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Part 29: Mission #25: 7 June 2654, Jotunheim System

Mission #25: 7 June 2654, Jotunheim System

Previously on Wing Commander: Destroying our own ships, saving the Dralthi, whatever next? Still undercover, following the enemy fleet that annihilated Goddard deep into Kilrathi space.

Norse mythology corner: Jotunheim (Jötunheimr) is another one of the nine worlds of Yggdrasil; this is the world of giants (jötnar) who don't really like humans in Midgard all that much.

I hope Spirit is in a better mood since we will have to fly with her now.

Looks like you're survivin' this okay. I just keep thinkin', we're so damn alone out here.

Oookay then. Moving swiftly onwards.

I hope he is right. There is something I wish to try. Have you ever seen Iceman in an asteroid field? No? He does some amazing things. If his front shield is gone, he will turn tail... and let his enemy come up behind him. He performs evasive maneuvers and uses his thrusters... and sets course straight for a large asteroid. At the last moment possible, he rolls out. The Kilrathi does not always follow successfully.

It's funny how because of situation we're in, every conversation seems to sound more ominous than usual...

Everyone's getting more and more tense, the farther we go into Kilrathi space. Maniac's not the only one who's getting close to the edge. And I keep hearing rumors that this is a suicide mission...

Well... you gotta do what you gotta do...

Mission Time!

Once again, a nice morale booster in the bar before we get flying.

And thank merciful Zeus for that! If only we never had to fly Scimitars again, but no such luck.

Your mission will be to fly to several Nav points, find the Drayman, and escort her home to the Claw. Individual wing assignments...

Mission briefings of late seem to have a tendency of sounding very straightforward, but missions have been variable. Obviously since this is SM1, there will be at least one other thing to deal with apart from the transport ship, so let's see what it is.
So, I guess it was yet another Fralthi, this time escorted by no less than 6 Salthi. Salthis are pretty weak and like I mentioned, two direct hits from Raptor's full guns are enough to destroy them, but still, there are six of them buzzing around and you need to be at least a little bit careful.

Yet again AI wing person shows propensity for getting indiscriminately shot up and finally decides to bail out. You will notice as we go further in these missions that this will be happening a lot more often than it did in the original game. Four Grathas against two Raptors is not really an unfair fight so really Spirit should have been able to handle it, but oh well.

Luckily, at the rendezvous point, despite two waves of enemies the situation is not super difficult to handle--at least it's just Krants and not two waves of Jalthi or something like that.

Also, despite all the talk about asteroids, if you follow the flight path you never come near them.

A nice round (?) number after this one:

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