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Part 29: We know what we're fighting for.

Last time we stormed Pandemonium, got trapped, wasn't killed, found Elmina being used to power the Darkness Tear because Alhazad is creepy as fuck, and then Filgaia got destroyed. Only not really because the damage actually ended up being pretty light despite giant fucking laser beams trying to destroy the world. Jack freed Elmina, but then she turned into Harken and vanished. We left off with Alhazad and Ziekfried being ominous.
This update is going to be screenshot heavy, but that's because I do a side quest that wouldn't quite fit into the next update either, so it's going here.

We return to Arctica castle...but this is a flashback.

There's Garret failing to put the moves on Elmina.
: You guys! What are you doing out here?!

: Elmina! Garret! Should I just punish you or expel you?!
: Dammit, my nosey uncle found us.
Coldbird walks up and punches Garret in the gut. But unfortunately I accidentally deleted my screencapture of this.
: And starting today, I am your boss, Knight Leader Coldbird.
: Sir, I brought Garret here. Punishment should be mine.
: Really, Elmina? But Elmina... Why during the ceremony? Why here?

: Even before we hone our skills, we must find something which we can pledge our lives to protecting. We looked around the castle far and wide. I sought to find something for Garret to protect.
: It's important that... ...I have such a thing? Let me see... For the beautiful women of Arctica, I will pledge my knightly courage! How's that, Elmina?
: You still have time to find something. You'll have to show it to me sometime. I expect to see it one day soon.

: That's right. It is MOST important for a knight to find an important THING to protect. We, the seven Fenril kngihts, are a symbol of its defense. That is what we stand for. I am the Armor, the Pillar of Defense. My assistant, Ryan, is the Shield, and Elmina is the Weapon.
: I am the Sword. Lately everyone calls me the Sword Princess.
: How about me? I am one of the knights. What am I going to be called?
: Garret, you are the Gauntlet.
Calling Fuck Up Count: 26 here, because although I'm sure Gauntlet is the proper translation, Jack's last name is Van Burace, which refers to the Vambrace, which is similar to a gauntlet, but it doesn't cover the hand. Jack is the Vambrace of the Fenril Knights...which I'm pretty sure should be Fenrir anyway...
: ...I am the Gauntlet? I wish I were something sharper.
: The Sword, which intercepts, is the fang that protects from invasion. You are the arm that wields the Sword. That means you must protect Elmina. Do you object to being the Gauntlet?
: Hehehe, I see. Gauntlet has that kind of meaning. Ha ha ha, no objections! All right! I will protect the important things, all of them!
I actually rather like Elmina and Garret's romance. They strike me as two friends who already like each other quite a bit, but just haven't reached that elusive Relationship Upgrade. Then throughout the course of the story (destruction of Arctica, revelation that Harken is Elmina) Garret/Jack becomes more honest with his feelings for Elmina. I imagine the only reason Garret and Elmina aren't fully lovers already is because Garret is an immature idiot, but he changes drastically when he becomes Jack.
Although I find it amusing that it's clear everyone else knows exactly what's going on, which is why Coldbird gave Garret the title of Vambrace. Although I see his motivations more as "good god, just kiss each other and grow up already."

: Not you guys, too? What's going on? Have all the knights ditched the ceremony?!
: (Kurt) It had just started. I felt it was a good time to slip out.
: (Ryan) You can't really get angry, Coldbird. You slipped out to look for Garret, because it was as good an excuse as any.
: Heh, looks like you got caught, too. If this becomes an issue later, please take care of it.
Ryan then walks up to Garret.
: I am the Head assistant, Ryan. Nice to meet you. This is Asprill, otherwise known as, Helm. He is a reticent man, but his battle skill is unequaled.
They don't actually have Apsrill talk, but I'm giving him a mugshot anyway, just because.

I find it amusing that Asprill is the Helm...but he has no helmet to wear, just that bandanna.
: I am Marco. Marco the Greave!

