Hanpan and walks up to Rudy, taking his hand.
: ...Must have hurt...didn't it...? This hand... way it didn't hurt... … ... ... ...I... don't know... ...what to do. ...You hurt this hand for me... ...I don't know what to say... You are so nice... I've never been treated like this. I don't know how to answer...
Rudy breaks away from her, picks the herb, and then gives it to Mariel.
: Is...this?

I made an animated GIF of Rudy nodding, since he does it quite a bit in this game. Figured it would be good to have something to future use.
: ... ... ... Like flowers, I should become strong... ...I should... ... ... … This... I will deliver to their father. ...Well... Can you come with me?
Received Event Item [Arnica Herb]!

Back at town, I do some more poking around, and stumble across a cave behind a building with...this in there.
: ...Oh, but now I remember things! OK, as a token of my gratitude, I will tell you one of my sayings every day! I have enough sayings for a year and a day.
Picture shamelessly stolen from geri_khan's LP of Wild ARMs 3. Ahhh Armenguard, it's nice to see you again too. I forgot you were in this game! There's just one problem...

No one has actually transcribed her quotes for this game yet.

So...yeah. My PS2 hates Alter Code: F enough as it is so I cannot play the game, talk to her, quit the game, change the date, talk to her again...That would take me like 5x as long as it would someone else. I did a bit of searching, couldn't find her list of quotes. If someone else finds it, that would be greatly appreciated.
And if someone goes the extra mile and transcribes everything themselves I will be eternally grateful and probably buy you an avatar or some other kind of forums upgrade. It might be easier to use an emulator for that...but PS2 emulators really suck and I'm not sure it would really be any faster..
Anyway, every day I stop by Rosetta Town, I'll talk to her, and record the date. Not much, but hey, a few days is nice.

: (June 22nd) Today's saying is, "like finding a lantern at night." When at a loss in the dark of night, at the edge of the road, you'll find a lantern. This is nice but too good to be true. This could be a trap or something. But if you find the lantern, it'll be useful. Like this, the saying is describing a lucky person, the sort who will find a lit lantern when he needs one.
Of course...I'm never going to be that lucky. FUCK YOU RNG!!

EDIT: Yeah, I was a bit excited to see Armengard again that I forgot to count her name as a Fuckup. Seriously, who names their kid Armen Guard? Fuck Up Count: 16
EDIT 2x: Polsy, have I told you recently that you are amazing? Thanks for supplying a link to all of her sayings. The left side is original Japanese, the right side is what Agetec translated.

Oh right, back to this guy.
Harvey: Cough... Cough cough! What are you talking about? Why would the Elw bring me an herb that cures my disease? Are you saying I should believe you? My disease was caused by the Elw's curse. So then... Cough cough... cough!
: Do you understand how Mariel must have felt when she was gathering the herb to bring to you?
: When we were picking the herb, we ran into your sons. Why don't you ask your sons to tell you what happened. Then you can think whatever...
Harvey: Cough... Cough Cough! I treated the Elw so bad, but the Elw... This... this girl, brought the herb for me?
: Mariel came to you with an open mind and open heart. You should treat her the same way.
Mariel takes the herb out of her bag and hands it over.
Harvey: Will you give me some time? Allow me some time to think about this... And some time to atone for my mistakes.
Sounds like you've already thought it over....anyway, the group meets back at the edge of town.
: Well, thank you very much. I think I feel a little better because you guys were here with me.
: Going back to the flower garden? Want us to go with you?
: I'm OK. Now I want to be able to help you guys back. I know! I will grow herbs in the garden. Swing by anytime. This is what I can do for you in return.
You have no idea how awesome of a reward this is.
: She has changed.
: Everybody has a weakness... But anybody can become stronger, too. I should remember that...
Right, the game lets us wander around town a bit more, but when we try to leave...
: Oh, here you are! I've been looking for you!

