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Part 110: Mission #105: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Mission #105: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Previously on Wing Commander: Our search for a data pod turned up a bomb! Luckily we escaped without damage in the last moment!

This guy again...

No, seriously, you need to chill!

Ten minutes later...

And now her. Is there nowhere to hide today?

This is so transparent.

"Follows orders"? Since when!


Later that day...

Ok, this has got to stop. Like now.

So I guess that means she is back from patrol in about 2 minutes instead of say 5-6 that it should normally take?

Maverick is making an awfully big assumption that Minx's wingman is a "he"!

A thousand fanfiction writers' hearts around the world just collectively sighed...

Objective added: Rescue Angel!

Well, nothing much to say here, let's go!
Oddly enough this turned out to be probably the shortest mission yet! But anyway, you might have expected Angel to have ejected and that you will need to pick her up and bring her home, but that is not the case. In fact as soon as you reach her, she becomes your wingman and you can issue her orders like normal.

The battle itself is maybe a little harder than it looks, but overall not too hard. Four Gothri shouldn't be a problem for two Sabres and that lone Kamekh is a typical pushover. Which is just as well, since it represents a victory condition for this set; if not destroyed you will have to do a make-up session on the losing side. Chances of it surviving are pretty small though. One thing that can happen is that either you are too fast with destroying the Gothri or that they disperse and run away before Kamekh arrives. In this case it is possible that you end up returning to the Concordia without realising that you should have waited for it to appear since it only arrives about half a minute after you.

Other than that, this 'lingering enemy' problem is starting to become really annoying in SO2. It's clearly some sort of bug since it seems to happen in almost every mission and it pretty much never happened before in SO1 and WC2 (ok maybe once or twice).

Now that's much more like it.

And if by some miracle you miss that Kamekh...

...well, then you get, as usual, an extra mission to fly. First, there is some semi-interesting dialogue between a Mandarin traitor and a Kilrathi:

...and then you get to fly this exact patrol that has been leaked to the enemy! This means, you encounter a Fralthra which you must destroy. However, the mission is flown in a Broadsword--and if there ever was a ship made to stand up against a Fralthra, Broadsword is it. So this is not a super hard make-up session this time around.

Current kill total: 105 missions/834 kills

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