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Part 5: Chapter 5

This post will be just a bit shorter since it was originally part of the above post. I looked at it though, and realized it was way too friggin' big.


Even more ridiculously tough wasps? Pass.

Their old blue cousins are hanging out too.

Sigh. Time to go see if that kindly old person will heal me again.

Ah, good. Yeah yeah, save Po, got it.

So, here's the stats going in. Not too shabby.

A lovely shade of blue.

Going down

A treasure chest, eh?

- "The name of a swordsman is written on the inside, but it is too old to read."

Bling bling!

Pretty easy so far. I haven't even encountered anything yet.

AUGH! I can't even hurt this guy with my sword, either! Push past, push past!


That deviant ghost thing can't be hurt by the sword either. And after a few seconds it steals my MP and splits into two. I think that counts as rape.

Phew, a door.

Oh, an... empty room. Beautiful.


Ah, this works.

- "What a sword, the whole sword is red with flames."

- How am I supposed to hold this thing...?

What a sword indeed. Pretty powerful. No light of life, however.

More skeletons... brilliant.

And... more treasure!

- "It is a beautiful green scale."

Sweet! Dragon-free dragon scales! I'll have to remember to hoof it back to Dew for that reward.

Going up north and east from the flaming sword intersection leads to a cave, starting with this corridor.

Neo snake man. Just as easy as his green buddy, with about the same amount of hits thanks to that sword.


Oh, it's Po. All right then. Hope it doesn't want to eat me.

- Sometimes I just have to get out of there. Anyway, the senile old dragon back there, Matanda, got really huffy, waving his big tail around just because I played with the crystal ball a little bit. He damaged my prize feathers. But thanks to you, I have been saved. Hey! I know! I'll give you this ocarina which I picked up in the forest. "You have the magic ocarina!"

Huh, okay. But how's Link going to get around Hyrule now?

- If you ever need me, just call me with this ocarina.

Sweet! A free ride? That sounds great. Let's start by getting out of-

...Here. Dammit. Well, there was one more corridor south of the Po cave entrance.

Red skeletons? Crap. I haven't seen any red enemies except for the bees. Time to use the power of that flame spell I got from Bogarda! (Yes, I forgot I had it up til now.)


B... but...!

...... Never using that flame spell again. Seriously, what's the point of a spell that makes fire if you can't burn things with it?

So, I somehow make it past those red skeletons, only to be ambushed by blue ones on the next screen. Past that, I find yet another doorway.

Oh... crap...

Tune in next time for the next exciting episode!