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Part 14: Chapter 14

This next update will be kind of short because it was originally part of the previous update.


- Oh god Raziel I'm so sorry I turned you into another freakish oh. It worked?

- Holy shit it worked! I'm the greatest sorcerer in the world!

- I had better put all of my energy into using this cane.

- Kinky.

No, this isn't the game. I did a screenshot while the dialogue window was scrolling.

- I can help out in the battle, but you're the one prophecy says willfinally defeat Bavmorda.

- You mean you guys aren't going to get into some crazy fist fight involving random bolts of lightning, flying around in the air, and crashing into walls?

- No.


There, done. And if I go back inside to see Razzy?

Great, just... great. I get to run into the castle by myself. After all, the legendary sorceress would be a useless ally against another legendary sorceress.

Before we move on to the final chapter, let's take a look at all the crap Willow has accumulated on his funny little journey. Oh, you're going to notice something... odd, as well.

In order to go from level 13 to level 16 I would have had to have earned more than double the EXP I've accumulated from the entire game! Let me break this down for you:

XP for level 13: 39340
XP for level 14: 53330
XP for level 15: 72610
XP for level 16: 99990

I like slaughtering crab turtles as much as anyone, but GOD DAMN. If I had put this much effort into my social circle I could've gotten laid five times.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah.

In order from left to right and top to bottom:

Long Sword - Vohnkar gave us this sword. It's the first one we ever got.

Battle Sword - Found in a chest in Bogarda's cave.

Flame Sword - Found in a chest in Matanda's cave.

Dragon Sword - The retired blacksmith in Dew made this for us with the dragon scales. No, I'm not sure how that works either.

Wing Sword - Adik gave us this sword to give to Abang. Abang made it ridiculously powerful and let us keep it.

Devil Eye - Found in a chest near Madmartigan in Cheef forest. Hurts enemies that can't be attacked with magic or other weapons.

Kaiser Sword - Airk's sword, which he gave to us in Tir Asleen castle. More badass than he is.

Wonder Sword - Also found in Tir Asleen castle. Useful for all of five minutes.

Same order:

Wood Shield - A random guy in Dew gave this to us. Rather nice of him, as we didn't have a shield before. Blocks fireballs without burning.

Small Shield - Found in a chest near the entrance to Death Forest. Very missable.

Gold Shield - Found in Matanda's cave.

Dragon Shield - The retired blacksmith in Dew made this for us with the dragon scales. Makes a lot more sense than the dragon sword.

Metal Shield - Found in the Lake Cheef caves.

Tail Shield - Found in the mountain pass near Tir Asleen. Makes no sense.

Battle Shield - Found in Tir Asleen castle on the same floor as the wonder sword.

Fury Shield - I'm jumping the gun a little with this, but it's the best shield in the game. Kind of looks like an enemy from Super Mario World.

Same order:

Gold Statue - Found in the forest near Bogarda's cave. He wanted it, but it's unclear whether it was for wealth or not.

Ring - Found in Bogarda's cave. Raises strength by 10 points.

Medicinal Herbs (MAAAAAAN) - Given to us by Po's owner in Death Forest. Heals Po.

Dragon Scale - Found in Matanda's cave. Oddly, not on a dragon. But since it leads to good equipment either way, who's complaining?

Thief's Bracelet - Given by Matanda for not stealing his crystal orb. Clears a secret exit near the entrance to Matanda's cave.

Key - A rusty old key. This unleashes Madmartigan upon the world.

Cross Flute - Given by Zhena in the Lake Cheef caves. This allows the area boss, Muzh, to be defeated.

Earth Crystal - Given to us by a moldy old guy on the second of the two towers.

Sky Crystal - Given to us by a blue old guy on the first of the two towers. Kind of odd that it comes after the second orb, but before the Wakka Seed.

Wakka Seed (Ya?!) - Given by Kchil in the Lake Cheef forest.

Nockmaar Key - The cranky old lady in Tir Asleen gives us this. Nockmaar castle is accessible beforehand, but this key allows passage to the final area of the castle.

Necklace - Madmartigan's necklace. Useless. Utterly, utterly useless.

Powder of Unrequited Love - Franjean and Rool give us this in Tir Asleen castle's prison.

Witch Shoes - A strange hermit in the cave system just outside Tir Asleen gave us this. It lets us cross the cursed bridge into Tir Asleen.

Incidentally, the blank space was where the Spirit Crest used to be. You know, before Kael snaked it off of us.

Same order:

Acorn - Learned from Nelwyn's high Aldwin. Turns some enemies to stone. When it wants to. Stoned. High. Aldwin.

Bombard - Muzh leaves a note behind when defeated that teaches us this spell. Makes an earthquake that hits every enemy on the screen for marginal damage. Stronger than Terstorm, but weaker than Thunder.

Renew - Learned from a treasure chest in Lake Cheef caves. If possible, it downgrades an enemy to a less powerful version of itself. For example, it would turn a red skeleton into a blue skeleton, or a blue skeleton into a white skeleton. EXP earned also changes, taking away the only possible perk to this spell.

Thunder - An old lady in the Tir Asleen mountain pass taught us this. It dims the screen while lightning crawls around. Pretty much kills every enemy in one hit, but costs 20 MP.

FireFlor (Flowing Fire) - Bogarda teaches us this after beating him. It creates a circle of fire which supposedly hurts enemies that wander into it. I say "supposedly" because it didn't whenever I gave it a try. Use it if you find yourself overly burdened with MP and wish to free yourself of it.

Cane - Cherlindrea gives us this spell when we enter Lake Cheef. It can do a little damage to an enemy when hit, but its actual use hasn't been explained yet.

Terstorm - Found in a chest in Lake Cheef caves. Hurts enemies with wind magic. It's weaker than both Bombard and Thunder.

Healmace - Bogarda's... son, I guess? Well, he teaches us this in Dew. It heals about 70 HP.

Ocarina - Po gives this to us in Matanda's cave. It lets him take us to a (very limited) selection of places Willow has already visited.

Fleet - Found in a chest in Lake Cheef caves. Teleports Willow back to the entrance of whatever dungeon he's stuck in.

Specter - Found in a chest in the mountain pass. It turns Willow into a slime for about a minute. Useful in exactly two spots in the game.

Healball - Found in a chest just north of the old lady in the mountain pass who taught us Thunder. Heals around 150 HP.

I know there's a lot of spells I didn't really cover in there previously, but the sword is seriously your best method of doing damage. Especially since magic is the only way you can heal outside of leveling up or getting healed in a house or somesuch.

Next chapter... Nockmaar, the final episode.