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Part 108: Mission #103: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Mission #103: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Previously on Wing Commander: More testing of Morningstars while we had to fly a Broadsword to protect them...

You know what we haven't done in a while, though? Poker!

Actually, that's not really a bad idea, let's meet Maniac's crew!

I suppose his callsign is somewhat appropriate then.

He's the crossbones to Maniac's skull...

This guy is going to be considerably annoying as you'll see.



Wait, who is Captain Wri--- oh, right, it's Stingray, almost forgot his real name!

So it's time again for the old favourite, base defence mission! Of course, this time Concordia is under attack by enemies that at least in theory CAN destroy it, but...
Well, this mission is nothing if not fast and furious! And yes I know they are Gothri, I called them Grikath by mistake in the video. What can I do, they are so similar that I sometimes mix them up. Oh well.

The mission itself is actually fun and not that hard again. Just be careful about the friendly fire of which there is plenty in this one. Other than us and Stingray, there are two more redshirt Sabres around, plus the Concordia. The Concordia will, eventually, fire off its ball of pain cannon (phase transit), so try and make sure you're not in its path! You CAN also try to take care of the Kamekh yourself, but in general there's really no need as it can't do enough damage to you and it will be taken care of quickly enough by your home carrier.

Finally, with all the friendly firepower, don't expect a whole lot of kills here.

Again, the SO2 bug with lingering enemies shows up, but this time at least the playing field is so small that you can easily track them down if it happens (and it almost certainly will--it has on all my test runs for sure). I've also given up on launch music at this point; SO2 just seem to have lots of small bugs all over the place, and there's nothing we can do.

Next mission is going to be quite unique, certainly not anything we have seen so far--so much so that it even has its own special failure animation not seen in any other mission!

Current kill total: 103 missions/826 kills

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