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Part 8: Chapter 8

Now where were we? Ah yes.


- ...glad you made it all this way. Now please change me to my normal self with Cherlindrea's magic cane.

- Err, okay... I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the heads-up on this.


- (Stupid old bird, if only she'd just been more caref-)

- back yet.


Actually, you have to be a certain level before you can successfully turn Raziel back to normal. You could grind, I guess, but there's absolutely no real gain in doing so since you'll likely hit the right level near the end of the game. Until then, just go about your business with the storyline.

There's another cave entrance just north of Raziel's crib. And past a bit of shoreline-

...Goddamn turtle crabs.

That's an awful manly looking soldier chick. Sorsha, anyone?

- Have you seen a man by the name of Madmartigan around here?

- Uhhh... nope! Can't say that I have! And I sure didn't see any rusty keys to his handcuffs laying around in the forest either.

- ...What?

- What?

- He was a suspicious man, so we caught him. But he got away somehow.

- I'll... keep my eyes peeled. So can I go past you? I kind of have to go to those towers.

- No.

- Dammit.

I'm really not sure how well founded her arbitrary arrest is. I mean, if it were indeed legal to arrest someone in this world for being a creeper, there would be about 20% of the population left over. And that still doesn't explain why she left him in the middle of the road and tossed the key in a random box instead of, I don't know, getting Faceless McSoldier over there to lug him around.

Oh well. She won't move no matter what. I can't even attack her. Back to that second cave.

Nice place, isn't it?

Back, pesky ghost! I've got the sword of ghost-hurty now!

Those company gas cards? Huh. I didn't think very many places took them as-is, but where am I even going to find a gas station in this world?

- "The slate says that there is a way to get out of the confusing cave."

Umm... great?

I tried to screencap every section of this cave just to see if it would improve continuity... but then I realized that I was doing us all a favor by only capping the really notable bits.

Yes! Fresh air!

Dead end on the right.

Turtle crabs on the left. Let me go over these guys a bit since they're rather distracting. They jump out of the water in your general vicinity, spin around for a few seconds in an invincible form, then they expose their red crabby parts and scuttle side to side. You can then hurt them, but they'll occasionally fire bubbles at you which can sometimes by deflected by the shield. Also, they do a lot of damage when they hit you.

You turtle crabs can't stop me! I'm free! Free!

And I'll... oh, dammit.

Here we go again...

Oh. That was quick.

Ahhhh! I'm tripping balls! Another benign music encounter effect!

- The spirit that roams around looking for her love.

Oh. Well that clears everything right up.

- Please help me. My love must be nearby but he won't show himself to me.

Have you tried getting him drunk first?

- Please find him for me. "You have Zhena's cross flute."

A dead lady's flute, huh? Well, okay, I guess I can take it.

God, that was weird.

Lay off the shrooms for a bit, Willow.

A useful-looking dead end that is, in fact, quite useless.

Yup, an island to nowhere. Go figure.

Ah, a way out. Big room. Well, I'll just-

ACK! No! I didn't use my Healcane before stepping into the room!

In fact, this boss would be able to kill me in one hit at this point. Guess you'll be expecting a bunch of flashing white death screens here, eh? Not so! You see, I figured out his combat pattern without taking a single unit of damage! After you hit him once, he sends a series of spikes out at you like a machine gun. These can be avoided by going to the outer perimeter of the room and running in a circular manner. A couple of spikes DID hit me, but my shield deflected them through something I can only call a complete miracle. Observer, and ph34r my 1337 combat skillz!

Loop this a few times and then... victory!

That is also nice!

- ...inside. However, he was already half dead...

- Eww. Vore cosplayers.

You like dialogue, right? Of course you do. Here you go!

- Right at that moment, Zhena's cross flute began to play.

- Muzh: Zhena!

- Zhena: We finally meet!

- Muzh: Zhena. I was turned into an ugly monster by the wicked magic of Bavmorda and was ordered to guard this door the rest of my life. I couldn't go home because I could not let you see my ugly state.

- Zhena: But now we can be together.

- Muzh: Yes, forever and ever.

- The two came together and disappeared.

- Gross. There are people trying to save the world in here, you know. At least clean up your mess before going to the afterlife.

- Muzh had left a note behind. "I thought this time would come, so I wrote this note to leave behind."

Redundancy is redundant.

- "Bavmorda is afraid of the power of the spirits and she fears just people like you. You must have both of these strengths to defeat her. I'm sure that the spirits will help you if they can. I will write down the magic word of Bombard here. I am sure there will be a time when it is needed." "You have the magic of Bombard!"

- ...You know, this might be the first time in this whole adventure that I truly feel that what I'm doing is important. Bavmorda, you will pay for what you did to Muzh and Zhena.

Like all proper conversations should, this ends with me receiving a spell of cataclysmic destruction. Yeeeeeees.

Getting pretty tough, eh?

I'm going to do you guys a favor: I screencapped every painful bit of my treasure hunt around the caves, but I'll just throw in the notables.

- "It is said that if you wave this feather you invoke the magic of Terstorm which creates a gust of wind."

A wind spell that, surprise surprise, is mostly useless.



- The book talks about the magic word renew but I don't know what kind of magic it is."

Some magic book you got there, Willow. Good job.


A picture of Bombard in action. It's still not that great.

More bees

Willow is challenged by a wizard to a duel on the dance floor.

Sadly, Willow loses.



Mountains! Oh, what's this?

Coming up next chapter: The two towers!