It's that fucking monkey! So I guess the spirit of the Monkey in Sand River was Marco?
: Kurt Barouz, the Lance. I'm your biggest competition.

: Well, that takes care of the greetings. Let's start drills!
: Haven't you heard the saying, 'There is no rebel without reason!' You don't always have to be strict, y'know...
: Today is the knight Honor Ceremony. On such an occasion, you don't have to train us.

: At last, thinking a cut above us. Well, we better get training, so we don't look bad if the royalty start asking what happened during the Honor Ceremony.
The background fades to black, with just the seven Fenril Knights standing in their semi-circle.

And we return to Jack in bed.
: Am I all right?! What do you think? I thought you were... After you fell to the ground, we had to carry you all the way here!
: We are back at Adlehyde Castle. There is nothing to worry about.
: ...Thank you... You must be exhausted, carrying me all that way. I... I experienced some flashbacks. ... ... ... ... ... I realized how much I've been blocking out. I was so caught up with my plan for revenge that it affected my memory... ... ... ... I am not here for revenge... I'm here to save someone...

: Who am I to blame the princess for not revealing her true identity? I had no bright to do that... I have been hiding my real name from everyone too. My real name is...
: You are Jack Van Burace. You are on my team. That's who you are.

: Yes, we are a team. Isn't that enough? You must have hurt your head in the fall...
: That's right, we're a team... You guys saved me. I really trust you guys... ... ... ... Rudy, Princess, Hanpan... There's something I need to ask you...There is an abandoned castle in the snowy valley in the Arctica region. And... At Arctica Castle, there is someone waiting for my arrival. ...I can sense it... I've been there before, and we both abandoned our pasts together... I must get to Arctica Castle, if I am to start a new life. To Arctica Castle! ... ... ... ... ... I am determined not to fail this time! No more feeling guilty... No more blood...

: So you will never again swing your sword in the name of revenge?
: Right, no more... This sword is to protect what we value... It is our sword.
: Arctica Castle, here we come!

Like with Cecilia before, I'm shuffling around personal skills so that Jack is ready to take on the world. Because all of his abilities don't use very much MP anymore, there's really no reason to keep the MP Ups on him for this. The battle won't last that long.

All that's left to do is fly to Arctica, and end this once and for all.

There's no need to go deep into Arctica Castle...she's right there.

As she turns around, Elmina transforms into Lady Harken once more.

Rudy and Cecilia are ready to fight...but Jack stops them.

: I leave it up to you.
: I will handle it.
Jack then turns to Lady Harken.
: We... We took too long to get here. Let there be no more hesitation.
: My body is stained with blood. I cannot go back.
: It's the same for me. But, we have important work to do. We cannot be stopped here. Besides, if I fail here, I could never show my face to her again! That I would regret!! I have Elmina in my heart. For Elmina... Harken, I...

: My life started and ends here... My fighting meant nothing... ...even if things turned out different. I degraded myself to evil... Come on, Jack... Bring the power you have held since that day!

: Your sword... I want you to deliver to me... With feeling...

This is a one on one fight with Lady Harken and Jack. As of such, healing tends to be rather difficult, but fortunately every third turn (starting with the first) Lady Harken will use Reflex, which will cause her to counterattack any attack you make on her. The first turn is a great time to use a Gella Card, and the other times are great for healing. If you don't...

She counterattacks with Laser Silhouette. This is her only dangerous move, other than Azrael and Harken Tempest. Azrael, you'll remember, is her basic attack while Harken Tempest hits everyone for only slightly more damage. Despite it being just Jack, this is important because you can't use Blocker (which nullifies attacks) on multi-target attacks.

