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Part 47: Mission #43: 23 July 2654, Firekka system

Mission #43: 23 July 2654, Firekka system

Previously on Wing Commander: More Dralthi flying. Also we now know what this Lord Sivar business is all about and it gives us a good chance to deal a blow to the Kilrathi if we can manage to disrupt it!

That guy looks a little odd... Also, hi Hunter, long time no see!

Wait for it...

...and there it is.

Uh, yeah, let's hope so... at least for now. And now, let's go meet the new guy!

Er... "Doomsday"?

Oh, so I guess he's a Kiwi then, huh?

This is undoubtedly the worst tactical situation I've ever seen. Aboard the Austin, many people laugh about my grim predictions. Despite my certainty that we will eventually be defeated by the Kilrathi, we have survived to succeed thus far. But this time, I am certain there is no escape for us.

Ah, good old Doomsday, always the bringer of good cheer. I wonder how he got that nickname, though... oh wait!

Sure thing, I am almost completely not annoyed with you any more! I also enjoy the stunts you pull that we regularly hear about in the briefings! For real.

He was so proud to be commanding his first post, a Marine base on a little backwater colony somewhere. The Kilrathi showed up a week ago. When they left, there were no survivors.

Well, that was... pretty sad actually.

Character Info

Here is our new friend then:

2nd Lt. Etienne Montclair ("Doomsday")

Lieutenant Montclair (age 25) hails from Hawk Bay, New Zealand and calls himself a "devil's advocate" because he always tries to view things from the worst-case scenario. Always anticipating disastrous results, he accurately bears the callsign Doomsday. According to him, this war is going to drag on forever.

Of course, he says the Confederation will pul through, but not before thousands of Terrans sacrifice their lives and colonies to the Kilrathi. "The reason I fly with Jazz isn't that big of a secret. The commander feels he's doing me some kind of favour by pairing me with such an upbeat showoff," sighs Doomsday. "I like Jazz -- he's a good pilot and all -- but I'd still rather fly patrol missions in a safe sector somewhere. I'm never going to see forty if these Kilrathi keep jumping our nav points."

This guy is actually quite a bit more awesome than Jazz can ever hope to be. Watch out for his cockpit communications, they are all pretty hilarious!

Mission Time!

No time like the present!

Because of the risk of a communications leak in this operation, the Marine convoys have not transmitted their exact position. But one Drayman has already docked with the Tiger's Claw, so we have a good idea where those Marine transports will arrive.

In a nice touch, when the mission starts we'll actually see that one transport flying in formation with TC!

Uh, yeah about those Rapiers again...

Ok then, since the briefing was intentionally vague, here's what's going to be happening. On the first nav point we'll find two transports; one of them will jump out right there whereas the second one we need to escort to the next nav point where it will jump. Of course you can expect the enemies will try to prevent them from doing that.
Well, that was... I don't even know what that was! I'm really not sure what exactly is the idea behind this mission to be honest. But anyway.

The first four Salthis aren't so bad, two Hornets can handle that; and chances are they are going to run away at some point. Likewise Nav 1 is a complete non-issue despite two Grathas, because when the first transport jumps (which happens more or less as soon as you arrive) they will turn and leave even though there is a whole other transport there for them to attack--maybe this is a some kind of missions scripting bug. In any case, additional four Salthis may or may not appear there after Grathas leave, depending exactly how the game registers their departure--if you attacked them or not and so on. They are also not a huge deal.

The second Nav point is the only place where you need to be careful for a bit. Five Dralthis can easily destroy a transport, but if you stay close to it you should be able to handle it. But you really do have to stay close on this one as there's just too many of them. In any case, transport will jump after a couple of minutes and then... as usual in this mission, the enemies will simply disperse and you can go home.

I'll just mention that I did try this mission a few times, just to check, and it never really plays out much different from how you see it in the video. So I guess it is what it is.

Finally, regarding Doomsday as a wingman... he's pretty similar to Spirit (although much funnier to talk to) in that he will mostly let you do your job by keeping the enemy occupied, but without getting in your way like some other people we know. Essentially the best kind of wingman.

Next time we are back in a (groan) Dralthi for one mission and then for a couple in a Raptor (yes!). I DID mention at the beginning that SM2 mixes up the ships you fly quite a bit. But as far as Hornets are concerned... that's it. Never again.

Ridiculously small number of kills in this mission, but what can you do...

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