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Part 30: You're just jealous your Dingel doesn't rise up to space.

Right, with that horrible pun out of the way, last time we defeated Lady Harken/Elmina, looted Arctica Castle, saved Surf Village again, and woke up the last two Guardian Lords. Oh, and we finally found out the real reason for the Pandemonium attack: to find out where Ka Dingel was sealed, and to bring it back to the surface so they can go to Malduke and destroy the world---wait a second, I thought Zeikfried wanted to conquer the world, not destroy it?

The Carpenter's Toolbox here is actually the Secret Tools we found all the way back in Elw Borea. This is the last upgrade we need to make for Adlehyde. Perfect timing.

A quick stop to upgrade the ARM to hold one more bullet, now capable of hitting 13 times with Gatling Raid. Because I haven't made it powerful enough yet. I also use Alter Parts to give it two more uses, but I'm going to stop upgrading it now. I need to save the Alter Parts for...someone special.

Back to the Garden, I'm STILL not done with Force Carrots.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but this island literally appears right after the Pandemonium attack. To find Ka Dingel, you have to first scan it by running on this upper island, and then use Asgard to walk in the shallows so you can enter Ka Dingel itself. You can enter towns and dungeons from Asgard, which serves absolutely no purpose other than to have you do this.

Extended high, their will would touch heavens.
Ka Dingel has it's own dungeon music, but I'm not linking to it quite yet because an event's going to change it pretty quick. First thing we do as we run ahead is...

Get ambushed by ghosts. Like Balloons, these guys resist Physical attacks, so you gotta use Gorun Nova or Flash Hit on them to take them out fast. By this point, Cecilia is Lv. 46. That means that even if we get ambushed (which is actually how I get all of my encounters in this dungeon, because my Migrant Level is so high) when she gets another 4 FP from the end of the round, she can start off with an Elemental Material. Seriously, the ability to do this pretty much trivializes nearly every single random encounter because the grouped enemies tend to have similar weaknesses. The only downside to this is that I have to get ambushed to pull it off right, meaning we still take damage on the surprise round.

In the first room, Boomerang is waiting for us in this circular area. Like an arena.
: This is where our paths cross... Now is the time for battle. Zeikfried is shooting for the New Moon... Malduke. This is the subspace elevator which connects to Malduke in the sea of stars.
: Why don't you explain this... What are you up to?!
: Malduke has the ability to attack Filgaia with the Malduke Gaze. If Zeikfried obtains his toy, it's not hard to imagine how he will play with it. Now that you know Zeikfried's plot, I assume you'll invade Malduke... Am I correct?
: If that's the way to protect Filgaia!
: But... What if someone blocks the way? What will you do then? That's right, unless you beat me, you can't go after Zeikfried. You can't protect Filgaia! ... ... ... Come on, human warriors! To battle!

This fight with Boomerang is pretty straight forward; we've seen the process several times already.

For some reason, Luceid loves starting this battle with her attack that causes Amnesia. I don't remember what it does, but it's not important.

Boomerang is also very powerful now. By this point, I think the game expects you to have a lot more Personal Skills than I actually have. I'm sorry game, I don't grind areas for low drop rates on PS, and I don't have the ability to steal without Jane!
Anyway, I shoved most of the HP Ups on Jack because of Maximum Risk, but in doing so Rudy is no longer a tank, and this one attack really weakened him. Boomerang is tough.

Interestingly, I think Saber Fang is Boomerangs most powerful attack, because he has variations on it like Boomerang Dynamic, which he just used (almost all of his attacks end with him throwing his weapon) and it did less damage. Unfortunately Rudy falls literally right before Cecilia pulls a Shining Star + Phoenix, so now Cecilia and Jack are protected once against death, but Rudy's down.

Every third turn, Luceid will use her Material, which I do not want to face again. If you take her out (she doesn't have much HP) before she can use it on that turn, Boomerang will revive her but then her AI loop will skip this turn.

Boomerang decides to hit Jack for a few turns, while Cecilia slaps Rudy awake, and then he uses a potion berry on himself. I finally get around to casting Soft, which I probably should have done sooner. But now Jack's taken a lot of damage...

Finally I manage to get a Gatling Raid out and finish Boomerang. Throughout the entire battle, Jack's been throwing attacks at Boomerang, dealing good damage but slowly withering him away. Finally on the sixth turn (using Jack to take out Luceid again) Boomerang goes down. It's a good thing only Luceid's Material hits all allies...with Boomerang's attack power, I'd be terrified if he could hit everyone.