: What do you mean, you've been looking for us?!
: No, no, no, no! I don't wanna fight you or anything. I have a get-rich-quick quest. You guys should join my team. We'll go treasure hunting!
: We have very interesting information, but the quest is a little bit too much for just the two of us. So, we came looking to see if you guys could possibly help us.
: You don't have to be so polite. But... Isn't it weird to ask for help without telling us what kind of work this is?
: That is reasonable. OK, ever hear of the Guardian Blade? It's a very powerful magical sword. It's all everyone around here's talking about!
: It sounds familiar...
: Don't play around!! It's popular folklore. Everyone's heard of the Guardian Blade! Lately, rumors of its current resting place are spreading all over. You must have heard something.
: Actually, we were wandering in forests, looking for medicinal herbs... Is it a famous legend?
: Come on, guys...wanderers should be keen on all the current news. Well, it's OK. It'll tell you the information. I want you to help us. We should be a team. We'll find lots of treasure!
: Accept treasure hunt offer. || Politely decline.
: Now that's what I'm talking about. You may be a decent guy after all. I had my doubts. OK now, we'll share information. I heard the Guardian Blade is located in the ruins called the Volcannon Trap. There are two paths winding through the Volcannon Trap, and we have to conquer both paths at the same time. Now you understand why we wanted your help. It'd be risky for just me and Magdalen. With two teams there's less risk, and no one's going it alone.
: It sounds good. But, there is one thing that bothers me. You heard concrete info about this sword that's been lost for 1000 years. Why now?
: That's a valid point. It's something that bothered us, too.
: You're saying somebody intentionally spread the rumor? If they did, then the whole ruins might be a trap.
: : Then that sounds good to me. The more valuable the treasure is, the harder it is to obtain, usually.
WHAT? What the hell kind of logic is that? It's an obvious trap, so clearly the treasure must actually be there. Jane, please tell me you're smarter than that.
: I agree. Besides, it doesn't matter how high the hurdle is, wanderers can handle anything.
God dammit! Please tell me falling for traps isn't going to go into your family history...otherwise anyone with the last name of Maxwell is certain to be fucked.
: The Volcannon Trap is located to the north of the Ship Graveyard on a small island in the inland sea. We must be well-prepared, though. It feels almost... evil there.
Jane joined the party!
Magdalen joined the party!

The redemtive land will be the way to the future.
But first, this! (That is not how you spell redemptive...)
: Welcome... Here, I can help you grow useful flowers for your journey. I have all the water and soil necessary to start. All you have to do is to choose 'Gardening'.

Hmm, a hex system? More foreshadowing?
Anyway, gardening is fundamentally the same as it was in Wild ARMs 3. In order to Raise a plant, you have to first sacrifice one to form a seedling, and then you can plant them in any one of the 8 7 plots. There is one plot for each plant. You can Improve Breed to increase the chances of that plant growing properly. Each plant has a base percentage that will be how likely they are to produce an item when enough time has passed. To Improve Breed, you sacrifice one to increase that percentage by 1%. You get an EX File Key when you get all seven plants at 100%. Harvest just gives you items.
The base percentages are: Heal Berry (60%), Potion Berry (30%), Mega Berry (15%), Revive Fruit (30%), Force Carrot (10%), Nectar (20%), and Small Flower (5%).
Right now, I have one of each plant, so I can make as seedling for each, and increase the odds. I'll just sacrifice all my healing items since I never use them, except for keeping a few Revive Fruits. I actually have enough to get Heal Berry to 100% already, which the game tells you by showing the name of the item in green.
For now, I'll just worry about Force Carrots. I don't need the others enough to justify growing them, and Force Carrots can help break the game in half even sooner.

Speaking of breaking the game in half, remember these guys? With the PS MP Repair you can steal from them? The guys hanging around Adlehyde? PS MP Repair has two uses. First, while equipped and walking around, MP will gradually restore point by point. This is useless for Cecilia and Emma, who have spells too expensive to make it practical, but it's great for Jack and Jane, who have really cheap spells. That is the WEAKER of the two uses for it. The second and greater use?

Yup. They sell for one gella under A MILLION. With this much money, I could easily get all 18 bullets in Rudy's ARM and just shatter all difficulty this game has to offer...until we reach post-game content in which case it's assumed you're already using this properly.
However, these two PS MP Repairs did not come without cost. I spent a couple hours grinding away at this. Potion Berries have a steal weight of 50 on Rat Monkeys. Nectars have 25 and PS MP Repair has 12.5. So theoretically, I should get one PS MP Repair one out of every 7 or 8 steals.
At the time this screenshot was taken, I had 19 Potion Berries in my inventory. This was AFTER I went back to the Secret Garden multiple times throughout the stealing session (go to an inn and get MP back for Jane and Jack who was practicing Strike Buddy) and gave Potion Berry 100% growth rate for Mariel. So I got approximately 60 Potion Berries (and who knows how many Nectars) just trying to get these two MP Repairs. FUCK YOU RANDOM NUMBER GOD!

