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Part 21: Under the Sea

Last time we stormed the Photosphere and were assisted by a mysterious blue robed figure, retrieved the Teardrop and then destroyed Mother. And now we're drinking to celebrate saving the world!

Oh come on Jack, you don't want to join in the party?
: Well, I would like to thank everyone for their help. I have recovered the Teardrop; I feel like I have fulfilled my duty as a noblewoman. Thank you very much.
: I don't mean to spoil the party, but I haven't finished what I came here for. I cannot finish my journey just yet. Mother is not the one I had to defeat. There is still another... Jack Van Burace needs closure. Otherwise, his journey will not end.

He/she's baaaaack....

Oh, so FINALLY you recognize Alhazad? Took you long enough.

These two pop in quietly.

...actually, yeah I may have forgotten you a bit, since we haven't fought you yet.

And Mr. E is back.
: No! You are?
: This blue robe is stealth-treated. Even Mother cannot detect my presence.

: My name is Zeikfried. And... We are the Quarter Knights who will be taking over Filgaia!
Hello! My name is Zeikfried Montoya! You killed my Mother, prepare to die!
...wait a second. Look at Zeikfried's shoulders. Then look at the shoulders of the Blue Robed Figure. Seriously? You couldn't model it so that it at least looked like Zeik was under that armor? But this isn't an Agetec fuck-up, so it won't count against them.

I love how this man is a coward most of the time, but on his ship, dammit, Bartholomew is GOD!
: Accept this as our declaration of war. Filgaia is ours now. We shall annihilate the Guardians! The force which supports the lives of all who breathe shall be pulverized!
: We got the Teardrop back! I will not let it go ever again.

Cecilia pulls out her Teardrop...while Zeikfried pulls out another Teardrop as well? Dammit, did we get a fake?
: We got enough data on that energy crystal to create our own Teardrop.
Worse, they are using the fake.
: And... Here's another surprise!

The fake Teardrop suddenly starts emitting a black aura, which begins to overflow and spread wildly.
: Stay put. The end is coming. We shall put an end to all Filgaia!

Then, suddenly all of them teleport out in their respective styles. Alright. I really have to question Zeikfried's plan here. We JUST defeated Mother. We're exhausted as hell. Yes, we're reinforced by Jane and Magdalen now (fuck Bartholomew, he's useless) but you got the entire Quarter Knight team there. Heck, I imagine Zed is sitting someplace close, watching and waiting to steal a moment.
Why don't you just gang up and kill us now?
JRPG Villains...

: I'm sick and tired of your talk! Come and show us what you've got! Princess!! We're still on, aren't we?! Those demons... We cannot back out once they initiate their first move into the world.
: ... ... ... Its black sparkle is the opposite of the 'Teardrop'. Let us head back to Adlehyde. We need to inform our people, and we need time to plan.

The whole group is here. Rudy, Cecilia and Jack to the right, Jane, Magdalen and Bartholomew to the left. Emma walks in to the center.
: I think we're all accounted for. It is good to see everyone here on time!
: Excuse me, Boss... What did you bring us here for? What do you have in mind?
: I am not your 'boss'. I am the leader of this vigilante group. If we are to be victorious, we must unite and follow one chain of command. Naturally, I'll be the one giving commands. As you have all reported, the demons are moving into Filgaia with a devious plan. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate the Guardians from Filgaia... Plunging the world into total suffering. It is a cold and calculating plan... But cowering in fear will get us nowhere! The least we can do right now is organize the soldiers quickly and be prepared. That's the least we can do...

...she's gone mad with power! Then again, I think she was already mad, but because she didn't have power, no one listened to her.
: What do you say? Do you understand the importance of this vigilante group?
: I see how you somehow managed to come to this conclusion.
: What's most important in experimentation is the result, now how it started or how it's carried out. The result is everything.
: I'm still not sure how I got suckered into all this.
: Personally, I like the idea of gathering us all together.
: OK! Here's my plan! First, our main force needs to be organized by Rudy and his followers. Next... I need Captain Bartholomew with his Sweet Candy for sea transportation, and for backup in case of battle. Last, I need Jane and her butler working together as an independent mobile force unit to gather any useful information. Let me move on to the next issue... We need a plan to protect our Guardians. I have asked an expert to help us. Here she is.

