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Part 16: Rostov Detour, Mission B

Rostov Detour, Mission B

Previously in Rostov System: Rocks. Capital ships. Star Wars jokes.

It's Maniac and Knight. But first, let's hear the joke of the day from Shotglass!

I've invented a new drink named for this system... I call it the Rostov Hairball...

Stop by when you're off duty and we'll have one.

My guess is that they'll try to send in some heavier ships... so its probably a good idea to hang onto a couple of missiles in case you meet something big in the later stages of a mission. That way, you'll still have something with punch to throw at the big boys.

In theory, I guess this is good advice. In practice, it kind of doesn't matter as capital ships are so incredibly weak compared to how they should be. Anyway, moving on to the part one of fascinating saga of how Maniac destroyed a Terran Confederation transport ship!

I sure wish that I could see some more action. But the Commander won't let me on the flight deck.

No one can! How am I supposed to stop it from acquiring a Drayman as its target? Besides, a transport should know enough to stay out of a fighter's way.

To be continued in next mission!

Mission Time!

More capital ships then I guess...

The Kilrathi are strengthening their position within this system. Tactical reports several new bogies jumping in around the system.

Maverick, you and Iceman get this one. We can't let them keep that kind of firepower at our backs. Your mission will be to engage the Ralari and destroy it. We don't have a tactical report of its escort ships, but rest assured they'll be there. We're counting on you to succeed.

Here's your strike plan... If the Ralari moves as we expect...

You'll have to fly through an asteroid field... but that should allow you a measure of surprise.

...which should provide a safe corridor for our reinforcement ships.

Ok, so this mission is not very different from the previous one; and of course, this being Rostov, we get to fight enemies inside of an asteroid field again! Watch out in the video for the demonstration of the bug I was talking about before about difficulty in firing your guns sometimes when among lots of rocks!
So that went ok, except for my little blunder near the end. But you really need to be careful with those four Jalthi. They can really do some damage if you don't watch yourself. More annoyingly they can do some damage to your wingman too and Iceman seems to have a propensity for getting killed in this mission if my couple of test runs are any indication. But anyway, next time we get to meet something really big!

Next time on Rostov detour

Plus: The gap into ruin, or: The real story of Maniac's encounter with a Terran transporter, as related by ship's resident statistician.