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Part 36: Mission #32: 21 June 2654, Valgard System

Mission #32: 21 June 2654, Valgard System

Previously on Wing Commander: Tiger's Claw is still positioned at the location of former supply/fuel depot, thanks to this we have practically decimated the enemy fleet in the area. Soon we'll be going after Sivar.

Not sure I can stand more statistics today!

I've seen a lot of off-duty pilots in here, getting drunker than skunks. And fighting each other... Two techs and a pilot tried to kill each other in here, two hours ago.

We haven't actually seen Maniac for a while, have we?

My fiance... what if he has been captured, like those poor souls aboard the Gwenhyvar? Captured, and forced to betray his own people, over and over again? It is a fate too horrible to contemplate.

I don't think I like the expression on her face...

Uh, injured? I don't think so...

Well, finally somebody comes out and says it! I've been thinking that from the beginning!

She doesn't sound very convincing, does she?

Mission Time!

So this mission is just a little bit unique in that we, for the first time, won't be going anywhere--we are staying alongside TC for the entire duration. It's a standard defend mission and we are expecting multiple waves of fighters. Honestly, a Raptor would probably be better for this due to greater firepower, but it should be fine either way.
Not sure what you were expecting, but possibly you weren't expecting this to be by far the easiest mission of the entire SM1! Seriously, this mission quite literally cannot get any easier than it already is! Tiger's Claw is sturdy enough to be able to withstand attacks from laser-armed enemies and as for the others they come in such pitiful numbers that they can't do much before they are annihilated!

Just stay close and chances are you won't even suffer more than a couple of hits and enemies make for very easy targets when not focused on you. Sometimes I wonder why they bother sending Jalthis on these kinds of missions as they are clearly unsuitable--there was another 'defend a transport from 3 Jalthis' mission way earlier in SM1 and it had the same result: all enemies dead within a minute or two. In my opinion Grathas are much more dangerous for this sort of stuff because they take more hits to kill.

But in any case, this kind of mission where we just launch, defend and land will popup occasionally from time to time, but not too often, they are usually combined with something else.

The best part of this mission is that if you really don't want to do it (although it's so easy that I can't see why you wouldn't want to), you can simply eject without consequences--its success hinges on TC being alive at the end for you to land, but it carries no points as such, so has no influence on winning or losing Valgard system.

And we even got a medal!

The kill board:

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