To win, just really keep spamming Axle Smash, and don't forget to heal when you need to. I forgot to give Jack PS Floral Arts before this battle, which would have really helped. But really, as long as you're not stupid enough to attack during Reflex, you should be fine.
: You are worthy to be in my heart...
Lady Harken drops 17600 EXP, 13600 Gella with a Gella Card, and PS Critical 2. Jack also got a x1.8 multiplier, so his level increased. I don't want it to! Not yet!

With Harken defeated, she reverts back to Elmina. And I have no idea why it's playing Cecilia's theme here.

Suddenly...Jack starts glowing?
: ...You, haven't realized? This light your heart sends out...

: To protect something important, the power exceeds even yourself... The light of courage your heart sends out... Ugh...
: Don't talk! Please, don't talk any more...
: From your hand...lots of important things... Would have fallen... You have the light of courage... Stronger than anyone's... Believe that... that any power...
: Open your eyes! Hang on, Elmina!!
: From the knight who perished, I must tell you something... Can you listen? Even if it is a dull, boring world, this is where you and I met... So, please protect it...

Elmina then fades away into wisps of red light.
: Elmina... I... Elmina!! ...No more, not the past... I won't be possessed with revenge... The sword I wield will protect...

I am the light that humans have lost... The Guardian of Courage... What wakes me is the feeling of a human knight and the falling of an evil knight. Do not be a slave of the past. If you wish to exceed yourself, call me under the name of Courage.
My name is Justine. I am the Sword of Courage.
Obtained Medium [Brave Seal]!

: Jack...
: I'm fine... Really. ... ... ... I still have something to protect. She showed

That's two Guardian Lords more to go. But first...

The game forces you to leave, and triggers a cutscene. For the sake of pacing for this update, I'm going to skip this cutscene and continue it later on during this update. Because...

In this snow land, memories will be frozen.

...I have a castle to loot. The song playing here is a Trance remix I found on OC Remix a long time ago. It's based on the second half of the prologue song, "Remorse and Promise." (Technically it's a remix from the original game, but it's close enough.) The reason it's called A Ring and a Promise, is because the guy who arranged it did it as a 1 year anniversary present to his wife. It's not a perfect fit to the destroyed terrain of Arctica Castle, but the lyrics could just as easily speak for the loss of Jack/Garret and Elmina as it does for the love of the man who arranged this.

A Ring and a Promise posted:

Searching for
A life that will bring you more
Is what the heart seems to need

Silence is
A moment when your heart lives
There will be
A Vision of being free

Pain will fade
And hope will bring a new day
The sun will rise
It's rising in your new eyes

Just hold on
Don't you run

You will see
And be free


Arctica is a giant dungeon, with this one courtyard area having an annoying snow effect. There are two Duplicator doors on the side with chests to loot containing PS Blue Circlet 3 and 10000 Gella on one side, and PS Assist Blitz and a Migrant Seal on the other. Also books!

It Came Time to Stand, Duchy posted:

Reportedly, Adlehyde Duchy retrieved the excavated Golems yesterday. Even though they must be researched, a weapon of such magnitude could be lethal. As we are known for our heritage, we, the Arctica dukedom, have an obligation to explore all traditions. For the time being, we will proceed with the excavation and research. To open the future of Filgaia, we need the knowledge of the past... This is the way of the Arctica dukedom.

The Record of the Guardian Knights Corps posted:

Leader, Coldbird Lennox, Armor Knight
Commander Ryan Ragnarok, Shield Knight
Asprilla, Helm Knight
Kurt Barouz, Lance Knight
Marco Van Basten, Greave Knight
Elmina Niet, Sword Knight
Garret Stampede, Gauntlet Knight

There's also monsters, of course. Christine here needs to learn not to fly with scissors...especially pairs that are larger than her. Of course, she likes buffing other enemies, so she'll rarely attack and isn't a threat.

