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Part 28: Obligatory Trask Appearance

Last time, Captain Bartholomew had a straight string of bad luck. First he gets used as the test pilot for the prototype of the Protowing (Protoprotowing?), and crashes it nearly killing himself. Then he gets roped into dragging Jane and Magdalen to who knows where in order to find one of the Gemini Circuits, only to have his ship attacked by a giant stone stingray and sink with the ship...while carrying the Gemini Circuit. He will be missed.

Over the next several updates I'm going to just try to shove as many Music the Best remixes/arrangements as I can, but the Feeling Wind ones are the most challenging because they are so quiet and meditative. This one I feel sets the mood pretty well. (The original song that played is Ordinary Day, which originally played at the Chow Mein Uprising. Totally Busy is a song that played at a similar meal scene in Wild ARMs 4.)
: How come you don't look disappointed? Or at least pretend to look upset?
: Because of the Captain? He'll be all right. This is the man who survived a fall from the Protowing. We don't need to worry.
Bah, no one really cared about Bartholomew anyway.
: You have a point there.
: God... You mean we worked so hard for nothing?
: Nothing.
: Can you be any more blunt? But Magdalen... His uncharacteristically heroic effort must be applauded.
: Thank you.
: Aren't we all concerned for the Captain? I mean, if this was Rudy, we would all be very worried right about now.
This is because Rudy is awesome. The Captain was just a reason for us to have a ship.
: Let us direct our concern toward plan B.
: All right...
: What's plan B, 'Fearless Leader'?
: This may sound too primitive, but we must travel on foot... Of course, I will be coming with you.
: This is going to be a long day. I need a vacation...
Emma, Jane and Magdalen all leave. I really have no idea what Emma is saying there, although I think her line was supposed to be something more to the effect of "come with me" rather than "coming with you." For now though, we're given control, with no clear goal.

I finally hand over one of the models to Tom so he can be finished with it five dungeons from now. That's about how long it's taking me, despite the fact these are supposed to be done in a few battles. I think it has to be random encounters you deliberately enter, and actually finish without using Strategic Evac.

There are chaff and grain together on the beach.
Since we still have the Protowing, I take a trip to Ship Graveyard because...

I can totally get this chest now. This box stopped us from getting across. Under the box is a pole for the Wire Hook to grapple across, and then you jump down to reach the chest which contains a PS Surprise Guard.

Oh, and there's also a body out here we can drag back to shore with the Wire Hook as well.

He carried out his duty to the very end.
: This is?! The other Gemini circuit that was lost in the inland sea!
: ...No, what you meant was, 'It's Captain Bartholomew!' right?

: Quick! We need to get the Captain to a doctor!
: Oh, yeah. Let's go back at once, and power up the Protowing!
Rudy and Cecilia both glare at Jack for that one.
: We should take the Captain to the hospital first!
Obtained Event Item [Gemini Part]!

: It washed ashore by the Ship Graveyard.
: Wow! I can't believe it!
: Will this help to fix the Protowing?
: Of course. I will not disappoint you. Good job, everyone.

So much for Emma being an "Aunt" figure....

Polsy posted:

Well, at least they didn't go with a more literal translation. She says, 'Come with your older sister (age 39). I'll show you something good.'

To the Emma-Cave!
: But it relies on the other to control the output energy. Each circuit's power may be small, but together they can accomplish much great things. I suppose the same can be said for human beings.

It starts playing an instrumental version of Windward Birds again. I'm surprised how often this song has popped up, and wasn't included in the OST; only the "true" version which I'm very obviously holding back on playing. The Feeling Wind song here has a similar effect, though; it's the Wild ARMs 2 theme.
: They are all my colleagues from different areas of Filgaia. We are all in the same line of work...
Matthew: We are six sons unworthy of their father.
Lulu: Emma called us all of a sudden. But we knew nothing of the aviation device.
Norman: ...We should have known... This is one of our master's dreams.
Tokanaku: It was such short notice. But then again, it is Emma. We should have expected it.
: You are working on this aviation device for Rudy, and ultimately for Filgaia?
These five are the ARM Meisters throughout Filgaia. There are actually two others, Abbot (whom claims Emma studies under, BAH!) is at Adlehyde and Douglas is was at Saint Centaur.
: You are correct. Good job, Nicholli. I knew you were smarter than you look. Yes, there was a pulse that interfered with the Guardian power, right around the far southwestern point... It has been a while since the reading was detected... Something should happen soon. I did not gather all of you for a party. I need you to help me finish up the aviation device. I am going to boss you around more than ever. Watch out!

