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Wily's Space Dream

by Dectilon

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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!



I'll take a crack at this. I may not have started in 2007, but my contributions thus far have been a few megaman videos and two SNES games, with very little fancy stuff so I think I'm qualified.

In 1992 Capcom released Rockman 5, a decent entry into the series I suppose, but rather uninspired throughout.

It was a fairly easy game which introduced several interesting gimmicks... that ultimately didn't see use beyond simply being gimmicky.

Several years later a romhacker called Tar decided to right this terrible wrongdoing by making Wily's Dream Space, taking all the gimmicks of MM5 and using them to their full potential. This hack does not gently caress around. Tar transformed this:

into this:

And now, the game!

Gyroman Viddler
Gravityman Viddler
Crystalman Viddler
Chargeman Viddler

Darkman 1
Darkman 2
Darkman 3
Darkman 4

Wily 1
Wily 2
The Final Battle

Identified Soundtracks:

Intro: Lost Continent (Secret of Mana)
Weapon Get: World 3 (SMB3)
Boss: Spirit Chaser (Rudora No Hihou)

Gyroman: Tiny Town (Kirby's Canvas Curse)
Gravityman: Kraken (Earthbound)
Crystalman: Ice Palace (Secret of Mana)
Chargeman: Franky/New Age Retro Hippie (EarthBound)
Napalmman: Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country)
Waveman: Gang-Plank Galleon (Donkey Kong Country)
Stoneman: Underground (Yoshi's Island)

Darkman 1: Wily's Castle (MM7)
Darkman 2: Final Battle 1(DK '94)
Darkman 3: Mystic Place (Final Fantasy Adventure)
Darkman 4: None really...

Wily 1: Machine Passage (Kirby's Air Ride)

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