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Part 11: Chapter 11

So, now that Sorsha and Generic Soldier #37 are inexplicably out of the way, we can move on to our next destination. But first!


Also, watch out for falling rocks. They're not a rare encounter anymore, and for some reason they do more damage now than they did before.

Hell-red wasps. About as much fun as you'd expect.

Hell-red skulls. About as good a source of EXP as you'd expect.

Black bees. These things pack a whallop. There's probably a racist comment in there somewhere.

Dead ends never get old, do they?

More skulls. Nothing new yet, but I'm not too far-

"Excuse me..."


JESUS CHRIST! Run, Willow, fucking RUN!

Thank god... a hell-red snake man. I can deal with that.

Treasure is good too.


- "Put this on your head and utter Specter's magic word. This turns you into a monster."

Umm... okay...?

Big Blue. Just like Big Red, but tougher.

House?! Safety?! Mountains?!

- I can teach you the strongest magic word in the world. "You have the magic word of Thunder."

Well that's... that's great. Thanks.

Actually, Thunder is a very useful spell. It can kill most creatures in one hit, and doesn't require aim. I'll be using this later on for power leveling.

By the way, just north of this isolated mountain house is a treasure chest containing Healball. It's a stronger version of Healmace.

More constipated magic users.

Blue divebomb wizard. You know, I just remembered something. When I first played this game, I thought these guys were some kind of spectral ostrich.

Level up.

Another one! These things used to scare the crap out of me as a kid.

The aptly titled Mountain Face is one of those "cannot be killed by swords" kind of monsters, like the evil trees in Death Forest. It also spits fireballs in a similar fashion to the trees, but you only encounter one at a time. It's stronger, however, and its fireballs stick around for a few seconds wherever you were standing before they disappear.

This one looks rather unsure what to make of me.

- "You have the Tail shield." "A shield that is made from the tail of a demon."

That sounds like a terrible idea for a shield.

Oh well. It's the best I have right now.



This looks a little nicer.


Turns out this is where that monster bone spell comes into play. Cast it before the Magic Mouths here activate, and...

- Uhh... Viagra!

You can glide safely across them. The spell wears off after a while, though, and you can't attack or use magic until it does.

Joy of joys, another cave.

Apparently I'm in Hell.

What gave it away? The hair? Or the fact that I'm roughly three feet tall?

- What? You don't know Tir Asleen! It is the name of a small country a little ways from here. According to an old legend, the Tir Asleen castle is supposed to be the future castle of the peace loving Elora Danan. It's been said that a brave man would appear and save this world.

...They REALLY should've sent Vohnkar on this quest.

- I await that day.

I'm sure none of this will be of any consequence later on. Let's leave the crazy old man in his Hell cave and keep going.

Hell has many dead end rooms like this.

And yellow ostriches.

And more dead ends like this.

And several four-way intersections with yellow ostriches. Originality. Willow has it.


Watch for falling rocks.

Skeletons are back too.

Ah, a bridge. Let's see what-

Bridge, why you gotta play a brotha?

This bridge is cursed for some reason, and we can't cross it until we have a specific item. So let's check out that cave.

It's a bit more purple than most.

Bees love it here.

And... bird men, too, apparently?

- Eagle clan country was burned by Bavmorda's magic. Our people scattered and we have no place to go back to. My brother, Abang, and I ran away but we got separated. If you happen to meet up with him, please give him this Wing sword. "You have the Wing sword."

Sweet! A new sword! But there's just one catch... more on that later. For now we're keeping the dragon sword on a bit longer.

Thanks, random old hermit.

The game is terrible about this part, but you're supposed to go back to that old man at this point and grab the necessary bridge-crossing tool from him.

So, let's backtrack out of this cave and into the mount-


Skeletons? Well then, I'll just have to break through them and-


- M... maybe... my legs were crushed by rocks, and my torso has been pierced by skeleton swords, but if I can just get some healing...

- Then you should wear these witch's shoes that I used when I ran from the village.

- Why were you wearing... what do I... what...?

- "You have the witch's shoes."

- But... my organs...!

Well, at least they work. And I'm feeling better after using my last reserves of MP for Healmace.

More ostrich related hijinks.

Even more.

A cave, aptly played by Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-LP.

Coming up next: "Everything will be all right once we get to Tir Asleen!"