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Part 6: Chapter 6

Last time on...

Oh... yeah. The dragon.

- I will never give you the crystal ball of life. Cough, cough...

The chainsmoking dragon, apparently.

- Although I can't fight, in fact I can't even fly,

I like those odds. Let's get down to brass tacks.

- ... I'll give you a bracelet that a thief left here. If you let me be. Cough, cough... "You have obtained the Thieves' (sic) Bracelet."

- ...Okaaaaaay...

- Are you going to leave me alone?

- Huh? Eh, sure, why not. Your corpse would probably fall on me and crush me anyway.

- What a kind hearted young man.

- About time someone gave me a compliment.

Apparently this is enough to quell the righteous anger of Willow and his awful hairstyle, because he leaves the cavern.

So, in chronological order, we have the gold statue, the strength ring, the medicinal herbs (Maaaan), the dragon scale, and now a bracelet.

The skeletons don't want me to leave.

They really



Want me to stay.

God, that was HORRIBLE. I'm fleeing and never looking back at this awful cave.

The exit, final-

(Cue Legend of Zelda puzzle solve noise) Well, that's great and all, but I really need to get back to Dew for that dragon gear I was promised.

- We would love to have you... FOR DINNER MUAHAHAH!

By the way, as far as I know, nothing can hurt the evil trees. I even tried the fire spell, and it's just as useless as before.

However, I've got an ace up my sleeve. I CHOOSE YOU, OCARINA!

Yes! Warp zone!

You got it dude!

woah wait a second I don't know if this is a good idea

Oh. Okay then.

- Oh, this is really a dragon scale! I will make you a magnificent sword and shield. "You have the dragon sword."

Hell yeah!

- "You have the dragon shield."

Double hell yeah!

Presenting the newest study in badassery, the dragon gear. The sword swings a lot slower at this level, but one or more higher and it'll be up to par with its weaker brethren.

I flew back to the old person's house. He was ecstatic about Po being rescued, as you can see.

I also encountered this... thing. It flew to the side, dive-bombed me, then teleported back to where it started. Sword didn't work, so I ran.

So, back to this little number.

Bring it on!

Umm... a lake with trees.

It... it's doing the monster encounter animation but it's playing happy music. I don't know what to make of this.

Holy...! She's bigger than the dragon! And her brood are wandering all over my windows!

- ... protector of this lake, the fairy Cherlindea.

- I'm... standing on your rack! This is awesome!

- Take this cane with you. It's a legendary magic cane. Only those who are pure in heart may use it. During this coming adventure you must put your all into using this cane to its utmost. When this cane reaches its true potential, it will be the beginning of the end for all wicked beings. "You have the magic cane."

This will be quite pivotal to the story. For now, though, it's a sucky magic attack.

- Now Willow, go north. Fin Raziel, the messenger of Earth, is waiting for you. Willow, you are the only one who can save her. She was turned into an opossum by the evil magic of queen Bavmorda.

- Yeah, the intro movie covered that pretty well. I mean, err...

- Now go! Go north.

- I'm going, I'm going! Sheesh. Bossy she-giant.

Tune in next time for useless swordsmen and underwater adventures!