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Part 12: Flight Log 11 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 11 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Most people might be a little disappointed to get a standard patrol mission, but after all of the excitement of the past week or so, it was more than enough for me. A simple three nav point patrol, a little bug extermination, and I come home in one piece without anything blowing up in my face. Sounded like a good day.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. When we got to Nav 1, the Midway sent us a message telling us to drop what we were doing ASAP and rush to Nav 2 to save the SWACS ship, who was under attack by a bunch of bugs. We finished up the rest of the aliens at Nav 1 in a hurry and autopiloted off to Nav 2, hoping we weren't too late.

As we arrived, we saw the SWACS pilot doing everything he could to dodge the enemy. He hailed us, and we quickly went to work. The first step was to peel the bugs away from him and have them focus on us. A few missiles did the trick there, and soon enough, we had all of the bugs' attention.

I spotted another Stingray cluster in the distance. Those ships were extremely powerful, but they seemed to be slow, lagging behind the rest of the enemy formation. They were probably the hardest hitting ships I'd seen so far, so it was nice to see that they had a weakness. I kept working on the Mantas and Morays, but also kept an eye on the Stingray to see when it got into range so I could break it up.

Fortunately, I didn't need to. As I was finishing off a Manta, I saw one blip in my radar break into three blips, and I figured out immediately that Maestro must have broken the cluster up. Relieved, I let him handle the sitting duck individual Stingrays, and I went back to finishing off the Manta.

Despite an ambush on the way between Nav 3 and the Midway, they didn't serve much of a threat at all, and I think we took them out in what was my new personal record. The questions kept rising to my head, though. Who were these bugs? What did they want? Why were they taking our pilots? Was Blair OK? At least with the Kilrathi, we had some sort of idea of what we were messing with. They were aliens, but we were capable of communicating and understanding them. These bugs seem to live for no other purpose but to attack us and destroy our systems one by one. I was going to have to make a note to talk to Finley as soon as possible to see what Confed had figured out about these things.

As we approached the Midway, the Seahawk thanked us for our help, breaking me out of my thoughts. Another day, another ship saved. It felt good doing what I did. The job was dangerous, but it had its rewards, such as being able to protect my co-pilots. And that was probably the biggest reward of all.

WHAT!??!?!?!! When I saw the mission status report, I was furious. I had a damn good mission, and they're giving me 59%? What the hell? I stormed over to the CAG and demanded to know the reason for my poor score, when she informed me that the mission status computer had contracted a bug in the software, and that it should be fixed by the next time I went out on patrol. I felt a little stupid after that one, but I think she'll forgive me.

T'lan Meth 3 * (a 3-point Nav patrol halfway through the game? What the fuck is this, Wing Commander 1? Anyway, I did something different with the video. Please tell me if you like it or not for future boring missions. If you just hated the song choice, I plan on using different music styles if I do more.)

(there's no cutscene. It looks like there should be, but there's not. So ignore what I said in the video. I'll try to remember to mouse over people before saying there's a cutscene next time.)