It fades to black, then fades back to...what I'm going to assume is a sunrise. Could be a sunset. Still gorgeous though. Seriously, that looks like a freaking painting.

: Ok we shouldn't waste anymore time. Let's go for it!! Well, we have some time, but I think it would look cooler if we just go for it. I hear people do better when their backs are against the wall. Come on! We just have to do
it! Gullwing!!! Start the engine and go!!!

We get another take-off sequence (and I get a new wallpaper!), although instead of the plane exiting out of a hole in a gets brought up to the outdoor surface by an elevator. Just how complex is Emma's secret base anyway?

See, game, this is where you would want to put your phoenix metaphor!
Anyway, all the tutorial text is saying is that now we can use the Gullwing to fly over mountains. Before we could stop and kinda get stuck on them a bit, but now we can raise our altitude high enough to soar over them. I didn't mention this before, but while you're flying, you can raise or lower your altitude at will (and if you collide with something, you'll just automatically go high enough so you're above it) and it's actually kinda fun to finally be able to soar wherever you want on Filgaia with nothing stopping you. Good grief, I'm starting to sound like Virginia.

Anyway, no dicking around this time. Only a quick pit stop to forget Mirror Mirror (one of those spells I want in case I need, but never need it) and instead learn Protect Hard which raises Resistance to the entire Vanguard. I didn't mention this before, but the reason I chose Soft and Hard for the defense boosting spells is so it can refer to a mechanic introduced after this game. Soft was a trait some enemies had which dramatically reduced physical damage, but made them super weak against magic. Often appeared on the gooey enemies. Hard was similar in that it (somewhat) reduced magical damage and most physical damage, but there was generally a way to get around it so that at least one of your characters could physically hit them through Hard. However...magic was still a viable option so it didn't really work that way either. Regardless, I wanted this as a bit of a call-back -forward?

They've told us several several times where Pandemonium is this entire game, and now we're finally going in! They really built this place up to be rather important...

Welp, that was fast!
: What a tough defense... I'm sure there is something here!

: Well, we've got things to do. Let's get this out of the way!

Welcome back Turask! Turask, or more often known as Trask, has appeared in EVERY Wild ARMs game at some point. I'm not going to call a Fuck Up on his name, because I think it's supposed to actually be "Tarasque" but it's been misspelled so many times even in English, so this is fine.
Even though Turask has appeared in every Wild ARMs game, he's probably most well known in Wild ARMs 2 because that's when Ashley starts Access, and the scene is pretty awesome. As of such, I'm playing Rocking Heart's remix of the battle theme from Wild ARMs 2.

Right, so enough history, what's up with this Trask? Well, even though this game copied almost everything battle-wise from Wild ARMs 3, that strategy of freezing and burning to destroy the shell won't work. You have to deal with Trask's insane DEF stat, which gets even higher with the "Anti-physical Barrier" which just means he's got higher DEF.

But Jack has Acute Angle which increases damage with the enemy's DEF, so I make good use of it before I cancel away all of Turask's buffs.

However, Turask counters nearly everything with Biological Missile, which deals quite a large amount of damage. Don't use Cecilia to blast him with Magic, you need her for healing and buffing.

Turask also LOVES poisoning people, which is another pain to deal with. I equipped some PS Moon Stones before battle, but only had 2 of Lv. 2 to equip around. Even at Lv.2, it's only a 20% drop in the chance, so it's not that great. Reduces the chance from 65% to 45% to get poison.