Yup. There is a reason I made a mugshot for her.
: Master Anje! What happened?
: My Guardian knowledge is extensive, so I've been made special vigilante advisor... But I'm a little embarrassed.
: OK, our special advisor will explain the guidelines of our plans.
: Yes. Since the demons are obviously threatened by the Guardians... What if we allied ourselves with an even greater Guardian?
: An even greater Guardian?
: Yes, indeed. Perhaps one of the highest, this Guardian possesses the power of mind control. By freeing the Guardian Lord, we shall expel those who attempt to invade us.
: At which temple has the Guardian Lord been worshiped?
: The Guardian Lord is situated in an old temple far from the sea shore. Very far from Adlehyde. The temple is the 'Fallen Sanctuary'. Humans have not set foot there in ages.
: Are you trying to say that we cannot get there by sailing through the inland sea? How do you think we can get there then?
: It is your job to find a way there.
: I knew it. So much for the 'plan'.
: Anyway, what is your job, 'Leader'?
: Me? I am doing something only I am capable of doing. Rudy, could you bring me the 'Walpurgis Night'?
Oh right, we've still got that.

: Anything interesting in there?
: Everything is interesting in here. 'Sea of Wind'...which illustrates the way to fly. My job is to study this book, conduct experiments, and to invent a flying device.
: That is a bold statement. It almost sounds too bold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
: Ok! Everyone get to work! We don't have much time left! Let's go!

Everyone else scurries away, leaving the party here to talk amongst themselves.
An instrumental version of Windward Birds starts playing here again, this time with a flute playing the melody. I'm not going to worry a link to the song, since the Rocking Heart version is a bit too metal for the current mood, and the scene is pretty short.

: We recovered the 'Teardrop'. Your journey with us is over, princess.
: Hey... That's not nice.
: But, your revenge... Isn't that right? You told me before this journey.
: ... ... ...
: ...I see. Our journey is over. Since I have the 'Teardrop' once more, the Princess's journey is over... But MY journey is not over! During our journey, thousands of thoughts crossed my mind. And I have come to the realization... Filgaia must be saved... And I must take part in it! Rudy... I want to fight too! I want to continue this journey with you! Please... Take me with you!
: Let her participate in the journey || Order her to stay and serve as a noble
: Thank you... Thank you so much for letting me go with you...
: So much for being a 'princess'. ...Anyway, we have to stick together, through thick and thin, OK?
: OK. Through thick and thin.
Quit complaining Jack. You're twice as powerful with her around. Four times when we include Rinse and Repeat.
: It would be foolish to go find this Guardian Lord at the 'Fallen Sanctuary' without a shrine maiden on our team.
Normally I would complain about not using Shaman here, since that's the more "correct" translation of Miko...Shrine Maiden actually works here, when you consider that the Fallen Sanctuary is a Shrine to the Guardian Lords.
: Let's gather information from the town and castle. And any other towns and villages. We can use all the information about the 'Fallen Sanctuary' we can get.

Yeah, fuck that shit. Remember this door? The one Jack was standing suspiciously in front of in the prologue? Time to unlock it with a Duplicator.

The three chests contained 2000 Gella, Crest Graph, and 500 Gella, while there are three more Duplicator chests above. I only have one...and don't feel like using it on these quite yet.

When you send models to Tom, it'll take a few random encounters for him to finish building...which is why I'm really confused why he hasn't finished it yet considering I gave it to him before we got Asgard.

With the Crest Graph, I pick up Retaliate Hamado, and dispel Sparkle and Chop-Chop. In their place I learn Shield Soft, which gives the entire Vanguard +100% Defense to physical attacks, and Resurrection Phoenix, which brings back party members with 1 HP. It's a decent spell, but it's expensive and 1 HP really isn't a lot. That said, there are no Goat Dolls in this game to abuse, so this is the best I've got. Oh, and Rudy's got another Bullets upgrade, now up to 9.
Post-LP Note: I screwed up.

Raitzeno posted:

Is that the way they spelled it in the PSP retranslation? Cause I'm pretty sure it used to be Hamedo.

Krysmphoenix posted:

I didn't even think to check the spelling.

EDIT: It's First Strike in War of the Lions.

Dominique: Lets of people all around Filgaia get together to watch the battle and drink assorted concoctions. There has got to be a better way to spend your money and time though... For instance, how about spending some time helping others who are far less fortunate.
This lets us find the Arena, but we can't reach it because it's in the Outer Sea.