: Fuck you too, cheater.
: Hey hey, be nice to him! What did he ever do to you?
: He named a spell "Fuck You RNG!!" I think he deserves this!
: So if he renames the spell, you'll forgive him?
: I suppose.
Fuck no. That name's staying!
: So be it.

Ahem. Anyway, I'm only going to sell one PS MP Repair and give the other to Jack who desperately needs it to be awesome. For the rest of the million Gella I now suddenly have...I'm not going to spend it on Rudy's ARM, I want this game to give me some fighting chance.

Instead, I'm going to clear out an annoying side quest. Throughout the game, you can donate money to rebuild Adlehyde. The first 15000 Gella gets you a special item, the Item Scope which LETS you find items on the world map. Mostly healing items or crappy PS you'll find in chests, but it's kind of a dick move that they didn't give it to you at the beginning of the game, and you might never get it because you're too busy upgrading Rudy's ARM instead of donating. Regardless, they need 600,000 Gella to end the side-quest. And your reward?

The Tool Shop (whom is in the destroyed ACE grounds since his shop is destroyed and hasn't been rebuilt yet) will sell you more stuff. At first he starts healing items that cure status effects that the other shops will sell you, but once you donate enough money, he'll start selling PS...although only the Lv. 1 versions of most of the PS that have four levels. Again, kind of a dick move in that these are stuff you should really have access too a lot easier and you don't get enough without stealing, which you can't do without Jane who is never in the party long enough to do significant stealing!
So yeah...basically the remaining 400,000 Gella is spent on these PS, getting 6 of the Defense/Resist Up 1, HP Up 1, and most of the elemental Break 1. I ran out of Gella trying to buy Ray and Dark Break, but I'm good. Also, Full Libra 1, which prevents against instant death attacks. I won't need those yet, but I'll get need them much later on. Oh, and you can also buy one ( and only one) Crest Graph and Migrant Seal from this guy once you donate enough as well.
And if you're angry at me for getting this stuff, then please understand that I could have spent all of this money on getting Rudy's 15 total bullets with just that 400k Gella, and I could have gotten the last 3 bullets with another MP Repair. I'm not breaking the game in half with this money, I'm just getting the fucking stuff the game should have given me already.

I use the new Crest Graph to get Escape Strategic Evac, which changed slightly from the original game. The original game let you use it to escape dungeons, but this lets you escape from battle...which is good because you have no runaway option. I won't use it though...except for a very specific purpose later on.

Rudy isn't the only character with an ARM, and I can upgrade Jane's as well. I get her some more ATK Bonus (15, +9 change) and Bullets (6, +1 change). Why more Bullets for her too? You'll find out...

Anyway, ending the update here. Next update will come pretty soon, and will consist of Volcannon Trap in it's entirety. This was going to be the same update, but this has way too many and Volcannon trap just took it over the character limit per posts.

End of update status:
: Level 21 → 23
--ATK Bonus: 46 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 7 (Lv. 4)
--Used 4 Alter Parts. +2 Boosted Shell, +1 Snipe Bullet and Solid Storm.
: Level 21 → 22
--Speed Fang: Lv. 4 (146 / 225)
--Strike Buddy: Lv 4 (96 / 270) (somehow leveled it up while grinding against Rat Monkeys)
--Burst Breaker: Lv 2 (18 / 32)
--Acute Angle: Lv. 2 (8 / 36)
: Level 21 → 23
--Forgot Mirror Mirror. Learned Sparkle
--Learned Strategic Evac
: Level 22 → 23
--She's back!
--ATK Bonus: 6 (Lv. 0) → 15 (Lv. 2)
--Bullets: 5 (Lv. 0) → 6 (Lv. 1)
: Level 22 → 23
--He's back!
Gella: 1121
Migrant Seals: 5
Ex. File Keys: 2/25
Fuck-Ups: 16

Version Differences:
The search system kinda screws you over figuring out where to go next, because you can't find Rosetta or Giant's Cradle without being told by random NPCs you may have not spoken to..
Armenguard Armen Guard is back from Wild ARMs 3!
More stuff with Jane, like upgrading her ARM alongside Rudy. She doesn't have cartridges though.

Next Time:

I can't say anything this picture doesn't already say..