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Part 32: Flight Log 26 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 26 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Apparently the bugs had figured out about our plasma weapon and were sending the rest of their fleet stationed in Hrissith after us. Confed was taking this pretty damn seriously, because they were launching every wing on the ship to defend against this strike. This meant 16 friendly fighters on defense, which made me feel more secure about my role in defending the Midway.

As soon as I launched out the gate and got situated, I afterburnered towards the nearest group of alien fighters and sent a Tracker towards them when I got into range. Trackers made your life so much easier, especially in a situation like this, where you could be too far away from a bomber attacking the Midway, but still scare him off by firing a Tracker in his direction.

(anyone who watches the video will know that I most certainly did not do this straight out the gate. )

I didn't see any Red Mantas or Skate-Bs, but I did see Stingrays, which, as we all knew by now, were harmless by themselves, but could form together and create a ship that could easily take down the Midway. Thankfully, with so much friendly fire around, most of the Stingrays were scared away from forming up and were easily dispatched.

I kept after the Stingrays, trying to take down as many as I could before focusing on the Morays. Because of how many wingmen I had, I felt no worries about expending my missiles as much as I needed to in order to take down the Stingrays quickly. I wasn't sure how many aliens they were going to send at us, but I wasn't too worried about running out of missiles.

After we finished off the first wave, we saw another group of aliens jump in and fly towards the Midway. Having saved three Trackers, I decided now would be a great time to use them, and fired all three at the new group of enemies, quickly taking out a large chunk of them.

A mere four minutes later, we were mopping up the last of the aliens. The Midway said that they didn't hear any more alien signals in the area, so it was safe to assume that this was the last batch of them.

Everyone was grateful at our success, although that's what we were here for, so I wasn't expecting any thanks. However, it was obvious that the brass was pretty worried about losing their newest weapon, and appreciated all we did to keep it from being destroyed.

I checked the status computer, although all that really mattered was that the weapon and the Midway were safe. As I headed up to the bar, I heard a rumor that we were headed towards Kilrah very soon. I had only heard stories about the Kilrathi homeworld before, and I would be interested in seeing it. Maybe if Blair would come out of his room more often, I could catch him and ask him about what the system was like, since he's the only one on the ship that has been to the Kilrah system before. But I wasn't going to go bother him, because he had been through quite a bit lately, and the last thing he needed was me pestering him. So I guess I'd have to wait and see for myself.

Hrissith Mission 5 * (Possibly the easiest mission in the game. Yawn. It is pretty nifty having 15 wingmen though.)

(Before anyone says it, the song is not another Guitar Hero song. Rather, it's a cover by the Red Hot Chili Peppers that came out probably close to 15 years ago, which I think is substantially better than the original )

methangas posted:

On another note, i know im veeeery late about this, but capital ships pretty much just being big helpless boxes in prophecy was part of why i liked freespace so much.

There is no doubt in my mind that Freespace capital ships were a million times better than cap ships have ever been in any of the Wing Commander games. However, that being said, I have to defend the WC games by reminding everyone that they did come out first (even Prophecy came out before FS1), and Volition had the advantage of being able to steal what they liked from the Wing Commander games, and improve what they didn't like. I'd expect that if a WC game came out today, it'd steal quite a few things back from the Freespace series and probably improve on some of their historical weaknesses.