: What I caught a glimpse of is the embrace of death... Ha, ha, ha, ha... Ha, hahaha! Do I sense fear!? Did I smell your fear... Humans!!! Lay your own life as a bet, and play the odds against me. Sweet is the smell of battle!
From Boomerang and two Luceid's, I get 24000 EXP and 10000 Gella. From this point of the game onward, the game practically tosses Gella your way.

After the fight, the party looks worn out. Normally I could call cutscene bullshit...but that was a tough fight.
: Nevertheless... Our fates have crossed. I am ready for battle. I have no desire for a happy ending...

: Mmm...
: Grr.... (Note: Luceid only makes sound effects.)
Six robed figures surround the arena. They are all wearing the same robes Zeikfried wore to be undetected by Mother.
: This is the stage that you prepared for battle?!
: No way... Such a victory... It doesn't satisfy my thirst...

Zeikfried's voice echoes from afar. I'm guessing some PA system.
: Look at you Boomerang, all wounded. I am here to help. My men have orders to cut down the enemy. Leave them be. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I also told them to kill anyone they do not recognize. Having you ripped apart with the humans seems a suitable ending. Dying with the ones you tried so hard to protect.
: He who doesn't know shame, pretends to be a knight!?
: How're we going to survive this one?! There are so many...

: I will take care of things here. You guys, hunt down Zeikfried in Malduke.
: What are you up to!?
: ... ... ... Don't misunderstand me. I'm not trying to save you. I just crave battle. Do not worry... When I am done here, I will hunt you down. So do me a favor... Survive until we can meet again. I will take pleasure in that day.
: ...Luceid... Can we only exchange our thoughts on the battlefield?
: Grr....
: Let's run, don't look back! Rudy! Princess! Just leave it to!

The party runs away, one of the robed demons attack, but Boomerang slices it in half before it even lands. The rest of the party escape, now it's just Boomerang, Luceid and five demons.
: ... ... ... As humans take their courage and make it power, I use my thirst for battle to power my blade. Such is a war demon's way of life. ... ... ... Luceid... We might have to go to hell together.
: Grrr!?
: But, don't worry. The hell I choose, with never-ending battle... It is anything but boring.

: Oh... We are already in the Abyss? I see the one I killed... It cannot be helped... I'll just look for a suitable place for me, a battlefield. There must be a battle that can satisfy my thirst! Come now, run and pass through! Luceid!!

The robed demons fly and attack.

As the party flees, there's a powerful rumbling force that causes them all to trip. Then the get up, look at the door, and without a word carry on.
Boomerang: You will be avenged.

Welcome to Ka Dingel properly. About 50% of this dungeon is using these spiral staircase rooms. However, there's loot all over the place, so it's not all bad. Heck, already I've got 5000 Gella, Gimel Coin x2

This dungeon is filled to the brim with Dark-elemental enemies, so now that I don't have Luceid's Material to worry about, I put on as many Dark Breaks as I have...which is enough for everyone to equip the first level, and two others to equip the second level. Really, this game doesn't give you enough Personal Skills.
Anyway, for the Amons themselves...they aren't too tough, considering I can just spam Flash Hit, but they do love using Darkness and Devastate. And if you try to use normal magic attacks against them, sometimes it won't work but Materials are special.

Also scattered throughout this dungeon are five gems on the wall that you should try to hit with the Grenade. You'll get something special at the end.

This is one of the main puzzles in this dungeon, the colored orbs. If you notice, the orbs are currently hovering over platforms that are not the same color as the orb. You need to get the orbs over the same colored platform. Hitting the squares with the Jump Boots makes the nearby orbs rotate clockwise. Not too challenging, but time consuming.

A side passage takes us to this elevator to the top floor, which we can't use yet. Since Malduke is the final dungeon and Ka Dingel is only the gateway, it's nice for them to include this.

To get the loot in the spiral staircase areas, you have generally have to do some mini-puzzle like solidify some floating gems. This gave me PS Moon Stone 3, Lucky Card x2, and the best item in the game, Sonar Kit. The Sonar Kit marks on my minimap where items and Puzzle Boxes are hidden. You have no idea how awesome this item is. Granted, the guide I'm using gives me XY Co-ordinates for every item, but this visually shows me.

Second main puzzle in the dungeon, and I hate it. You have to move these blocks to get through but...

The way you position them affects these blocks ahead...separated by a spiral staircase room, which takes a good deal of time to get around. If you want to blow up the wall-gem and get the loot, and then get through, you have to move the blocks three times. Loot in the staircase contained Light Gem x5, Small Flower x3, and Nectar x3. More Small Flowers are always appreciated. And then there's this Gella too...I wasn't joking when I said it just throws it your way now.