I use a Name Tag to repair the Fuck Up with Armengard. I won't debate whether it's Armengard (Wild ARMs 3) or Amengard (Wild ARMs 4), but I can clearly tell that Armen Guard is wrong. For now, I'm going with the Wild ARMs 3 spelling because this game uses that engine.
Regardless, rejoice Armengard, you're free!

Harvey: Southwest of Rosetta, in the channel between the inland and outer seas, there is a whirlpool. Ancient town lore says the whirlpool is the entrance to a Guardian's castle that is in the depths of the ocean. Trading merchants usually don't put much stock in such stories. But lately there's been reports of sea dragon sightings! I know that this is really selfish of me to ask you this. But, if nothing's resolved, no merchant ships will travel here. And, that's really bad since our town depends heavily on trading. Will you please go to the whirlpool and try to contact the Guardian? Try to ask him what he's up to. This Sea Dragon's Scale will help you communicate with him...
Obtained Event Item [Dragon Scale]!
This game doesn't really give you an idea of where you're supposed to go next, but talking to various NPCs and more specifically people on the Sweet Candy (if you bother talking to them) will poke you to Rosetta to pick up this.

I give Mariel our new loot, 13 of those Force Carrots came from harvest, but it's really starting to finish up nicely there. Once Force Carrots finish up, I'll probably do Small Flowers next, because those are the rarest to find in chests, and I'd prefer to tackle those once I get all those out of the chests. As usual, I keep 3 Revive Fruits in case Cecilia gets knocked out.

Raypoint 5th
The fifth and sixth Elw Shrines had their loot sealed off by Teardrop doors. Raypoint 5th has PS SOS Auto Guard, and the Hospital model, while Raypoint 6th has PS Counter 1 and 2 Duplicators.

...alright. Calling Fuck Up Count: 18 on this one. One, what's this about "Priest's proof?" Two, that spacing just strikes me as ugly. Why separate Dragon and Scale to separate lines when there is clearly room...and then place a line break light after aloft, making it look even worse?

...that is a really big whirlpool.

: Those clouds came out of nowhere! ... ... … The Sweet Candy cannot take much more of this, Cecilia, or it will be torn to bits!
I'm giving it all she's got, Captain!

Suddenly Cecilia's cellphone rings Teardrop shines.
: Lucadia... ...The Guardian of the Sea. ...I can hear you... Your thoughts are being delivered straight to my heart...
: What was that!?

Oh crap.
: The sea... I have spent all my years at sea, but I have never seen that before!
: Yes... ...I understand... I will follow your will... ...Please... Show me...
: Princess! What's happening?! Are you OK?

Cecilia starts glowing, Jack shakes her. Suddenly she starts randomly flying in the air, Jack holds on tight and drags Rudy along for the ride. They fly straight into the tornado.

The tornado sinks to the bottom of the sea...and the whirlpool vanishes.
: If that wasn't the wildest thing I've ever seen...
I think the Photosphere falling from the sky would go above that. Then again, this is a sailor we're talking to, who would see a water-based thing like this as more impressive.

The message from sea calls back the old memory.

The moment we enter, Lucadia talks to us. Also, I'm going to use a mugshot for Lucadia. The mugshot is from Wild ARMs 5 (specifically taken from Darkhamsterlord's LP of it), when she (in that game) was the fourth Force Ability for the Sea Medium. I just feel like using it.
: I have a message for the Medium. Please go into my temple to receive my will. The 'Dragon Scale' is the key to opening this temple from any ocean. When you wave my scale while at sea, whichever ocean you may be sailing, you will be led to this temple...
Simply put, we can use the Dragon Scale from anywhere in the ocean now to enter the Dragon Shrine. However, for some reason we can't actually leave while were here...which sucks because I had to redo the entire update several times because of something in here. When I realized I couldn't leave to get the proper spells, I had to start from scratch completely.

Notice we've got the green "Full-heal and save" crystal, and in the top of the screen you can see a blue "teleport you somewhere else" crystal is out of reach. We can't reach it quite yet, but remember it for future updates.

This is Jack's third tool, the Jump Boots. It lets him jump up and hit the ground with a harder force. Those rusty switches we couldn't activate by stepping on? You need the jump boots to give them a proper boost. Notice the two Duplicator chests here, which I already opened with the Duplicators from the Elw Shrine. They contained a HP Up 3, and Water Break 3, two very good PS that get equipped on Rudy and Cecilia respectively.