Gatling Raid isn't doing too hot in this battle, once again because of his high DEF stat and I didn't realize how much it destroyed Gatling Raid's damage. I should have gotten Chop-Chop for this fight, but it ended up being alright. Just a lot of frantic healing, using Life Flame every once in a while to almost fully heal everyone and get rid of poison, and lots and lots of Gatling Raid makes it fine.
Also, did I mention that Lock-On Active forces Auto-Reload, which also generates a little FP on it's own? Combined with Newton's Wrath and Rinse & Repeat...Rudy can basically just keep firing without pause to get FP back for more Lock-On Active, and with Infinity, it's not going away.

It's a bit of a slugfest, but Turask goes down eventually. It's only got 9000 HP, but that 350 DEF really drew out the battle. Turask drops 19000 EXP, 6000 Gella, and a Migrant Seal. Because of the length of the battle, Jack got a x2 multiplier, Rudy got x1.9 and Cec got x1.5. Everyone levels up, and Jack goes up two levels.

Alhazad is seen floating from above, holding Elmina in it's claws. Note that she's Elmina right now, not Harken.

However, suddenly Turask's body starts turning into poison gas.

: Hahahaha... Even strong warriors are frail when caught off guard. This is one of the best tactics.
: What the? What are you doing, Alhazad? Is that... Elmina... Isn't that one of your comrades!?
: Comrade? Yes, that's right. She's what we need for our plan. That's why she is serving us. Haha...Hahahaha... Now I'm starting something that can't be disturbed. I want you all to be quiet.
All three of them eventually succumb to the poison gas and fall unconscious.

And then we return to Jack and Hanpan trapped in a prison cell, with Jack banging his arm against the wall in anger.
: I wonder if the others are safe? They are in a separate jail cell.
Jack hits the wall again.
: Don't do that! Why are you doing that?!
: Just checking...for numbness...
: What!?
: I think I've recovered. Let's escape, partner!

Dark tear will be fallen from sky with thuneder.
That's not my typo. Anyway, welcome back to Pandemonium. As you can see, we're trapped in the cell. There's some kind of blue fog on the bars and red light on the door, magically trapping us inside. I like this, because it shows we're trapped, even though Hanpan could clearly fit through the bars. The only thing we can do is poke around the room and find...

: Hanpan... You have short legs. Can you fit?
: You're always picking on my size! But... I see... It's my turn this time.
: Yes, please. Somehow, we have to unlock this cell. It's up to you, partner!
: Yes, sir!
: I am counting on your intelligence. What do ya know, partner?

So now we get to play as Hanpan for a while! It's really not that different. Hanpan moves like normal, and can run just like everyone else and makes a cute little squeaky sound when you do so. This maze section is actually pretty linear at first, because at three different points, you'll get stopped with this message.
Riding on the wind, it sounds like somebody talking!

: Life creating life... This is the exception that escapes entropy's domain. But to create life is a women's power... So I gave her the important task of 'giving birth' to the dark light that undermines all life.
They're doing WHAT to Elmina?
: When you wanted to bring a filthy human wretch among us, I was shocked, honestly. But I understand now; it was all in preparation for this time, this day.
: That's giving me too much credit. It was also for my own interests. It is glorious to appreciate something beautiful.
: That's not quite right... Don't you mean, it's glorious to destroy something beautiful?
: Hahahahaha...
Anyway, that's the first conversation. Like I said, at three different points you overhear them, but it's just a standard conversation. Their poses don't change, and the camera angle changes slightly. Not worth wasting screenshots on.

: What are you going to do with the Guardian's medium and warriors?
: I threw them into an underground prison.
Again, Evil Overlord classic mistake...
: That's all!?
: Yes, that's all. Don't worry. If they try to make a desperate effort, and stand in the way of our plan, just point out their hopelessness. As long as humans have hope, they will keep fighting. Crush their spirit... And they will wither away...
Props to Zeikfried for realizing that psychological warfare works just as well, but there's one problem, you kinda have to kill them when they are helpless.
: Are you sure? Normally you use more direct methods. What happened to you after returning from subspace?
: I haven't changed at all. What is going to change is this world.
Suspicious...anyway, next conversation.