...the letter of Armor? I think I'm going to have to call a Fuck Up Count: 27 on this. In English, we have . Anyway, here is the primary task here, scattered throughout the castle are seven Dogtags, and we have to find them all to get something good. They appear as blue lights sitting on the ground...conveniently like the one up there! It's the Burnt Dogtag. Going into the inventory mentions what's on the Dogtag, and this one is labeld Coldbird.
Around the corner is also the Dirty Dogtag, named for Marco.

There are also ghost knights, and this fellow has several powerful basic attacks, and can also inflict Downhearted. Fortunately, Gorun Nova rips him to shreds.

Using the Change Staff to get across lets us reach this balcony, with the Rusty Dogtag, named for Garret. I find it interesting that this one is outside and here of all places. I imagine Garret returned sometime after the prologue to rip off his dogtag and leave his past behind. Although, very few of the other Dogtags are where the other Fenril Knights died.

I also like Arctica because it gives the illusion of a place much larger where conceivably a kingdom could rule and function and still have bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone in it. The Bent Dogtag is named Asprilla.

There's also the Gasher Skeleton lurking around. Like all of their palette swaps, they primarily use physical attacks, but still can use Dark elemental magic. This time they use Suppressed Curse? Which deals powerful damage to everyone. Fortunately, they don't live long enough to use it.

To reach this Dogtag, you basically have to take this nice long roundabout route to this tiny little area. The Old Dogtag is named Kurt.

Behind the throne is a secret passage. There's nothing to do with the throne this time. No secret Fast Draw for Jack...he doesn't get very many in this game.

Sit on this for a couple minutes...

This was the room with the Arch Cocoon that was really Mother in disguise. There's also a Duplicator door, which guards two more Duplicators, and a Crest Graph. That's all the loot here. Well, almost all.
Anyway, standing right before the machinery was where the Cut Dogtag was, named for Ryan.

At the very end is this familiar gate, which shall forever be closed for all eternity now. Next to it is the Broken Dogtag, Elmina's.

Back here we have to place the dogtags with the respective symbol. Just remember that...
: Marco is the Greave.
: Kurt is the Lance.
: Ryan is the Shield.
: Coldbird is the Armor.
: Asprilla is the Helm
: Elmnia is the Sword
: Garret is the Gauntlet Vambrace.

Doing so opens a locked door that's halfway across the dungeon, that gives Maximum Risk.

Pretty simple, ATT plus REA minus DEF...but then it also adds in Jacks' HP difference as damage as well. Accelerator doubles the REA bonus. Get enough HP Ups on him and this could be very powerful. It's also very expensive, costing 25 MP per use at the beginning, dropping down to 5 once mastered.

I finally am able to drop off the Mayor's House with Tom. Almost done with Adlehyde's reconstruction. I also stop by the Magic Shop and learn Mirror Mirror yet again.

Now, east of Milama there is an island trapped by mountains. On this island there are two things of note. First...

There's this guy, the Blue Snail...don't ask me why he's green. What's important is that he's Lv. 70, and an uncommon encounter on this island. Jack's pretty close to the enemies near Arctica, so this guy will do. Not to mention he's weaker than a pack of Flurity, which will fucking murder you.

Second, under that stone pillar you can break with Asgard is the 28th Puzzle Box, which gives the Black Pass, an item I won't have a use for until the post-game.

For the grinding, I go back and forth between the island and Milama to use their inn to rest. The bartender now keeps complaining that he needs a waitress. Bah, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Once that grinding is done, it's time to head on back to Baskar. Now that we have Justine and Raftina, let's see if we can finally get Zephyr.

While standing on the altar, we get greeted by an auto-paced cutscene as the sky darkens.
: Shh, listen, I can barely hear...
: ...the Teardrop... This feeling... Raftina...

Cecilia's teardrop shines, as the two orbs for Raftina and Justine appear above.
...hey, wait a second. Love is supposed to be red and Courage is supposed to be blue, then why is it Yellow instead?