Also scattered throughout the dungeon are these teleporters which take you back to the first teleporter in the dungeon. These are pretty much useless. Although the enemies here can sometimes be a drain on your VIT, you should have enough healing by now to make it through. The next room is just a simple corner hallway containing Potion Berry x3, and Gella Card x2. Although with all these chests giving gella, I won't need the cards much.

Another enemy here, Fafniel, is a pain in the ass. They've got pretty high DEF, and they also regenerate their health at the end of the round. They almost have a Contaminated Crust out, which is a downloadable spell which deals 10% Max HP damage to all enemies of the user. So when an enemy uses it, we take the damage.

They really do put these gems in unusual locations. Some are in the spiral staircase rooms, others are in the block puzzle rooms...anyway, if you're wondering I got here by teleporting across via Change Staff and a white gem.

Another orb puzzle, this time introducing the yellow orbs.

I guess this is the third main puzzle in the dungeon, but it's really easy. Just change staff the gems, land on the switch to open the door and change staff to get out. Next rooms just a spiral staircase with a PS Remove Trap. Remove Trap only has a chance of removing traps form post-battle chests, and isn't worth it, since the chests aren't that dangerous.

Another orb puzzle, this one's probably the trickiest of all of them because you have to get the yellow one in the center, and have alternating blues and greens surrounding it.

Baphomets are tricky, because they have rather high Magic, like using Dark Elemental attacks...but are weak to Darkness as well. So don't try using Flash Hit or Gorun Nova on them like I did.

In room 19, there are two chests, one with Light Gem x5, the other containing a battle against 2 Mimics, dropping 2 Duplicators and giving Witch: Last, the 9th book in the Witch series. (I'm still missing a ton.) The mimic battles start with the same gunshot screen-shattering animation as when you trigger a boss battle, so it can catch you by surprise. Also, see that door at the top there for room 19?
It'll warp you back like four rooms, two of which are the long annoying spiral staircases again.

The real way forward is a secret door on the previous room. Use Radar to get through.

Another room, another samey puzzle (this one's even easier?), and another ambush. Yawn.

And then there's the oddball Mus, which are not Dark affiliated unlike every other enemy here. (Well, I guess except the Fafniel's as well.) Weak slime enemies, heavily resist physical attacks but just get obliterated with any non-Water spell tossed their way.

Another fucking block puzzle. This time you can't move around as easily because of the barriers in the way. Still the same formations to get through, although there's no loot on the upper floor, just a Gem to blow up. The previous staircase room had PS Boom Break 2, and Force Carrot x3, and the next staircase room separating the two parts of the block puzzle, has PS MP up 3, 15000 Gella, and Revive Fruit x2.

Getting close to the top now, last orb based puzzle in the dungeon. The room right before this had another gem to blow up as well. The next staircase room has Gimel Coin, Mega Berry x2. A single Gimel Coin? Means a boss battle's coming up.

It's Alhazad. I hate Alhazad's theme, but I'll play it here because this is the last time we're going to see him.
: It has been some time since Lady Harken's body stopped responding... It seems she has been broken. You are the one who did it, aren't you? Ke, kekekeke... What a waste... She was a masterpiece. A beautiful representation of my work.
: That's funny to you? Is it funny to play with a human's life?!
: My desire is to play with toys forever. ...that's all. I play with captured humans. I fool with them, remake them... Things like that. When it loses its original shape, I start to get bored... But, I revel in their tortured screams. Kill me, they say... Ke, kekekeke... Ke, kekekeke... Ke, kekekekekekekeke...
It also appears Alhazad has become Korean.
: I've never fought with hate. You are now the exception, Alhazad!
: Zeikfried aims for supremacy of Filgaia, but it doesn't matter to me. Still, I can't let you overlook one fact. In my true form, I would bury you guys.
True form?


Strategy is pretty much cemented by now. Kill two Bastis bugs with elemental magic or gems...

Shining Star + Newton's Wrath to give everyone increased Force gain...

Finish with good ol' Gatling Raid

: ...don't want to die... ...don't... w... ant... ...'t ... die...
With a death like that...I almost feel sorry for Alhazad. Almost. He/she's pretty high on my Evil List because of experimentation on living things with the intention of killing those things.
...speaking of which, I don't think we ever got a gender listed for Alhazad, other than that one "she" we got, seemingly out of nowhere.
Regardless, Alhazad and the two Bastis bugs drops 27000 EXP and 12000 Gella total, along with a PS Dark Break 3. Gee game, I would have loved to have that sooner.

Alhazad also drops a saving gem on the floor, so you can fully heal up.

Oops, guess I was wrong. There was another one in the dungeon. Although there's something odd with this one...notice how there isn't a platform for me to jump on in this part? It's just randomly missing with now explanation. I guess to be more difficult.

