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Part 46: Mission #42: 17 July 2654, Corsair system

Mission #42: 17 July 2654, Corsair system

Previously on Wing Commander: We had to fly a Dralthi in an undercover mission. Unfortunately our cover was blown pretty quickly and we had to fight a bunch of Imperial guards. Still, two Snakeirs down. Also we met Jazz who is now our wingman.

No new faces this time... but Spirit is always good to see.

No problem. Maverick... I've been feeling really uneasy 'bout something. We've been hiding in this Corsair system from all of those Kilrathi fleets, an' we've been lucky - those cats seem to believe we left the area...

And we still don't even know why!

I thought I would hate him, because of what his people have done to us. But I did not feel anything at all. Not hatred, or anything else.

He couldn't say what, of course, just that it would help us against the enemy. I'm a little worried, though. I mean, this guy could be a Kilrathi agent trained for trank-chem interrogations. What if he was lying? If we go into a battle with bad tactical data, it's all over for us.

We'll see, I guess. But there's still something we don't know about all this and it may help us somehow, perhaps.

Mission Time!

So, that's good news, right?

The Kilrathi believe that they have to sing the praises of their war god once every year, on a planet chosen by the Sivar priestesses. If they fail to do so, then the war god will not favour the Warriors of Kilrah in battle and their enemies are destined to destroy them.

That definitely sounds good; IF we can manage to disrupt the ceremony somehow we should be able to gain significant advantage...?

A planet of several million intelligent beings... we can't allow that to happen. Based on Ralgha's information, Confed HQ has formulated a plan that may save the Firekka and deal a very demoralising blow to the Kilrathi at the same time.

Soon enough, but this is not the subject of today's mission though.

But first, we need more information. I'm sending some of you out in the captured Kilrathi ships back to the Firekka system, where you'll intercept Kilrathi military communications. From that data, we'll calculate the safest place and time for the marines to land on the planet.

Oh please, not the Dralthi again, anything but that!

If they realise you're Confed and attack, then you should defend yourself. Otherwise, don't blow your cover. Go to Nav 1, and your comm computer will automatically begin to intercept the comm data. Then return via Nav 2.

Allright, so this is really a patrol mission in disguise. Except we have to use a Dralthi again--considering how easily our cover was blown last time, I am not really confident. Also let's hope for a slightly smaller number of Imperial guard pilots.
Allow me to quote myself... that was a bit rough. Well, the battle against the Imperial guard Jalthis wasn't TOO bad really--it can go a lot worse than it did, but ok, it's manageable. But then... an unhappy reunion with our old friends, the captured Rapiers from the Johann! There are "only" two this time, but (a) they are accompanied by 3 Dralthi and (b) we are also in a Dralthi, and you will recall that last time we fought them in a RAPTOR and still barely survived!

Like I pointed out in the video, this is the ONLY time in WC1 that enemies fly two different kinds of fighters at the same time (i.e. not in subsequent waves). This is made possible because we are in a Dralthi so enemy can have Dralthi plus something else and thus overcome the normal limitation of game engine that can only handle two different fighter models at any one time plus one capital ship model.

Also, as I've explained in the video it's probably better to try and get rid of the Dralthis first as much as you can as trying to get a hit on a Rapier while there are 3 Dralthis buzzing around you is not likely to give good results.

On the way back there are two normal Jalthis at Nav 2, but nothing is gained by fighting them and you are likely to be quite damaged from the Rapiers plus Jazz is likely to either get killed or bail out on you here anyway. So I suggest to just go past them and head on home.

Finally, don't even bother trying to slip past any of the enemies. Whatever codes we are using to impersonate the enemy haven't been working really since last mission and all enemies will attack you as they normally would. Due to this we are going to take a break from flying a Dralthi until they figure out some better codes. Unfortunately that break will be in a Hornet of all things. You know, "we need you in a fast, maneuverable ship" and all that. Groan. Well at least we get a fun wingman to fly with!

Here's the killboard then. Uh, where did Paladin go? Did they retire him without his knowing?

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