Raftina: This is the Alter of Wind... It renders Hope, with Western Wind... But...
Justine: We have had misgivings in our faith, and since then, we have been unable to summon the Guardian Lord...
Raftina: We lack a social with unalloyed hope. Doubt is the enemy which hampers the advent of the Western Wind...

: Wait a minute! Are you saying that we cannot call the Western Wind?

Rudy steps forward. He'll do it.
: Right! Rudy is the innocent naif! He has always had hope. He believes in the world regardless of the situation.
Justine: Do you wish to open up the future with your heart and soul? ...But you are not human... How can an heart artificial and soul... Summon the Wind of Hope? With all that has happened, do you still have hope for the future? ...You are singular and unique... You have no place in this world, you are an unnatural being... But you still insist on attempting to summon the Wind? You truly believe in the future?
: Hey, Justine... This guy would never give up on anything... This world needs a guy like him, with such strong will and determination. He's human in the way that counts!
: Please listen, Raftina! We would not have had the faith to come this far, if it was not for Rudy. Calling him unnatural is unworthy of him! You cannot say Rudy has no place here... There should not even be a question as to who belongs on Filgaia, or who does not.

Rudy starts gathering energy for a Spirit Bomb.
Raftina: Light from his artificial heart is reaching out to the future?!
Justine: This is the beam of Hope... should not be... Could it possible...

A voice is heard from the statue.

Though your heart is man-made, your radiance was more than enough to wake me from my slumber... However... There is a shadow that lies upon your soul, which hinders my awakening... This scar is your fear and pain... It is a deep 'Despair'. Once you have purged your heart and soul of this 'Despair', I shall appear as the Western Wind... The Western Wind does not blow from the altar, it blows from your heart...
Gradually, the dark clouds fade away.
: ...Did we do it?!
: We have failed to summon the Guardian...
: Rudy... I'm sorry, I had no idea of the anguish in your heart... Forgive me for my earlier words...
Rudy shakes his head.
: Is this from before we met?
: (...I think I know... I remember... a dream?)
: An insensitive guy like me can't be much of a help, but... I can at least listen to you. Anytime you need me, I will be here for you.
: I've had so much help from all of you. So I want you to know, we are always here for you, as well.
So if Rudy still hasn't gotten over Surf Village, then it's time to go back them and make them get over Rudy.

...holy shit, what happened here?
: But we're outside. Why hasn't the wind blown it away?
: I can tell since I'm a wind mouse... The wind is foul... Something must be polluting the air around here...
: Watch out! Something is approaching!

: It's you! I knew you would come and help us when we were in trouble!!

If you look closely, you can see that the entire town has gathered in the ranch area. The here are summarizing what's happened since Rudy's portion of the prologue.
The village was taking steps toward making the Holy Berry harvest a new industry...
As Holy Berries were harvested, the life of the land weakened and the ominous gas began spreading...
And, today... Surf Village's time has finally ran out. The gas is about to consume the grounds...

: Just as I thought... The Holy Berries probably had the ability to hold back that monster's gas... It happened because people got greedy!
: You want us to do something...

The camera is at first focused on the villagers, then slowly focuses on Rudy.
: Let's see? So you're not sure...
: Why not?! He can help us! Or... ...are you still afraid of him?
: Excuse me... Would you please let us talk for a moment?

: When superstition and rumors spread, they grow with every telling. The truth becomes lost along the way. In this case, it's not that the villagers saw the real power of ARM. They only saw the ARM, and with it Rudy, through a lens of superstition and rumor. It's not that they're wrong. They just didn't have the knowledge to make an informed decision. We have been groping around for information too. If they take a step back, they'll understand. The very reason we can do something is the fact that we do not live in this village.
: ...I understand... I understand it, but...
: Let's do something. That is, if Rudy would like to help them. Let's fix it. But only if Rudy would like to fix it.
: Ah, Princess... He must want to help them. You know the way he is... Even if these are the very people who hurt him before...
: Yeah, you're right. But still... Even if he wants to do something for them, does he want to do something for himself?