The last room up here has the music change. This is the teleportation room to Malduke. However, back here, is a secret door that opens if you've blown up all five gems throughout Ka Dingel. Inside is just a loot room, containing PS Blocker 2, Ray Break 3, and FINEST ARTS. Those of you familiar with the series know how awesome Finest Arts can be...and it's not too shabby. First off, it only happens on Critical Hits, which deal 3 times the normal damage of a normal attack, and then Finest Arts will randomly happen and quadruple it again. At least that's what I think the formula says, I haven't played with it too much to figure it out. Honestly, I'd much rather just spam Gatling Raid and call it good enough.

: We don't have to think. Sometimes, we just have to be decisive.
: New Moon floating among the stars... In Malduke, the end of our battle must be waiting...

: I will go! Not for anyone. But, because I love Filgaia...
: Yes... Let us never feel the regret of losing something important again.
One by one they step on to the teleporter...but the moment I get there, I'm teleporting back, because I have unfinished business on Filgaia! Running back a few floors takes us to an elevator close to the bottom. Now that we've activated the teleporter to Malduke, we can use that lower teleporter to also warp back to the top. This is awesome because Ka Dingel is primarily a linear dungeon...actually that's probably what 90% of it is.

FINALLY! Three down, four to go... I plant Small Flowers next, since those are the hardest to find, even with stealing.

Adlehyde is now also completely rebuilt, thanks to the Secret Tools. But I thought Tom didn't acknowledge Ambush battles for rebuilding town? I have no idea anymore.
However, if you notice, the Guardian monument is also rebuilt...

Shrine maiden and warriors... I am in charge of 'safety' and 'stability'. I shall grant you my divine protection... My 'Castle' shall protect you, and the rest of the world, from all that is evil.
Obtained Medium [Castle Defense!]

Only two more Guardians to go. Gotta Catch 'em All!
Ahem, anyway, I stop by the local ARM Meister to get another bullet for Rudy thanks to all that Gella from Ka Dingel. His ARM is now at Upgrade Lv. 15, so if I want to add more bullets, I'll have to destroy the four upgrades I put in for Attack Bonus. I wouldn't have the money to upgrade Bullets yet again, so the bonus stays.

On the way back, I pick this up. Must have just waltzed by it accidentally first time leaving.
When touching its hard metal, you feel a mysterious feeling. It's as if his words communicate through it...
Communicating through his weapon, what kind of nonse--


Azure_Horizon posted:

The "solider" in the Saber Fang's description should count as a Fuck-Up, I think.
A really lazy typo, honestly.
Thanks Azure, totally missed this one. Fuck Up Count: 28

All that's left is to go to the top. The very top.

End of update status:
: Level 44 → 47
--ATK Bonus: 45 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 12 (Lv. 9) → 14 (Lv. 11)
--+2 Shots for Gatling Raid
: Level 46 → 48
--All current Fast Draws mastered.
: Level 46 → 48
--Obtained Castle Defense
Gella: 6705
Migrant Seals: 13
Ex. File Keys: 5/25
Fuck-Ups: 28

Version Differences:
Ka Dingel is now very VERY linear.
The death of Boomerang is a lot better in my opinion, it seemed silly that before just a bunch of random demons appeared...but this time, someone special made an appearance yet again.

Guardian Roll Call

Zeldukes is the Castle Guardian, appearing only in the original game and this. Since Zeldukes is the Castle Guardian, it's no surprise that you find him at Adlehyde, the only castle still standing at this point in the game.

Zelduke's Medium is Castle Defense, and his Material is Status Lock. It's a very basic Material that prevents the party from getting debuffs. Actually, it's a buff that prevents Debuffs, so if you're smart you can use Infinity to extend it forever. A nice Medium for a nice price of 25 FP.

A Saying A Day
: (September 3rd) Today's saying is that a father who knows his own son is wise. But when judging your own son, what father could be fair? If I say something like this my mom judges me relatively lightly.
: (September 4th) Today's saying is, 'love it more than eating.' Everybody loves eating. If food almost falls off a cliff, you try to save it, right? So, there are not many things that are more important than eating. Let's think of one...........
: (September 5th) Today's saying is, 'like Koinya.' Koinya is a great person in olden days. He was beautiful, strong, wise, honest and upright. So it's usually a great compliment. At school, though, they use it like an insult.
: (September 6th) Today's saying is that heaven will not give you simmered dishes. This is used to show how even the most wonderful place that could ever be, has flaws. But simmered dishes are not in the list of kids' favorite dishes. This saying is not very appropriate to educate kids.

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