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Part 117: Mission #112: The Grimalkin, Ayer's system

Mission #112: The Grimalkin, Ayer's system

Previously on Wing Commander: An interesting run-in with some Mandarins, flying both the confederate and Kilrathi ships; also two pretty nasty Fralthras. Still, we won. Unfortunately, it would appear that the Concordia is in a spot of trouble... we can't help them from where we are, though.

So then, back over at the Grimalkin, this was happening:

Oh, what a maroon!

Schmidt? Really, game? REALLY?

Five minutes later...

And so, once again, it is us vs. the starbase; although we have Maniac with us now, unlike last time when we went at it alone. Still we can expect some strong resistance from the Mandarins, especially now since our cover was blown. Let's see what happens.
How about that, it still only takes two torpedoes to destroy a base, no matter if it's built into a small asteroid or something! Oh well. While on the way there, try not to get damaged by the Kamekhs since that CAN happen if you are not careful when shooting at time.

And then at the rock, you will face five Sabres. I would definitely suggest using the nuke against them as even if it doesn't destroy them, it will seriously damage at least a couple of them, making life very much easier for you. Other than that, again be careful of their powerful guns (this time we are facing normal Sabres with 2 mass drivers+2 particle cannons) since they can really damage you. Other than the standard flak, the base itself doesn't really have much in the way of defence and will be a typical pushover once the fighters are gone.

Obviously, destroying the base is mandatory; if you don't you get an extra mission after next one where you have to clear the way for Concordia while retreating in defeat. It does not contain anything interesting in the way of dialogue nor any unseen cutscenes so I'm not going to give it much time.

And that's that for the Mandarin base; next time we take care of one last bit of business.

But, speaking of which, how IS the Concordia doing?

Kamekh go boom! Awesomely enough, the game data file containing this particular animation is named KAMGOBYE.V00 (well, you know with the 8 char limit on MSDOS…).

Current kill total: 112 missions/918 kills

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