: The underground prison is secure. It was sealed by my evil spear. The prisoners can't escape. Even if they escape, the guards will take care of them. Your fear is groundless.
Sealed by his spear? How does that work?
: The plan has to be carefully built, step by, careful step. Don't forget we are not erecting such complicated plans just so they can be undone...
: Then let's hurry and accomplish it. Let's break that Guardian seal before those bugs can crawl out of prison.
: Yes, sir. That is our dream. The Darkness Tear was made for that reason. Let's hurry our preparations. Soon, the Mirror will be in orbit, and pass the scheduled position.
Hoo boy...I do not like what they are planning. Remember, they tempered Harken with the Darkness Tear before to help her kill Lucadia. What are they planning now?

Not a switch, unlike the original game. This time we have to put in a password.

It's the name of Zeikfried's spear, remember! I remember the name because it's also the weapon of a boss in Wild ARMs 5, and one the ultimate weapons for one of your characters in XF.
Hmm... GRAM-Zamber?
Nope...ugh. Let's poke around the maze some more to see if we can find some hints.

Search hard enough, you can even find Rudy and Cecilia, although they are in separate cells.
: He was so confident we would not escape.
: Zeikfried's evil spear... He was probably boasting of its horrible power. But how is the spear sealing the prison? Anyway, we will find a way out.
Alright, let's see if Rudy knows.
: Zeikfried said that he sealed this prison with his evil spear. He was so confident we would not escape. Damn his pride and confidence. There must be a way to escape!
Oh, right, Rudy can't talk. Let's go back to Jack.

: Whatever it is, we'll find a way out!
Oh right, it's Glumzamber in this game. It was also Glumzamber in the original game, so it's not quite a Fuck Up. And yes, I really did forget how to spell Glumzamber. This is what happens when inconsistent spelling between games gets really bad. At least the game is polite enough to let Jack tell you the answer.

Indeed it was. Too bad I figured it out wrong first.
Anyway, Hanpan just warps back to Jack now. Good, I hate that maze. Cute, but annoying.

: Great job! Pretty clever for a Mouse!!
: It was more physical than mental.
: Let's find Rudy and the Princess. We can't stop now...

We get control of Jack now, and learn this dungeons gimmick; the party members are separate, and you have to move them individually to solve puzzles to get through. It's exactly how it was in the original game, down to entering the Tool menu to switch between characters.
Another Music the Best, this is Fate Breaker, a dungeon theme for one of the later dungeons in Wild ARMs 3. We're getting very close to the end of the game here, so I feel it's appropriate.

Don't have Cecilia, so no Voyeur scans for a couple of these. Each character seems to have a higher chance of encountering one specific enemy of the three you can meet here. Jack tends to fight this Betelgeuse a lot, which is flying and has high evasion and reaction...not a good mix for him. Strike Buddy can almost kill it in one hit and it won't miss, but it's more reliable just to use Axle Smash.
Also, I'd like to mention that the game claims that Blade Pulse is good against flying enemies. It's not. It seems to miss more often than not against flying enemies with high evasion, and when it does hit, it doesn't do any extra damage.

First thing Jack has to do is push down some panels with Jump Boots to lower barriers for someone else...

Then we need to switch to Rudy, who happens to start near a save point. I think it heals everyone.

This is the only time I ever take damage from explosive chests, because I don't have Hanpan right now. It's not a big deal though, because the save point is literally in the same room with a full heal. These have a Gimel Coin, Gella Card, and Mega Berry x3.

Rudy has to activate more orbs with high explosives to let someone else move ahead. That's the thing about this dungeon. The characters don't solve puzzles for themselves, only for the other two. It's interesting.

