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Part 51: Mission #47: 6 August 2654, Corsair system

Mission #47: 6 August 2654, Corsair system

Previously on Wing Commander: Marines managed to disrupt the Kilrathi ceremony on Firekka, albeit with heavy casualties.

Hey, it's Angel!

Oh, hey, didn't know that!

Many of us have suffered terrible losses. But I cannot stop thinking that what we are doing here, it is important. More important than any of us. I had begun to think that perhaps any war was wrong, that the cost of life is too high.

I certainly am, so how about that promotion then?

And there goes Angel. We still get to fly two missions with her though as a 'parting gift'.

Mission Time!

I'm thinking, we'll need to help in evacuating those Marines?

That's just nasty.

And we've received another communiqué from this Prince Thrakhath. Tactical's very puzzled by this. To send a single-pulse vid message means that the Kilrathi know exactly where we are. But they're talking, not shooting.

This Prince Thrakhath guy again?

"Human warriors, hear me now. You have proven that you are brave, astonishingly brave, for mere apes. Because of this bravery, I shall grant you one quarter of a planetary rotation to leave this sector. But your land soldiers are ours. We shall run them to ground like the apes that they are. Thus speaks Prince Thrakhath, Firstborn of the Firstborn, Heir to Kilrah."

In case you're wondering about that, pilots, Tactical suggests that we retreat immediately. And we will, after we rescue our Marine transports. Your job is to find and assist those ships. Wing assignments... Blair and Devereaux are Omicron Wing.

Maverick, you'll fly to your Nav 1, destroying any enemy ships you encounter, and then return immediately to the Tiger's Claw.

Why are all Dralthi missions escort missions? Especially this one makes no sense to even be in a Dralthi as you'll see.
Ok, first of all, despite what was said in the briefing, there is no Tiger's Claw defence in this mission; so you can forget about that bit completely. Otherwise, that Ralari may be a bit of a surprise, and also as is typical for a Dralthi mission we face way overwhelming opposition in 4 Grathas that are escorting it. However it's not too hard to destroy it, and you are free to use the missiles as you aren't really going to need them later. I would recommend against engaging the Grathas as that's just painful in a Dralthi.

When you arrive at the meeting point, make sure to not get distracted by the first two Krants as this is a typical ruse that the game likes to play. Transport is farther away and is under imminent attack by another pair of Krants--it WILL be destroyed if you don't get over there immediately. Once you've disrupted the attack you can more or less deal with the enemies in any way you like. Chances are that some of them will run away when the going gets tough, especially that Imperial guard pilot.

As for the Salthis on the way home, they aren't even interested in the transport, and will just attack you as they normally would. Again they have an Imperial guard among them so chances that some will run away are high.

In any case, this is the last mission in a Dralthi and I say, good riddance. This was by far the worst ship of all, except maybe Hornet, but Hornet has a very specific purpose and wouldn't normally be used on a regular mission. I don't even know why this mission is in a Dralthi since there is no mention of any kind of undercover sneaking in or anything like that--all enemies you run across will attack you immediately as always. But anyway, it's done and we never have to do it again. Yeah! Even better, to make up for this, next mission is great fun and we fly a Rapier to boot!

Typically, very few kills in a Dralthi mission.

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