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Part 111: Mission #106: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Mission #106: TCS Concordia, Canewdon system

Previously on Wing Commander: Minx is hitting on us pretty relentlessly of late. Also we had to go and help Angel out after she was left alone against Kilrathi enemies.

And hey, it's Paladin!

Groan, did I ever.

Well, technically, it's actually Angel's fault since she intervened to stop us from killing Jazz Colson.


Oh, me! Me! Pick me!

Why do I bother. It's always going to be us, no matter what.


Well, when you put it that way...

And... I'm given a Broadsword because it'll make it really easy to defeat a skilled pilot in it, yes? What the...!

Aanyway. Briefing didn't go into details, so here they are; our mission is as follows: take a transport carrying formerly imprisoned Mandarines, bring it to a jump point and pick up another transport there (carrying formerly imprisoned confederate transport captains) and bring back to the Concordia. Additionally, this mission features another triumphant return of the launch music, so you can hear it here in its full Roland MT32 glory if you like.
Well... no Jazz was to be found unfortunately. Oh well, some other time, I'm sure. Other than that, this is another fairly straightforward mission--there are five Drakhri, but they can't do THAT much to a Broadsword with their puny lasers. So other than the annoyance of them being much faster than you, this should be fairly easy. Provided that yo don't COMPLETELY forget about it, the transport is again not in a whole lot of danger. It is interesting that through the entirety of WC2 and its expansions there is maybe on or maximum two "real" escort missions (unlike WC1 where this was happening almost every other mission).

Also, that Ralatha is pretty much tame as a kitten; it won't even try the anti-matter guns against you for some reason (not that it would matter much against a Broadsword anyway).

And no more missions are to be flown in a Broadsword, this was the last. I forgot to mention last time, but that one was also the last mission in a Sabre. All the remaining missions will be flown in a different ship and with a wingman we haven't yet had the real chance to fly alongside in WC2 (but don't worry, he's much much better than before; that is, if he manages to stay alive).

Hm... we COULD try and disrupt it...? Ach, I'm sure Paladin is already on it.

Yeah, he did... but there are still a few missions to go, he's bound to make an appearance at some point.

Current kill total: 106 missions/838 kills

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