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Part 34: Like the Birds.

Whew! Finally got a free weekend to do this. Again, like with Funeral March, Windward Birds and Footprints had their vocal parts surgically removed in the localization because Sony doesn't want any Japanese in their English games. Just just feels really empty without them, although maybe not as much as Funeral March because these are brand new songs.

Polsy is fucking awesome and transliterated the lyrics, and even helped me translate a good portion of Windward Birds. Google Translate was as bad as ever, so I really appreciated his help with this. Again, I did some reworking and tried to get the message of the song across while having something that could actually be sung to the beat.

Windward Birds
Original Japanese:                           | My version: 
kareta kouya wo kawashite hashire            | Come on, run across this dried up wilderness
kuzureru suna keriagete sora e~              | Endless deserts of sand, oh let's kick it up to the sky~
tsukihanasu you ni haneru itami wa           | Do not try to forsake it, it will bounce back to hurt you
hitori ja uketome                            | But now you see, deep down you know,
rarenai hazu na no ni                        | This is one thing, you can't take away.
kimi no chiisana tenohira dake wo            | These small hands are weak, you can't do anything.
konna ni kitzutsuke                          | But if you, continue on,
tsudzukete kuku no nara                      | You will be hurt, and you will die.
(yureru) kokoro no SCOPE de                  | (Shake it up) Try to use the scope of the heart,
(onaji) mirai wo toraete                     | (It's all the same) To catch the distant future.
hikiyoseau you ni ima te to te kasanete      | Now lets join hands once more to bring us together.
kareta kouya wo kawashite hashire            | Come on, run across this dried up wilderness.
nukumori wo tsutaeau WINDWARD BIRDS          | Let us impart warmth to each other, Windward Birds.
narande wataru toritachi no you ni           | Line up side by side, spread out and soar. 
kazakami ni tatsu bokura                     | Always facing the wind, like the birds.
samenai yume ni nagasareru no wa             | Though this dream is pleasant, you cannot stay here.
itsudatte yasashii                           | In this land of, sweet memories,
kioku ni nigeru kara                         | You are running, far from the world.
kimi ga ikiteku basho wa koko na no          | Sure, you want to live here, but take a look around you.
namida no kakera de                          | This planet is, broken and worn,
tsumuida kono oshi de                        | Held together, by shards of tears.
(yureru) shisen wo azukari                   | (Shake it up) I have taken charge of your gaze
(onaji) kokyu wo kazoete                     | (It's all the same) Counting your every breath.
hikigane no ushiro wa watashi go mamoru kara | Now I stand behind this gun, and I will defend everything.
karate kouya no yami ni shitometa            | Bring down the darkness in this dried up wilderness.
kemuru yuuhi no sake e WINDWARD BIRDS        | Flying to the setting sun, Windward Birds.
tsubasa no ue ni wakiokoru kaze              | The west wind raises up, supporting my wings.
oikakete yuku bokura                         | Always chasing the wind, like the birds.
Original Japanese:                           | My version: 
kimi ga itsuka mi ta monogatari wa           | One day. One day I knew my tale would end
owara nai tabi no tochuu datta n da          | And now I see the end of my journey.
nagai a idayobotte ni tsutsun de ta          | Hand in hand. I felt your hand wrapped around mine.
tameiki ga hohoemi ni kawari dashi ta,       | Instead of a sigh I realized I began to smile.
sono toki                                    | And then
yuuhi no naka ikutsu ka no                   | The shadows began to swirl away, 
kage ga yure hajimete                        | And the light of the sunset shone through.
egao tashikameru you ni                      | I took only one look back to see, 
hora furikaetta                              | That I wore a smile.
naran da ashiato yagate                      | Like footprints around the world. 
kowo yano saki de hirogari                   | Far across the land and spreading through the wilderness.
sorezore ga omoi egaku                       | I can see them scattered far and wide,
ashita he chirabaru kedo                     | Reaching for the distant future ahead.
dare mo ga wakatteru                         | And still I wait for that day to come. 
itsuka yakusoku no hi ga ki ta nara          | For that promised day when I see everyone again.
wataridori ga modoru no wa                   | Back to this place once more, 
kitto mata koko da kara                      | Returning like migratory birds.
kawai ta kuchibiru ga kasure ta oto de       | Oh what fun. We'll sing and dance away the day.
kanaderu ano uta yo                          | We won't stop until our lips are dry.
kimi ga egaku ashita he to                   | The tomorrow we brought to the world
todoke sasayaka na                           | Will be delivered upon
kaze ni natte                                | The west wind.
hiroi hiroi konosekaini                      | All alone, all alone, I'm alone in the world.
minna hitoribocchi                           | Everyone has left me alone.
hitominooku afuresouna                       | In the back of my eyes I hide my tears
samishisakakushiteru                         | That I shed when I am alone
sonna omoi kakae ta mama                     | As I walked alone, I looked down
arui te ki ta keredomo                       | And noticed I walked in their footprints
ima hajimete kigatsui ta yo                  | It was at this time that I realized,
hitori ja nakatta n da                       | That I am not alone.
goran yo bokura ga                           | I always will, protect this land. 
mamori tsuduke te ki ta daichi ni            | Just like it once protected me when I was alone,
yatto chiisana hana ga                       | Though my flowers are still small
sako u to shi te iru ima                     | And barely holding onto life.
zetsubou to kiseki wo                        | I see miracles rise from despair, 
nan do mo kurikaeshi te ki ta kedo           | Every single day of my life from now on.
zuutto akirame nakatta                       | I have given so much up
tsubomi ga ippai no sekai wo                 | Just to see a world, full of flowers.
na/la x infinity                             | na/la x infinity
tsubomi ga ashiato yon deru                  | The footprints of the world are flowers.
And to your deep surprise, I also sung it.

Krysmphoenix, the last time he sang something posted:

If you listen to this, keep in mind that I am an amateur, not a professional. Also I'm singing a song in a language it was not meant to be sung in, and I'm a guy singing a song originally sung by a woman. I'm going to flat up say it's not the greatest thing in the world and my singing has a lot of flaws, but I don't think it's that bad.

I mostly just wanted to hear this song in English, and if no one else is going to do the job right, you might as well do it yourself.
Also, I'd like to point out that one of the weirdest things in the world to do is be your own backup vocalist.