This seems to be Cecilia's enemy. These guys aren't so tough, despite the high HP. They can summon Cursed Corpses, and order them to all attack a single target. With just Cecilia, Gorun Nova handles it pretty easily.

Hi Jack! Cecilia is blocked by the puzzles Jack and Rudy solved first, and her first puzzle lets Jack continue onward.

Fun fact with the Flame Staff. The flame dissipates if it gets too far away from Cecilia. If you walk right after using it, you can make the flames go farther, and hit all four torches with only one use. A cool little glitch that serves no practical purpose other than making me feel awesome.

I got ambushed quite often in this dungeon, but I used this picture more to show you the two chests in here, Light Gem x5 and Duplicator x3

Also in that room, there was a bombable wall, so you encounter Rudy's enemy in that room, the Iron Maiden. They are like the Raidbusters back in Giant's Cradle, with a 25% chance of negating ARM attacks. Same attacks too: Finger Bullet and Kamehameha Hyperion Blaster.

That's all Cecilia has to do, so she can finish now and wait for the others.

Wire Hook this to let Rudy proceed...

Step on a floor switch to let Jack proceed... Although it looks like you need Rudy to stay still so Jack can move on, Rudy can actually go ahead and leave, it's a one-time switch that doesn't check for constant pressure.

There's a Duplicator chest in here containing our fifth Ex. File Key. Check the end of the update for that.

Traveling buddies reunite!
By this point, you can get everyone through. This place isn't that complex, and it's rather nice to get to use several tools all at once. I feel like some of these tools just get flat out forgotten most of the time.

Another thing I didn't really mention, mostly because it just came up. When you loot the post-battle chest, sometimes it'll be trapped. Most of the time the trap is avoidable, but sometime it'll activate anyway and the victory music will cut out to a creepy silence. It usually only affects the person who opened it, and most of the time it's something minor. You can also open these with a duplicator...but why would you? Most of the time it's just a Gimel Coin.

Meanwhile, back at the room Cecilia couldn't bomb the wall to get to, there's lots of loot! Nectar, Revive Fruit x3, Potion Berry x3, Lucky Card and an Alter Part. Mostly crap, but useful crap. All the chests explode, but we have Hanpan.

If we go through the door where the party reunited and try to proceed on, we get hit by a boss!

Back to the standard boss theme, I think I used the Music the Best a little much this update. Meet the Demon Prophet, a very annoying boss. Every turn, he'll begin by asking you how you want to die.
1. Shattered by the roaring thunder. (Electrigger)
2. Caught by a freezing blizzard. (Flirtation)
3. Exposed to a dazzling flash. (Luminous Impact)
4. Sucked by a swirling torrent. (Maelstrom)
5. Crushed by a rough ground. (Crack Tremor)
6. Burnt by red flames. (Ash Reducer)
7. Fallen into the deep darkness. (Phantom Hazard)
8. Chopped by the slashing whirl. (Storm Blade)
Three of these will be selected by random, and you can pick one. That turn, he'll use that attack against you. And he's powerful, as these attacks will deal 400-600 damage to the party, with Cecilia taking the least and Rudy the most. I completely forgot to equip elemental Breaks before battle, so I had to deal with this. Fortunately, Cecilia has Holy Man Sorrow, which reduces all elemental damage and Hard will reduce magical damage even further to a more tolerable 130-250 damage. Shining Star + Infinity makes it stay forever.

There's just one problem...this boss's gimmick isn't done yet. He's a prophet, and will predict our attacks. And by predict, he nullifies completely. Randomly when you attack, he has a chance to negate it. However, the game pops up a message saying that he blocks with one of his two scythes and he can't block three attacks. How it really works is he'll randomly block attacks up to two per turn. So if you're lucky, he'll only block the weaker two.
However, he also counter attacks with a melee attack, so attacking with Cecilia is a bad idea.

