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Part 9: Chapter 9

All righty... it's spring break and I left work early because I'm sick, so I'll try and do the halftime update.


When the adventure started, Willow was nothing but a smiley-faced farmer with a wife and two children. The idea of monsters, adventure, and villains was beyond his periphery.

- However, it was I, the High Aldwin, who read the prophecies. They mention Willow saving the world from the evil Messenger of the Skies... Bavmorda.

- So, after I gave him some magic acorns which can turn anything to stone, Willow went on his way.

- Hey, I gave him a sword, too.

- Quiet, Vohnkar. Nobody cares.

- Grumble, grumble... at least my sword works on more than half of the enemies in the game...

- Since that fateful day, Willow has become considerably more powerful than any Nelwin who preceded him. He freed the village of Dew from Bogarda, a chief who had been enslaved by Bavmorda's magic to do...


- Actually, they never did quite say what he was doing except looking for the golden statue.

- Grrrrr! Argggggh! Ha ha ha ha!

- Hey, this horn comes right off!

- ...Where was I? Oh yes, I remember now. Please fight for peace.

- I'm hungry.

- Anyway! Bogarda also happened to be keeping an enchantment on the bridge leading out of Dew, so defeating him allowed Willow to move on...

- ...Which is where he met me, Kchil of the Nail clan. We only briefly traded words... or rather, I talked while he listened. But I would eventually give him an item which would aid him in meeting Fin Raziel.

- Franjean: We are forgetting the most important part of the story!

- Rool: The most important part!

- Franjean: Willow met us at the edge of Death Forest, where we made a deal for Matanda the dragon's crystal orb in exchange for safe passage to Cherlindrea.

- Rool: But we vanished if the player collected the Thieves' Bracelet, which must have really ticked off the player who wondered what to do next.

- Franjean: Fourth wall, Rool, fourth wall!



- Hi, I'm Po. Shortly after meeting the brownies, Willow brought me some medicinal herbs so I could fly once again. I gave him an ocarina with which he could call me to fly him around. A gameplay mechanic, I might add, that has never been done in any other game.

- ...

- Willow met me, Matanda, in the same cave as Po. In exchange for leaving me and my orb in peace, I gave him the Thieves' Bracelet. Even though I only ever complained about one thief. Anyway, it opened a secret passage in the cave which took Willow to Lake Cheef.

- Where he met me, Cherlindrea.

- (Why is she bigger than me???)

- I bestowed upon Willow the Cane, which would prove instrumental in defeating Bavmorda and freeing Fin Raziel from the form in which she was encased.

- Well, eventually. When he met me, Willow turned me from an opossum...

- ...To a bird. What an improvement.

- I'm Madmartigan. Remember me? Of course you do; I'm fantastic. Let me wrap up the rest of this little recap. Willow found the keys to some handcuffs which Sorsha put on me. Then after I met him again at the Inn of the Traveler, he got a Wakka Seed from that horned squirrel... thing, from the Nail clan. This allowed him to travel to Fin Raziel's cave, and from there he made his way to the towers which were reputed to drive terror into Bavmorda's withered black heart.

- Along the way, Willow met my lover, Zhena, who was a spirit trying to find me. Sadly, I was stuck in the form of a monster, guarding the passage to the towers.

- Run along, Muzh. Nobody wants to hear about that.

- ...Sigh. I'll be off writing moody poety in heaven, or wherever enslaved mutant clams that eat people go when they die.

- And so, Willow now stands poised to enter the two towers of legend, and discover the secret which Bavmorda fears. Ciao.

- See why I handcuffed him and left him in a forest full of monsters?


Well, that's a basic summary of everything that's happened so far. There will be in-depth information on all of the weapons, shields, spells, and items near the end of the LP. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!