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by Miketopus

Part 16: Chapter 16

So, after I beat the game, I decided to mess around with the password system a bit.

Password music!

Let's try... the warp code!

- tQW 5IT gxq Xev Vzf xvn

That's... umm... what?

You actually start out near Nockmaar castle like this, but pressing Start opens up the warp menu. Hold down the A or B button and scroll through the random letters and numbers to teleport to a new and magical place.

SHIT! Big gray versus unarmed level 3 Willow! Book it!

I think Willow may be in over his head on this one.

This would almost look normal except for those black stumps.

And the black bridge...

- I want my mommy...!

There's stairs on this screen somewhere. I found them by accident.

They led down... here. And then more stairs occurred a second later... and then the game reset.


Okay everyone, that's it! That's Willow! Thanks for reading.

Also, if anyone has some ideas for a game they'd like me to LP, feel free to post them in here. I'll consider nearly any pre-PSX game, including those on the PC. A couple of LPs I've considered doing are as follows:

Deja Vu (NES)
Sweet Home (NES)
Maniac Mansion (NES... again)

You can probably tell where my niche is, but I'll seriously consider other systems.

This is Miketopus, signing out!