We get around this with my typical strategy since very early in the game: Rinse & Repeat. Even if just Jack and Rudy attack, that's four hits per turn. Although Cecilia can't heal that fast so attacking every turn is a bad idea. With just two Gatling Raids, the Demon Prophet is down, giving us 22000 EXP and 7000 Gella, and a PS Windbreaker 3. It took me a while to get this set-up going because of the constant damage to everyone, so everyone got very high multiplier. Cecilia got x2.3, Jack x2.4 and Rudy x2.5. Everyone levels up again and Rudy twice. I wasn't worried about him not being able to catch up. He's the main damage dealer.

All that's left to do, now that we've crushed the Demon Prophet, is to storm out of the basement and storming the castle.
...after I open that Duplicator door across the hallway and loot it for Force Carrot x3, Small Flower, and PS Fire Break 2.

The way forward leads further up so look forward to lots of clim-BOOK! MUST READ!

The Tower to Malduke posted:

Malduke. The word means Universal God... It also means absolute existence, and there is nothing else like it. According to legend, a human climbed the high tower looking to find the universal and absolute power. A manmade place that shines in Filgaia's orbit. The New Moon, Malduke, is also accompanied by the highest tower ever built. The tower to Malduke is called Ka Dingel. However, no one knows where Ka Dingel is located. People say it was sealed away so that nobody could reach Malduke. The truth is, no one really knows. To many, it's like the New Moon is looking down on Filgaia and taunting us to unlock its mysteries.
I don't know what language refers to Malduke as Universal God...but now I'm starting to get concerned as to why this book is here of all places. Didn't they say there was powerful weaponry up there?

As you start going up this staircase, you hear this loud thunderous roaring as lightning creeps up the walls every once in a while and there are flashes of white light. A lot of energy is going up this place...leading up to the Darkness Tear.
Also loot: 10,000 Gella the model of the Mayor's House. That the fuck is it doing here?

We reach the top, and Zeikfried and Alhazad are standing there, with Harken trapped inside the giant Darkness Tear.
: Elmina?! What did you do to Elminaaaa?!
: I've already told you once, we will annihilate all the Guardians. With this, our ultimate weapon, the Darkness Tear, is fully operational.
: So you also made it out safely.
...well, Hanpan already told us that Zeikfried was around with his spear...but yes, I guess this is the first time we see Zeikfried since the Gate Generator.
: To tell you the truth, I was surprised, too. It's such a dangerous place... Of course, you're the Blue Quarter Knight... Hahahahaha...
This brings up an interesting point. I think the Quarter Knights might be an evil representation of the Four Gods themselves. Zeikfried's the leader as the Azure Dragon, Lady Harken for Vermillion Phoenix. Alhazad looks weird, but he's very much white, like the White Tiger. And then the Black Warrior, well Berserk, Zed and Boomerang fill that role quite well. I didn't really see it this way until now. And then I guess Mother is the Golden Dragon... They're not literally these creatures, unlike the Guardians, but the color schemes make me believe this was intentional.
: Anyway, we have special seats for you... Watch and learn. The black light of the Darkness Tear will pour out all over the planet, and will tear apart the world...
: Is that even possible?!
: Yes, it's possible. Possible and very easy. You see, the black light of the Darkness Tear is the antithesis of the Teardrop's energy. It's a negative life force. You remember how to transfer life energy to anywhere you want?
: The Shrine of Elw... Using the transporter of the shrine!
: Clever. The reflex satellite, which your horrible race stationed in orbit, is the basis of our plan.

: Do you understand what this means? This will destroy the network, the basis of the Guardian's power. This will break the Layline and bring death to this planet. Filgaia will turn into a dead world, as every creature is torn apart!
: How does Elmina figure into such a disgusting plot?
: Lady Harken was originally a human female. A female body has the ability to create life. It holds the essence of existence. There couldn't be a more convenient way to generate the negative energy needed for the Darkness Tear's core.
: Do it, Alhazad. Set the output to maximum power.

: (We don't have to take such a risk to achieve the objective of this project... Or is there another aim... ?)
: Obey me!! Spread the black Teardrop over the world!
: ... ... ...
Alhazad floats behind, does...something, and suddenly the Darkness Tear starts shining a red light.

