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Part 22: A couple of odds and ends from the losing side...

A couple of odds and ends from the losing side...

It's going to be a short(ish) one today as we don't have an actual mission on the program, just a couple of things from the losing end of the game.

Wingman Funerals

This was requested a few times, so here it is, I put together a montage of funeral cutscenes for all eight wingmen and women. The comments made by Maverick and the Colonel differ for each person.

Briefings with Maniac!

Ok, time to lighten up the mood for a bit now!

Since we haven't had the dubious pleasure to fly with Maniac (and won't for a while yet), I though you might want to see what it looks like to be in a briefing when he is your wingman. I've included a few more screenshots that usual as the facial expressions are quite hilarious.

So, here goes, this is the first mission in the Brimstone system which you fly with Maniac...

Here the Colonel describes our mission, which we will skip, and then adds...

Squadron dismissed, indeed...

Game Failure Cutscene

As was already mentioned, if you manage to find yourself in the Hell's Kitchen system, there is no way to win the game any more and your only task is to provide a safe way for Tiger's Claw to withdraw from the system. If you manage to succeed in the final mission (which is no easy task as it is harder than the final winning mission, plus you fly it in a Scimitar!) you get a cutscene, which is the losing version of the one we saw last time (but this one includes no WWII references, however). Here it is:

Next time on Wing Commander
And with this, we move on to the next game in the series, which is the Secret Missions 1 addon, a.k.a "Operation: Thor's Hammer"; It's going to get A LOT more interesting from now on, trust me on that!