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Part 107: Mission #102: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Mission #102: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Previously on Wing Commander: A jump test with Maniac and then a stranded Kilrathi freighter. On board was apparently one human crew member, one of the Mandarins.

Time for a visit from the Confederate spy...

Hey, it's Paladin!

Hint, hint!

You can almost hear the heroic music coming up in the background!

Nope, there is no minefield in this mission, don't worry.

So we are going on a nice patrol with Maniac and his buddies. They are all flying Morningstars, but WE ARE NOT. WE ARE FLYING A DAMN BROADSWORD! What the hell! Ok, I'm calm now. Well anyway, other than seeing OTHER PEOPLE'S MORNINGSTARS IN ACTION, this mission also gives you the first chance to hear Maniac's silly responses over the comm system, so there's that.
I'm fairly sure that you have been deliberately put into a slow ship simply to make the Morningstars look more like superfighters that they are supposed to be. Unfortunately that means you end up simply having to watch from sidelines for most of the duration, how annoying. Without afterburners, a lot of the time in this mission you will simply not be able to come close to the enemies, which is just silly. But oh well, I did manage a few kills despite everything.

In any case, none of the fights are especially difficult since there is four of you to begin with, not to mention that you are flying a tank anyway. I like that single Gothri that you encounter and it will even be addressed during the debriefing!

Unfortunately there is still one more mission left in a Broadsword a bit later, but until then it's all Sabre all the time.

Wait, no mention of Stealth fighters on Nav2? (Actually I think this is just a bug in the game as the text for this does exist in the files. And you thought that there will be one SO2 mission without any bugs, didn't you?)


Current kill total: 102 missions/823 kills

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