Naturally they warp shortly after. No point in sticking around and you know, making sure the heroes don't ruin your plan!
: Damn, what should we do?! We can't just sit back and watch!

The Darkness Tear glows brighter for a second, and shoves Jack back.
: It's started!
: The Teardrop... All the lives in the world... Everyone's screaming...
: Bastards!!!

The Darkness Tear lasers start dancing on the surface of the planet...

...turning the rock to lava.

Jack leaps up in to the air several times to hack away at the Darkness Tear. It seems he is successful.

Cecilia and Rudy catch him for his landing.

And of course, she warps away too...and Jack falls to his knees.

: Oh, no! Jack! We're here.
: Jack!? Come on! Open your eyes...!!
First the background fades away, then Rudy and Cecilia, showing only Jack kneeling in the darkness. Now it's Jack's turn to be alone in the world.

: Our aim was to find the location of Ka Dingel, the evil tower sealed 1,000 years ago by the Guardians. It would have been enough to kill the Guardians' power by using the Darkness Tear, for just a moment.
: Maybe I was just a little over-excited. We achieved our purpose though. At this moment, the Guardians' power has waned and the seal on Ka Dingel has been broken. Everything is going according to plan. Am I wrong?
: If that human had not stopped Lady Harken and the Darkness Tear, Filgaia would have been seriously damaged. Our purpose is to control this planet, not to destroy it. Zeikfried... Your words... Your actions... Has something changed?
: Nothing changed inside me. My body is mine, and my mind is also mine. Let's take our plan to the final level. We'll drive through to Ka Dingel, and gain the power of the New Moon. Black out Filgaia with fear...
: If that is your will, I will follow.

Let's call it a wrap here.

End of update status:
: Level 40 → 43
--ATK Bonus: 45 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 12 (Lv. 9)
: Level 41 → 44
--All current Fast Draw's mastered.
: Level 43 → 45
--Forgot Mirror Mirror
--Learned Hard
Gella: 21316
Migrant Seals: 11
Ex. File Keys: 5/25
Fuck-Ups: 25

Version Differences:
This game changed Bartholomew's fate a little. Before, he survived the crash but lost the box. This time both were lost.
Pandemonium seemed like a normal castle before, but it's clearly demonic in this game; I think it shows the best in the staircase to the Darkness Tear.
Demon Prophet was made several times more frustrating.

Ex. File Key:
The fifth of the Ex. File Keys we find is the Encyclopedia of Characters.

It's pretty basic. All it lets you do is view the character battle models in the game. There are two models for Rudy (with and without Gauntlet of Improved Lock-On) and two for Magdalen (with and without his coat, since he threw it in the fight with Alhazad). And yes, there is a missing spot for a special secret character. If I can keep up with the schedule, it's identity shall be revealed on the 20th of September when I begin the post-game content...starting with getting a full party and resolving some plot holes.

A Saying A Day
: (August 27th) Today's saying is that even wells need washing. If you don't keep a well clean, strange things will grow in it. It's true for your room as well......... In my family, we have a tradition of sweeping a square room circularly. It goes back to our ancestors. Possibly, outdated monster kings can stand at the four corners. I'm going home early to clean up.
: (August 28th) Today's saying is that we learn a lot from listening. My mom's chit-chat with neighbors. My dad's weather talk with a partner. Even the singing of birds. If more people listened, maybe we'd understand each other better.
: (August 29th) Today's saying is, 'like a summer insect flying into a flame to death.' A young fly, to show off his courage, rushed into a human's light. He ended up dying there. If you're too reckless when you're young, you don't live to enjoy the memories.
: (August 30th) Today's saying is, 'enough to freeze a hardened criminal.' Currently, this is used to refer to someone who is frozen in panic. But the original meaning is that a beautiful work can drive everything else from your mind. But, as long as people imagine a brain freezing, the current meaning will be passed down.

Next Time:

Wait, so we can't summon Zephyr...but this fellow can? God dammit!!