Jack always lands with a little shockwave with this on, to show the amount of force in these. This switch here opens up the two blue doors to the left side. The switch lower down will cause Jack to jump again, and land on the upper floor here. Those jump pads are probably used more often than the rusty switches.

Eel Volk here is an oddity. This is a water dungeon, and as you'd expect, all enemies here use water attacks, be it Pressure or Hydro Launcher. Eel Volk also has Voltage Spark, which deals Thunder elemental damage, which is water's opposing element in this game. You need to use ice attacks to hit it's weak spot...although Cecilia isn't strong enough to one-shot them with an Ice Gem.

If you notice here, the ledge Jack is on is a bit higher than the other one. This ledge needs the jump boots for Jack to grab on. The chests contained a Lucky Card and a Revive Fruit. The door to the top leads to chest containing a River Orb. Interesting... Now we backtrack and enter the other door the jump pad previously unlocked.

This room acts as a bit of a hub for the next portion of the dungeon. There is a giant pillar in the center, with a spiral staircase and four floors. Each floor has a dragon head where you can put one of the orbs. This may have been slightly mistranslated, but this riddle here explains everything. There are four orbs, Sky, Mountain, River and Ocean. Sky goes on top, then Mountain, River then Ocean.
This is made significantly easier when you realize that the floor you get each orb on matches where you put the orb in the pillar. Easy, but I like puzzles like this where there is a symbolic riddle that goes with it. Reminds me a lot of one of the later dungeons in Wild ARMs 5, where as you went through you had to solve various riddles...and then the final riddle referenced each of the riddles in that dungeon. I loved that dungeon.

I don't know when these started, but recently they've been picking up in force. Trouble battles are much more likely now. They are like ambushes, except they target one party member only, and when the rest of the party returns, it fucks up your custom order you had set up. We'll just have to deal with this for a long time. Because my Migrant Level is high enough to cancel all battles here, I get a lot of these types of battles. Fortunately, lots of enemies here love using water-based magical attacks, which Cecilia resists with her high Resistance stat and 6 levels of Water Break. Makes up for having pretty much half the HP the guys have.

The bottom floor floor has three panels, only one of them will let you progress, the other two knock you into the water. Did I mention there is water everywhere in this dungeon. There is water everywhere in this dungeon. You fall in it near instantly (no "oops" gesture to cancel out of, just fall flat in) and you have to start back at the beginning of the room. WATER DUNGEONS! This puzzle nabs us the Ocean Orb, and 5 Thunder Gems.

The third floor (the second floor belonged to the River Orb) has these blocks Rudy needs to pick up and toss around to nab the Mountain Orb. Also looted PS Ice Break 3 and an Alter Part.

Madanglers are a bit more annoying. They are the larger physical enemy of the dungeon and have powerful physical hits, and sometimes cast Water Zone, which will dramatically boost the other water enemies here. However, it has poor evasion and an Accelerated Strike Buddy rips them to shreds.

The fourth floor has gems to Change Staff into platforms, for Jack to jump ahead. You actually only need to Change these two columns, not the whole thing. This nabs us the Sky Orb.

Oh shit...please don't use Water Zone and please don't let those four Capricorns use their Party-wide Pressure attack...


: How's it going, chap?
Random Number God dammit... Didn't really mention this, but I'm actually somewhat under leveled. Rudy can't stand magical attacks, and they killed him off fast. Jack managed to get an attack in, but it wasn't enough. By the third round Cecilia had been bombarded enough to use Thunder Fang, but died before she could use it.

Eventually I push through and destroy the four Capricorns, which are the third random enemy in here. A thing with the Gimel Coins though, if you use them for a battle, you get absolutely no experience from it. Not even if you get EXP modifiers or use a Lucky Card. You still get the gella and items (killed them with Thunder Fang for the gems, and revenge)...but it's a hollow victory. At least it fully heals you at the start of the restarted battle, and removes any Trouble or Ambushes that may have happened.

Ugh, this puzzle I remember being stuck on it for a while the first time I tackled it. Each of the wheels turns three of the arrows 90 degrees depending on how you turned the wheel. When you land on one of these, it'll send Jack that direction when he lands on it, and will sink into the water, so if you create an "infinite loop", you'll actually just land in the water and reset the puzzle. Landing right past the top right corner will give you loot, landing right past the bottom right corner gives you the way forward.

