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Part 18: Flight Log 16 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 16 - Lt. Lance Casey]

They don't get much more straight forward than this one was. Go to Nav 1, clear it out, come home. Once I realized how easily the mission was going to be accomplished, I stopped paying attention during the brief. I didn't realize how bad of an idea that was going to turn out to be...

When we got there, we saw a large enemy force, as expected. What seemed a little odd was that the Lampreys were running away from us. I wasn't exactly sure what the reason for that was, until one of my wingmen spoke up and noted that they were heading back to the base. If they alerted the base to the presence of the Midway, we were toast. So I signaled my wingmen and we all jumped the Lampreys immediately.

The combined power of three Panthers against one Lamprey meant that this fight was over in about a minute. We took out all three of the Lampreys who were escaping, and then turned our attention back to the Morays.

The Morays went down easily, and soon, all that was left was a Ray. I had learned to hate Rays. Not because they were dangerous, but because the Remoras that broke off from them were so annoying. When you hear the sizzle of a back shield getting pounded, you don't have time to see what's shooting at you, and all too often, it's a Remora that takes your attention away from more important targets. So me and most of my wingmen have taken to saving them for last. That way, there's no complication.

As we mopped up the last of the Remoras, we got a message from one of the other wings, who had run into more enemy resistance than they were expecting. With a sudden feeling of dread, I realized that I hadn't payed any attention to where the other pilots were going on this mission. When I asked my wingmen, they said the same thing. We had only paid attention to our mission, and didn't really look at anyone else's. None of the three of us had any idea where their wing was located, they were too far away to ask directly, and this wasn't exactly the sort of thing you could radio back to the Midway and ask.

Our mission was accomplished, and the Nav computer was telling us to go back to the Midway. While we were trying to figure out how to handle this, we heard Maestro's wing broadcast that they were on their way. We all breathed a sigh of relief, and as we headed back to the Midway, we promised each other that we'd never say a word about what happened to anyone else ever again. Not a hard promise to keep, since this was one of my most embarrassing moments ever.

The status report emphasized my failure. As I was checking my stats, I saw the CAG looking at me with a funny look in her eye. I think she had her suspicions too, seeing as how we were the closest patrol to the group who needed help. But she couldn't prove anything, and I was never saying another word about it again.

T'lan Meth 8 * (This is, hopefully, the last boring mission for a while. However, you can find out the real reason I skipped that objective Also, Navway Midpoint? )

(this mission does have the significance of being the exact midpoint of the game, though. We've played 17 missions and we have 17 left (and that's not even counting the failure missions). Oh yeah, folks, I told you, there is still plenty of game left.)