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Part 60: Mission #56: TCS Concordia, Niven system

Mission #56: TCS Concordia, Niven system

Previously on Wing Commander: We are stationed on the Concordia for now--arrived at Niven system. Niven is actually quite important because it's on the way to Ghorah Khar which has been a rebellious system for a while now and which the Kilrathi are trying to recapture. We went out in a Broadsword to collect jump trace data from Kilrathi ships. It was interesting to try out flying it.

[Again, some cool music in the following scene, listen to it by using the link below.]

A game of poker?

How could I forget! Those irritating Dralthi! Why could it not have been Jalthi?

Beginnings of a beautiful friendship, looks like.

Yeah, he's all right. Nowhere near the annoyance that is Jazz.

And just at the right time...

Just a second.

Colonel Ralgha Nar Hhallas ("Hobbes")

Ralgha is a Kilrathi who came to the Federation during the Firekka campaign in 2654 bringing with him his Fralthi carrier and crew. In personality, the best way to describe him is slightly volatile. He has a temper, is very opinionated and won't hesitate to show it.

Captain Dirk Wright ("Stingray")

Stingray is a young pilot in his mid-twenties; courageous, impulsive, skilled. He's a typical "angry young man", filled with hatred towards Kilrathi, which provokes the conversations between him and Hobbes. He's basically everything that Maverick was ten years ago.

And now, let's take off.

Your course is recorded in your Nav computer. We've plotted it to avoid enemy encounters. Do not deviate from your course. You will not have a wingman for back-up, so if you go into a combat situation, you're on your own.

I guess now we are a courier too, huh. Well, beggars can't be choosers and all that. Anyway, let's do it. Note: this mission contains a somewhat unique landing sequence.
Of course we got ambushed on the way, and by the annoying Imperial Guards in Sarthas. I cannot even begin to describe how annoying they are. They will be flying around you fast, kind of trying to shoot you and then as soon as you land a couple of hits on them, they start running away. It's just ridiculous, but you can see how they seem to share most of their AI scripting with that Salthi ace from WC1, Bhurak--he would also do the same, as soon as you hit him a few times, off he goes into the distance. Luckily, we now actually have a ship that can catch up to them, but that still doesn't stop them from escaping when we are not looking. So you are lucky if you get a couple in this mission, seriously.

And how about that planetside landing? That's a first in WC for sure. In WC1 we didn't even have atmosphere-capable fighters to begin with. Well, I am assuming there is atmosphere of some kind on Niven, although nobody said anything to that extent.

So, is anybody else getting sick of the Ferret? I know I am. But no worries, soon we'll get to fly something much nicer.

Meanwhile, back at the Concordia...

Um, that looks like a Kilrathi, but...

Wait, what...

Everything is red!


Well, this is not good.

Current kill total: 56 missions/530 kills

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