Did I mention one of them is a mimic? I got REALLY fucking lucky here. The Mimic's Gimmick Hand attack only knocked Cecilia down to 1 HP. It's not a 1 HP attack. Maybe that d20 isn't so sadistic after all.
Who am I kidding?
Anyway, loot consists of the Duplicator from the Mimic, a Gella Card, Crest Graph, and 3000 Gella. There's really only one last treasure room to the side before the last area, which contains PS Olive Branch 2, 3 Potion Berries, and a Gimel Coin.

We reach the deepest part of the Shrine, and Lucadia is there to greet us.

: I am Lucadia... Master of the temple that lies in the Abyss, and Guardian who controls the ocean... In your hands, Medium is the Teardrop. It led thee to me...
: Does the Teardrop link us to the Guardian?
: The demon queen is now defeated... However, the evil has yet to disappear.
: Lucadia, please tell me what the evil ones are trying to do... Zeikfried said that he would cut the throats of the Guardians, to obtain the world. Please tell me what he means by it.
: Currently, the Guardians can't maintain the world's present condition. Therefore... The Guardians came together, amplifying each other's powers. Long ago, the Elw built a network, a system of life energy. The Elw Shrine maintains the life of this world and has kept it alive, but barely.
: Then that device is so important...
: Using the Elw Shrine, the network encompasses the whole planet. We call these life circles the Layline. Laylines are the blood that runs through Filgaia. As you can see, this is literally flesh. That is to say...
So Filgaia is basically a giant planet sized lifeform? Cool. I wonder if we could make another one...

: Zeikfried's idea is brilliant, though it disgusts me.
: Harken!!
: I was following you... No one knows you contacted the Ocean Guardian.
You know, earlier I was complaining about how they let the heroes go earlier? This is about the only reason I can think of the keep the party alive, so they can wake up the Guardians for them to kill.
: You followed me?!
: I always wanted to measure swords with you.
: Wait! Youuu...
: You are only a Guardian. Don't try to come between things that are between a man and a woman. A fast draw skill just like mine... You should be afraid. I will find my answer in battle!

Ahh...Lady Harken, how I remember this agonizing battle. Lady Harken is really a step up in difficulty, because she looooves to counterattack with Azrael (which Wikipedia says is a name for the Angel of Death) dealing about 300 damage to a party member. She also sometimes uses it as a basic attack, which is why Rudy's already at 300 HP. This spell reduces her damage by about 100...which is still pretty good.

In fact, they attack him so much, I pull out Potion Berries to keep him alive. Jacks on secondary healing duty. Although his Quick Step Axel Smash Rinse & Repeat combo is about as deadly as Gatling Raid at times, it takes a lot more setup.

Another thing I've noticed with Gatling Raid. Earlier I mentioned that the formula for it derives pretty heavily from the Luck stat. I've had to redo this section of the game so many times I've really seen a difference in how powerful it is. At Best Luck, Rudy's dealing about 120% his normal power, while at worst he's doing 80%. That's about a difference of 1000 damage at this point. I'm pretty sure Rudy's at Best right now. What the fuck, is the RNG smiling on me? Either way, she's got 5400 HP, so this fight is going to take a while.

She's also got Maximum Risk, which isn't that powerful at first, but as her HP drops, the damage is going to increase. I think every 10 points of damage we do to her increases Maximum Risk's damage by 1. I think that's the proportion at least. I'm just glad this missed.
Not Pictured: Lady Harken using Speed Fang. It's only slightly more damaging than her basic attack. I'm assuming it's heavily based on her Reaction, but I don't have any spells that can reduce that.
Not Pictured: Lady Harken using Burst Breaker. FUCK THIS ATTACK. It's ungodly powerful, will probably KO someone, and will then spread out and KO everyone else. I've had to reset a lot of times with this because I didn't want to waste a Gimel Coin fighting her, because Cecilia needs that EXP.

: Is that your answer? All you can come up with is this?! If so, THIS is my answer!!

When we beat Lady Harken, she attacks us with special attack that sends everyone to 1 HP does absolutely nothing but end the fight. She drops 8000 EXP and 5500 Gella. Because Maximum Risk missed and she thankfully never used Burst Breaker, I put a Lucky Card on Cecilia and a Gella Card on Harken, doubling that to 11000 Gella instead. Cecilia's about halfway to catching up now, but she'll get her advantage soon.

Either way, it looks like we're down for the count...except everyone fully healed because everyone leveled up.

