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Part 100: Mission #95: Olympus station, Ghorah Khar system

Mission #95: Olympus station, Ghorah Khar system

Previously on Wing Commander: A bit of action against some Kilrathi Fralthras, but between the three Crossbows there was not much they could do.

...and also my ship is indestructible anyway.

And then, as always...

Well, well, isn't that interesting... what could possibly be going on there? Ah, we'll find out eventually, as we always do.

Ok, looks like another two-for-one mission; first defend the station and then head out and help Paladin--with the added complication of that Kilrathi vs. Kilrathi battle. Yeah, what is that all about? Let's find out.
Well, this mission begins in a pretty chaotic fashion, doesn't it? Really it's just three Grikaths and a Fralthra, nothing more. You begin the mission with Grikaths just about in shooting distance from you; while you COULD simply turn to the side and move away (albeit that's a bit iffy without afterburners), it's probably worth the risk of simply returning fire; chances are you'll kill at least one without taking too much damage. You have those massive shields, use them. Usually, Fralthra will be taken down quickly by the station itself so you need not concern yourself about that, simply deal with the Grikaths which really shouldn't be a huge problem [EDIT: It's not the base, there's actually another friendy Crossbow ship in the area and he always destroys the Fralthra]. Rarely, Fralthra will survive even after you are done with them--in that case I guess you'll have to do the honours.

The Jalkehi after the jump are a little aggressive so be careful; but despite his occasional tendency to shoot through you, Hobbes is still one of the very best wingmen in the game so he should be able to help you out here. But otherwise this is a standard battle, nothing special. Same goes for the two additional Jalkehi at Paladin's location.

In other news, we captured ourselves a Kilrathi pilot; wonder how that doesn't happen more often--actually, back when we flew those blasted Dralthi, weren't we told that Kilrathi ships don't have ejector seats at all? And yet... hmmm. Well, we'll deal with that next time.

Also next time: the briefing for next mission is actually very buggy for some reason so there will be a couple of pretty hilarious non-photoshopped screen grabs to be seen as a bonus.

Current kill total: 95 missions/782 kills

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