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Part 105: Mission #100: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Mission #100: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

A slightly rough patrol, but nothing really we couldn't handle. More talk about that Morningstar prototype and the test pilots that are coming over to the Concordia.

So guess what, they have arrived. And their leader is...

Yep, him.

I think he might be under the influence of psychogenic substances or something...

...but as you will see, Maverick will generally tend to have pretty good responses to Maniac's antics.

I like this Admiral dude.

The briefing was a bit unclear on this point, but... NO, we are not going to be flying this mission with Maniac, our wingman is still good old Stingray. Why someone of Blair's rank would be doing Search & Rescue duty is anybody's guess, but it is what it is, so let's go and pick up this Captain Grimaldi person.
So I don't have a whole lot to say about this one; it's actually pretty easy. You may end up taking a bit of damage from those Grikath since they are a bit agressive, but otherwise, this is mostly clear sailing.

Picking up Grimaldi is, however, definitely mandatory, so don't forget to do it before going back home. If you don't bring her back, you will be doing a make-up mission on the losing side after the next one. Be careful as there seems to be a bug, so the ejected pilot sometimes disappears from the radar--it happened to me at least once and I've seen it in other videos too. Redoing this mission is definitely a better option than what you get as a make-up option.

That losing mission is pretty rough. On one nav point in that one, you encounter FOUR Kamekh, being guarded by three Gothri Imperial Guards. So yeah, good luck winning that one--all four Kamekh must be destroyed if you wish to return to the winning path. I'm almost of a mind to show off this one as a bonus video. We'll see, if I have time.

And now, I know you are itching to meet Captain Grimaldi, so here she is:

Uh-oh, danger Will Robinson! She looks like trouble to me!

Yep, definitely trouble.


Current kill total: 100 missions/813 kills

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