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Part 20: Mission #17: 20 May 2654, Venice system

Mission #17: 20 May 2654, Venice system

Previously on Wing Commander: We have the location of Kilrathi starbase! Just some final preparations remain before the assault.

Paladin and Hunter this time around. Have we gone through all possible combinations yet? I think not. No matter, that's why there are two expansion mission packs to play through!

We chased them out of Brimstone, Kurasawa and Gimle... and now they're pullin' out of Tartarus and Niflheim, too! It looks like Venice is goin' to be where they make their stand... and we'll be here to help kick them out of Vega Sector.

Things are lookin' up, aren't they? I've 'eard the Kilrathi are pullin' all their ships in... gatherin' 'em all 'round that starbase we've been lookin' for. But they're s'posed to 'ave mined the system pretty 'eavily.

...but I'm not so sure. I say you can't be too careful when you're flying through a mine field!

Yes, I too like to take it easy in a mine field. No need to risk it.

Paladin, 'ere, tells me tha' the furballs 'ave been plantin' mines around... I was thinkin' we might try to use those mines to our advantage! If we're dogfightin' near a mine field, why not try to lead 'em into it? There'll be more of them than there are of us... an' if we concentrate on the avoidin' the mines while they're thinkin' of shootin' us, they might just run into a few mines by accident!

I can't say I'm a big fan of Hunter's strategies.

Mission Time!

Because Venice is a vital Kilrathi system, we expect significant resistance as we move the Claw into position. For that reason, I'll be dispatching wings to fly on her flanks... to head off any attacks from the sides as we move.

That would be the right side.

Hunter will fly your wing again on this mission. Here's your route... Computer, display Phi.

...except that you'll rendezvous with the Tiger's Claw at Nav 3 instead of returning to the Claw's original position. Be on the lookout for any enemy vessels in the area. It's safe to assume any Kilrathi you see is headed to attack the Claw... so your orders are to immediately engage and destroy all enemy ships. Any questions? they'll send their best to defend it. Now, if that's all the questions...

Nothing much to be said right now, it's just like an ordinary patrol except we meet up with Tiger's Claw at the other end instead of coming back. Apparently we should be expecting some strong opposition along the way. Let's see...
Well then, I guess that info about strong opposition was a little bit wrong. Don't know about you but I don't call a Ralari escorted by two Dralthi a strong opposition. However, this does reinforce the fact that the enemy have pulled all their resources to protect that starbase, and boy did they ever--just wait until the next mission! Well, at least everything is in place and we can go ahead and finish the Vega campaign in style!

For some reason we actually got a medal in this mission, although the difficulty certainly does not warrant it...

Not many enemies in this one:

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