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Part 58: Mission #54: TCS Concordia, Gwynedd system

Mission #54: TCS Concordia, Gwynedd system

Previously on Wing Commander: While temporarily situated on Concordia, we had a nice mission to escort two Broadsword bombers in an attack against that Fralthra that was following it. We may not be able to stay there for long though...

You have been talking about me again, haven't you?

What gossip?

I totally did not see this coming.

...but he is a reasonable man, Christopher. He knows we need every able pilot. And you are one of our best. For now, you must return to Caernarvon, but I will request your transfer to the Concordia immediately.

Time to go back to Caernarvon then.

Hey, she fixed it all up, it's no longer about to fall apart!

Sabotage! The plot thickens!

We are under attack by a Kilrathi strike force - our flight deck has been damaged, we cannot launch fighters! All Terran Confederation craft, please assist!

So, looks like we're going to have to help Concoria once more. Let's see what's attacking it this time. Note: the mission video contains a plot related cutscene in the middle.
So, this wasn't really very different from the previous time we had to do it. There is that Fralthra, but you cannot do anything about it so you have to let Concordia handle it. This is one of the few times in WC that you get two big ships shooting at each other, but you can't really see much, they're just firing their guns as normal while not standing particularly close anyway.

The figthers are a non-issue and you should be able to handle them without any problems. Unfortunately, that cannot be said of Shadow who now officially becomes the first person to die for real while on a mission with Maverick. I guess when she said last time how she's about to retire, alarm bells should have been ringing already.

This mission has another unique feature--this is actually never said to you, but you are in fact not allowed to eject! Normally, ejecting simply leads to the failure of current mission and nothing more; this may lead you down on the losing path, but that's all normal. Ejecting in this mission, however, is an instant Game Over. Concordia gets destroyed and you get picked up by the Kilrathi instead! See below in the bonus section for the video of this situation.

In next mission we'll actually be flying a Broadsword believe it or not. It's not exactly an appropriate mission for that kind of ship, but oh well.

We're jumping out-system in fifteen minutes, and you can't launch before then, and I'm not delaying our jump for you. Get the Officer of the Day to give you a bunk. We'll ship you back to Caernarvon later. I'll make sure you have some work to keep you busy.

Current kill total: 54 missions/522 kills

As I've explained, ejecting in this mission leads to instant Game Over. But you do get a nice cutscene to soften the blow. Here it is:

Next time on Wing Commander
Alone again (naturally).