Out of desperation, Lucadia tries to attack Harken, but she parries with Azrael.
: My swift strike, coupled with the power of the Darkness Tear, ends all life it touches, including that of Ocean Guardians! And... My next targets are your pitiful lives!
I like this line. They are using the Darkness Tear to temper their own powers, which explains why suddenly everyone is more powerful than Mother was just a while ago.

The mist from Lucadia's attack swirls around Harken, doing something to her mind.
: This feeling... ...coming over me... Is this the work of the Ocean Guardian?! What are you doing to me?!
: You must know... why this human warrior has the same sword skills that you possess... You must remember... who you are...
: Who I am...?!
: You know everything... Just have forgotten all... ...Think back and speak... ...Your name... ...It was a tribute to your existence!
: I... I am... I am the Red Quarter Knight, the Sword Princess, Lady Harken!
Her determination shakes away the mist. She's free.
: Sword Princess?!!
:This match was interrupted... We will battle another time!
She teleports out, right as Jack reaches out to her.

: As long as there are the Laylines, the Guardians will not be vanquished... ...Medium... Search for... Sanctuary... Follow... Guardian... Sanctuary... they... must be awakened from sleep... Remnants of power... the Guardians... Before... the Laylines... are cut... Please wake... the human spirit... Raise hope in everyone's hearts... .........
The sphere that the Guardian appeared as disappears.
: The Guardian... It's unusual for a Guardian to disappear... when it's not in the form of a Medium. Is this...the way Guardians perish...?
: I don't know how it happened, but I do know that if we don't stop the demons... Filgaia, the Guardians, even us...have no future... Let's hunt them down!

: We must stop them!
So in the end, Lucadia is destroyed...and without a doubt the same could happen to any other Guardian, how that the Demons have the Darkness Tear. Really, Lucadia is a Red Shirt...but this definitely has quite an impact and makes the whole situation seem a lot darker now. It's one thing to kill a Guardian and give us a new Material to's another thing to just kill them outright. I don't think any other Wild ARMs game straight up kills a Guardian.

Sweet, now we can go pretty much anywhere now!

...I might want to do something about being under-leveled sometime soon.

End of update status:
: Level 29 → 31
--ATK Bonus: 46 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 8 (Lv. 5) → 9 (Lv.6)
--Hoarding 1 Alter Part.
: Level 29 → 31
--All current Fast Draws mastered.
: Level 28 → 30
--Forgot Sparkle and Chop-Chop.
--Learned Hamado, Soft and Phoenix.
Gella: 17781
Migrant Seals: 7
Ex. File Keys: 3/25
Fuck-Ups: 18

Version Differences:
Lady Harken doesn't teach Jack new Fast Draws, nor can we steal anything nice from her. I want Jane back.
Lucadia doesn't join as a Material...they just kill it.

A Saying A Day
: (July 23rd) Today's saying is that a beautiful thing is useless. Consider a rose and a peacock......... Beautiful things really excite us, even if they do nothing productive. It's kind of weird. From the evolutionary perspective, only the productive should survive.
: (July 24th) Today's saying is that the sound of glass breaking is as strong as beauty. Sounds and smells can grab the attention even more than sights. Sound like glass breaking and smells like good food are distracting. They can even pull your attention away from a beautiful sight.
: (July 25th) Today's saying is that it if passes a throat, a heat will be forgotten. An old man was swallowed by a huge whale one day. Inside of the whale, it was hot and humid, and there was nothing to do. But a human can adjust to any kind of environment. That's the point of this saying. The old man lived comfortably once he got used to the heat.
: (July 26th) The saying is, 'don't step on death's shadow.' This is what Alan Smithee said, and many wanderers admire him. If it's death's shadow, you'd better keep away from it, my mom told me. But, I understand the wanderers. It's fun to walk on the edges. Like walking in the middle of a road.
: (July 27th) Today's saying is, 'meet you at a busy public place.' If a man asks a girl for a date and this is her response, she means no. It's kind of a mean thing to say. If implies that she wants a lot of people around so she feels safe. It's a degrading and stuck up refusal.
: (July 28th) Today's saying is that a professional doesn't look prudent. An old man sitting off his guard, might be the best of all. He might not look ready, but he is. I tried sitting off my guard, but a dog from the neighborhood just cat by to sniff me.
: (July 29th) Today's saying is that angry hair reaches the sky. It describes how angry a person is with his hair standing on end. I thought I might learn to control this, so I was imagining irritating things. I tried to create a new ......... My imagination must not have been strong enough for the task. I was disappointed with the results.

Next Time:

Weather Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of swords..