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Part 106: Mission #101: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Mission #101: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

We volunteered to go and retrieve one of Maniac's squadron who had to eject from a destroyed Morningstar fighter. She is Maria Grimaldi a.k.a. Minx, and seems a bit troublesome to begin with...

And now, man with a skull earring has a tall tale to tell (say that twice fast).

Were the capital ships Kilrathi or Terran, though? Because, back in the day, people talked abot Maniac more like this:

not forgotten

But that was a long time ago...

I would like a word with the person who thought this was a good idea...

Looks like Maverick & co. are a relic of times past, huh?

Ok, this is just getting worse by the minute. Do I HAVE to fly this thing?

It does have something we haven't yet seen on any ship, but don't worry, it isn't THAT special, or even useful. We'll find out in time.

...or gremlins...

So we don't get to fly the Mornigstar just yet (it'll be a while longer before we do), but we do get to have a very good look at one in this mission! Also, as is becoming common in SO2, another mission, another strange bug rears it's head (but don't worry, it's not the music this time), looks like they were really rushing to get this one out the door! We are going at this mission alone, no wingmen.
That Morninstar is actually pretty nice looking, but it seems more like a fighter plane than a starship. More on stats and everything else later on when we do get to fly it.

In the meantime we have another not-too-hard mission on our hands here. You must not destroy that Kilrathi freighter as it is loaded with plot elements, so destroying it leads to instant game over (see below).

That leaves the five Jalkehi, which will indeed try a nice strategy on you: one will pretend to run away while the other four sneak behind you while you aren't looking! So don't let that happen and if that first one isn't destroyed quickly you must turn around and check up on the rest--there is no wingman to watch your back in this mission.

Once you are done with these guys, there SHOULD be another wave of enemies, four Gothri, but there is something buggy and most often they will simply fail to appear, even if you do destroy all five Jalkehi. I did get them to appear once in a test run, but unfortunately I later screwed up and got killed so... Further efforts to make them show up were unsuccessful.

As I've explained last time, if you failed to bring Minx back in previous mission, then you get an extra make-up one after this. But in that one you have to fight FOUR Kamekhs at once plus several Gothri, so not exactly easy. There isn't anything interesting in the dialogues for this one, so I'm not posting them here.

Getting back to that freighter... if you do destroy it, it's an instant game over as Tolwyn decides to actually court-martial you this time for disobeying an order:

You disobeyed orders again, Colonel Blair, and cost us a valuable prize! That ship undoubtedly contained priceless intelligence information. Your actions have convinced me that you must be working with the Mandarins! You'll be placed under guard and taken to Confed High Command for your second and final court-martial.
Sir! I can explain-
You can explain at your court-martial, Colonel!

Anyway, let's see what happens after landing.

Current kill total: 101 missions/818 kills

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