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Part 45: Mission #41: 17 July 2654, Corsair system

Mission #41: 17 July 2654, Corsair system

Previously on Wing Commander: Tiger's Claw and the Austin have temporarily retreated to a nearby Corsair system in hopes that enemy will think we have completely left Firekka. Also, Angel is recovering slowly from having witnessed Bossman's death.

Well, Angel is not here today... but, WHO is that guy on the right?

An' I kept thinkin'… this is the same kind of guy that ordered the attack on Goddard. He commanded a Fralthi... who knows how many of our people he's killed? He could've murdered thousands of our soldiers, taken out dozens of our ships. An' here he is, askin' us to protect him from the Kilrathi Empire.

Oookay then. Time to meet our new friend.

Why yes, yes I am. Would you like to challenge me?

But what I'd really like is to be transferred to a ship like the Tiger's Claw. I'm already imagining what I could do if I was stationed here. It'd be great.

You know, Tiger's Claw really IS in a bit of a need of refurbishment, he's right.

Character Info

The triumphant return of the 'Character info' section!

1st Lt. Zach Colson ("Jazz")

Jazz describes himself as a self-taught jazz pianist and elite pilot who has "uniquely balanced his creative and analytical minds". He's a distinguished Academy alumnus, having graduated at the top of his class.

"I know I'm talented and well-trained, just like most of our Confederation pilots," Colson, age 23, a native of Kansas City, USA, says as he mindfully strokes one of the ribbons decorating his uniform. "But it's poise that determines who survives in combat every time. That's where my training gives me an edge. Back on the Austin, I've implemented a visualography machine -- it uses visualisation techniques and holographic goggles to test and improve your combat reflex skills. I wouldn't say it's the train sim of the future, but it's close."

I think if this guy was any more full of himself, he would literally burst.

Mission Time!

We'll have a chance to meet Doomsday soon enough, and trust me, you're gonna like him.

Have you noticed that it's always Hunter pulling these stunts?

I know where this is going and... no! NO! Seriously, NO!

Really, no! Flying pancakes, really?

All right. We have a little time before those other Kilrathi battle fleets arrive, and we'll make good use of it. We still don't have any clue why the Kilrathi are swarming towards this system. We need more data.

When you touch base at your Nav points, the computer simulation will begin transmitting and will contact any capital ships to request certain information. Once the computer's acquired the data, get out of there fast. We don't know how long these computers can deceive the Kilrathi. We think there are several capital ships manoeuvring through your Nav 1. You'll fly to that Nav point, transmit to the capital ships, and then get out of there. The idea is to get in and out again, and return with that information.

Yes people, it's the truth. Dralthi, the ship we've been making jokes about since the start of the game, we have to fly it now on an 'undercover' mission! Also, now you know why Scimitar isn't in this game... because Dralthi took its place! Hardly an improvement, really, even if it does turn a bit faster than the old Centaurian Mud-pig. How bad is this, really? Well, this is not the best representative mission for reasons I will explain, but nevertheless, have a look...
Hooboy. That was rough. Well, to be completely honest, there are two ways to play this mission. One way will be bad on your pride, and the other on your nerves. It is completely possible to play this mission without engaging a single enemy... true, they will start attacking you when you reach Nav point 1, but that's why you have afterburners. The ONLY thing you need to do to win this mission is to hit Nav point 1 and target the two carriers. That's it. This is perfectly doable without killing anybody, but may be detrimental to your pride, hence... fighting the Jalthi at Nav 1 (I'm not even considering fighting the 5 Hhriss at the beginning--that is a complete suicide and they let you pass anyway).

The Nav 1 battle is just a little bit easier than back when we were fighting Rapiers. I got VERY lucky in this video so I am not sure how much it comes across but these four Imperial guard Jalthi are a serious force and it will definitely take several tries before you manage not to get killed here. To add to the frustration, it takes quite a long time to even GET to Nav 1 because of all the Hhriss and one of the worst asteroid fields in the entire game!

When you are done with Jalthi, and especially if you destroyed the carriers, you won't have much fuel left so you probably don't want to stick around to fight another four Imperial guards in Krants. Of course there is the final 'screw you' with another four Jalthi on the way home, also all four Imperial guards--hope you saved some fuel, otherwise you're dead!

Yeah, this mission is not really a favourite because you are massively outnumbered and outgunned at all time; making all enemies in it Imperial guards is probably Chris Roberts's idea of a joke (actually not all enemies, one of Hhriss is an ordinary pilot--how funny is that).

And let me tell you, the novelty of the fact that you are flying a freaking Dralthi wears out very fast when you realise how quickly you can get killed in it! Also, to expand on what I mentioned in the video, note that you actually MUST hit Nav 1, you lose not just this mission but the entire set if you don't!

Finally, Jazz as a wingman is pretty nondescript. Can get killed, but will usually just leave before that happens. Not especially useful in battle or even to distract the enemy--count on mostly having to do all work yourself when flying with him.

Ah well, here's the killboard. At least this time no new names on it (and where would they fit?)

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