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Original Thread: We Put Our Faith In S.C.A.T. - Let's Play WinBack



What Is WinBack

WinBack is a third person shooter originally created on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. At the time, the cover system that it featured was more advanced than any other game before it and it went on to inspire other games such as Kill Switch, Metal Gear Solid 2, and even Resident Evil 4 with the aiming mechanics. In 2001, the Playstation 2 was given a release of WinBack as well which featured greatly improved graphics, improved controls, re-balancing, and... just awful voice acting (yay?). Both versions were received very well, with the Playstation 2 version getting a bit more recognition than the older Nintendo 64 version.

The Sarcozian rebel group, the Crying Lions, has hijacked a military installation that controls a high-tech weapons satellite. Firing the weapon has caused massive destruction already and it has an infinite power source. Who can save us? Why, S.C.A.T. of course! Lead by their courageous hero the most American French Canadian to ever live, Jean-Luc Cougar, they have only 3 hours to re-take control of the satellite before it is charged to fire again.


Special is definitely right. With old men, the morbidly obese, and women in their special forces group, I'd say they are one of a kind. Covert? Not so much. Action? Yeah, plenty of that. How about Team? Uh.. Technically.

The LP

I will be going for the good ending which means beating the game in under 3 hours. This can be difficult even if you know what you are doing, so I will be speeding through some areas to save myself time on the more difficult zones. I will, however, try to explain everything that we gloss over in-game.

As usual, no spoilers, pretty standard. Other than that feel free to discuss whatever you want.


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Jean-Luc Cougar - A former member of S.W.A.T. but it can only be assumed that he wasn't very good at it since he was then placed into a force with a much worse acronym, S.C.A.T. He was accepted among the group of freaks and rejects and soon rose to the top as their leader. His handgun is from his brother, Alan, who presumably died in Army Special Forces. Probably because Jean-Luc took his godamn gun.

Kenneth Coleman - The leader of the Sarcozian militant group, the Crying Lions. Never before has there been a terrorist with such an... ordinary name. Demands that the United States say their involvement with the Sarcozian Civil War was a mistake, apologize for it, and say they will not interfere with Sarcozia again. Those demands seem very tame considering he is going to ION CANNON THE COUNTRY otherwise.

Secretary of Defense - "Sarcozia..." Seriously, why isn't the president involved instead of this guy?

Cecile Carlyle - Seen in the intro taking over the base with Kenneth. He shows up to make others pay for their "at least this can't get any worse" speeches.

Daniel "Daredevil Dan" Stewart - Commander of S.C.A.T. and planned out their assault on the base. He was first and last seen in the helicopter explosion. He did their name justice.

Jake Hudson - SHUT UP JAKE

Keith Birdy - Anybody else think 'Albert Wesker' when they see him in the helicopter? Medic of S.C.A.T. Not really of much use when explosions and headshots are the most common causes of death among their members, but at least he tries. Presumably.

Law Bruford - Jean-Luc's biggest competition for leadership of the squad. His specialization? None really. He's just really big. And looks vaguely Native American. Had to include one of everybody in here. Affirmative action and all.

Matthew Brown - Token black guy of the squad. That's pretty much it. Seriously, read the wikipedia article if you don't believe me, "Very little is known about him other than the African-American who planned to get back in church after the mission."

Mike Hawkins - What is with all the animal names in S.C.A.T.? Mike is a miracle in that he is 5'0 and over 200 lbs (actual in-game facts) and somehow managed to make it on a special forces team. Difficult to tell a gender as well, defaulting to 'he' because of the first name. Though still very suspicious. He's good with explosives.

Lisa Roberts - Criminal psychologist and S.C.A.T.'s marksman. Markswoman.... Whatever. She also claims to be of Japanese descent. So we have a black guy, fat guy, native american, woman, and technically an asian. Now all S.C.A.T. needs is somebody in a wheelchair and they're ready for the schoolbooks.

Steven Legal - If we've got a fat guy, I'm sure we can work an old guy into our special forces squad as well. He trained everybody going into S.C.A.T. which begs two questions. 1. Why isn't he the leader if he trained them all? and 2. Why is he out fighting if he's the guy who trains all their recruits?

Thomas Smith - So if the fat guy with the anime goggles isn't the techy, then who is? My next guess is the guy with the part in his hair that you would more expect to see in an office cubical than a special forces strike team. Thomas is good with machines of all kinds as well as communications. Apparently he isn't that great at his job as clearly none of the squad member's radios are working.

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