Suddenly there is a hissing sound, as even darker miasma gathers in front of the town.
: The gas is spreading into the ground. We're running out of time!!

It's just balloons, you can take them! Jack could one-shot them back during his prologue. You're at least 20 times as strong as that now.
: Some kind of...?!
: We can split hairs later! We must get this problem taken care of!!
: I can't find Uncle Bambollo!

Remember how at the end of Rudy's prologue I mentioned that they didn't use a Holy Berry to destroy the Rotting Beast?
It's back.

Rudy does his thing and pulls out the ARM to destroy the monster...but Bambollo's fear of it causes him to hesitate and...

The ARM won't fire.
: What's wrong, Rudy?
: He didn't connect his heart with ARM...
: No! Rudy's heart...rejected the ARM?!

: He's afraid if he uses the ARM, he might scare the people again... The pain of others... He is afraid of it so much, his heart rejected ARM without his knowledge...
: Rudy...
Bambollo: Why would you do that for me?
: Because he's trying to help us! Do you want to be saved, too? Then we have to
work together!
Bambollo: Work together? I'm just a man with no power... How can I help?

Tony and Bambollo then stand by Rudy, supporting him; literally.
: No, Uncle. You have to take aim more carefully.

It starts playing the instrumental version of Windward Birds again...but I feel like this (even if I've already linked to it) suits the situation just as fine.
: Let's do everything we can! We all know what we must do!
: Father!

: Please lend us your power!

: ...the ARM's bonding characteristic... ...connecting with a heart... I'm thinking we can maybe use that characteristic to connect people's hearts to each other. The weapon designed to cause harm, could connect people's hearts... If we could make this happen, we could set the world aright...

That looked like it hurt.
: got your power back!
: Come on! Show me what you can do!!

This fight is actually pretty tough. Do not attack the Rotting Beast, it doesn't do anything and I'm not even sure you can destroy it. Focus everything on the Rotting Core.

In addition to it's basic attack and it's Rotting Breath, it's also got Hyperion Blaster, which will deal a lot of damage to Rudy. It also gets two attacks per turn...and the damage is too high to heal back.

Two Gatling Raids to the Rotting Core is all it takes.

17600 EXP, 4500 Gella and PS Moon Stone 3. Rudy got an EXP multiplier of x1.4, not enough to level up, sadly.

Rudy fires the ARM one last time, driving the Holy Berry right into the thing's head. It dissolves in an explosion of light.

Back at Baskar...the wind starts blowing in from the west.

That same wind blows away the miasma.
The positive attitude for the future. Never giving up even if you fail... It is this attitude that blew away the shadow covering your heart. Don't be afraid of mistakes. Don't shy away from the pain. There is hope after all... If you fight by believing in the future, I offer up my protection, in the name of 'Hope'... A zephyr blows in your mind, blowing away the darkness covering the world...

Rudy holds up the Dragon Idol.
The Dragon Idol shattered!

From here on, Surf Village returns to normal, and each of the villagers will apologize to Rudy if you talk to them. And we can use the inn here for free!

Right, so with that done, let's go back to this cutscene that I skipped back when we defeated Lady Harken for the last time.
: I... I'm all right... But, the Guardians...
: What about the Guardians?!
: Through the Teardrop, they are telling me... ...Defined world...decline... ...seal... release... ...Ka Dingel? ...Evil's final invasion... It's starting...

This is probably one of my favorite tracks in the game, simply because of how haunting it is.
It was at the bottom of the sea. The position of the evil tower, was detected by Zeikfried.

The chanting starts about right now. This scene isn't too coordinated with the music, surprisingly.

Okay, I have to be honest. The more I'm looking at this, the more suggestive this entire cutscene is becoming.

The party rushes back to the conference room.
: Ah, I was just looking for you!
: What is going on?
: The Terrestrial Magnetism and the Layline Observer have shown disturbance in their readings. Similar disturbances have been read at all of the Guardian temples.
: The Teardrop has also signaled a world disturbance. It was quite sudden... Could something be wrong with Filgaia?
: Can't you detect the origin of the disturbance with the device?
: All I can detect is that the disturbances have happened at the same time at various locations in Filgaia.
: I have an idea! Can you pick one common numeric reading from each observation point? And then, connect all those points?
: Let me try that.
: When you connect the dots, it should form the shape of a circle. I believe the center of the circle is the origin...
: I got it!

: Here is the center point... X: 15300 Y: 5000 Here it is! This is where the disturbance originates!
This is completely useless because the map shows where Ka Dingel is.
: Wow. Good work, guys!
: Thank you. Thank you. This is embarrassing...
: I feel as though this will be our last battle.
: Allow me to return to Curan Abbey and continue observation. ... ... … Please use extra caution, for you are entering the epicenter of an earthquake. Please be careful.
: We need to be well prepared. I doubt the demons will like uninvited guests. Not to say that their reception won't be... Enthusiastic.

Next chapter is the beginning of the end.

End of update status:
: Level 43 → 44
--ATK Bonus: 45 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 12 (Lv. 9)
: Level 44 → 46
--Learned and Mastered Maximum Risk
--All current Fast Draw's mastered.
: Level 45 → 46
--Obtained Brave Seal and Hope Shard
Gella: 82506
Migrant Seals: 13
Ex. File Keys: 5/25
Fuck-Ups: 27

Version Differences:
The puzzle to get Jack a new Fast Draw involves the Fenril Knights, rather than just looting the throne.
Zephyr will not become a medium once you get Justine and Raftina, you have to save Surf Village first.


Justine is the Guardian Lord of Courage, and also appears in Wild ARMs 2 and 3. I think whoever designed him was thinking of the Wizard of Oz and basically turned the cowardly lion into a badass gladiator.

Justine's Medium is Brave Seal and his Material is Brave Weapon, which gives a buff titled "Enhanced Weapon" on the entire party. This buff apparantly doubles your ATT and halves the target(s)'s DEF when you're hitting them with a physical attack. I haven't tested with it too much, but I'm pretty sure this includes ARMs and Fast Draws.

Zephyr is the Guardian Lord of Hope, and once again appears in Wild ARMs 2 and 3. I mentioned the Four Gods several times throughout this LP, and this will probably be my final reference to them. You see, with the Four Gods there is a fifth, the Golden Dragon (although I've sometimes heard it as the Golden Emperor) that represents the Center and Changing Seasons. I'm pretty sure Zephyr is meant to be this.

Zephyr's Material is Hope Shard and his Material is Phantasm Heart. I don't really want to call Zephyr the Bahamut of Wild ARMs...but Zephyr's totally the Bahamut of Wild ARMs. They are both giant dragons that blast enemies from outer space for awesome damage. Phantasm Heart has a Tech Constant of 4 (compare to the Elemental Guardian's TC of 3) and might ignore RES (the guide is contradictory) and is also heavily influenced by Luck. However, because elemental damage triples if you hit their weakness...don't expect this to get much usage.

A Saying A Day
: (August 31st) Today's saying is, 'like a crane in the trash.' A wanderer told me that you can find good things in a trash heap. I followed this and went to the dump to look for something with crows and found a statue of a crane.
: (September 1st) Today's saying is that a good carrot grows in a good hedge. Thus, if the hedge is good, so are the carrots. That's what the saying means. But, I don't like carrots like other kids.
: (September 2st) Today's saying is that belief can make a 'health bracelet' work. People were buying 'health bracelets.' It was a fad, and no evidence supported it. Still, they spent lots of money. But people who bought it can be happy thinking that they become healthier because of a bracelet. But does it work? I'm not confident enough to try it.

Next Time:

It's going to take a lot more than that to stop Boomerang...